USA: CDC admits killing 1.2 Million during Covid Scam

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The MSM, ever intent on lying and covering up the facts, sometimes in desperation admits the truth, in passing. Such is the case the other day in this report regarding the remarks made by Harrison Butker, a well known American Football player, at the commencement (graduation) celebration of a Catholic Benedictine College.

In the course of attempting to throw mud at Butker, the CBS article admits that 1.2 million died from Covid-19. But since it has now been scientifically and forensically demonstrated by many experts that there does not exist any pathogen known as SarsCov2, and that the protocols pushed by the Center for Disease Control were not only all wrong, but all lethal and death inducing, it can be reasonably inferred from this admission, that the CDC killed every one of these patients or at least falsely labeled their deaths by such means under the rubric of Covid-19.

This is important, because there has been a debate about just how many have been killed during the Scamdemic. And thus, this admission that 1.2 million died leads inexorably to the conclusion that a lot more died than that.


This is because in the U.S.A., only those who died from other causes than the DeathVaxx were labeled as such. When they died from the DeathVaxx, it was excused away as a sudden death or other complication.

While Butker’s mind is still totally under the delusion that Covid-19 was a real thing and that people like the founder of Opus Dei were saints — even though he denied Christ’s teaching that the evangelical counsels are for the inspiration and formation of all Christians — he did a very able job in disrupting if not destroying the accepted modernist and marxist control narratives of our age.

Meanwhile, the National Football League, which is controlled by Sabbatean Jews (nearly all the owners of the individual teams are godless Jews), has pulled the woman’s version of the official NFL Jersey for Butker from their online store, to protest not only what Butker said as a Catholic, but to prevent fans from showing their support and agreement with what he said. His jersey was their top selling item. And this last shows that the NFL’s owners are more concerned with narrative control and anti-catholic bigotry, than even with profits. Something which is both vile and astounding, at the same time.

For the full text of Butker’s speech ….

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  1. Thank you for including the full text of Butker’s speech which is so full of wisdom regarding the Catholic faith.

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