2 thoughts on “Nigel Farage on who really controls the government of the United Kingdom”

  1. Starmer, the Labour leader, will be elected. He is heavily involved with the security services, some say he is a Jew, but his wife is one. He will be an authoritarian tyrant. There will be no change in government policy. Farage is right, but how is he allowed to get away with saying these things? Maybe because it isn’t a popular platform. He was right about getting out of the EU. The politicians deliberately screwed the process up so that we could all blame the brexiteers. As a nation we are heading into an economic collapse which they will mask by going to war. Plus ça change, plus que c’est la même chose.

    1. Hi Paul, the fact that Nigel Farage supports Trump shows he is controlled opposition. Maybe that is why he is able to get away with what he says.

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