AHA indicates 3+ Billion will die from the DeathVaxxes in next 30 years

Editor’s Note: I was heavily criticized for saying in June of 2021, that billions could die from the Covid “Vaccines”. But the American Heart Association’s recent admission that 60% of all adults might suffer heart disease in the next 30 years — a stunning increase in the disease in the USA — seems to indicate that of the 5.53 billion who took the DeathVaxxes, as many as 3 Billion or more might get what they unknowingly asked for, because they chose to believe total liars. — While the AHA does not say the cause in the increase is the myocarditis caused by the DeathVaxxes, everyone with a critical mind knows what is going on.

Cosimo Massaro: The EU has lost the right to govern Europe


By Cosimo Masaro

Original Italian, published under the title, “ELEZIONI EUROPEE: VINCE L’ASTENSIONISMO E IL “SOVRANISMO”, on June 14th, 2024.

This current European Union (not the Europe of the peoples) with these last elections comes out totally defeated. An institution not legitimized by a real constitution but only by treaties that leave the time they find and moreover basically based only on a currency, the Euro, issued by debt by a central bank, the ECB, which is also private and external to the European Union itself.

The European Union was mainly delegitimized by the same peoples who compose it with their abstentionism reached 50%, in practice the largest “party”, while in Italy only 49.7% of those entitled went to vote. A totally discredited European leadership that also had the courage to criticize and label President Putin as a dictator when he won classes with 87% of the consensus on 90% of voting citizens.
Another important fact lies in the fact that this election comes out with the broken bones that left-wing Europe more aligned with globalism, such as Macron and Schulz who, taking a beatings, will certainly send the Franco-German axis into smoke, which was already considerably weakened since Germany was no longer able to supply raw materials from Russia.
From these consultations come out of these consultations that are the most sovereignist positions such as those of Le Pen in France where Macron was forced to dissolve the chambers and send his country to new elections and that of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban. Of course, this is not synonymous with a guarantee for a real change in the current globalist policies applied by Europe starting from those warmongering towards Russia and those falsely environmentalists just to give some examples, as it could happen what has already happened in Italy with the Meloni government, which also came out even more successful from these last political consultations, which has turned around on what was said in the election campaign.
Personally, I think that this usurocratic Europe wanted by the bankers will still have a maximum of two years of life. The end of the Euro will be provoked as soon as possible by Germany itself, because it no longer managed to withstand the economic blows due to the cutting of its “umbilical cord” with the energy flow coming from Russia and no longer being able to be the economic driving force of the same Europe that has allowed it its constant growth and stability, it will bring down the entire European plant through a disruptive domino effect.
If everything that is happening in Europe we also support it at the end of the petrodollar and the ongoing global de-dollarization process that is generating the collapse of the entire fiat currency, which will consequently also invest all European currencies including the Euro, we understand that the end of the empire of debt money (born in 1694 with the birth of the Bank of England) is now imminent.
The European Union from within is not reformable. To constitute a true United Europe, that is, that of the peoples, it will be necessary before to overthrow this current juridical monster that imposed its “European Dictation” as Professor Ida Magli had already pointed out to us in his memorable book of the same name. By now a large part of the people no longer believe in their bales and are perfectly aware that they would have elected a European parliament made up of men who have no voice in chapter and do not even have any decision-making capacity since in Europe the decisions are taken by the European Commission.

A Warning about the “St. Augustine Institute”

Editor’s Note: An educational corporation in the State of Colorado, USA, calling itself the “St. Augustine Institute” is aiming to form Catholics involved in ministries at their parishes and Churches, through their streaming platform, “Formed”. — The problem is that this corporation has no apparent mandate from the Catholic Church to form or teach any Catholic anything about the Faith of the Church. This is a gross imposture, and I urge Catholics to warn their local bishops about this institution. — Yes, it is good to found private institutions to teach, even in matters of the Catholic Faith. But it is always wrong and fraudulent to present such services as apparently approved of or fit for Catholic formation, unless there be a mandate from a local Catholic Bishop.

VATICAN: “Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity” publishes summary of ideological agendas against Papal Authority

Editor’s Note: The non-existent Dicastery has published a summary of all the ideological agendas which have been suggested by the enemies of Christian unity to the Catholic teaching on the Petrine Office and Ministry. — This document is an excellent tool to use to identify all the ways in which non-Catholics are seeking to undermine the role of the Successor of St. Peter in the Church. It also is a useful document to understand where Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have gone wrong on the topic by agreeing with the CIA agenda to allow the Faith to be undermined by endless and pointless dialogue with those who hate us. — I say, “non-existent” because this “Dicastery” was never established in law by anyone holding the Petrine Munus at the time of the establishment. As I have often commented in other occasions, all  these institutions lacking Papal Authority are now in the process of proclaiming a totally fake version of the Catholic Faith contrary to the perennial Magisterium defended by the predecessor intitutions.

The 1960’s CIA Attack on the Catholic Church, the Eucharist, Catholic Youth & Families

In this program, Ordo Militaris Radio TV for its 4th Anniversary, tells how the CIA through Henry and Clare Luce Booth, Fr. John Courtenay Murray, S. J., and Fr. Edward Schillebeeckx, OP, began a frontal attack on the Catholic Church’s Faith and Morals. Learn the stunning facts about the moral depravity of these individual and how the entire Vatican II Council was shaped by these disgusting liars.

Watch by clicking the image above, or through the Rumble window here below.


EU Parliamentary Elections show that DeathVaxxed have not learned much of anything

Editor’s Note: The results of the EU Parliamentary Elections are in and the results are merely cosmetic, showing that the common EU voter has not learned a thing during the last 5 years of Pandemic Tyranny.

Ursula von der Leyen’s EPP party, which was responsible chiefly for the attempt to exterminate all residents in the EU actually got more votes in parliament — even while it is not clear if her term as EU President will be renewed, after numerous revelations that she cut lucrative deals for her own family on “Covid Vaccine” contracts for the European Union.

What is consistent in the reporting of the election results is that all major search engines are conspiring to limit reports to a select dozen or so sources, all of which are shouting about the far right taking over the EU Parliament, when in fact merely cosmetic changes have taken place, not to mention that the so called “far right” among these parties are firmly in the control of NATO’s Gladio operation which uses fake opposition to keep the denigration and destruction of Christendom in Europe on course.

The purpose of this spin in the news of the elections is to make the average voter think that his vote has achieved some sort of fundamental change: this in turn is to prevent the formation of truly Christian and opposition parties, so that the Masonic Theatre which is Post-French Revolutionary Politics goes forward another generation.

Thus to serve his Rothschild masters, President Macron of France has reacted quickly in response to the failure of his Renew Party to maintain its representation, by calling snap elections in France for the French Parliament. — Snap elections are used as a political trick in most parliamentary countries to prevent new true opposition parties from gaining any representation. In this way, the political power remains in the hands of “approved” parties.

OMC Radio TV’s Catholic Talk Show, June 7, 2024:Viganò accuses Pope Francis of being a homosexual groomer

Editor’s Note: This week on OMC Radio TV’s Catholic Talk Show, AJ and Br. Bugnolo discuss Archbishop Viganò’s testimony of how one of Father Bergoglio’s novices, in Argentina, said the latter is a homosexual groomer, along with the reactions to this revelation. Also discussed are the “conversion” of Lord Farmer, and the Bishop of Kentucky’s latest escapades into heresy and immorality, and the Globalist push to develop a political narrative acceptable to Christians and Muslims alike.

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