Pope Francis exonerates Cardinal Lacroix for raping girl, after victim refuses to speak with Vatican Prosecutor

Editor’s Note: It is obvious to even the most simple minded, that the proper forensic procedures were not followed. I dare say that no victim is going to ever speak with a Vatican prosecutor again, if the Prosecution Office proceeds to exonerate individuals simply because the victims refuse to meet physically with them,.  — As any who has worked with such victims knows, the last thing they can bare to do is meet with another member of the clergy or their representatives.

Pope Francis is notorious for promoting sexual perverts, approving of sexual perverts, encouraging sexual perverts, condoning their perversions and manners of self-identification, and above all of protecting sexual predators who are Bishops and Priests and Cardinals. But lately he is in a rush to exonerate them as well.

As Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio covered up all the sexual abuse cases and refused to publish lists of those accused. This has prevented the discovery of the actual number of victims for 40 years.

Cardinal Lacroix is one of the 8 Cardinal Advisors which assists Pope Francis in governing the Vatican City State and the Catholic Church.

Clearly Jorge Mario Bergoglio was not the man the Cardinals should have ever elected, on the basis of his record in covering up sexual abuse by clerical predators. No wonder they were eager to rid the Church of Pope Benedict XVI, who reduced to the lay state more priests than any pope in history, in order to rid the Church of these monsters who had infiltrated the clergy.

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