4 thoughts on “Corpus Christi: Palestrina’s, “Ego sum panis vivus””

  1. I have read many old Catholic books. There was a lot of the ” supernatural ” stories of Saints who had supernatural visitations in many of them
    One of these stories was that Palestrina had composed his music based on the saints who heard the angels sing( like on Christ’s birth when the angels sang” Glory to God in the highest”Peace on earth” etc . Sacred Tradition tells us that at the minute Christ was born the shepherds were visited by angels singing in choirs, all at the same time but in different choirs( like some opera singing is) ,singing Glory to God in the highest interrupting each other as in a manner of speaking sometimes is.
    In the Holy Sacrafice of the Mass , in OMNISCIENCE, Christ is born still at the Gloria. OMNISCIENCE means that there is no such thing as time, as in God’s eyes everything happens simultaneously and not in segments. This is why the TLM is a purer Mass than the Mass in the vernacular .
    OMNISCIENCE is absent in the Novus Ordo.

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