VATICAN: Rabid Anti-Tridentine Liturgist unmasks himself as Cultural Marxist: Tradition = service to change

Editor’s Note: If you want to understand what it means to hate Sacred Tradition with an ideological hatred which is from Hell, just read the interview above. — In Catholic Teaching, tradition means the handing down of the self-same teaching and practice which has its origin in Christ and the Apostles, in accord with the teaching of Saint Paul the Apostle in 2 Thessalonians 2:15,

And thus, brothers, stand fast; and keep the traditions which you have learned,
whether by sermon, or by an epistle of ours.

My translation of the text in the Latin Vulgate

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: Rabid Anti-Tridentine Liturgist unmasks himself as Cultural Marxist: Tradition = service to change”

  1. The difference is plain to see ,the Novus Ordo is open to all manner of abuse and sacrilege, something one never saw with the Traditional Mass ,priests roller skating and cycling up to the Altar ,it’s as if a madness has taken over,entertaining the laity instead of worshipping God.

  2. Off subject:

    For a longtime I’ve been wondering why the Catholic Church refuses women the place they are entitled to in this Church.
    Females and males were created after the image of God:
    so God is Father and Mother.
    Every soul, whether in a female or male body, is a creation of God: so no soul is less than another soul.
    Mary Magdelen was the first to meet with Jeses after his Resurrection, a lady, and not any of the apostles.
    She was honored by Jesus and highly respected.
    And most of the apostles were married: so it is a kind of strange that according to the Catholic Church only males can be a priest and that priests cannot be married…………
    Concerning souls: Mark L. Prophet is the author of the interesting book The soulless one.

    1. You are moving your question on entirely erroneous principles.

      The Catholic Church does what Christ commands, she has no power to invent new practices or teachings. She does what Jesus does.

      God is neither a father nor a mother, since the Divinity partakes in no corporeal forms of generation.

      The Apostles were chosen not because they were first to see Our Lord after His resurrection, but because He chose them uniquely for their mission to govern His Church.

      None of the Apostles was married at the time of their commissioning as apostles.

      The idea that women have equal civil rights to men does not translate into any sort of valid argument that women should have equal rights in a society established by God to save souls through a hierarchy which represents Jesus Christ as God and a male man.

      For this reason, your thoughts are lead to consider that the Church is unjust or lacking in something, because you are considering it as a political mundane entity, which it is not.

      1. Thank you for allowing the post above and posting a correction to its many errors.

  3. What struck me is the arrogant tone of Professor Grillo’s replies, arrogant and dismissive, and his arguments and analogies are not very convincing and somewhat circular. He is definitely a ‘man with a mission’. Accusing traditionalist Catholics of being like a club tweaked some old memories, a crypto- Communist I knew years ago made the same criticisms of the Church. He balanced his Catholicism and Communist sympathies on the fulcrum off Teilhard de Chardin’s notion that one could be both a Catholic and a Communist. His books by TDC read like new age gobbledegook to me. Recently I brought up the subject of TDC with my parish priest. He started to enthuse about him, then I said I thought TDC was a charlatan re Piltdown Man and Peking Man plus his beliefs were pantheistic and gnostic, though I’m no expert on these things. Sad that TDC’s influence is so pervasive.

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