SPAIN: 16 Poor Clares join Thuc-line Sedevacantists

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Editor’s Note: If you do not have the intellectual knowledge or moral capacity to do the right thing, you can often become the victim of those who want to you wound the Mystical Body of Christ rather than seek Her healing. — Religious women live a cloistered life. That anyone seduce them to defect from the Church is a grave mortal sin that Christ will punish in eternity with a special vengeance, since they were His faithful brides.

I cannot express in words how much personal anguish and grief I feel to hear of cases such as this one, which could have been prevented with just a little catechesis, good will and sincerity on the part of anyone involved.

Archbishop Ngô Đình Thục, was the Bishop of Hue, South Vietnam, who, being so scandalized by the Vatican II “reforms” and not knowing how to distinguish a formal heretic from an impeded see, came to believe Paul VI was no longer the pope and ordained numerous men Bishops in the old rite. Though the Vatican regards these consecrations invalid in the juridical order (so as not to consent to the illiceity of their conferral), there is little doubt that they are valid in the sacramental order. However, those who have received them went on to get involved in many dubious and uncatholic affairs, such that Bishops of this line of consecration are bitterly attacked from all sides. — However, it is theologically wrong to hold that these nuns have “left the Catholic Church” as their Archbishop repeatedly attempts to accuse them of, since in explicitly wanting to remain members of the true Church, they cannot be morally or juridically culpable of schism. It appears rather than their Archbishop was involved in a dispute over governance of the Convent and they saw no other solution but this desperate option.

Archbishop Ngô Đình Thục was part of the ruling family which ran the South Vietnamese government before it fell to the Viet Kong. It is highly likely, therefore, that he had strong ties to U. S. and French Military Intelligence during his life, like all the “opposition” “leaders” of the Traditionalist movement after the Council.

The solution to Pope Francis is not schism, but in recognizing that by his heretical and schismatic behavior he has impeded the Apostolic See, and that, on that account, the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome, have the right and duty to summon him to a provincial council to seek his repentance, abdication or deposition. The petition for them to do this, is already more than 6 months old.

Anyone who knows of this petition and hides it from Catholics who are scandalized, might be responsible for allowing the wolves of Christ’s enemies steal souls.

For my part, I admit that I am guilty in not asking or insisting that the Sutri Initiative be translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish and Arabic, which has obstructed the diffusion of knowledge about it to most of the Catholic world. I had assumed that my readers were zealous enough to do that without my asking for it. So now I ask it. And this requires not a mechanical google-translation, but the work of an ecclesiastic who is familiar with theological and juridical terminology both in his own language and in the original English version.

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8 thoughts on “SPAIN: 16 Poor Clares join Thuc-line Sedevacantists”

  1. Maybe there is still time for them to be educated in the faith, and pull back from this schismatic act?

    1. As the Saints say, it is easy for Satan to deceive a soul, if the soul keeps it communication with his servants secret. By that means he gains power over their judgement by which it is difficult to deliver them by others. It is a type of brain washing and clearly there are other issues like independence of the monastery, property management and right to celebrate the TLM. Christ will hold this bishop and the mother superior chiefly responsible.

  2. Dear Brother Alexis: If you are kind enough to give me confirmation of what exactly needs to be translated into Spanish, so I can take a look at it and see if I can be of any help. Thank you and blessings to you.

    1. Thanks, Carlos.

      The entirety of these articles …

      As I said, a very careful and precise translation is necessary. Each of them has already been translated into French, and the first two also into Italian. So when in doubt about how the English should be translated, take a look at those two Romance Languages for suggestions.

      1. I would have offered to translate, but my level of Spanish is not good enough in my opinion to carry out the level of translation required.

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