ITALY: Italian Bishops’ Conference silently repudiates ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ in Spring Assembly

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a stunning turn around, the Italian Bishops’ Conference has issued no statement approving of Pope Francis’ “Gay Blessing” Document, ‘Fiducia supplicans’ during its 79th Annual Spring Meeting with Pope Francis in private at the Vatican.

As can be seen from the final official statement of the Bishops’ Conference, there is no mention at all of the document or the pro-gay agenda.

This is a 180 degree turn from the February Statement of the Conference leadership approving the document tentatively, wherein it would be promised that the entire Conference would take up the issue at its May 20-23rd meeting at the Vatican.

I think it is reasonable to conclude, therefore, that the majority of Bishops refused to approve it, and that the agenda item was removed to protect the ideological takeover of the Catholic Church being waged by Pope Francis and his sodomite cronies who are now in control of the Vatican.

It also seems to signify that the Letters of many Catholics calling for a provincial council to denounce Pope Francis, as is suggested in the Sutri Initiative in English, Italian and French versions has had a profound impact on all the Bishops of Italy, since they are clearly playing a political game, waiting for Pope Francis to die, rather than sign on his heretical profession and risk the anathema of the next and future Pope.

FromRome.Info is the only Catholic News source which has reported on this development, which says more about all the others, than anything else. FromRome.Info has led the call for Pope Francis’ deposition since October of last year, and is unique in insisting that Catholics take the unassailable juridical position of declaring and recognizing that by his heretical profession, Pope Francis himself has morally and canonically impeded the Apostolic See.

This news, today, is the Second stunning fruit of the Sutri Initiative, the First was reported here.

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