VATICAN: “Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity” publishes summary of ideological agendas against Papal Authority

Editor’s Note: The non-existent Dicastery has published a summary of all the ideological agendas which have been suggested by the enemies of Christian unity to the Catholic teaching on the Petrine Office and Ministry. — This document is an excellent tool to use to identify all the ways in which non-Catholics are seeking to undermine the role of the Successor of St. Peter in the Church. It also is a useful document to understand where Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have gone wrong on the topic by agreeing with the CIA agenda to allow the Faith to be undermined by endless and pointless dialogue with those who hate us. — I say, “non-existent” because this “Dicastery” was never established in law by anyone holding the Petrine Munus at the time of the establishment. As I have often commented in other occasions, all  these institutions lacking Papal Authority are now in the process of proclaiming a totally fake version of the Catholic Faith contrary to the perennial Magisterium defended by the predecessor intitutions.

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