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Why are Masks so important to the Globalists?

Face-Masks – Protection or Stigma?

by  Jens Pinkernelle

Introduction and Methods

This so called corona-pandemic has not yet been proven neither statistically nor by isolation of this alleged virus “SARS-CoV-2“. In fact, there is no significant difference between the cold-seasons of 2020 and the years before(1). An interesting observation is, that the flu has disappeared in an extent that corona came up. However, governments of Europe and in other parts of the world do not stop to suppress social life and justify by this “Plandemic“ or Scamdemic. One essential of suppressing people’s freedoms are mandatory masks in public. This is in spite the fact that masks had been scientifically proven to be not effective to control any epidemic for decades until 2020. Even in operation theaters a significant benefit has to be proven yet (2).

But why act governments that way? What is the purpose? Is it just a campaign of some salesmen or even the mighty pharma-cartel to gain profit? Medical masks could be used as public alert to keep a certain pandemic-stress level and to keep people eager for vaccinations. In fact, from the beginning vaccinations have been said to be essential to end the alleged pandemic. This was a medical novelty of 2020, too. Pandemics usually limit themselves, One could suppose that pandemics have become a major social issue since some Software Nerds have discovered that vaccinations could offer eugenic potentials (3).

And again, one could argue that this symbolism of mouth-nose-coverings goes beyond. This is especially true if one remembers the occult Show of Madonna 2019 in Israel at the European Song Contest (4). This very martial and bizzare show anticipates corona and masks. The human face is the primary and most important feature to identify people and to differentiate them from each other. Therefore, covering human’s faces has been used to take individual’s dignity for milleniums. They have been used up today to mark people either as slaves or fools. In this context the word person has to be mentioned. It derives from the Latin word persona and means „mask“. In fact, the word person is central from a juristic perspective. This juristic person is like an avatar in a legal framework. All humans are equal out of this framework but bear (different) rights and duties inside.

Left: Mandatory covering of mouth and nose as symbols of suppressed people

Right: Masks also characterize fools, which can be more funny like court jesters or even more insidious or scary like clown-maks (

It is not a secret that there are interested circles of ultra-rich people in the world which grow ideas to gain money and power (5). One major goal seems to be to establish a so called New World Order (NWO) (6, 7). Certainly, it is not a major issue in mass media. But on the other side it is not hidden. There are many prominent people, tycoons and politicians, who talked about this NWO. It is probable that such a NWO would be tyrrany including mass-surveillance and suppression. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has declared a “Great Reset“, a big “Transformation“ connected to artificial intelligence (AI) and, therefore, a further industrial revolution (industry 4.0). The founder of WEF, Klaus Schwab, considers “Corona“ as the opportunity to perform this “Great Reset“ (8).

It is obvious that this industrial revolution crashes the economic middle class in favor for big companies, especially, tech-companies of “Silicon Valley“ which gained tremendous profit during this plandemic (9). This principle of “the winner takes all“ which has been well established in internet economy leaves masses economically behind. One can easily see that this “Great Reset“ would produce masses of economically dependent people around the world. Obvously, some kind of neo-feudalism is emerging.

So it is not too far beyond to consider this medically senseless or even harmful mouth-nose-coverings as symbols of suppression and slavery.

An interesting fact can be observed in public. Not only that several mass-events of politicians have been revealed without using masks or keeping distances but there are some prominent people who seem very reluctant when it comes to the obligation to wear a mask.

Screenshot of google images with tags “corona mask merkel“.

The idea of this small study is to identify prominent people and magnates who cannot be found in media wearing masks. If one assumes mouth-nose-coverings are used a symbol of mass-suppression then the puppet masters should not be found with this stigma. The easy approach is to perform a google-search for images tagged with „corona mask name [xyz]“, to give an example: “corona maske merkel“ (10) It is preferred to use the term „mouth-nose-covering“ instead of the word „mask“ in thie article. Likewise abundant images of persons with mouth-nose-covering are found for all prominent European politicians.

Results and Discussion:

The European so called political leaders are all among those who are easily found wearing mouth-nose-covering in public. Is this result it surprising? Rather not if one knows at least the occult symbolism of the ensign of the private profit-organization European Union: it symbolizes the apocalypse (4). However, observers of the political scene during the corona-campaign have noticed clear reluctance of Merkel when it came to wear mouth-nose-covering in spring of 2020. After she had been asked why she does not wear a mask by a journalist she at once was seen hardly without mouth-nose-covering in public.

It is well known that money makes the world go round or simply that money rules the world. It is more or less established in public consciousness that rich people influence political directions directly or indirectly. The so called military-industrial complex has been covered by numerous publications. One should add the pharma-cartel and more recently the tech-companies of silicon valley to the possible rulers of the so called „deep state“ which also may merge with some occult background. However, some political leaders are perceived as souvereigns and independent of puppet masters which is more or less justified by facts and valid information.

And again, one of the most prominent so called political leaders who is said to fight the „Deep State“, the meanwhile former President of the USA Donald Trump can also easily found featured by mouth-nose-covering in public. Others are Jair Bolsonaro (Brasil) or Xi Jinping (China). Moreover, neither Benjamin Netanjahu of Israel is obviously among the sovereigns of the world nor is Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey) or Viktor Orban (Hungary) or Baschar Al-Assad (Syria).

But who then is ruling the world? The tech-nerds from Silicon Valley could be addressed being puppet masters, they gained massive profit from this corona-campaign. However, neither Bill Gates nor Jeff Bezos or Elons Musk and Mark Zuckerberg seem to be in charge of this campaign if one assumes that mouth-nose-covering separates the masters from the slaves. At least it is hard to find Jeff Bezos and even Bill Gates being face-covered in public. The latter is most surprising because he is a direct winner of this plandemic because of his investments in pharma-companies which produce so called vaccinations based on genetic modification of humans.

Altogether, the tech-nerds are either not sovereign or they have at least to act in this disgusting theatre making themselves fools by showing up with mouth-nose-coverings.

Who then unmasks to be a sovereign or even independent ruler in politics? Maybe we could find them in the spiritual leaders. But, again, negative. The pope as well as the Mullahs or the Dalai Lama and Rabbis are spotted with covering their faces to pretend to prevent infections and spreading. It is a very interesting finding because it is known at least by Jewish or Islamic teachers that something like a spreading infection does not exist. So, one may ask, if they not know their religious texts? Or do they act? Maybe to fulfill prophecies? In this context one chatoyant (cat eyed) person should certainly still be mentioned: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He as former political leader of the Iran demonstratively opposes the panic-narrative (11).

But there are other political leaders who directly oppose(d) to virus-panicking. Among them are Alexander Lukashenko (12), the president of Belarus and the former president of Tanzania, John Magufuli. The latter became famous for using this PCR-method in Papayas, with motor-oil and things like that to demonstrate it useless to probe infections (13). By the way, PCR-probes are not sufficient to detect infection but are rather a supplement when clinical symptoms occur in a patient (14). Another African political leader was Pierre Nkurunziza, former president of Burundi who criticized the panic due to the plandemic and obviously never showed up wearing mouth-nose-covering. These three leaders mainly refused measures mandated by the World Health Organization and opposed virus-panicing. Interestingly, in Belarus riots came up with a pattern remembering the color-revolutions being associated with activities of some notorious oligarchs. And those two brave African leaders died by heart-issues recently.

However, there are political leaders obviously never covering their mouth and nose, whose countries act mainly according to the measures mandated by the WHO: Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation and Kim Jon Ung, North Korea. King Karl Gustav of Sweden also never covers mouth and nose for alleged medical precautions. At least, this behavior is according to the advice of the Swedish epidemiologist in charge Anders Tegnell.

Is it prove of sovereignty? Could Vladimir Putin be the savior against a uni-polar World as he is used to emphasize to prefer a multipolar world? And Kim Jon Un? Or does their reluctance more reflect some sort of personal proud being aware that these masks are either a symbol of being suppressed due to being prompted to act or showing up as a fool in a disgusting film? At least, this strong Russian leader stands for an obstacle for the One World Order-elite which they have to overcome by a great war. This is very scary, because it would, again, fulfill some occult prophecy which forecast a greater war before a New World Order can take place (like throes to give birth to a new order).

And what is the Deep State? Is there only one Deep State? Or are they some kind of Lodges competing against each other? What is „Skull and Bones“? What are the Freemasons? Are they competing or monolithic? And what about those more or less secret or exclusive socio-economic meetings like the Bilderbergers or the World Economic Forum (WEF)? By the way, the founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, obviously never covers mouth and nose in the public by a medical mask. With this he is among other persons who are considered being economically influencers or even oligarchs. Are they fearless? Certainly when it comes to a alleged hazardous virus. But also these people could simply be too arrogant to walk with a slave-symbol around. Remember, Merkel and Gates usually also show a godlike attitude, but obviously are not in the position to walk around breathing free in public.

This small study does not take itself too serious. However, it gives insight into some patterns which are possible explanations about roles and motivations. It has never been easier to do quick research. Therefore, one should be careful not to draw too quick conclusions, however.

And which conclusion could be drawn? Obviously, there are some prominent people who successfully refuse this useless face-covering. Successfully also means that they obviously not induce hysteric attacks by mass media-campaigns. The would give nothing on them anyway. Therefor they could be some sort of role models for people. It is conceivable that some do so because of personal pride and others because of being honest, connected and strong people.

This is especially true, when it comes to John Magufuli, the former president of Tanzania. He had become somewhat like a hero for the resistance-movement against civil corona-terror, especially in Germany. When refusing WHO-recommendations he referred directly to God as our creator who provided anything needed to stay healthy naturally. God is certainly the best address to refer to. He gave us life! Therefore, it is not just our right but our duty to defend unhindered respiration against actual attacks by sadistic maniacs. A human being in his natural occurrence as made by God with un-impeded breathing and, of course, without being pharmacologically modified will always be truly legal. We have to stand up for that.


(1) John P.A. Ioannidis Reconciling estimates of global spread and infection fatality rates of COVID-19: an overview of systematic evaluations European Journal of Clinical Investigation, epub

(2) Charlie Da Zhou, Pamela Sivathondan and Ashok Handa Unmasking the surgeons: the evidence base behind the use of facemasks in surgery Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine; 2015, Vol. 108(6) 223–228


(4) (Madonna)





(M. Ahmadinejad)








FEATURED IMAGE IS a collage made from photos by  Anna Shvets and Ketut Subiyanto (both from

Steve Bannon, Globalist 5th Column

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Former Goldman Sachs Vice President, Steve Bannon is as busy as ever in infiltrating opposition to the Globalist Reset and repurposing it to maintain the Great Reset agenda.

I know this from my personal experience. A week ago, after being calumniated by ANSA as a “far right” extremist, I was invited by someone I know to a meeting at Benevento, Italy, to hear a proposal about forming a national alliance against the tyranny of globalism in Italy.

The first speaker praised Benevento for expelling the Papal Legate in 1855, back when Benevento was a possession of the Papal States.

The second speaker said he was “proud to be a Fascist”.

The third speaker said we had to beware of Globalists creating fake opposition!

While he was talking, the hostess of the meeting received a phone call from Benjamin Harwell, right hand of Steve Bannon in Italy, and close collaborator in the Dignitatis Humanae Institute, where, with the aid of Cardinal Burke, the institute sought and obtained a 100 year contract to use the Trisulti Monastery to promote Judeo-Christian Politics in Europe.  — Steve Banon is a self-proclaimed “Christian Zionist”, and term which means that he is a collaborator with the Rothchilds state of Israel.

During Harwell’s talk — the hostess insisted in connecting the cellphone to the loudspeaker system in a makeshift sort of way — he said that Italians need to reject categories of the Right and Left, which had to do with the controversy over the Monarchy of Louis XVI, since there is no longer a French monarchy.

At that I walked out, and so did many other Catholics after myself.  There is just so much B.S. that you can suffer to hear in 15 minutes.

Fascism, Nazism and Marxism and Socialism are all creations of what we call the Globalists today. Whether the Skull and Bones Banks in New York City or the Pilgrim Society network in the UK, you can trace all these groups to one or the other.

But the constant theme is that the Catholic Church must be destroyed, unbridled immigration must be pushed, and that Bergoglio is the Pope.

Steve Bannon recently was pardoned by Trump, a life long servant of the Skull and Bones Lodge, for having defrauded a U. S. Charity which was raising money to build a border wall.  He was also involved in the Trisulti Monastery proposal, where the Dignitatis Humanae institute is being charged with 5 counts of fraud in its application, since it never had the resources or contractual consortium partners it claimed on its application to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

The meeting in Benevento was to form a Tricolore Resistance, which would oppose the government of Mario Draghi — IF he made vaccination obligatory for everyone.  Draghi is also a former Goldman Sachs employee, so you can connect the dots, here, from one to the other, through the word, “IF”,

For sane individuals, there is no longer any need to add an “if” to resisting the powers of Globalism. Bannon knows that, and so he is intimately involved in organizing groups which propose the if, so as to neutralize them.

As part of the administration of Trump which in its last year pushed the Scamdemic, and who still pushes it, Bannon showed his colors in his recent video with Liz Yore, when, at the end, during her declamation against Bergoglio, he hastened to cut her off.  Bannon knows what limits in discourse must be set. He wants you to fixate on what he is pointing at, so you ignore who is standing behind him.

Goldman Sachs is an investment bank and security underwriter which supported Germany in World War I until 1917. Marcus Goldman, its founder, was an Ashkenazi from Bavaria, whose grandfather’s name was Jonathan Marx.  So it is no surprise then that a former VP of Goldman Sachs is involved in a political alliance which is to neutralize opposition to the Great Reset (promoted by Goldman Sachs).  Its the same politics and economics as ever.  Its called risk management.


CREDITS:  The featured image of Steve Bannon in 20120, is used from this source.

Truth 2.0: A Warning from Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is my second Truth Video.  Now that FromRome.Info is an independent media source, I can speak freely in my videos.  My famous video entitled, Truth, which was popularized with the erroneous title, “Priest from Rome warns the world”  or the similar — an went viral with more than 500k visualizations — is now been updated and revised and shortened to about 9 minutes.

Please do not link directly to this video, share this page or download the video and share on channels such as Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp, Line etc.. —  Download size is 43 MB approximately.


I am currently working on creating a free-speech Social Media Platform. If you would like to help me out, please consider a donation to the US Non Profit, which supports me:

Thank you for making FromRome.Info truly independent media!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The upgrade to the new server is now complete.

I want to thank all the supporters of FromRome.Info for having made it possible for FromRome.Info to become truly independent media, by breaking from WordPress hosting and upgrading to a new fast server.

Now I am able to send unlimited emails and to publish videos without any censorship. While there remains some limitation, since I cannot have more than 4000 views per month of a 1 GB video, it is nevertheless a beginning.  I will try to publish here only short, highly compressed videos to avoid overloading the services gets.

The harassment of Globalist media against all those who speak the truth will have its effect. It will be hard for those addicted to YouTube or WordPress to find FromRome.Info and the videos I produce. They have to break from the convenience of being fed propaganda on social media and seek the less traveled paths of signing up for an email update at FromRome, and checking their email regularly rather than their App notifications.

As for those companies which offer the ability to have a website where I could have more videos and more viewers, they are either politically controlled or require thousands of dollars of fees monthly, which is way beyond the ability of my small readership to support.  Yes, on Youtube you get everything free, but its not the unfiltered truth, its propaganda or controlled under the every increasing arbitrary Globalist rules.

2021 will see censorship go to astronomical levels.  I am convinced the Globalists are losing control of the narrative and that humanity is waking up to their lies and the lies of the Scamdemic. Thus, they will push to excess the levels of censorship this year.

For this reason, I am particularly touched at heart that my readers were able to raise the funds necessary to make this transition away from WordPress and upgrade the server. Be assured of my prayers each day before the footstool of the Queen of Heaven, Our Lady, here at Rome: to God the Father, for His Omnipotent and Overflowing Blessing upon your all.

Going forward, I sense that now more than ever we must deepen our faith and lives of prayer, so I will be including more regularly articles on our Holy Father and on the life of prayer, and try to share some of what the Franciscan Saints have taught in their writings about various topics.

In the meantime, if there are any readers who would like to know how to help me out, I would for the love of Jesus Christ, beg a few of you to help me get some groceries, by making a donation to Save Old St. Mary’s Inc., a US Charity which supports me for such needs.

Google Strikes major blow against Independent Media

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Feedburner announced this morning, that Independent Media will no longer be able to implement the Subscribe by Email widget which had served independent publishers for years, to grow readership and help readers keep track of daily posts.  The announcement was made surreptitiously by Feedburner in an email to blog-administrators.

Feedburner’s official statement, said:

FeedBurner has been a part of Google for almost 14 years, and we’re making several upcoming changes to support the product’s next chapter. Here’s what you can expect to change and what you can do now to ensure you’re prepared.

Starting in July, we are transitioning FeedBurner onto a more stable, modern infrastructure. This will keep the product up and running for all users, but it also means that we will be turning down most non-core feed management features, including email subscriptions, at that time.

Feedburner will no longer allow installations of widgets will implement their service. The dead line to install them was set to be prior to their announcement to catch publishers off guard.

For transparency, FromRome.Info does not use the Feedburner service for its subscriptions.

As an electronic publisher for more than 20 years, it is my professional opinion that this move was made so that Google can take information control of the independent media-verse. Globalists are losing the information war and they have come to understand that they have to be more clever and repressive than ever to stop the leakage of narrative control.

Most publishers probably did not know that FeedBurner was Google owned. I encourage all to take action immediately to secure your email list and go independent.  For bloggers on Globalist media platforms like Blogger or WordPress, this change may make it impossible to build a readership.

By the grace of God and the good will of about 30 readers of, this change will not affect FromRome.Info, since the move of this journal to an independent platform two weeks ago, gave it completely independent control of its subscriber mechanisms and lists.

Google, in preparation for this Feedburner announcement, had begun several weeks ago, to label as “spam” all emails from the rival widget, Subscriber2.  This is why many subscribers to FromRome.Info who use Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, or Live are having difficulty in subscribing to FromRome.Info.

FromRome.Info will continue to seek technologies to keep the readers connected. I ask the readers prayers for this effort.

Feedburner was highlighted by James Corbett last most as one of the principle ways to work around Globalist control. His YouTube channel of 14 years, with 500,000 followers was erased into oblivion a few days ago. Now the Feedburner “transition notice”,  If you are watching carefully, you can see the agenda.

As James Corbett of The Corbet Report announced in his recent Pwew! Video — reckoning with the erasure of his YouTube channel — we have definitively entered a Post Globalist Social Media World. YouTube, Google, WordPress, Blogger are old fashioned and 100% unreliable politically. The way forward is to go completely independent. The challenges are financial and technical. Few are they who have the talent to write, fewer still the courage to speak against Globalism, fewer the knowledge of just who is behind it, and even fewer those who have the technical skills to run an independent journal. But rarest of all are those will the readers and or funds to make it happen.

I thank the readers of FromRome.Info for making it happen here.


CREDITS: The featured image is a collage from the DuckDuckGo Search Engine image results for “Google is hated by everyone”. Whether by design or serendipity, the images align to reflect what many independent publishers think today.