Why “Christian Nationalism” is the next big Globalist Psyop

In this week’s anti-Globalist talk show, at OMC Radio TV, AJ and Br. Bugnolo discuss the next big fake in politics, “Christian Nationalism” and show why all the key actors in the USA pushing this are Skull and Bones connected persons with vague and dangerous ideas which are in practice nothing short of Zionist Monarchism.

Br. Bugnolo also explains in this show why Christian Nationalism is antithetical to Christendom, which is the true Catholic political ideal.

Watch above or below, by clicking the image above or using the Rumble window below:

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3 thoughts on “Why “Christian Nationalism” is the next big Globalist Psyop”

  1. Many thanks, AJ & Br Alexis, for another great programme full of truthful information that all other apostolates are ignorant of, or deliberately choose to ignore because they are ‘controlled opposition’.

    Whilst I do not envy any USA Catholics in all the shenanigans/lies/falsehoods etc leading up to the Presidential “election”, here in England a General Election has been announced for July 4th so all the mainstream political puppets/shysters/’celebrities’ are on the campaign-trail promising everything whilst rubbishing their opponents……in other words, “same old, same old” tactics and I trust not a single one of them as they are nowhere near any semblance of Christian values, let alone Catholic!

    Pax vobiscum.

  2. Excellent show! In fact these – Unmasking the Grifter Collective – are the best programs you have done to date and have the potential to change things in the Church. Bravo!!!

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