Pope Saint Gregory VII and St. Peter Damian accepted the Sutri Initiative in 1046: Why won’t you?

Historical note by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today is the Feast of Pope Saint Gregory VII, the greatest reforming pope of the Middle Ages, who warred relentlessly against corrupt and heretical rulers of his time. As an acolyte of Pope Gregory VI (Giovanni Graziano) he attended and accepted the decrees of the First Council of Sutri which saw 3 popes deposed: one who was canonically elected, but resigned and attempted to reclaim the throne: Benedict IX; another who usurped by papacy while he was only Metropolitan of Tusculum: Sylvester III; and the third, who was canonically elected after simonaically purchasing the papacy from Benedict IX: Gregory VI.

Saint Gregory VII accepted the results of the First Sutri Initiative in history. Even Saint Peter Damian, greatest enemy of the gay mafia in the Church, accepted the Council of Sutri. Both attended the coronation of the Henry III, the German King, as Emperor of the Romans on Dec. 25, 1046: the very man who urged the Council on the same terms as the Sutri Initiative t today.

Why then is it that so many who claim to be Catholic journalists, commentators, canonists, theologians, influencers, personalities, cardinals and bishops refuse to even talk about what happened at Sutri in 1046? let alone endorse it 100% as these two great saints, enemies of corruption and sodomy did?

That is my question for them. Ask them. If they remain silent they will only condemn themselves as fake Catholics.

In the meantime, standing as I do with the emperor Henry III, I urge everyone in Christendom to walk in the footsteps of Saint Gregory VII and Saint Peter Damian by supporting the second Sutri Initiative in history, to see Pope Francis deposed for his perfidious behavior and false claim to the papacy: in that he has never intended to accept the Papal Office for the up-building of the Church, but only to change our Holy Faith, and is thus simultaneously guilty of schism, apostasy and heresy.

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3 thoughts on “Pope Saint Gregory VII and St. Peter Damian accepted the Sutri Initiative in 1046: Why won’t you?”

  1. Brother,

    Are there any errors or typos in this article (e.g., “Benedict IV” and “Saint Gregory VIII” — I am confused by this complex cast of characters and events, so excuse me for asking.

    Was the result of the council sede vacant? Also what position or title did Saint Gregory hold at the time he accepted the result?

    Finally, are we in sede vacante now? I ask because I heard you refer to Pope Francis’ papacy on the OMC program yesterday, in the context that it only began after Benedict’s death. This confused me; if his election was invalid, then we would now be without pope.

    Thank you kindly.

    PS – the simonist was Gregory VI? I need to buy a program.

    1. Thanks for catching those typos. My eyesight is not what it used to be, nor is my typing.

      Yes, Graziano had committed simony, and admitted to it. If you read the Sutri article, you will find links to the historical facts.

      We are not in sede vacante now. Pope Francis is the juridically valid pope. See the top menu The Triumph of the Lamb, for more info about his this is so. But we are in sede impedita, because Pope Francis has signed on a heretical profession and has not repudiated it yet, though he is being pounded on all sides to do so.

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