Why Sammons is wrong to tell Archbishop Viganò to shut up over Pope Francis’ grooming of Novices in Argentina

Editor’s Note:I highly recommend reading this article by Father Gene Gomulka, lamenting the moral tragedy which ensued when he failed to go beyond just denouncing in private the sexual predation he heard of about a fellow priest in the U. S. Military Archdiocese, years ago.

In my judgement, Father Gene ‘s article this week is an example of a true Catholic and manly reaction to the news that Bergoglio is a homosexual predator, but, Eric Sammons’ reaction is not.

Sammons seems to be exiting stage left, after refusing to endorse the call to depose Pope Francis, and gaslighting the Catholic world on that last week. Now he has joined the toxic “don’t touch the core of the problem” Damian Thompson crowd of angry respondents to the Archbishop’s recent revelations. — If you want to know where Sammons, the owner of 1 Peter Five and Crisis Magazine is coming from, what OMC Radio TV’s expose’ of Eric Sammons, here. Especially as regards what is wrong with Sammons notion, that the fullest revelation of God has been made in the “new man”.

As a matter of fact, Cardinal Newman did have himself buried in the same grave as his “best friend” and both of their bodies rotted so completely, that nothing was found of them upon exhumation, which is not something that is known to happen to Saints. — Does that mean he is not a Saint? I do not know. Though I was highly impressed by his writings in my youth, the controversy about his saintliness made me reread those of his which I admired most of all, and I no longer saw them as doctrinally accurate as I had.

Likewise, as regarding Sammons or Bergoglio, I do not know the truth of the matter. But I do know from my years working side by side with priests, friars, seminarians, and vocations, that men who react as Fr. Gene does are honest, and those who react as Eric Sammons do are feigning piety.

Indeed, Sammons appears to be trying to hush up a hetero-sexual affair of a good friend, whose reputation he respects. But such a reaction is totally out of place with the accusation made by the Archbishop or the character of Bergoglio, whom Sammons’ publications are continually criticizing in public. His reaction, therefore, is a most bizarre one, to say the least.

At the same time, let us pray for Fr. Gene, who despaired of the eternal merit of celibacy, married civilly and sired two sons, without being laicized by the Church.

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2 thoughts on “Why Sammons is wrong to tell Archbishop Viganò to shut up over Pope Francis’ grooming of Novices in Argentina”

  1. This explains why the prayers for Pope Francis, following his juridically valid election on Jan. 30, 2023, were limited in their effect. If these allegations are true, then there would have needed to be an outward sign of repentance, as in, stopping the promotion of homo-heresy and homo priests and cardinals. This did not happen, so now the Holy See is impeded.

    Thank you for the clarity, Brother. The Recognize and Resist folks are, indeed, falling apart at the seams.

    1. The High Priestly Prayer of Christ without a doubt includes a prayer for the conversion of popes who are immoral. But as it is not necessary for the salvation of everyone, it is rarely granted. Pope Benedict IX who was deposed in 1046 was an adulterer and rapist, according to latter chronicles, of both women and men.

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