Is Eric Sammons a Member of the Charles A. Sammons Fortune?

In this program, AJ and Br. Bugnolo discuss Charles A. Sammons, the Sammons Enterprises Billionaire and the life and work of Eric Sammons, and why he refuses to call for Pope Francis to resign, his connections to the U.S. Government, his business practices, and his major doctrinal errors, which appear to verge on Modernism, Protestantism, Materialism, and Atheism, though it is not clear he understands that what he is saying is based on these.

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3 thoughts on “Is Eric Sammons a Member of the Charles A. Sammons Fortune?”

  1. Thank you for this video – very informative – and very clarifying regarding modernism for me personally. Thank you for your great work!

  2. Another phenomenal show! Uncovering these grifters is the greatest service you can do the Church! God bless you AJ and Br Bugnolo!

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