USA: 85+% of American Citizens disavow their elected Politicians as frauds

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6 thoughts on “USA: 85+% of American Citizens disavow their elected Politicians as frauds”

  1. A word to the wise. American politicians did not come from Mars. They came from among the people that elected them. Americans have always been good people but they have a fascination with mean and violent characters. Huckleberry Finn is more American than Tom Sawyer, think about that.

    None other than the American people are to be blamed for the present situation: those elected by them are also their children. If the American politicians are vile, they have to come from a vile branch of the vine.

    American were better when they tried to walk with Christ. That kept their dark angels in check. Now, having abandoned Christ to embrace all kinds of vices and superstitions … it is high time to pay the piper.

    Brace for much suffering, America.

  2. Here is a link to the actual Pew Poll article:

    Most people i know have lost confidence in the political process. People are reluctant to get involve in the political process and because of that we as a nation are at fault, for we are letting fools run the government at all levels – local, state and national. Those running are mostly interested in what power they can obtain and not in the interest of the people.

    Many years ago there was a movement to sunset as many laws on the books as possible. That lasted about one election cycle. There was supposed to be a review of existing laws and a goal of sunseting as many as possible. Another goal was to attach an automatic sunset time for any new law. That went by the wayside also.

    So the current method for our politicians is to get their names attached to as many bills so they can tell their constituents they “ know how to govern”. The problem is that we do not want more useless laws. We want less laws. Simply a government that maintains a level playing field for ALL citizens. A government that keeps the golden rule the basic rule for a harmonious nation.

    The Golden Rule: the principle of treating others as one would want to be treated by them.

  3. Let’s pray many rosaries. Hate this world. It’s a sham. Jesus said so. It’s ruled by Satan. No one is good, only God alone.

  4. I have noticed for a half century that mediocre mentalities sometimes run for office …ambitious people who are fed a false narrative and know they can go places if they preach the party line. Principle and Truth don’t rule their minds, but becoming a big shot does.

    1. How far is that mentality from the wisdom and courage of the founding fathers. They risked their life and the loss of all their possessions to give the American people higher ideals to live for and freedom to live their lives within the confines of Christian principles.

  5. Kay Griggs, wife of Col. George Griggs, spilled the beans on General Al Gray, the founder of Marine psyops who was homosexual and promoted only drug addicts, younger homosexual guys, and picked the most traumatized, mentally unstable guys like Griggs to be the killers with no conscience.
    The last straw was when she insisted stripper parties among the commissioned officers had to stop, and took pictures of the debauchery resulting in her husband going apeshit, then absent, and many young Marines and SEALs harassing her.

    Original interview with Pastor Strawcutter:—Kay-Griggs—FULL-1998-Interview#675bf7e77b7ca8a8fa1523afcc68c6c77aa78598

    Recent 2023 impromptu interview by Quentin Heisler:

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