VATICAN: “Who am I to judge?” Pope uses vulgar expression about sodomy in Seminaries

Editor’s Note: I publish this for record, only, because by now everyone in the world who pays attention knows, even if they won’t say they do, that Pope Francis says one thing and does another, to an exceptional degree.

What I do demur with is John Allen’s claim that “frocio” is a commonly known or used word in Italy. — I have lived on and off in Italy for some 10.5 years during the last 30 years, and I have never seen this word in print, let alone heard it uttered.

Pope Francis is known for his proclivity to use vulgar language, as became notorious when he called the Chinese woman who grabbed his hand in December of 2019, a vulgar word in Spanish, used for prostitutes.

As an anthropologist, who has never been a priest, I find it difficult to imagine how Pope Francis had occasion to learn of such terminologies, since clergy and religious and faithful laity do not speak this way with one another.

A Historical Note on the Sack of Rome in 1527 & Persecutions of the Church

Finally, a small historical note: there are lots of references to the Sack of Rome in 1527, which like this article above, fail to mention that the rioting troops were Lutherans. Yes, like in the Netherlands and in Constantinople and throughout history, Catholics are accused of persecuting Lutherans, Calvinists, Greek Orthodox and Jews. But in each case it was Lutherans, Calvinists, Greek Orthodox and Jews who persecuted us first.

At Rome in 1527, the Lutheran mercenaries of Emperor Charles V killed and raped 20,000 Catholics at Rome and sacked homes and churches for weeks. In the Low Countries, the Calvinists in 1566 instigated the Beeldenstorm — virtually unknown in all English language histories easily available — a riotous pillaging and destruction of Catholic Churches and Monasteries, where sacrileges where committed on a whole scale level throughout most of the country. At Constantinople, in April of 1182, more than 60,000 Roman Catholics were murdered by the Greek Orthodox Emperor and his cronies. And in Jerusalem in 33 A. D., the King Herod, who was a sodomite, along with Jewish authorities got Christ Jesus put to death and then began a 10 year persecution of the Catholic Church, which continued beyond the time of conversion of Saint Paul, until the Catholic Religion was made lawful in 303 A. D..

These historical facts are constantly omitted by Masonic controlled news outlets and publications, because in the book of satanists, only Catholics are truly and constantly guilty. Making Pope Francis look like an outcast because he used the word, “frocio” is part of this narrative of bigotry and hatred against Catholics. There is absolutely no comparison to the number of Catholics killed or persecuted by these groups to the number of those “persecuted” by Catholic in the same groups.

But don’t be fooled by Pope Francis’ Gay-Politicking

Pope Francis is a two-steps forward to perdition, one step backward, in classic Argentine Peronist Tango style. His comments to the Italian Bishops on May 20 appear to be an obvious attempt to squelch negative reaction to his “Gay Blessing” document published nearly 6 months ago.

Indeed, by no means, does Pope Francis, by using this word, imply he has broken with the Sodomite Agenda, as can be seen from this report where a Transvestite was invited to the First World Children’s Day, by the Vatican, to entertain Catholic Children:

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  1. Archbishop Vigano, the former papal nuncio to the USA, has accused Fr. Jorge Bergoglio SJ of committing the same grave sins as Theodore McCarrick.

    “Bergoglio himself committed the same abuses when he was Master of Novices of the Society of Jesus in Argentina, as personally confided to me by one of his former novices.”

    He also refers to his NOMINATION as Pope, refraining from using the word ELECTION.

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