Vatican Dicastery’s use of Satanic Ritual Rapist’s Art sparks media outrage in USA

Editor’s Note: The Vatican, occupied by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who was installed by Barack Obama, is set on its course to destroy any vestige of good name of the Catholic Church. Even the secularists in the Main Stream Media in the USA can no longer tolerate the gross, reckless and senseless continued use of the art by Father Rupnik by the Vatican Media, whose director was questioned publicly about this, during the recent Catholic Media Conference in Atlanta.

His outrageous insistence that the artwork will be used in the future, appears to result from the fact that the Vatican “Dicastery on Social Communications” has a member on its board who co-published books with the notorious priest.

This is another case, whereby, as I have said before, these uncanonical “dicasteries” are taking the exact position of what entities of a False Church or Anti-Church would take. It is gravely aberrant that the Catholic Hierarchy remain silent and not urge the Sutri Initiative. Even the “great” opponents of Pope Francis like Bishops Gracida, Strickland, Schneider and now Archbishop Vigano are silent and do nothing other than enter into public criticisms and diatribes without bringing a canonical petition to the proper tribunal.

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