ITALY: Tribunal at Bolzano orders 170000 Euro judgement in favor of unvaxxed Pharmacy Director

Editor’s Note: In Italy, it is unheard of to win any sort of significant judgements in a civil suit, due to the nature of the Italian legal system which is wholly intent on protecting those in power. So when the plaintiff, the woman in charge of the Pharmacy inside the State Hospital at Brixen, wins a 170 thousand euro judgement in her favor, for being fired because she refused the DeathVaxx, Italians take note. Bolzano is in the high alps, north of Trent, in the region of Italy which speaks German. Brixen is a further 45 minutes north, along the road to Innsbruck. — The judgment is even more astounding, because it was made in the Labor Court against the Italian Republic’s Ministry of Health. — Thus, more lawsuits for wrongful dismissal and loss of pay are most certainly to be brought throughout the country, now.

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