USA: Catholic Bishops pay out in 2022-2023, $283 Million to victims of sexual abuse

Editor’s Note: If an Angel of God appeared to me and told me that every last one of the Bishops of the United States in the last 100 years was damned to Hell, I would believe it, not only on his testimony, but on the undeniable signs of the daily news.

What makes this scandal even more disgusting is that the Bishops like corrupt mafiosi has set up a scam to pay off these abuse claims which they are entirely responsible for: whereby each honest and decent Catholic layman or laywoman who works in a Parish in the USA, has to undergo “child protection” training, at a high cost, per course, the money garnered from which goes to a corporation owned by the Bishops, and thence to pay out victims.

In other words, the Bishops have cast the mantel of suspicion over the innocent to pay for the misdeeds of their own guilty perverts whom they promoted and failed to remove from office!

I sincerely hope that in Hell, they get not only fire but an eternal hanging, as they deserve it fully.

As for the allegedly Catholic News Agency, you can see from their leader, to their article, that they are 100% behind the coverup of the reality and are fully inline with the agenda to gaslight the Catholic Faithful.

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One thought on “USA: Catholic Bishops pay out in 2022-2023, $283 Million to victims of sexual abuse”

  1. I didn’t know this, Brother, about the corporation which produces the Safe Environment videos being owned by the bishops. It does add another layer of wretchedness.

    May I just add, however, that the Safe Environment programs are not entirely off the mark. When something like 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 for boys are sexually abused by someone from their own family, it stands to reason that some of these children may be called by Our Lord into the Catholic faith as adults. If they perceive that their fellow Catholics do not care one bit about the victims, it is rather disheartening. In other words, the videos are a wake-up call to the reality that surrounds those Catholics who did not experience abuse, nor are they guilty of perpetrating it. I would think it should help them to have compassion for those who did. Not that anyone’s past is any of their business, but it will sometimes come to light.

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