Cardinal Burke: “The Rebellion against God … has reached an unimaginable level”

Editor’s Note: This was a great Commencement speech. But I would remind the Cardinal that to affirm in public repeatedly for 8 years that “there is no canonical solution” to a man who claims the papacy falsely, is also to be part of the rebellion against God. — I refuted the Cardinal’s position here, on the juridical grounds of his claim. — As far as I know, he has known of this argument for 6 months and has not publicly refuted it. But I am not at all certain he has seen the refutation in detail.

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4 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke: “The Rebellion against God … has reached an unimaginable level””

  1. Yes, It makes one wonder who wrote the canon about the removal of a pope from office which so clearly ignores the opinions of Bellarmine and Aquinas; and why?

    1. Bellarmine and Aquinas have no authority whatsoever in canon law. But provincial councils are from apostolic ordinance, which trumps all opinions of Doctors of the Church.

      1. The removal of office of a pope who is a heretic or is condoning and promoting heresy appears to be prohibited by not being included in the present day canon law even though it previous held as accurate.

      2. In law, nothing is prohibited unless it be expressly prohibited. This is a principle in all legal systems.

        Both the code of canon law of 1917 and 1983 expressly say that all juridical rights which are not expressly addressed in the codes remain in force.

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