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I have a letter in hand signed by a man who died the other day…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

War is not a joke, even though trolls and the indifferent think it be so. And the reality of the tragedy of war struck me more forcibly the other day, when news came of the death of a military commander on the Front, who had asked me personally to find benefactors to supply his men with survival equipment.

I made a video and started an appeal, with the help of A. J., who shared it on many platforms.

Well, there is still $22,200 to go in this appeal for the 4 drones, not to mention all the other equipment his men need, which would amount to over $100,0000.

The Commander is still waiting for me to find the benefactors. But I have the sadness to report that he died waiting, when he was cut into pieces by the blast of a Russian tank and close range.

I still have his letter.

Now I ask your help, out of respect for his sacrifice to defend his homeland, to help me at least finish what I began. I do not ask more than $5 from ever reader of this article. As nearly 5 thousand of you will see it, please stop by and pay this respect.

Note: You can make a contribution directly, via this link, where the commission is 3% lower, or via a bank wire, info here, where there is no commission at all.

There is a New Look at FromRome.Info, since I have gone off to war…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As you may have noticed, FromRome.Info has a new simplified look on PCs and Tablets. I have done this because after 2 1/2 years I realize that my apostolate of informing the world about Globalism is done and that God wants me to help defend individual Christians who are being persecuted to death by Globalist agents.

For this reason I followed the call of God and the inspiration of Saint Michael the Archangel and left Italy for Poland in March of this year and then in April headed out to Kyiv, Ukraine, where I founded a non-profit to offer such help. Yes, Ukraine is a war zone and Kyiv is being attacked by missiles still. And when I find someone to donate a car, I will be headed to zones closer to the front where there is now a sea of misery as well as even higher risks of injury, dismemberment and death.

In August, 2 volunteers, one of the USA and another from Brazil will join me, and 2 other potential American volunteers are discerning their call.

So for all these reasons, I have less and less time to write articles or post materials at

But I do ask all of you for your prayers for myself and the other brave Catholics who are responding to Saint Michael’s call.

I am thankful for the response to my appeal about my thoughts on closing down FromRome.Info. Strong as it is, it shows me that now those benefactors who want to support me for that reason alone has dwindled. Too many bought the Russian propaganda and now actively despise or ignore those who are helping Christians in Ukraine defend themselves or survive against the godless hordes of a Mafia State, against which Our Lady warned us at Fatima.

Please keep me and the other volunteers at Ordo Militaris Catholicus in your prayers. I will keep the readers of FromRome.Info informed of our activities from time to time, though most news about that will be published at Ordo Militaris Radio TV (see link also at top of this page).

Saint Francis of Assisi (get his writings here, in my own English translation of his works) is my example in all of this. When Pope Innocent III issued his papal bull, Quia maior, in 1213 A. D., calling the Fifth Crusade, Saint Francis was one of the first to respond. That Crusade sailed from Split in Dalmatia, and Saint Francis was so zealous in his desire to participate in this just war to defend Christians, that he stole aboard a merchantman to make it from Italy to the far shores of the Adriatic so that he could sail with those brave Catholic warriors to Egypt.  He was with them in the war zone for nearly a year and took a priest along with him so that soldiers might have the sacraments.

All I am doing is following in Saint Francis’ footsteps, though, unlike him, I am not a deacon and have no priest at my side.

So if you would like to accompany me in this crusade of compassion, please hear and share my appeals for help, like this my recent video, which I made this morning:



I made this video this morning, from Warsaw, where I am getting a visa to be able to stay another 90 days in Ukraine and head as its president.

Be assured of my prayers.

Here are all the ways you can help me in the apostolate, as I try to be a faithful son of Saint Francis:

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Shall we follow Christ, or the anti-Christ?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Christ in His parable about the good samaritan taught that we Christians are expected by Him to help the anonymous victim of violence we encounter.

Those who took pride in being priests and levites walked on the other side of the road.

The man who was the heretic, the samaritan, did the opposite. He took that injured man to an inn and left enough money for a 2 day stay complete with food.

Today we have the same test put before us.

The Antichrist says to ignore the suffering of Christians in Ukraine. To allow them to be killed, raped and genocided.

Christ demands of us that we come to the aid of these white, European, Christians.

Whose voice shall we listen to?

It’s your decision.

Many have already given themselves up to Satan. Our Lord is allowing this war to go on, because He is giving us a chance to attone for our sins.

It’s up to you.

I have chosen to put Christ’s words into practice and risk my own life in a war zone, and become an advocate for the poor and needy. Please join me in doing the works of God.

 I will point out my disappointment, that less than 1% of you are sharing this appeal, and that of the donors who have given, I do not recognize any of them as readers of FromRome.Info. — And that is why I share this appeal again. Christ will not accept any excuses from us on Judgement Day for having allowed so many in such dire circumstances to die. I know that many are helping in other ways. I hope that many also will help in this way…

Br. Bugnolo’s June Appeal — In the War Zone

On the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we recall HIS words, “Go make disciples of every creature, baptizing them..” as He sent the Apostles in communion with St. Peter to spread the Catholic Faith to every land and do the works of charity to all peoples.

Supporting the Missions has long been a great work of Catholics everywhere. This is especially true event today, and it is particularly needed in the war zone of the Ukraine.

However, today, in the Catholic Church, there are NO Missionary endeavors publicly in communion with Pope Benedict XVI except Br. Bugnolo’s Mission at Kyiv, where 99% of the population is not Catholic, but still needy.

Moreover, as in April, Br. Bugnolo again finds himself in dire need of your support, as he explains in the above video.

So please consider helping him out and spread the word to other Catholics about how they can help a unique missionary work in the War Zone of Ukraine.

How to help Br. Bugnolo:

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How to help Br. Bugnolo’s Apostolic works:

Donate to our Humanitarian Fund for the Ukraine >>

Support our Mission to Ukraine by getting a Flag of Our Lady if Victories >>

Give a soldier defending the children of the Holy Virgin the equipment he needs to survive >>

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Help Ukrainian victims of War!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

So great in the sight of Jesus Christ is the charity offered to the poor and needy, that He declared to the Pharasees of old, that despite their horrendous hypocrisy and abysmal spiritual corruption, all would be wiped clean for them if they gave of their substance to the poor.

In His Parable on the Good Samaritan, He showed that God is mightily pleased with whomsoever does charity for those in extreme necessity, like the Jew who was robbed, beaten and left for dead on the side of the road, which went down to Jericho and Arabia. — Samaritans were heretical and schismatic Jews.  That Christ placed one in His parable shows how strongly He intended to shock the sensibilities of the Jews of His own day, who took pride in their liturgical rituals in the Temple at Jerusalem, but neglected the greatest precept of the Law: Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with thy whole heart and soul, and thy own neighbor as thyself.

Inspired by the teaching of Our Divine Master, AJ Baalman, myself and hundreds of other Catholics, Protestants and non Christians, even, have assisted the victims of terrorism during the last 5 years through the works of Ordo Militaris Catholics, by donating over $20,000 USD in direct aid to persecuted Christians, while the members of our Order have donated more than $22,000 to our Orders works to provide for needy Catholics.

Our Order’s Motto is our inspiration for all we do:  Greater love no man hath, than to lay down his life for his friends!  Which we understand has, Greater love no one has than to put his life to risk helping those in the greatest necessity, the victims of persecution and war.  We know that it is a sign of Divine Favor that our work, often in high risk areas of the world, has made our Order an its members hated all around the world by certain persons who feign Christianity or oppose it, since we serve Christ without any attachments to politics or geopolitics.

Presently, I am heading the Order’s holy work in the Ukraine, were we have established a Commandery to provide room and board to our volunteers and have begun the legal work to establish a recognized Ukrainian Charity which will be able to receive donations dedicated to helping the victims of Russian aggression, from those donors all over the world. — If you are a Catholic man interested in such a work of mercy, click here for more information.

Our Order pays no salaries and structures its finances so that 100% of your donations go to the needy. Our corporation in Montana, Ordo Militaris Inc., absorbs all the overhead and fees from its own very modest sales of collectables, so that we can offer this unique 0% overhead opportunity to helping in our works of mercy. You can see a world map of our projects in the last 5 years at the bottoms of the page at

At Kyiv, while organizing the legal and domicile basis of our future works, I have begun to assist the victims of war with the Humanitarian Funds already raised. Here is one beneficiary, who agreed to be photographed, so her story could be told:

I do not have a camera team following me around, nor would I want one, so this one story is only one of dozens of persons already assisted, as I never refuse any needy person who asks for food or clothing.

Some think I am a grifter or larcenist, and yet it is true I am trying to rob Heaven of graces for all those who assist me, by heading the call of Christ in truth to help the needy!  That makes me a devil in some peoples books, but I hope you are like me who only worry to have your names written in Christ’s Book of Eternal Life.

If you would like to join me in these works of mercy, please consider a generous donation to our CrossAzure Humanitarian Fund.  As president of Ordo Militaris Inc., I will see that 100% of your donation goes to the needy in Ukraine. As soon as our Ukrainian Charity is established, I will repost this article with the Bank Account number of that charity, but for now, for those willing to donate via credit card, debit card and PayPal, you can help by Donating through this link (click the image):

Br. Bugnolo’s May Appeal

UPDATE: In response to this video, Br. Bugnolo is receiving vile messages from persons who are glad he is having difficulties and urge him to stop supporting Christian Families. If you disagree with them, please consider a donation.

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