Pope Francis denies he allowed “Gay Blessings”

Editor’s Note: When the evidence in court would convince even the most sleepy and tolerant judges and jurors of your guilt, there is nothing left than to claim that the evidence means something else. So if there is anyone in the Catholic World left, who thinks that Pope Francis did not knowingly and pertinaciously affirm that sodomite couples could be blessed, he has only to listen to this interview by Pope Francis. — The facts, however, prove this, since all the translations other than the English say “union” not “couple”, though it means the same thing, since if you bless two persons involved in a common sin together, howsoever you twist or use language, you are blessing both the couple and the union and the two persons all at once. The real intention cannot abstract from one or more of these aspects.


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4 thoughts on “Pope Francis denies he allowed “Gay Blessings””

  1. Clear and accurate thinking on the Francis speak problematic use of words.!!! It’s not just Francis.
    it’s the change in words in the Mass itself by liberal tactics that need to return to their original translations prior to the V2 era…..notably, “Blessed it “, rather than the ambiguous ” said the blessing “…in the Consecration. That was first allowed by the Prots in the 1500s.

  2. A very peronistic practice: obscure damning evidence with mere semantics. Any BS artist can explain the system.

    We Catholics for the most part are failing to put Christ at the center of our lives. Consequently we are being punished with this kind of leadership. Let us act as men of integrity and return to Christ and then we will see how Christ Himself expels those cretins from the House of God.

  3. French translation says “couples”, as in English, and not “unions”.
    So does the German translation : “Paaren”, the Spanish : “parejas”, the Italian : “copple”.

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