2 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby on the Fake “Avian Flu” Threat”

  1. Yet more proof [if any were needed…] that we should never, ever…ever, trust what we are told by the WEF/WHO/NATO/EU/CDC ‘puppets’, politicians, scientific & medical so-called “experts”, law-enforcements agencies etc…….unless what any of them say just happens to agree with Catholic moral & social values……which is about 0% likely!!

    It is “interesting” that so many of the ‘bigwigs’ in the corrupt/sordid pharmaceutical industry are veterinarians……!
    I seem to recall that, 4 years ago, they were still trying to convince us that “Covid” came from Chinese bats……hahahahaha!!!

    Satan’s usual strategy always begins with deception……

  2. There was back in the early 90s a takeover of independence of individual medical Dr’s and DDS (and probably more professional health care givers that I don’t know about )from individual ownership ,management, and control to a corporate control on a level never heard of before. It felt like a coup bc all were required to attend yearly updating sessions to keep up with advanced procedures etc. There was some pushback but not enough to matter. As far as I can discern this was a takeover from the top to control the individual into a socialistic medicine system to have control.

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