Trump, Neo-Nazism, the 4th Reich and the role of Trad Inc.

This week, during their weekly Anti-Globalist talk show, AJ and Br. Bugnolo discuss the curious “United Reich” tweet of Donald Trump, the fixation of the “right” with censorship by Biden, and the continual signs of national socialism from Trad Inc.. They discuss in particular the biography of Marian Horvat of Tradition in Action.

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5 thoughts on “Trump, Neo-Nazism, the 4th Reich and the role of Trad Inc.”

  1. Very interesting show. Especially the topic about Ukraine not being nazis, like many big shows and channels out there are pushing, really opened my eyes.

  2. People’s Voice guy is a David Icke employee. Not saying everything he says is false (the feces burger thing is false), but he is working for the same Kissinger and Associates that gave us FDR, Bolshevism, and the Third Reich in the first place.

  3. Assuming that the 2 candidates that will be running In November are Trump and Biden, which should be chosen…. Neither are ideal but as citizens Voting is a right and an obligation….
    Biden is a disgrace as Catholic, as a parent,
    As a pro abortion politician and as a human being…
    Judging from Trump’s previous term
    he will probably keep the country from
    collapsing and maybe bring peace world
    Thank you for your info and insight…
    I always learn something new….

    1. Depending upon the form of government in your land, voting may be or not be a right; but when it is a right, it is only a duty if required by law, otherwise the moral obligation of a Catholic who is a voter, only arises when there is a Catholic candidate. Remember voting for no one, or not voting sends the strongest possible message to godless governments that they have no right to rule over the people.

      1. Biden is a Catholic and a Socialist .. No vote from Catholics would represent the mind of God… Sometimes silence is the best option given the times…

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