SLOVAKIA: Attempted assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico

Editor’s note: As we learned during the Scamdemic, the Globalists insist on having leaders they want, and when they do not get them, they assassinate the ones they do not want. Fico has been PM for nearly 10 years, and heads the Marxist ruling party, which is of course, pro-Soviet Union.

Robert Fico, who has always been a Communist / Marxist, was born in Slovakia on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, in 1964. He is not to be confused with Roberto Fico, the Italian Parliamentarian.

His attacker, Juraj Cintula is a writer, activist and “anti-violence” activist. He is 71 years old and seems to have used a short-barreled fire arm. He is a rabid pro-Russian militant, who apparently was tasked to infiltrate the peace movement in Slovakia and push more radical reactions in that nation.

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