ROME: Pope’s confessor drops dead, in ominous warning

Editor’s Note: I will not ask prayers for this franciscan priest, because it is plainly and painfully obvious he should have stopped granting Pope Francis absolution years ago. What a judgement of hell fire he must now endure!

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3 thoughts on “ROME: Pope’s confessor drops dead, in ominous warning”

  1. ” In the words of the Baltimore Catechism: “To receive the sacrament of Penance worthily, we must: examine our conscience; be sorry for our sins; have the firm purpose of not sinning again; confess our sins to the priest; be willing to perform the penance the priest gives us.”

    The act of simply going to Confession and mentioning sins without having sorrow or the intention to avoid the sins in the future makes the confession invalid! ”

    Did Francis meet the four requirements for a valid confession? His consistent outrages, heresies and blaphemies comitted since 2013 seems to indicate not.

    “Saying: If we do not penance, we shall fall into the hands of the Lord, and not into the hands of men.”
    [Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 2:22

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