AHA indicates 3+ Billion will die from the DeathVaxxes in next 30 years

Editor’s Note: I was heavily criticized for saying in June of 2021, that billions could die from the Covid “Vaccines”. But the American Heart Association’s recent admission that 60% of all adults might suffer heart disease in the next 30 years — a stunning increase in the disease in the USA — seems to indicate that of the 5.53 billion who took the DeathVaxxes, as many as 3 Billion or more might get what they unknowingly asked for, because they chose to believe total liars. — While the AHA does not say the cause in the increase is the myocarditis caused by the DeathVaxxes, everyone with a critical mind knows what is going on.

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3 thoughts on “AHA indicates 3+ Billion will die from the DeathVaxxes in next 30 years”

  1. I do not doubt this. Is it possible that this whole pandemic scare was a subtle way to reduce the population by fooling us into killing ourselves with our own hand…not with a gun, but by lining up to take the jab ? I

  2. I was one of a few in my neighborhood that did not take the bah!xine. I remember many indignant faces asking me why I was so “socially irresponsible” —I only knew two others who did not take it— At first I explained why the device could not possibly prevent anything but soon I learned to keep my mouth shut. NO one even made the effort to understand. Self-righteousness was easier. A number of the indignant are already gone. One of the most ‘offended’ can hardly keep his cup of tea steady using two hands. Quite a few have developed heart disorders. I know this is a mere anecdote but I have the inner conviction that many of that early group of indignant neighbors are not going to make it to the end of 2024. I hope I am wrong but I know time will confirm my fears.

  3. Combine this with the fact that there is now enough fen ta nyl in the USA to kill the entire world population several times over.

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