ITALY: Parliament approves law on Differentiated Autonomy of Italian Regions

Editor’s Note: The Italian government has passed the law on differentiated autonomy, which will grant devolution over certain aspects of government from Parliament to the regional governments if they so request it. Within 2 years the government must define what are essential government services and restrict those to the competence of the national parliament. After that, local regions can begin to make decisions regarding a variety of minor organizational affairs, including how they raise and spend taxes.

Most importantly, however, the manner of election of the Prime Minister. Currently, the PM is elected by Parliament in Rome. With this new bill, the election will be by popular vote of the entire nation. The winner of the election will also be able to assign 55% of the parliamentarians to the national parliament. It is not clear yet whether this provision will need to be approved by a national popular referendum, as it touches upon the Constitutional provisions. However, many are concerned that it will lead to a de facto dictatorial state, since it will guarantee the elected PM a ruling majority in parliament. The law proposes this majority, since in a parliamentary form of government, the members of the cabinet are normally approved by the majority in one or both houses of parliament.

The both aspects of the new law were long time goals of the Lega party. It is expected that as a consequence of this law, that the ruling coalition will lose massive support in the poorer regions, who will be deprived financially of some tax revenues on an equal per capita basis. However, each region can now streamline some regulations to suit the businesses and cultural differences of their locale.

Here is another report about the law, published prior to its approval, Wednesday in parliament.

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3 thoughts on “ITALY: Parliament approves law on Differentiated Autonomy of Italian Regions”

  1. In Spain, Vox – who are right wing, and present themselves as Christian, prolife, and profamily have on their agenda to do away with the autonomous regions which is likely to spell the end of Spain as a nation in its current form.

    As Br Bugnolo mentions these right wing conservative parties are nothing more than another arm of freemasonry who are out to destroy what is left of Christendom. The only option we have as Catholics is to delegitimize the current democratic process by not voting, and start true Catholic parties since none of the current ones are there to defend catholicism.

    1. Regional differences are not so great in Italy as in other European countries. But it is clear that this law is being pushed by the northern regions, so that they can further economically oppress the southern Catholic regions. But the Catholics in the south merit it because they have voted communist for nearly 150 years.

  2. I am Venetian and part of the independence movement. The invasion of the 1,100 year old Venetian Republic by Napoleon Boneparte was illegal for what was a neutral state, was sacked, and its wealth plundered to finance Napoleon’s wars. Some of Venice’s greatest artistic masterpieces, unprecedented on world scale, still adorn the walls of the Louvre. The Venetian Republic was then divvied up and a large portion handed to Austria as part of the negotiation process for peace, and Austria subsequently handed it over to the newly formed, freemasonic mafia state, the Kingdom of Italy. No one asked the Venetian people what they wanted, all opposition was violently put down, and a fake plebiscite was conducted by the King’s freemasonic forces to feign agreement by the Venetian people to its adherence to the much-hated Kingdom of Italy (Venetians had only just fought a war with Austria to defeat Italy). The Venetian Republic should NOT be part of “Italy”, and in fact, the Venetian people are one of the oldest indigenous peoples of Europe, predating the Romans and Etruscans, with traces existing of the Venetians from 1,500 B.C.

    This granting of autonomy to the Veneto is a ruse to distract the Venetian people from its true and fair course, full independence from the freemasonic mafia state that is illegally occupying it, in breach of Italy’s signing of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights of 1966 on 25 October, 1977. I have written further about this obvious political chicanery here:

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