Vatican Document on Apparitions violates Apostolic authority of Local Bishops

Editor’s Note: It is obvious, as I have written six months ago, that a Pope who signs a heretical document has impeded the Apostolic See and therefore loses all moral authority to issue any other documents or make any decisions. Rather, all Catholics are gravely obliged to oppose him and seek his removal form office. FromRome.Info has been the only Catholic journal to call for this and remain consistent, publishing a petition to this effect more than 6 months ago.

Thus, I consider the new document’s attempted power grab from Bishops completely without any legal effect, as anyone who intentionally blasphemes the Name of God by associating it with the approval of sodomy has lost all moral authority in the Church, even before he be juridically condemned.

For the Catholic Church from time immemorial has regarded each local Catholic bishop has having the infallible charism to determine the veracity and authenticity of supernatural phenomenon in his diocese. Any since this is from Apostolic Tradition, included in the mandate of every bishop, according to the intention of the Apostles, to oversee and rule each diocese, it follows that not even the Pope can overturn it or withdraw it.

This is not the first attack on Apostolic Tradition by Pope Francis. As soon as his antipapacy began, when he claimed to be pope while Pope Benedict XVI still lived, having never abdicated, he attacked the Apostolic Tradition on Capital Punishment. Then, the Apostolic Tradition on excluding impenitent public sinners from the Sacraments of the living: Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation and Matrimony. Then he attacked the Apostolic Tradition of regarding Our Lady as living Saint; Christ as being Divine; Scripture as being inerrant and accurate; and Blessings as being God’s approval reserved only for the penitent and virtuous and faithful.

So his apostasy is not merely a claim by writers who disagree with him. It is a program for his entire “pontificate”

But, now, due to the lack of action of nearly the entire Catholic media sphere, to call for this in any effective way, I think it is no exaggeration to say, that every other news outlet, saving OMC Radio TV, and allies which have always joined FromRome.Info in the above initiative, is clearly not only NOT part of the opposition to the diabolic globalist takeover of the Church, nor only part of the those grifting on the issues to appear in opposition, but have either lost their faith completely, or are in the very grips of Satan’s power, since they are totally inert and ineffective to help Holy Mother Church and remove the cause of the crisis.

May God reprove these false shepherds and false leaders. And may Catholics everywhere wake up and begin to reprove their erring superiors. — And may YouTubers like Taylor Marshall stop calling these fake opposition grifters “leaders” in the Church – an attribution which is not only false but presupposes a heretical notion of hierarchy.

And if anyone thinks this new “document” about apparitions has any good intentions behind it, read this, wherein, just days before the Vatican cast doubt, by that document, on all those apparitions of Our Lady calling for repentance and prayer,  it is claimed to be “injurious” to accuse the satanic serial rapist Father Rupnick of being a practitioner of “false mysticism”.

Though I am not endorsing the first article above, in its entirety, I think the lead title of it is correct. For when a mind turns entirely away from God and makes evil its good and lies its truth, it must by all means create a litany of excuses or a rule of conscience against listening to God’s Voice again, by whatsoever means it may come. And this is the very essence of a spirit of apostasy.  Yes, Pope Francis is the False Prophet, and all who collaborate with him in this evil are workers of iniquity. The Catholic World must rise up against them!

Every province in the Church can convene a provincial council and condemn him. If the  Bishops of the Roman Province issue any statement approving of his heresies and attack on Apostolic Tradition, then they to must be held co-responsible in his crimes and can be condemned by any provincial councils world wide.

The longer Cardinals and Bishops neglect their pauline duty to rebuke Pope Francis to his face in Council and to discern and declare at the juridical level, his errors as heresy and apostasy, the more they will seal the decree of their own eternal damnation, which God has issued from eternity against all false shepherds.

Faithful Catholics know they must pray AND act. Our prayers should be for the repentance and conversion of these men in their godless ways of inaction and error. Our action should include requests that they call provincial councils to rebuke and condemn Pope Francis.  Every one of us has this duty, and this duty is NOT fulfilled by reading FromRome.Info and then doing nothing.

I have done only a very little to actually work for these ends. But I fear that unless I say so, others who might agree with me, may come to think that they will not be condemned for having nothing nothing more.

No, we all stand liable for this apostasy by our lack of doing more. Those with the means, talents and reputations to do more, most of all.

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3 thoughts on “Vatican Document on Apparitions violates Apostolic authority of Local Bishops”

    1. No Bishop anywhere should pay any attention to such a ridiculous power grab. The document has no juridical force, since a document of the DDF cannot take authority away from a Bishop in a matter of local jurisdiction. Moreover, the Dicastery which issues it was never erected into existence by an act of papal power, as it came into being during the antipapacy of Pope Francis, and therefore in law does not exist.

      But it seems to me that this document is directed more at Akita than at Medjegorje, since Akita was approved by the local bishop.

      1. I have heard it said that if we want to know the 3rd secret of Fatima, we only have to look at Akita.

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