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Vatican Document on Apparitions violates Apostolic authority of Local Bishops

Editor’s Note: It is obvious, as I have written six months ago, that a Pope who signs a heretical document has impeded the Apostolic See and therefore loses all moral authority to issue any other documents or make any decisions. Rather, all Catholics are gravely obliged to oppose him and seek his removal form office. FromRome.Info has been the only Catholic journal to call for this and remain consistent, publishing a petition to this effect more than 6 months ago.

Thus, I consider the new document’s attempted power grab from Bishops completely without any legal effect, as anyone who intentionally blasphemes the Name of God by associating it with the approval of sodomy has lost all moral authority in the Church, even before he be juridically condemned.

For the Catholic Church from time immemorial has regarded each local Catholic bishop has having the infallible charism to determine the veracity and authenticity of supernatural phenomenon in his diocese. Any since this is from Apostolic Tradition, included in the mandate of every bishop, according to the intention of the Apostles, to oversee and rule each diocese, it follows that not even the Pope can overturn it or withdraw it.

But, now, due to the lack of action of nearly the entire Catholic media sphere, to call for this in any effective way, I think it is no exaggeration to say, that every other news outlet, saving OMC Radio TV, which has always joined FromRome.Info in the above initiative, is clearly not only NOT part of the opposition to the diabolic globalist takeover of the Church, nor only part of the those grifting on the issues to appear in opposition, but have either lost their faith completely, or are in the very grips of Satan’s power, since they are totally inert and ineffective to help Holy Mother Church and remove the cause of the crisis.

May God reprove these false shepherds and false leaders. And may Catholics everywhere wake up and begin to reprove their erring superiors.

And if anyone thinks this new “document” about apparitions has any good intentions behind it, read this, wherein, just days before the Vatican cast doubt, by that document, on all those apparitions of Our Lady calling for repentance and prayer,  it is claimed to be “injurious” to accuse the satanic serial rapist Father Rupnick of being a practitioner of “false mysticism”.

Though I am not endorsing the first article above, in its entirety, I think the lead title of it is correct. For when a mind turns entirely away from God and makes evil its good and lies its truth, it must by all means create a litany of excuses or a rule of conscience against listening to God’s Voice again, by whatsoever means it may come. And this is the very essence of a spirit of apostasy.  Yes, Pope Francis is the False Prophet, and all who collaborate with him in this evil are workers of iniquity. The Catholic World must rise up against them!

GOOGLE introduces 3D Mapping tool to train Drone Warriors

Editor’s Note: This new facile interface to Google map data adds an entirely new video like experience to using maps, which some persons find difficult to comprehend because of their symbolic two dimensional format. However, this new technology, in that it gives an areal view of terrain, seems to have no other utile function than to be of use to those piloting drones, because in every day life, no one ever sees where he lives from the air. Does Google really think that all our cars will be flying by 2030? — Rather, as has been seen in the recent unjust genocidal wars against Ukraine, Armenia and Gaza, drone warfare is the next worst thing coming round the corner of history. And Google Inc. is prepared to meet the challenge (sarcasm).

Tactics of Manipulation used by Modernists against Catholics

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


I do not claim to be an expert. I am sure that there are many Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religious and Laymen who have better knowledge of such things than myself. But in my nearly 30 years of personal experience in Ecclesiastical institutions or as a religious/hermit, I have noticed some patterns of deception and manipulation, which I believe in conscience I am obliged to name, explicate, so that Catholic Faithful at Rome and around the world might take guard against them.

“Manipulation”, in the dark sense of the word, is a way of misleading, maneuvering, deforming, altering, etc., the mind, actions or even words or reactions of another, to serve one’s own goals.  When the victim is a faithful Catholic and the perpetrator is a modernist, you have a very evil and wicked malice at work.  Yet, to those who know anything of the history of the Church during the last 100 years or more, the Modernists have honed to perfection many methods of manipulating Catholics to serve their own abominable conspiracy to overthrow the true Church of Christ, from within, using the very institutions and offices of the Church, established by Christ and by ecclesiastical tradition, against Her.

Having studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Florida, I was trained in the methods of participant observation, which is a way of learning about a subculture’s mores, rules, ethics, behaviors, by sharing or keeping company with them.  I never consciously used this method, but now, after many years of fighting against Modernists, I will take a moment to step back and analyze and categorize some of the methods of manipulation I have seen or learned first hand against faithful clergy, religious and laity.

 The Church, being the perfect society founded by the Incarnate Word of God, enjoys an order of society which enables Her to achieve the end which God have Her, the honor and glory of God through the worship of God and the salvation of Souls.  This being the case, the Modernists, who believe in no God, but only in the god of personal sentiments, thus have an upward battle if they are to use the very things of the Church to overthrow the Church from within.

Alas, however, since many modernists have been members of the clergy, and this throughout the last 180 years or so, they have had the ability to use all the forms of clerical and moral corruption, known beforehand, to their end.  They have also had the assistance of the general moral degradation which has been promoted by the Free Masons in the West (and not only in the West), which has led many a Catholic to be disposed to be easily deceived about what constitutes Christian virtue and ecclesiological justice and honesty.

In former ages, we read of the heroic and saintly Bishops who did not hesitate to threaten unfaithful Catholics, Kings, Dukes, Princes, Mayors, Scholars, even the Pope, with excommunication if they did not stop from their pubic sins or injustices.  There are cases, where immoral bishops, were taken outside of the town walls and hung from a tree by the Catholic faithful, to rid the local church of their vile depravities.  There are cases where laymen shot corrupt priests dead for the crimes they perpetrated against children or families.

In the modern age, with all our institutions of civil and ecclesiastical justice, we are apt to look down upon the Catholics of former ages, who understood that in some cases, waiting for lengthy procedures would only endanger the public good the more. They understood that after some point, the depravity of a man could be such that he merited no longer the customary due process accorded to the merely suspected of a crime. They also understood that obedience to an evil command did not absolve from the sin of collaboration or participation in the evil commanded.  Former ages enjoyed a sense of personal honor and manliness that is rarely admired and even more rarely tolerated in modern times.  Indeed, corrupt and evil men have all kinds of words to lambast such honorable men.

The decline of morals in the West did not begin with the Age of the Enlightenment, yet, Rationalists of that age started a trend which has been greatly exploited by Modernists (even though Modernists are sentimentalists not rationalists): that trend is the use of deprecatory language to subvert the sentiments of Catholics away from admiration of virtue, especially away from admiration of heroic virtue.

You can see that effect palpably in the common and vulgar opinions some men, even clergymen, have of the Saints of old.  The most striking example I know of personally, is the comment made by a priest, now deceased, who remarked to me one day, after he read a very short life of Saint Francis of Assisi, that if anyone did such penances today, he should certainly be locked up in a mental asylum. To which I replied, with not a little shock, “Do you mean that just today, or is Saint Francis any less suspect for having done them long ago”. He replied that he was no less suspect, and added, “I have great difficulty understanding why such a man was ever made a saint”.  (This priest, by the way, died of being too overweight by about 200 pounds.)

 Ah, what has happened to that age of chivalry and honesty, where even a sloucher or glutton admitted that the diligent and abstemious man was virtuous? Is modern man so ignorant, as to not understand, that it is one thing to be virtuous, another to admire virtue; and that if you are not at least the first kind of man, that you can at least save your honor by being the second?

God forbid, however — as the Modernists think and consider the matter — that there even exist in the Church the second kind of man, the man who actually admires the heroic virtue of the Saints of old!

And here we have the first tactic in the tool box of manipulations, used by Modernists:

1. Denigrate what is best, and make it the enemy of all the rest.

You see, if the Modernists are to prevail in the Church, they must put into practice some of the general tactics of the fallen angels, because the Church, being principally a spiritual society, Her strength lies principally in spiritual things.  Now there is nothing more principally spiritual in a believer than his virtue, and the prince of all virtue is the virtue to the heroic degree.  Consequently, to shut out all possibility of this most spiritual enemy of Modernism, the first and prime spiritual goal is to ostracize and exile heroic virtue.  And this is done chiefly by denigration.

Denigration of what is best is the first tactic to employ, because when the best is no longer seen as the best, the soul and the society no longer strives to reach the proper goal by the only methods which can attain that goal. Giving up the only tools to arrive at that goal, one guarantees in the very first instance, that the Catholic side of the battle will not and will never win; and that the battle will continue interminably, without victory for the Catholic party.

This denigration has gone on for many generations now: Rationalists did this by debunking the lives of the Saints, debunking the authenticity and authority and veracity of Scripture; by debunking the normalcy and authority of Tradition; by debunking the sanity of heroic virtue, by recourse to modern false sciences of psychology and psychiatry as the “true” authorities on human behavior.  This could not be done without despising and denigrating Scholastic Theology and Philosophy.

The result of such a campaign of denigration, is a Catechism of Denigration, induction to which is common place in Catholic Seminaries today, throughout the whole world; and especially so in the Pontifical Universities at Rome, where the majority of professors believe education means debunking every historical, theological, moral, ethical, religious, liturgical ideal which a seminarian might bring with him to Rome.

Simultaneous, to this work of denigration, is the work of substitution.  After railing against the ideals which the Church has from Christ, the Apostles or from the Holy Spirit in the Saints, it is necessary but easy to suggest and laud the ideals and criteria which prevail in modern times, and this, in the name of being “acceptable”, “up to date”, “normal”, “middle of the road”, etc.. Thus to virtue, we have sound & healthy psychology; to faith in scripture, the critical historical method of rationalistic interpretation; to Christian charity, social justice work; to preaching, neutralizing rhetorics; to worship of God, worship of self or of man; to Tradition, the modernist reading of Vatican II (holding that it is obligatory and dogmatic just like, nay, better than Vatican I) etc..

2. Identify and root out the “non-compliant”, “intransigent”, “rigorists”, those who take the Faith “too seriously”.

The work of denigration provides the best context for the second method or tool of manipulation: identifying those who have such virtue as to resist or oppose the denigration of the best. Social cohesion and the insistence that one not be divisive, not jeopardize approval of superiors who hold the keys to the formation process, are powerful emotional threats used to cajole acquiescence to the program of denigration.  If this fails, then one moves easily to accusing the resistant of being “rigorists”, “ideologues”, “intransigent”, simply because they resist the process of denigration.  Few, in such an emotionally charged atmosphere as the Seminary or Pontifical University where denigration has replaced formation and information, have the spiritual balance to notice that it is precisely in this personal attack of those who resist, that there becomes manifest the actual ideals of the denigrators; ideals which are contrary or opposite of those which Catholics should hold. Many, beholden to a “follow the group”, “don’t rock the boat” ethic, easily succumb to such an attack; those who don’t, thus, are then easily isolated and separated from the group, when the attacks move from opposing ideals of the Faith, to denigrating those who show loyalty to them.  With all the filters Modernists now have in society and in ecclesiastical institutions today, it will be few vocations who show such fortitude and resistance; it is thus easy then to divide them from the group and from others in the group who would give moral support.

This separation is a necessary part of the re-education program of the Modernists.  Insistence on attending certain Pontifical Universities is a sure sign that re-education is the goal.  It is not that re-education is the necessity, but a seminarian or religious has to be very knowledgeable and virtuous beforehand, to survive without being scathed.  Such a man is a rare breed today, though.

One effective tool in this work of weeding out the virtuous, is the system of falsification of formation and formators.  In seminaries the Modernists most capable of appearing Catholics and most knowledgeable in how to flip a Catholic to a Modernist, or at least to a complaint do-nothing, are placed in the roles of Confessors, Spiritual Directors, and Vocation Directors, Rectors, or other formators.  This is important so that not only the gate-keepers but the counselors of the victims conscience are compromised, so that if he seeks help and guidance, he is guaranteed to get  advice that will do him in; either by advising compliance, silence, or excesses which will guarantee expulsion or exclusion, or serving as pretexts for such.  Indeed, a common tactic, is to propose friendship and sympathy for the victim, with the condition that he compromise in something, which will only prologue his ordeal and wear down his resistance.

These two tactics, Denigration and Identification/Segregation regard individuals. Now, let us consider the cases of groups.

3. Disfavor initiatives aimed at promoting the Faith in a non-compromised manner

In regard to groups, Modernists employ distinct but similar tactics.  In the age following the diffusion of the errors of voluntarism and totalitarianism, many a person has come to accept in principle that obedience to a superior is never wrong, even when a superior commands to be done that which is wrong !  A whole host of excuses is given, but to the group which is poorly formed in the Faith and enmeshed in the errors of the present age, the power of the accusation of disobedience to a superior’s commands or disfavor in regard to superior’s wishes is never to be discounted. How many holy initiatives, works of the Holy Spirit’s suggestions, have come to naught since Vatican II simply because someone whispered, “The Bishop won’t like that”, or “the current Pope does not favor that”, etc..!

Mind you, the Catholic Faith aims to please God alone; when a superior’s wishes diverge from what God has revealed to be pleasing to Himself, either in Scripture, or throughout the course of the ages in the Saints’ and their works, then the faithful should have the common sense to ignore his wishes, no? You’d think so; but, alas, this sense of integrity is rare today.  Only when Catholics by long years of good works come to understand the profound connection between them and the  Faith which comes from Christ, do they have any interior conviction to question such an evil suggestion as, “the Bishop won’t like that” holy proposal.

The errors of voluntarism and totalitarianism have become so widespread, that many Catholics no longer hold their pastors or Bishops’ to be their shepherds, they now consider them to be their “heads” and “hearts” proper! Content with the satisfaction of their daily lives and common pleasures, and rarely prepared by modern culture to have a sense of personal dignity which is founded in loyalty to Christ first and foremost, few initiatives, even holy initiatives, of Catholics, whether laymen or clergy or religious, withstand a concerted or long process of Modernist manipulation tactics.  The fortitude is simply lacking; the clarity of judgement too poor; the heroic virtue, not something they have every prayed the Lord to give them.

4. Accuse of Disobedience, especially after unreasonable or unlawful requests

Accusations of disobedience are a grave matter, since the Code of Canon Law especially identifies these as a grounds for imposing censures or penalties.  Most Catholics, when accused, do not have the clarity of mind or knowledge of the faith to distinguish a just command which should be obeyed, from an unjust or unreasonable one which should not or could be ignored.  The mere stigma of not doing what a superior has commanded, is so strong in modern times (despite the false exaltation of liberty) that nearly no group escapes from such an accusation.  What results is disintegration, internal divisions, which render the group non-effective in its holy proposals, or so divided, as to dissolve; in any event, the mere accusation when leveled is sufficient to guarantee that a group be exterminated from the life of the Church, if the Bishop should so wish, or even, to obtain complete acquiescence to the Modernist agenda in the Church as the penance necessary to remove the stigma.  This is why a reasonable or just request, refused, need not be the basis of the accusation.

Now let me adjoin some commentary on the so-called negotiations which have been required of Catholic groups since the Council, which have “dared” to resist the Modernist reformulation of the Faith.

5. Require negotiations for reconciliation

I have always wondered just why some groups are required “to be reconciled” so as to obtain favor or approval from superiors, where it is rather the superiors who have been known for years, decades, even their entirely priestly lives, for deviations from the Faith or right ecclesiastic practices.

The reason may be, that the opportunities to be had from negotiating the reconciliation of such groups provides a powerful social-psychological force for demanding and obtaining compliance.  Social-psychology is the study of how groups behave and interact in such wise as to influence the behavior of individuals and individuals of groups. The mere announcement of an offer of reconciliation makes the imposition of the requirement of negotiations all the more noteworthy, the object of much emotion and speculations.  The hope that persecution and justice will be granted, is combined with the natural desire of the victim to exit the suffering imposed so unjustly.  It is a powerful magnetic force, therefore, to propose to the abused a negotiation with the abuser to stop the abuse.  It also sets up the context where any discussion of the injustice or abuse appears not to be useful to obtain the needed reconciliation.

For this reason, I ask, just why is it that some groups, and not all groups or all Catholics, are required to accept by written signature the legitimacy, authority, or doctrines of the Second Vatican Council?  If the Fathers of the Council had the liberty to choose to sign or not to sign, and if the  Council did not in any anathema or canon obliged its acceptance or the acceptance of any of its pastoral proposals, why is it then that such written acceptance is required?

I believe the reason is, that such a written document, can serve very ably in coercing and guaranteeing compliance, and in shutting off the ways of escaping from further abuse, when the malice or perfidy of one party might later become evident.  After all, that is the reason for every peace treaty between disputants, is it not, to guarantee compliance of the weaker party?

Thus, if the Modernists simply falsely accuse their opponents of refusing Vatican II, being schismatics, or in danger of schism, as has frequently and recently been done by some Bishops, it becomes very easy to propose reconciliation as a condition for being pardoned of the false charges.

In truth, Catholics need not compromise, reconcile or negotiate with Modernists; they need only to refuse false obedience and false acceptance when and wherever it is offered. Rather, it is Catholics who should preach and demand repentance of the Modernists, their resignations and their removal from office, howsoever high it be.


Just hours after the publication of this Article, Pope Francis directed AB Parolin, his Secretary of State, to publish a Rescript in which he claims the right, in Art. 5, thereof, to depose any bishop for any reason after a fraternal dialogue.

Cf. http:// / content / salastampa / it / bollettino / pubblico / 2014 / 11 / 05 / 0821 / 01739.html

To use the link, simply remove the spaces before and after the / symbols.

SLOVAKIA: Attempted assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico

Editor’s note: As we learned during the Scamdemic, the Globalists insist on having leaders they want, and when they do not get them, they assassinate the ones they do not want. Fico has been PM for nearly 10 years, and heads the Marxist ruling party, which is of course, pro-Soviet Union.

Robert Fico, who has always been a Communist / Marxist, was born in Slovakia on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, in 1964. He is not to be confused with Roberto Fico, the Italian Parliamentarian.

His attacker, Juraj Cintula is a writer, activist and “anti-violence” activist. He is 71 years old and seems to have used a short-barreled fire arm. He is a rabid pro-Russian militant, who apparently was tasked to infiltrate the peace movement in Slovakia and push more radical reactions in that nation.

The Ascension and the Assumption: how Mary followed in the footsteps of Our Lord

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ occurred 40 days after His glorious Resurrection in the year 33 A. D..

He was crucified on April 3rd of that year, and rose from the dead on April 5th of that year. — We are talking here about the Julian Calendar dates. I have explained this elsewhere in detail on April 5, 2020.

Thus, since Our Lord ascended by His own divine power to Heaven, to sit at the Right Hand of the Divine Majesty of His natural and eternal Father, it follows that He did so on May 15th of that year.

But our Lady’s Assumption into Heaven — the most ancient of all Marian Feasts in Christendom, is celebrated on August 15th.

So numerologically, we can say that Our Lady’s own assumption was a commemoration of our Lord’s Ascension.

We also have a profound reason why the Mysteries of the Rosary are 15, not 20, as Pope John Paul II wanted them to be.

Crisis Magazine: There is no crisis in the Church, or, there always was!

Editor’s Note: This article seems to be an attempted refutation of the article at FromRome entitled, Gladio, Pope Francis & the Making of the One Religion of the New World Order.

I will leave it to the readers of FromRome.Info to discern whether he has ably refuted facts with mental gymnastics.

If you have ever thought it a wild idea, that Crisis Magazine is controlled opposition, I think its time to fundamentally reassess your opinion.

ITALY: Tribunal at Bolzano orders 170000 Euro judgement in favor of unvaxxed Pharmacy Director

Editor’s Note: In Italy, it is unheard of to win any sort of significant judgements in a civil suit, due to the nature of the Italian legal system which is wholly intent on protecting those in power. So when the plaintiff, the woman in charge of the Pharmacy inside the State Hospital at Brixen, wins a 170 thousand euro judgement in her favor, for being fired because she refused the DeathVaxx, Italians take note. Bolzano is in the high alps, north of Trent, in the region of Italy which speaks German. Brixen is a further 45 minutes north, along the road to Innsbruck. — The judgment is even more astounding, because it was made in the Labor Court against the Italian Republic’s Ministry of Health. — Thus, more lawsuits for wrongful dismissal and loss of pay are most certainly to be brought throughout the country, now.

La Prensa: The Covid Scam was not the last, nor the first perpetrated by the Globalists

Editor’s Note: The truth has at last gone mainstream, at least in Argentina, with the courageous publication of this article in Spanish by La Prensa. — May this article assist in the deposition of the mass-murdering Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who called taking the DeathVaxx, “an act of love”. — Catholics who do not want a mass-murdering globalist shill deposed for his hatred and enmity toward souls, will soon have to count themselves among those collaborators of his who will join in his eternal punishment, I fear and pray.

SPAIN: 16 Poor Clares join Thuc-line Sedevacantists

And more at …

Editor’s Note: If you do not have the intellectual knowledge or moral capacity to do the right thing, you can often become the victim of those who want to you wound the Mystical Body of Christ rather than seek Her healing. — Religious women live a cloistered life. That anyone seduce them to defect from the Church is a grave mortal sin that Christ will punish in eternity with a special vengeance, since they were His faithful brides.

I cannot express in words how much personal anguish and grief I feel to hear of cases such as this one, which could have been prevented with just a little catechesis, good will and sincerity on the part of anyone involved.

Archbishop Ngô Đình Thục, was the Bishop of Hue, South Vietnam, who, being so scandalized by the Vatican II “reforms” and not knowing how to distinguish a formal heretic from an impeded see, came to believe Paul VI was no longer the pope and ordained numerous men Bishops in the old rite. Though the Vatican regards these consecrations invalid in the juridical order (so as not to consent to the illiceity of their conferral), there is little doubt that they are valid in the sacramental order. However, those who have received them went on to get involved in many dubious and uncatholic affairs, such that Bishops of this line of consecration are bitterly attacked from all sides. — However, it is theologically wrong to hold that these nuns have “left the Catholic Church” as their Archbishop repeatedly attempts to accuse them of, since in explicitly wanting to remain members of the true Church, they cannot be morally or juridically culpable of schism. It appears rather than their Archbishop was involved in a dispute over governance of the Convent and they saw no other solution but this desperate option.

Archbishop Ngô Đình Thục was part of the ruling family which ran the South Vietnamese government before it fell to the Viet Kong. It is highly likely, therefore, that he had strong ties to U. S. and French Military Intelligence during his life, like all the “opposition” “leaders” of the Traditionalist movement after the Council.

The solution to Pope Francis is not schism, but in recognizing that by his heretical and schismatic behavior he has impeded the Apostolic See, and that, on that account, the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome, have the right and duty to summon him to a provincial council to seek his repentance, abdication or deposition. The petition for them to do this, is already more than 6 months old.

Anyone who knows of this petition and hides it from Catholics who are scandalized, might be responsible for allowing the wolves of Christ’s enemies steal souls.

For my part, I admit that I am guilty in not asking or insisting that the Sutri Initiative be translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish and Arabic, which has obstructed the diffusion of knowledge about it to most of the Catholic world. I had assumed that my readers were zealous enough to do that without my asking for it. So now I ask it. And this requires not a mechanical google-translation, but the work of an ecclesiastic who is familiar with theological and juridical terminology both in his own language and in the original English version.

ROME: How Fr. Jacob Bertrand groomed a virgin for Satanic Ritual Rape

 Warning, extremely disturbing and graphic story of how a priest protected by Cardinal McElroy perpetrated the most horrific religious crime against a Catholic virgin. And how Pope Francis knowing this, made McElroy a Cardinal as a reward. — At this point, if you are not calling for Pope Francis to be deposed, you need to reflect deeply and profoundly how you are meriting to share in the same pit in Hell as these monsters.

YouTube is light years ahead of Soviet Show Trials

Editor’s note: Two days ago I received this notice from YouTube in regard to a video I made of a prayer vigil back on October 17, 2020, in the piazza of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, at midnight.

YouTube won’t tell me what I said, which they found offensive to their globalist ideal of liquidating any evidence of the Scamdemic and erasing any criticism of their criminal complicity.

So, not only can I not appeal. I am not even told what I said which was wrong. I am only told what they think I said. None of the links to the evidence works.

YouTube is light years ahead of the Soviet Show trials. Because at least in a show trial, there is the display of evidence to support the accusation!

Evidently in the Star Chamber of YouTube, that is no longer considered necessary.

I know by divine and catholic Faith that one day, on the day of Judgement, they will get their just desserts for this behavior. I only pray that I remain faithful to my Lord Jesus Christ, until death, so that I might rejoice to see the lightning bolts from His Throne and the vengeance of Saint Gabriel the Archangel against them, in all its inescapable fury and horror!

Barnhardt says its a clown virtue to be wrong, while rejecting Pope Francis’ valid election

Editor’s Note: It has long been the vice of the enemies of Christ to accuse Christians of the crimes they themselves perpetrate and desire to perpetrate. They call our love hatred, and their hatred love. So it is remarkable that in this post Ann Barnhardt ridicules the present age for insisting it is a virtue to be wrong, while insisting on her own private opinion, in defiance with all the Doctors, Fathers and Popes of the Catholic Church, who say the Roman Church by Apostolic Right has the authority and liberty to elect Her own Bishop: a thing which was done on January 30, 2023, when with the College of Cardinals failing to convene to elect the successor to Pope Benedict XVI, who was pope until the day of his death, on Deb. 31, 2022 — AS ANN BARNHARDT ADMITS — the Faithful of the Roman Church elected his successor in the person of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, there being no other candidates proposed by anyone in attendance or not in attendance, including Ann Barnhardt (who was not in attendance and ridiculed the election as invalid, thereafter). — It remains to my mind a most shameful thing that after denying Apostolic Tradition, Ann has gone one to imitate the hypocrisy of Christ’s enemies and the private judgement of protestants, in denying the Church of Rome its right to elect its Bishop. — The moral of this story is, that if you break with the Roman Church, you will be dashed upon the Rock of Peter.

Barnhardt made a shipwreck of her recently acquired Catholic Faith, by insisting on grifting on the issue more than honestly seeking the good of the Church. She rather preferred to plunge her soul into the hatred of the man, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, rather than into the love of the whole Mystical Body, which has need to be in communion with a validly elected pope, even when no honorable man has the courage and integrity to present himself as a candidate. Cradle Catholics know this by default, since they know the Pope exists for the Church, and not the Church for the personal agenda or preferences of any man or woman. If there are many who are displeased at the outcome of the election, there are far too few of them who have truly assessed or recognized the grave moral fault of their own guilt in not promoting a worthy candidate to be chosen by the Assembly on January 30, 2023.

Let us pray for such humility and honesty, without which no one, who rejects the juridically valid elections of Roman Pontiffs can be saved.