A Warning about the “St. Augustine Institute”

Editor’s Note: An educational corporation in the State of Colorado, USA, calling itself the “St. Augustine Institute” is aiming to form Catholics involved in ministries at their parishes and Churches, through their streaming platform, “Formed”. — The problem is that this corporation has no apparent mandate from the Catholic Church to form or teach any Catholic anything about the Faith of the Church. This is a gross imposture, and I urge Catholics to warn their local bishops about this institution. — Yes, it is good to found private institutions to teach, even in matters of the Catholic Faith. But it is always wrong and fraudulent to present such services as apparently approved of or fit for Catholic formation, unless there be a mandate from a local Catholic Bishop.

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5 thoughts on “A Warning about the “St. Augustine Institute””

  1. Their actual offices are in the ritziest biz district in Cherry Creek.
    Given, however that that person working under the Denver Archbishop wrote me back about the Alpha course taught by the watered down Anglican of watered down Anglican, and the excuse for using a non-Catholic slick video production with some base evangelical emotional appeals was literally that “well you do know they have an optional Catholic module,” and “most of the persons baptized this year at St. Catherine of Sienna parish went through the Alpha program and loved it…” Implying that I’m being unwelcoming of converts due to wanting them to have actual catechesis in the Faith instead of joining a therapeutic NGO.

    1. Alas, many Bishops and clergy and local pastors are incredibly ignorant and reckless in matters of the Faith, and many also actively seek the distruction of the faithful, as the daily news evidences. — But thanks for the local intel.

      In fact, it should be evident to Catholics in the USA, that most Bishops want us to become protestants, because they build protestant looking churches, reckovate Catholic churches to look protestant, have us sing protestant hymns, organize the Sanctuary according to protestant beliefs, and tread Our Lord as protestants do.

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