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Br. Bugnolo establishes Humanitarian Fundraiser for Ukraine

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In war a lot of innocents suffer. And a lot of innocents suffer because there is no one at hand to help them with their necessities. This is especially true when one’s nation is overrun by superior military forces. It is even more true in Winter Time.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees is confirming this:

A report on the reality of the human tragedy unfolding:

As president of Ordo Miltiaris Inc., a US Humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting Christians in such circumstances, I have begun a Fundraising effort for the specific goal of providing humanitarian assistance in the Ukraine and to Ukrainian refugees in adjacent countries.

To support this effort, click the link  below, and share that page on all social media platforms and channels.

Ordo Militaris Inc. has conducted similar fund raisers since its founding in 2016, and from the map on its home page (here) you can see Red-Pins indicating our past work. Our most recent fundraiser was for the victims of the Beirut Bombing. We have assisted Christians in Mosul, Lebanon, Armenia, Poland, the USA and India.

To coordinate and administer this effort, I will be transferring to Warsaw, Poland, within a week. And for this reason, my ability to report here at FromRome.Info will be limited during and after the transfer. I will be entrusting the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, in Italy, to the care of a devout layman, so it can continues its function as a place of refuge for Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict XVI and for canceled priests and seminarians.

Finally, I ask your prayers for myself and the volunteers who are and will be assisting me. May the Immaculate Heart place Her mantel and shield over us all.

If you would like to help me in my personal expenses, I ask you to give rather, here, through this donation button, so that the funds for the Humanitarian Relief can be kept sequestered and dedicated to that alone.

Da Ora in Poi

Questo è il video popolare cancellato da YouTube dopo 30.000 visualizzazioni, sul canale di Frà Alexis Bugnolo. Lui concede a tutti di scarcare e copiare i syoi video su altri canali.

Il suo nuovo canale con video in italiano si trova qui:


How to protest Peacefully & Effectively in a Dictatorship

FromRome.Info publishes here extracts and summaries from a Handbook on how to protest effectively and peacefully under a dictatorship.



Every protest must have a just and honest goal, which is of urgent necessity, so as to mobilize the greatest number of citizens. This is necessary because to get the government to listen they will only respond to numbers. And to protect the people from possible abuse, the more that protest the more all will be protected by one another.


But ideals do not win victory without organization. A protest must be organized, otherwise the propaganda of the government and the use of intimidation and force by police who support the regime, will effectively break up or disorganize the protest, in such a way as to make it ineffective or promote the propaganda of the government, in saying that the protesters were violent or out of control.

The preparation of the protest should include a diversification of forces. This is because to manage a protest well, different persons need to be assigned to different tasks.

For example, there should be those tasked with recording the event on camera. There should be experts in law and jurisprudence on hand to negotiate with government forces or defend protestors and see that their rights not be offended. Persons with status in the community as leaders should be placed in prominent places. Veterans of the Military and Police should wear their uniforms and be on hand to talk down the government forces and even convince them to join in the protest, or mutiny if necessary. Religious leaders should be on hand to encourage everyone to be virtuous and peaceful, and to deflate conflict and mediate between government forces and the people. Finally, some should be tasked with internal communications and internal security, so that, just as the government might want to infiltrate provocateurs, so the protestors can have agents on had to identify such individuals and expel them from the protest, if not execute a citizens’ arrest on them for acts of violence.

Right is shown in Peaceful Methods

The people show that justice and right is on their side when they adopt peaceful methods of protest, whenever possible. This will win everyone over to the side of justice and right, because in general the average person presumes that the use of violence is a sign of bad will. Violence should never be used except in self defense, and then only proportionately and as a last resort.

Having organized forces as mentioned above, conflict and obstacles are more easily avoided between the protestors and the government forces. And this is the highest objective of a peaceful protest in regard to how the protest is managed from within.

Justice does not mean Naiveté

That one’s cause is just, however, does not mean that one should organize a protest on the basis of presuming that everyone, including government forces, is going to be honest and have good will and want to avoid conflict. Dictatorships are notorious for infiltrating provocateurs into protests so that it appears that the protestors are in the wrong and violent, when it is in fact government agents hidden among them who start the violence.

The Necessity of Security

Thus, security is the use of intelligent and preventive methods to avoid violence and conflict, infiltration and subversion.  Even the most honest and just protest by the most honest and just persons, has the right to organize its own internal and external security.

Internally, the meetings which plan the protest should be done privately in undisclosed places, and no one who attends should bring any electronic device which can be traced by the government. At the same time, all who do attend should agree to be searched for wires and anything which might indicate they are a government agent.

This means also when the protest starts, the internal security forces of the protestors need to work to identify government agents among the crowds and stop and question individuals and ask to see such proofs as they are not government agents.

Most government agents will be single males. Or single women. Anyone suspicious should be asked by the security forces of the protestors to show their identification and if police identifications or wires are found, to exclude such persons from the protest and immediately message the security forces and communication personnel of the protestors their pictures and locations so as to black list them from the protest during the whole time of the protest. The easiest way to identify a government agent is to ask where he works and call his employer to verify it, and or better call a local business nearby, at random, to verify the identity of the employer or the knowledge of the alleged worker of the area around the work place.

The most important protest leaders should be flanked at all times by volunteers who are trained in self defense and military or police tactics, so as to prevent the leadership from being injured or captured by government forces. Escape routes and safe houses in the city and neighboring regions or nations should be prepared beforehand.

Managing the Protest

One should expect that every dictatorship will plan ahead to disrupt the protest before it forms, and thus, one must plan ahead to assemble the protestors in such a way as to prevent the objectives of the government.

For this purpose it is better if most of the protestors not carry devices which can be used to tract them, so that their groupings cannot be remotely detected by the government in such a way as to bring police forces against them in strategic places.

Protestors should dress normally and all have a legitimate reason for being outside in the city doing what is normally done on such a day. That way the government, who is not able to stop the life of the city, will not be able to prevent the arrival of protestors to the locations where the protest will take place.

They should avoid arriving along streets which can be easily blocked and should be organized to arrive by every means so as to prevent the government from stopping up all points of access. In case of the forceful control by the government of one place of the city, the place of protest should be moved instantly to another.

And for this reason, it is useful if the protest is managed by a cloud of mutually equivalent control centers, so that if any go off line or are overwhelmed by government forces, the other centers can continue with communication to the protestors on the ground. Methods of communication should be used which are spontaneous and not restricted to a single platform or method, so as to prevent the government from blacking out news or control of the event.


Getting out the message for the protest and during the protest is just as important as having a protest. Speakers need to prepare what they are going to say. Dynamic individuals who inspire the crowds of protestors need to be flanked by more organized speakers who can explain when explanations are needed or intervene with important information or clarification. The government will use psychology to attempt to disrupt, and so those who are able to remain cool in times of violence or mayhem are best suited to be speakers or assistants to the leaders of the protest.

Of course, protestors are effective if they carry signs or symbols, but whether they should or not carry such things depends on the level of civil liberties in the nation in which they protest. The more repressive the government the less this should be done. And indeed, in such cases masks can legitimately be worn to prevent persecution by the police during or afterwards from facial recognition.


One of the important parts of a successful public protest on a large scale will be having citizens who are not in the protest stationed at every police and military station in the area and ready to dissuade government forces before and during the event from mobilizing. This can be done most effectively by having relatives of the police or military personnel there to plead with their own family members, and relatives of the officers even better.

Personnel who understand the just and peaceful goals of the protest and who are sufficiently educated should be assigned to represent the protestors at all the local embassies of foreign powers in the city, to encourage them to urge the dictatorship to allow the protest to go on and to assure them of the peaceful motives of the protestors. This is also necessary to prevent a response by foreign powers who might be asked by the dictatorship to look the other way or to provide military forces to be used against the people. Those great powers who have military basis in the region should be especially contacted at the start of the protest and urged not to intervene except on the side of the people.. And if any foreign power does urge the government to suppress the protest or allow it to go forward this information needs to be communicated rapidly to the protest leaders and to all the members of the protest and all the citizens of the country so that everyone knows what is really going on and who is friendly and who is not friendly.

+ + +

A Look ahead to 2022 A. D.

In this video AJ Baalman and Br. Bugnolo speak about Ordo Militaris Catholicus and its apostolates, Ordo Militaris Radio TV and Cross Azure. The future and past of the Order and the great conversion which needs to come over Catholics and Christians who having refused the DeathSerums / Mark of the Beast, need now to prepare for the final Armageddon against the Antichrist.

If you want freedom, Start a “Citizens against Democide” Club

Republished from Nov. 23, 2021:

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What does the word “democide” mean?

From Wikipedia:

Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder. Democide is not necessarily the elimination of entire cultural groups but rather groups within the country that the government feels need to be eradicated for political reasons and due to claimed future threats.[1][2]

According to Rummel, genocide has three different meanings. The ordinary meaning is murder by government of people due to their national, ethnic, racial or religious group membership. The legal meaning of genocide refers to the international treaty on genocide, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. This also includes nonlethal acts that in the end eliminate or greatly hinder the group. Looking back on history, one can see the different variations of democides that have occurred, but it still consists of acts of killing or mass murder. The generalized meaning of genocide is similar to the ordinary meaning but also includes government killings of political opponents or otherwise intentional murder. In order to avoid confusion over which meaning is intended, Rummel created the term democide for this third meaning.[5]

(Source: Here)

An explanation in How to do Citizens’ Arrests in the USA:


Now is the Time for Zealous Catholics to prepare for Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have been informed by my sources since February last year, that Bergoglio was on his way out, and since June that he would leave the scene by Christmas. News reporters have reported in August that the results of his surgery were grave and that he would resign by December.  In September, that his health was in rapid decline. So certain was this news that Cardinals began giving signs that they knew a conclave was imminent. And now with the recent news that Bergoglio won’t last this month, and that a Conclave is in preparation already, it is time to urge all zealous Catholics to take decisive action to save the Church.

Catholics need to come personally to Rome and flood every possible office of the Cardinals with petitions and insistent supplications to re-elect Pope Benedict XVI.

This is absolutely necessary to save the Church, so as to prevent the continuation of the Bergoglian Schism, which would render the Vatican into the hands of the antichristic Globalists forever.

This is the best solution to resolve the error of the College of Cardinals in proceeding into a conclave in 2013, on the basis of a false misrepresentation of the significance of Benedict’s renunciation of ministry in February of that year.

And the Cardinals will see the prudence of it, because

  1. It takes away no right or privilege from them
  2. It provides a public way of repenting without saying you are sorry
  3. It removes all canonical doubts which would regard the election of every future pope by the College
  4. It is the most eloquent way of consigning the “pontificate” of Francis the Cruel and Hypocritical to the dust bins of history.
  5. It gives them the occasion to vote again in another conclave in a very short time, after Benedict XVI passes.
  6. Benedict XVI does not even have to accept his second election, because as he has said so many times publicly, he has never taken back his, “Yes”.
  7. It is a lot less messy for the career ecclesiastic, than to hold a juridical inquest or council to decide which of the two really was the true pope.
  8. It’s the only solution will guarantees in the best way, that Russia will be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary some day soon.

I have advocated this on several occasions, but without an army of laity, filling the hotels of Rome for weeks on end, as a battering ram of lobbyists, the message will not be heard.

Every Catholic, priest, religious or laity could hypothetically ask the Lord, “What do I need to do to save  the Church in my own day?” Never has that question been easier to answer than today.

I and my helpers at FromRome.Info will cover the events, but I urge and beg you to seriously make plans to be in Rome in January, 2022.

FromRome.Info will hold regular briefings for our  army of volunteers during the entire time, so that we can act effectively. This may be the last chance we have to save the Church as we have known Her. It is up to us, now.

If you want freedom, Start a “Citizens against Democide” Club

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What does the word “democide” mean?

From Wikipedia:

Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder. Democide is not necessarily the elimination of entire cultural groups but rather groups within the country that the government feels need to be eradicated for political reasons and due to claimed future threats.[1][2]

According to Rummel, genocide has three different meanings. The ordinary meaning is murder by government of people due to their national, ethnic, racial or religious group membership. The legal meaning of genocide refers to the international treaty on genocide, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. This also includes nonlethal acts that in the end eliminate or greatly hinder the group. Looking back on history, one can see the different variations of democides that have occurred, but it still consists of acts of killing or mass murder. The generalized meaning of genocide is similar to the ordinary meaning but also includes government killings of political opponents or otherwise intentional murder. In order to avoid confusion over which meaning is intended, Rummel created the term democide for this third meaning.[5]

(Source: Here)

An explanation in How to do Citizens’ Arrests in the USA:


Frà Bugnolo: Ai miei amati connazionali!

Senza un cambio personale, non ti libererai mai dal Grande Reset

di Frà Alexis Bugnolo

Ci sono molti gruppi di opposizione là fuori, ma nessuno di loro sta facendo qualcosa di efficace per rovesciare il governo di Mario Draghi. Non solo stanno sprecando tempo ed energie con inutili proteste pubbliche, che non convinceranno mai un governo intento alla loro distruzione creativa a cambiare rotta, si rifiutano di cambiare il loro approccio come un cane stupido che fa la stessa cosa per un eccesso di apprendimento.

Molti italiani mi hanno chiesto di parlare in italiano e io sono riluttante perché sono così inesperto in questo, quindi per favore sii paziente con me. Sono stato bannato su YouTube perché ho parlato contro una falsa protesta palesemente organizzata dal governo e ho detto agli italiani di non partecipare perché i loro cellulari erano presi di mira. Gli organizzatori, abili manipolatori di chi non pensa, hanno chiesto a tutti di accendere il cellulare per fare uno spettacolo di luci e di tenerli in aria per il tempo necessario a identificarli tutti alla CIA dall’altra parte della strada. Nicola Franzoni è stato molto bravo in quello che fa.

C’erano abbastanza italiani riuniti per iniziare una rivoluzione arancione ma non hanno fatto nulla. Come tante altre proteste e manifestazioni pubbliche. Inutili!

Se vuoi essere libero da una gabbia, non ti siedi e chiedi a qualcuno di aprire la serratura, inizi a forzare la serratura o a limare le sbarre!

Ed è per questo che non sarai mai in grado di liberarti dall’agenda globalista se non inizi a liberarti dalla falsa opposizione e da tutti i sistemi di controllo che i globalisti ci hanno imposto per preparare la loro agenda oscura.

E la prima cosa che devi fare è tornare a Gesù Cristo, tuo salvatore, in ginocchio e confessare i tuoi peccati. Il tuo peccato di tentare la vita senza cercarLo, senza osservare le Sue leggi di sanità mentale e moralità. I tuoi peccati di abortire i tuoi figli e divorziare dai tuoi coniugi. I tuoi peccati di ignorarlo la domenica e di scusarti per i peccati di tanti sacerdoti infedeli. Il tuo peccato di accettare una costituzione massonica e un governo massonico. Il vostro peccato di ignorare l’enorme patrimonio culturale e spirituale dell’Italia, della Sicilia e della Sardegna, fondato sulla fede cristiana, sull’iniziativa economica, sull’autonomia e sulla superiorità culturale.

Sono italo-americano, di sangue italiano al 100% e di cittadinanza italiana e americana. Ma il mio cuore è sempre stato in Italia e non posso contare i giorni in cui sono rimasto deluso dalla mentalità e dal disfattismo degli italiani moderni. Senza rendertene conto sei stato completamente culturalmente, ideologicamente e spiritualmente sottoposto al lavaggio del cervello fino alla sottomissione. Preferisci attaccare per sospetto il tuo compagno patriota italiano piuttosto che dubitare che uno straniero voglia dominarti. Voi cercate speranza fuori dall’Italia, anche se la vostra speranza di libertà risiede nei vostri quartieri e nelle vostre città. Hai accettato prontamente il trucco dei social media e dei cellulari e così hai pubblicizzato al governo e alle logge massoniche le tue informazioni e i tuoi pensieri più personali.

La via del ritorno alla libertà per l’Italia poi deve e richiede necessariamente che gli italiani cambino se stessi, il loro modo di vivere e il loro modo di reagire. Dobbiamo smettere di dubitare di noi stessi e chiedere a coloro che supponiamo siano i leader dell’opposizione di iniziare a dimostrare che non sono controllati.

E possiamo farlo chiedendo una rivoluzione arancione e separandoci da ogni gruppo che si rifiuta di sostenere una rivoluzione arancione.

Una rivoluzione arancione, per chi non lo sapesse, è un movimento popolare di protesta progettato per bloccare e ostacolare il governo nazionale fino a quando il governo nazionale non si dimette e chiede nuove elezioni. L’Italia è attesa da tempo per una Rivoluzione arancione e un tale sforzo è del tutto possibile con i tipi di numeri che normalmente partecipano a qualsiasi grande protesta negli ultimi 20 mesi. È fattibile ed è pratico. Mira a parlare con la polizia per convincerla a schierarsi dalla nostra parte oa farsi da parte, usa la persuasione ma si prepara all’autodifesa. Il governo semplicemente non può resistere allo sforzo di decine di migliaia di persone ogni giorno senza fine. Le forze dell’ordine si stancheranno e alla fine tutto il lato che non è nel giusto fallirà, perché sanno nei loro cuori che stanno facendo il male.

Questo è il mio invito ai miei amati connazionali. Cambiate voi stessi, se volete salvarvi.

A Refuge for Canceled Seminarians and Religious

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, as part of my apostolic work in the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, our intention is to provide a place of refuge for priests, seminarians and religious who are threatened with the DeathVaxx or who have been canceled for defending Pope Benedict XVI’s title and dignity as the Roman Pontiff.

Back in 2016, when Father Jacques Hamel was stabbed to death at morning mass by two Islamic terrorists, I begged the Lord to send His priests, religious and people men to defend them.  And in prayer it seemed that the Lord asked me to do my part and seek such helpers. So with Andrew Jerome Baalman, a physical descendant of Charlemagne, we founded the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, a religious initiative aimed at saving lives of Christians who are persecuted.

Bl. Urban II having heard our prayers and seen the works we do, we have now obtained the grace to open our first Commandery in Italy, where the grace of our Order was first given. Here we will operate a place of refuge, and for this purpose I came here two weeks ago, having been warned of the need by one of my favorite Saints, St. Maximilian Kolbe back in August.

So in the coming weeks I will be welcoming some cancelled seminarians. They were told that they will never be ordained priests unless they take the DeathVaxx.  They are in shock and have suffered a lot of psychological abuse in the last month over this, but by the grace of God have realized that this insistence upon the DeathVaxx is a demonic sickness and plot to exterminate the clergy of the Catholic Church.

So now I am asking all my benefactors and friends and readers to assist me in this work of mercy, as offering lodging and housing to several seminarians will take some resources. Here I will detail the needs:

1) The city water which arrives here at the hermitage is not drinkable, so I need to add a culligan reverse osmosis filtration system under the kitchen sink. The cost is 2930 Euro.  This will cost a lot less than purchasing bottled water and paying to have it delivered, since I have no car or truck to do shopping and the nearest town is miles away.

2) Feed and supply the refugees, which in Italy costs about 300 euro a month, when one takes into account all the food and personal sanitary items needed. Total cost expected to be 1200 per month.

3) Acquire another bicycle, so that one of them can come into town with me, when I travel in this same way to do daily shopping. That will cost 400 euro.

4) Heat the hermitage. Though I can take a lot of cold, since my father’s side of the family is from the Alps, these seminarians come from a much warmer latitude and so I have to keep them in good health by keeping the place heated. That will cost about 400 euro per month in firewood. — The hermitage has a fireplace in the kitchen.

5) Get some winter blankets and clothing for the refugees. Three wool blankets and a double change of woolens, gloves, scarves, etc..  That will cost about 1200 euros.

6) Seminary Books and supplies.  While staying at the Commandery, I will assist them in their continued studies by giving them classes in theology. While I have some books, which are in the process of being prepared for shipment from the USA where I left them, others will be necessary to acquire. That will cost about 1500 euros.

So I expect a total cost of 6030 euros plus 1600 euro a month. This does not include the cost of the rent, which I already pay from donations collected for FromRome.Info for my personal support.

There is a lot of Catholic just anger being expressed about canceled priests. Soon the entire Church will be canceled if our future priests have no where to go. I will try to do everything I can do, but I need your help to do it. This work is urgent, as we have now entered a truly Apocalyptic age and we cannot wait for the hierarchy to solve these problems since 99% of them have lost the way.

I am thankful that the Italians are mobilizing to organize and supply the chapel in the Hermitage. So I ask my readers and fans round the world, if they can help me with these other necessities. Seminarians of this kind merit our highest respect and first support. By refusing the DeathVaxx they are ensuring that the God-given immune system which they have will help them in their future priestly ministry for decades to come, as they serve us in the field of the Lord. This shows their excellent prudence and sanity of mind. These are just the kind of future priests we all need!

If you can help with these expenses, please make a one time or recurring monthly donation below:

BigTech Begins to Block emails from FromRome.Info

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For more than an month numerous subscribers to notifications or comments, here at FromRome.Info have complained about not receiving any more emails from FromRome.Info.

This is not because anything FromRome.Info is doing, but rather because numerous servers round the web have begun to block emails from FromRome.Info.

If you use any of the following email services, you MAY find it impossible to receive email from our server:

Subscribe to Comments discontinued

Also I wish to notify all my readers that I have discontinued the option of subscribing to comments, because the software being used there was incapable of preventing fake email address from being inserted. Also certain individuals misused the system to attempt to dominate the discussion here at FromRome.Info and steer it back to adoring the Masonic Leaders of the world who are experts at mass deception. I am sorry for the lack of convenience this presents to faithful readers, but until I find a solution to this security problem, we will have to all rough it.

Help open a Traditional Mass Apostolate una cum Papa Benedicto XVI at Rome!


(English translation follows)


Sono più di 8 anni che a Roma non c’è la celebrazione quotidiana della Messa in comunione con Papa Benedetto XVI, il vero Papa. Centinaia di migliaia di fedeli romani non hanno accesso ai Sacramenti.

C’è urgente bisogno di ripristinare l’Antica Messa Romana in comunione con il Vero Papa qui nella città che è il cuore di Santa Madre Chiesa.

E ciò che occorre è un luogo sufficientemente ampio, in modo che non si possa impedire la Messa quotidiana e la celebrazione dei Sacramenti con la scusa delle norme sanitarie.

Attualmente ci sono diverse grandi ville in vendita, ma servono i fondi. I prezzi vanno dai 2 agli 8 milioni di euro.

Per qualcuno sarà una somma enorme, ma per altri può essere facile raggiungerla, a seconda di quanto il Signore ti ha benedetto nella Sua Provvidenza. In assoluto però, essendo per Santa Madre Chiesa, e avuto riguardo al fine così rilevante, cioè quello di servire tanti fedeli in una Diocesi così importante, è un sacrificio da prendere in seria considerazione.

Ora che la Messa tradizionale in latino è stata avviata all’estinzione dall’antipapa, vi preghiamo di prendere in considerazione la possibilità di effettuare una generosa donazione, affinché qui a Roma la lotta spirituale contro la falsa chiesa del globalismo e della pedofilia venga condotta con più forza.

Tutti i fondi raccolti saranno tenuti in garanzia da Save Old St. Mary’s Inc, un’organizzazione no profit statunitense 501(c)(3), nata per promuovere la fede cattolica, e nessuna parte di essi sarà spesa per scopi diversi dall’acquisizione di una proprietà adatta ad essere un centro di riferimento per tutti i cattolici della diocesi di Roma, Italia.


Help open a Traditional Mass Apostolate una cum Papa Benedicto XVI at Rome!

At Rome, there has not been any daily celebration of the Mass in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, the true Pope in more than 8 years. The hundreds of thousands of faithful are without access to the Sacraments.

There is urgent need to restore the Ancient Roman Mass in communion with the True Pope here at the Center and Heart of Holy Mother Church.

And what is needed is a large enough place, so that no excuse of sanitary rules can prevent the daily Mass and conferral of the Sacraments.

There are several large Villas on the market all ready, but what is needed are the funds. These range from 2 to 8 million Euro.

That for one person may be unimaginable, or simple pocket change, depending on how much the Lord has blessed you in His Providence. But for Holy Mother Church it is a SMALL thing to serve so many Faithful in such an important Diocese.

Now that the Traditional Latin Mass has been decreed to extinction by the anti-Pope, we beg you to consider a generous donation so that the spiritual War against the False Church of Globalism and Pedophilia be taken to the next level, here at Rome.

All funds collected will be held in escrow by Save Old St. Mary’s Inc, a US 501(c)(3) non profit organized to promote the Catholic Faith and no part of these will be expended for any other purpose but the acquisition of a suitable property to be a Mass Center here in the Diocese of Rome, Italy.

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L’Opzione Crociata contro lo sterminio del Great Reset

Diffonde questo video dappertutto. In essa, Frà Bugnolo proporre una difesa contro il Great Reset e vi invita a ritornare al modo di vivere degli nostri antenati cattolici militanti.

Staccare la spina dalla matrice

Esortazione di Frà Bugnolo

Come italo-americano sono orgoglioso della mia eredità italiana. Mi sono considerato, fin dai miei primi anni, più un italiano che un americano. Ero orgoglioso che i miei nonni e le mie nonne avessero rischiato tutto per venire in America e fuggire dalla povertà e dalla fame che li avrebbe colpiti in Italia dopo il Risorgimento. Il Risorgimento fu un atto criminale di una setta diabolica di uomini moralmente corrotti e perversi, che odiavano Cristo, la Chiesa e il popolo italiano. Ha portato alla distruzione dell’Italia, un tempo centro di cultura, scienza e religione per l’Europa e per tutto il mondo, ma ora, ahimè, ridotta a colonia periferica dell’impero massonico degli Stati Uniti d’America, governata da ex dipendenti di corporazioni e università americane.

C’è, come probabilmente sapete, una trilogia di film di fantascienza popolare chiamata Matrix, e il tema del film è che dobbiamo staccarci dalla falsa narrazione che la classe dirigente ci impone e tornare alla realtà. Ora questo è estremamente vero per quanto riguarda la narrazione della plandemia, ma è anche vero per quanto riguarda la cultura italiana degradata del secondo dopoguerra.

Avendo vissuto in Italia saltuariamente per quasi 15 anni, posso dire che riconosco gli italiani come miei parenti in quasi tutto ciò che li riguarda: il loro carattere, il cibo, l’abbigliamento, la cultura, la religione, il temperamento, i gusti e le antipatie. Ma c’è una cosa che è radicalmente diversa, e direi straniera, ed è l’incapacità di agire.

La generazione di italiani che ha visto il 40% della nazione emigrare nelle Americhe è stata una generazione di alcuni dei più coraggiosi della nostra razza. Si sono imbarcati su navi verso una terra che non conoscevano e hanno rinunciato a tutto per una vita migliore. Mentre molti tornarono, la maggior parte non lo fece. E tra i discendenti di questi emigranti si trovano alcuni dei più talentuosi e realizzati nipoti e pronipoti del nuovo mondo di oggi.

E qual era il loro segreto? Credo che non ne avessero nessuno. Penso semplicemente che venivano dall’Italia in un’epoca in cui le logge massoniche avevano completamente rovinato la psicologia degli italiani.

Infatti, trovo che gli italiani siano più inseriti nella matrice massonica di qualsiasi altro popolo. Sembra che si possa parlare con qualsiasi tipo di italiano, onesto o disonesto, e suggerire una soluzione ad un problema, per il quale abitualmente si lamenta che qualcosa deve essere fatto, e lui prontamente alla fine del vostro discorso, non farà assolutamente nulla.

Conosco degli italiani che sono appassionati nel risolvere un problema, e quando li incontri durante un pasto, per parlare di agire, prima del secondo piatto, dimenticano tutto, e non si vergognano assolutamente di lasciare l’incontro senza aver mai discusso l’argomento per il quale l’incontro era stato programmato.

Tutto questo è il prodotto di un indottrinamento culturale pianificato che ha reso la maggior parte degli italiani incapaci della maturità psicologica di un adulto normale, in cui, di fronte a un problema e a una soluzione, agisce e risolve il problema con la soluzione.

Invece, la maggior parte degli italiani, quando gli si mostra il problema e gli si dice che la loro inazione ne è la causa, si offende e si ritira nel proprio mondo privato di sentimenti, dove il lamento e il broncio sono le uniche risposte psicologiche consentite. A queste aggiungono un pizzico di fatalismo e di rassegnazione del tipo dell’uomo pigro che dice che non ci si può fare nulla, o che la soluzione richiederebbe uno sforzo maggiore di quello che un individuo potrebbe fare. E tornano alle stesse vite che hanno sempre vissuto, e si limitano a lamentarsi dei problemi che li schiacciano e li incalzano da tutte le parti.

Temo molto per l’Italia e per gli italiani, perché in verità siete così attaccati a Matrix, che più che una normale spina, le vostre spine sono attaccate con viti e chiodi alla presa.

Questo è il motivo per cui i Globalisti trovano così facile corrompervi. Ecco perché hanno tanta fiducia nello sterminio totale della razza italiana.

Ma voi avete la forza di dimostrare loro che si sbagliano. Tutto quello che dovete fare è staccarvi completamente dalla narrazione dominante e cominciare ad agire per salvare voi stessi, senza aspettare che qualcuno venga a salvarvi dall’altra parte del mare o da oltre l’orizzonte.

E ciò che serve per fare questo cambiamento radicale di psicologia è agire per risolvere tutti i piccoli problemi che si presentano nella risoluzione di ogni grande problema. Non abbiate paura. Potete farlo. Siete della stessa razza che è emigrata nelle Americhe e ha fatto grandi cose. Anche qui in Italia potete realizzarle, se lo volete.

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For those who do not speak Italian, here is the proposal in English, which Br. Bugnolo made last year. What he is proposing above here in Europe, is that Catholics join together and purchase the Castles which are on the market and make them centers of protection for those resisting the great reset.

In this video, made in July of 2020, AJ Baalman and Br. Bugnolo spoke only of the solution for North America. But this video gives valuable information about the concept in general, even though in Europe, a certain number of modifications would have to be made.

USA: Time to boycott USA Pharmacy chains involved in Monstrous “Vaccine” Deception

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is just one candidate for such a boycot, which has no ethical principles whatsoever and acts with abandon against all known medical fact and science.  This image is being sent via email and thus there is no URL to link to.

CVS is a U. S. based national Pharmacy chain of stores, which offer in addition to medicines, other health and common products for sale.