Pentecost Sunday: The 25th is God’s Favorite Number

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As I mentioned in my last article regarding the dates of Christ’s Conception, Birth, Death and Ascension, Our Lady’s most ancient feast Day is the 15th of August, and it must also be the one She favors the most, because Our Lord Ascended to Heaven on May 15, 33 A. D., the same day of the month.

But God also has a favorite day, and it is the 25th of the Month.

Because since Christ returned to the Father’s House on May 15th, on His Ascension, that means that God the Holy Spirit, Who descended 10 days later, came down to Earth for the first time, to dwell with men, openly, on May 25th, 33 A. D..

But Christ our Lord was conceived by the Holy Ghost on March 25th, 2 B. C., and born on Dec. 25, 2 B. C..

So the 25th, as a number of a day, connects not only the coming into the world of God the Son but also the coming into this world of God the Holy Spirit. And since it is God the Father Who gives us His Son and His Holy Spirit, the 25th is also God the Father’s favorite day to bless those who remain faithful to Him, as He promised of old to do.

This year Pentecost falls on May 19th, but it will fall on the 25th in the years 2066, 2075 and 2088 A. D..

Perhaps the Holy Ghost also chose the 25th for another reason. Because, as we see from the Book of the Apocalypse, there are 24 elders who throw down their crowns in Heaven, to worship God, with the 12 Prophets and Patriarchs of the Old Testament, there were numbered the 12 faithful Apostles of the New Testament gathered around the Blessed Virgin on Pentecost Day. Or again, all gathered around the Lamb of God in Heaven. And both enumerations makes 25.

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3 thoughts on “Pentecost Sunday: The 25th is God’s Favorite Number”

    1. Father Kramer is quite wrong and even falls into heresy, when he says the visible Church has apostasied, since the Catholic Faith teaches that the Church is indefectible and will never leave Christ; both in its invisible and visible characteristics. Thus, there will always be faithful priests and bishops and religious and laity, and even bishops who hold jurisdiction. The Holy Spirit will see to it, because the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Church.

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