Crux Magazine lauds Berlusconi Conservatives who applaud Viganò trial

Editor’s Note: Does ex priest John Allen, founder of Crux Magazine, really expect us to believe that those whom he calls conservatives in Italy, are conservatives? And that no one in the Church agrees with the Archbishop’s opposition to the Scamdemic?

This is the cheekiest propaganda yet.

The effort to demonize all the positions held by Archbishop Viganò on account of one or another of his opinions seems to be the whole agenda of the trial moved against him at the Vatican.

Indeed, there are very few informed and faithful Catholics who could disagree with the statement of the Archbishop, that “Bergoglio is to the Church what other world leaders are to their nations: traitors, subversives, and final liquidators of traditional society”, as he is quoted to have said by the National Catholic Register, in their article of June 21, 2024 by Francis X. Rocca, who writes for EWTN but has in the past been published by notable Skull & Bones controlled outlets. Rocca’s personal work history and his association with EWTN explains why in that article he too joins on the bandwagon to see the Archbishop hung-out-to-dry.

But the zeal of Pope Francis against Viganò is unprecedented also in recent Church history. It took the Vatican 20 years to move against Archbishop Lefebvre, who in the meantime had illicitly ordained hundreds of priests, while the Italian Archbishop has scarcely ordained but a few men, according to leaked reports.

Maybe this zeal has something to do with the 2.4 Billion Euros which somehow found its way into the Vatican balance sheets since Pope Francis met with Bill Clinton and Alexis Soros last July?

I believe that the Globalists are very worried about who will succeed Pope Francis and that this summer trial issued against the most staunch anti-Globalist in the Sacred Hierarchy has everything to do with shaping the narrative to be used to control that outcome during the next Conclave.

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3 thoughts on “Crux Magazine lauds Berlusconi Conservatives who applaud Viganò trial”

  1. you say; ” Archbishop Lefebvre, who in the meantime had illicitly ordained hundreds of priests,”…….What was ‘illicit’ in AB Lefebvre’s ordinations of priests? He set up the SSPX seminary with the FULL approval of Rome. The ordination of Bishops is another matter which I don’t think you’re referring to and people need to wake up to the reality of what was going on and why AB Lefebvre did what he did out of necessity. The so called conservatives and constant bickering among those opposed to Bergoglio is so destructive to Holy Mother Church. I’m with Vigano 100% for calling out this apostasy. Too much deceit and too many lies and propaganda for far too long. Will humility and honesty ever return?

    1. Permission to open a seminary is one thing, permission to ordain a priest is another. The latter can only be granted by a Bishop holding jurisdiction, which AB L never had after his retirement.

      1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. He ensured the continuity of the Latin Mass .

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