Update on Br. Bugnolo

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As you may know, FromRome.Info has been my personal apostolate since January 2020, when I was providentially inspired to transform my old WordPress Blog into a daily news journal: though this website, many hundreds of thousands if not millions came to know something about me and my warnings about the utter fraud of the Pandemic, Covid-19, SarsCov-19 and the mRNA “vaccines”.

During these 4+ years I have warned my readers daily of the lies and dishonesty of media reports from around the world.

But as this fake Crisis has passed, more or less, from being one in which FromRome.Info was one of the few if only Catholic sources opposing it: there are now many voices and initiatives speaking the truth and seeking justice, even though it is only a tiny percentage of what should be done, considering how billions of humans were victimized during it all.

Not being a lawyer or M. D., I see my work done in these areas for the mean time, since there is no expertise I can bring to the progress toward justice further.

So it is my intention to return to my previous apostolic works, if I can.

I say, if I can, because as a Franciscan Brother who owns nothing, and who has exposed the corruption in the Church all too well, the only apostolic works I can engage in are those which do not require the permission of a local Bishop AND which I can find benefactors to help me accomplish.

Since September of last year, as I informed you, I have no longer been living in the Hermitage in Italy, where I resided for the previous two years. This is because the owner decided to terminate the lease and I could not find any place suitable for a religious brother to live. So I have been taking an extended visit with my relatives in the U.S.A., while attending to my spiritual and physical health, after 4 long years of battle with some needed rest and much prayer.

As the summer of 2024 begins, I discern that I have rested enough and that I should get back to the work the Lord has given me in the past. As you know, from posts here at FromRome.Info I have already attempted to raise funds for The Scholasticum and Ordo Militaris Catholicus’ Youth Camp and Formation Center, a Military Monastery.

So far funds raised for The Scholasticum amount to $250 in the last 6 months. And for the Military Monastery about $983. The fund appeals for the Youth Camp in the USA have raised $0 and for the Youth Camp in Europe about 8500 Euros of the needed 120 thousand.

[Updated July 6, 2024 A. D.]

So you can easily see, from this brief summary, that I am not yet able to undertake any apostolate, for the simple reason that I can not find any support.

Since I have not been asking any of my readers to support me monthly, as I did during the last 4 years when I was in Italy, I write now to ask all those who hold me in good will and who appreciate my service to Christ, to consider helping me in one of these apostolic works, though the donation pages found in one of the four links cited above, since so much good can be done through all of them, or any one of them.

In the meantime, be assured of my prayers for each of you. FromRome.Info will remain in existence as a resource, and from now and then I will post other articles. But as my apostolate is not journalism, but helping others in person, I will be reducing further posts here at FromRome.Info.

If I cannot find any support for these good works, then I will go back to my private life as I have lived before I began FromRome.Info.

I will, however, still appear at OMC Radio TV for some of their programs.

CREDITS: The featured image is of Br. Bugnolo, as he reported from the Vatican on the occasion of the passing of Pope Benedict XVI, in January of 2023 A. D..


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20 thoughts on “Update on Br. Bugnolo”

  1. sad news,nobody in catholic media explains things or knows canon laws or have the Guts to say things like you,if i have a credit card surely i would help you ,but i do not have any,thank GOD for eveythng we knew by your knowlege and the GuTS ,HE gave you for HIS GLORY,love you so much, merci beaucoup form Quebec….

  2. Brother,

    Given that the Pope has not yet consecrated Russia to the Immacualate Heart of Mary I would encourage you to continue this apostolate. The fog of disinformation is thick and we and the Church needs your clarity, vision and knowledge.

    I will support your apostolates whenever possible.

    1. Thank you for your support. I think any serious reader of FromRome.Info already knows how to draw the same conclusions I do in my Editorial comments. My readers are critical thinkers like myself.

      1. Indeed, but you are much more informed and knowledgeable and I find that until the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphs we will not be out of the woods. The current lull in the globalist plan is just that a lull. I was listening to Remarque88 who says that uranium has been seeded into chemtrails with the objective of appropriating people’s property. This is another crisis getting ready to break out.



      2. The Globalists want to own the world, not destroy the biosphere. Seeding uranium in chemtrails would run counter to that objective. I would say therefore that anyone claiming that is spreading fake news. Beware of those who claim there are problems so as to get clicks and favs.

      3. You’re amazing and I am grateful for your honesty and bravery in speaking the truth.
        Never stop but I think it’s great that you are taking time for yourself.

  3. Brother, forgive my tardiness and be assured of my gratitude these past months, for I have learned so much from you. I will donate today (the funds to be used for whatever purpose you discern best). I also would like to send you a private message. I’ll look for your email address now; it’s probably on the site somewhere. God bless you!

  4. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

    I plan to send you a donation soon if God allows. Please persevere. Remember the words of Jesus to Padre Pio: “Your confidence obliges me to help you. “La tua fiducia mi obbliga ad aiutarti.” I can attest to that in my own life. We are protected by legions of angels sent by Our Lord and Our Lady to keep us from harm. Rely on them and offer them your blind trust. You know all of that already.

    God bless you and keep you safe.

  5. Many thanks, Brother Alexis, for this positive update on your situation – I pray & hope that you will be able to continue with the apostolic work that the Lord has entrusted to you.

    Pax tecum.
    Christus vincit;
    Christus regnat;
    Christus imperat.

    1. I thank you for your noble pledge as a Knight in the Order, and pray that others join the Order in any way they can, as you have done. Even if they cannot do more, that’s the better way.

  6. Brother-

    It was because of you that I did not take the vax. So you may have saved my life. I will not forget. I will keep you in prayer always.


  7. Brother thank you for your writings and dispatches. Assange made the critical mistake of calling his project “WikiLeaks”, when a “leak” is by root definition an unlawful sounding type of act. For your projects, to call them anything sounding “military” or “security” like is a similar way of painting a target from the name . Assange should have called his project something eminently legitimate and helping keep the protection from being a media outlet, for example “The Wiki Journal Press” or similar. For your projects, calling them something eminently legitimate would possibly help. Nobody wants listed in their bank credit card expenses a payment for something that gets flagged as support for “military” or “security” activities.

    1. I can understand the political climate now a days that would give credence to your worries about Ordo Militaris Inc.. However, in our 8 years of operation we have never had any client, member or investor report any such problems, regardless of their payment methods. If you fear such a thing, you should take the advice of Nigel Farage and open accounts at several banks or use different payment or bankwire platforms, the number of which is now so numerous there are surely options available from any country.

  8. If you could provide the people in Europe with a European bankaccount, we could donate in euro’s, not in dollars…….
    And that would be better for you too, by saving the extra fee …….

    1. Each of those links contains the information you seek. But for your convenience I will repeat it here:

      For Bank wires in Euros from countries in the EU and SEPA systems:

      Account Name: Ordo Militaris Inc
      IBAN: BE77967318468342
      Swift/Bic: TRWIBEB1XXX
      Account Number: 3184683
      Bank: Wise, Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

      With your bankwire, ADD a MESSAGE, to let me know how you want your funds used. Use one of these 4.


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