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Br. Bugnolo’s Thanksgiving Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the United States of America, where I grew up, we are wont to give thanks to God for all the blessings He has bestowed in the past year, on the fourth Thursday of the month of November.

And though this is a civil holiday, not religious — we Catholics do this liturgically on the last day of the year — it is  good if we give thanks to God even more often.

So I want to thank all the readers for their support and criticism in the last 12 months, and for helping me in both ways not only keep this electronic journal at the service of humanity by opposing the scamdemic and supporting the cause of Pope Benedict XVI, but also in the assistance they have given me in my humanitarian work in Ukraine, to found the CrossAzure non-profit there, not to mention the generous support for my legal expenses in October.

If I have neglected anything this year, it was being more solicitous for my own needs, but I ignored this since my mind was on doing what I could to help as many others as possible.

Now, however, I find myself in true need, with the rent for the Hermitage of the Holy Cross due in a few days ($1400 USD), which I do not have enough to pay. And on top of that, the pending heating bill, which is via GPL (since the monies my Italian benefactors donated in the summer, have already been used up for heating this fall). That bill will be about $750.

So this month, I am not asking for help in any other cause or project, but just for the hermitage and my personal expenses.

Be assured of my prayers for each and every one of you, whether you can give or not, and regardless of whether you have supported me and my apostolic works in the year past. It is a continuous miracle to me, that in exchange for the little good works I do, anyone supports me at all.

To send your support, click one of these buttons below:

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Thank you, and may God bless you!

Br. Bugnolo’s November Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For those who may not know, I am a Franciscan Brother, living like a hermit, who keeps private vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience according to the Rule of Saint Francis of Assisi (Regula Bullata). My immediate superior is Pope Benedict XVI. I am president of Ordo Militaris Inc., Helena, Montana, Cross Azure, of Kyiv, Ukraine, and L’Italia per gli Italiani, of Rome, Italy. All apostolates I do for the protection of Christians who are persecuted.

I am now back in Italy, at the hermitage. I want to thank the donors who continue to support me and the apostolates I undertake, despite the economic problems which are spreading round the world.

My profound thanks for the support already given to my legal expenses in Italy and Spain, regarding the violations of my civil rights which I suffered for refusing to wear a DeathMask.

Here is how you can help my apostolates:

Keep the Hermitage, aka Latin Mass Center / B16 Refuge for vocations open another year:

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Assist the “Committee for the Liberation of Pope Benedict XVI” as we lobby at Rome, Italy, to restore the true Pope back to power:

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Help me and the US Veterans working with me, save lives in Ukraine by distributing IV Fluid to the wounded:

Photo Credits: The Featured image is a photo of Br. Bugnolo standing in the chapel of the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, Rome, Italy. Behind him is an icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which he rescued from a flee market for $50 bucks.

Br. Bugnolo’s Legal Defense fund for Spain

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As my readers already know, I was assaulted by two private security personnel and then illegally arrested by the Spanish National Police, and held for nearly 10 hours, while 5 of my 8 rights in Spanish law for detained persons were gravely violated. On top of it all, I was falsely accused by both groups and now must defend myself in Spanish Court on Nov. 21. But I cannot, because my opponents have such political influence that I was denied the opportunity to appoint a barrister to represent me in court.

Many of you wrote the Spanish Ambassadors in your own countries, and some of you wrote your Ambassadors at Madrid. I thank you for all which you have done. But so far, the Spanish Minister of Justice has taken no action, or at least has not informed my lawyers in Spain. So I must take urgent action on my own, having been informed by my lawyers in Spain how to get around the road block set up against me.

For this reason, I now have to raise the funds to hire a barrister to travel from Spain to the country where I am currently, receive from me in person the power of attorney and then fly back to Spain and appear in court to represent me. And all that costs money. — The expected total expense is $5000 USD.

So I am appealing to those readers and fans of mine who do not want me to be found guilty, simply for not legally appearing in court to defend myself against these charges, on which account I might end up in prison for 6 months, where I am sure the powers that be would be glad to find me with a bed-sheet round my neck some morning, if you know what I mean. — And if I successfully am defended in court, and found innocent on all charges, I will be in a better position to then file a Criminal Complaint against both opposing parties so as to remove a good deal of corruption at Santiago de Compostela.

You can make a donation by pressing this button. The Funds received will go into a legal fund for my defense, held by the USA non-profit, SOSM inc.. — I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless each one of you, who can help me in this necessity!

Legal Assistance Fund for Br. Bugnolo

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am loathe to ask for help, but sometimes the expenses are so great, since I have no income, my regular supporters’ help does not match the expenses.

And so it is now that I am involved in several legal controversies.

I had mentioned my recent persecution in Spain, Here and Here. And I thank all those who wrote to the Ambassadors of Spain or to their own Ambassadors at Madrid. So far I have not heard anything. I am still be denied the right to appoint a barrister to represent me in court, on Nov. 21. I do not know how to get out of this legal predicament.

But back in May 1, 2021, I was held against my will and assaulted by a group of as many as 16 police officers for the “crime” of praying the Our Father in public in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the oldest church dedicated to the Mother of Jesus Christ, in all the world. It was midnight, and the Scamdemic curfew said we could not gather in public places if we were endangering the health. We were at sufficient distance, but our prayers were interrupted and a group of 8 were assaulted or harassed by the Municipal Police of Rome. I personally was detained in the piazza from 12:20 A. M. till about 5:30 A. M.. — I have reason to think that the Marxist Mayor of Rome was the one who sicked the police on me.

You can see more about that here. My friends caught the whole thing on video, so the police in question have no leg to stand on in court.

So in consequence I filed a criminal complaint against all the police, which was so devastating that the police at Rome now see me and pretend I am not there. And the prosecutor’s office which received the denunciation was supposed to have investigated my complaint.

But now the office says they want to archive the complaint as unactionable, which is surely unfounded, since some key witnesses they never even interviewed, in violation of the proper norms. So I have to oppose their motion in court, and the office won’t give me a copy of the documents without paying 1500 euros! — The lawyer’s fees will be another 500, for a total of 2000 euros.

That I do not have, and so I am opening a Legal Assistance fund to help me defend the civil rights of everyone against such police-sanitary tyranny. These donations are tax-deductible in the USA if you use an itemized deduction scheme on your return.

If you can help, however so little, that will help me in my apostolate for civil rights, a great deal. I thank you in advance.

UPDATE: MANY THANKS to the readers and friends of FromRome.Info for having reached THIS GOAL in 48 hours. — As I expect further expenses on account of the legal action in Spain, I will leave this donation button active. But be at peace that for the present, enough has been already donated for the costs of filing an opposition brief here at Rome.

Alas, the non-profit which assists me has only PayPal as a means to receive payments.

FOR FULL DISCLOSURE: I have also denounced another 12 policemen for violations of my rights in the Piazza del Popolo in October of 2020, but the procurator archived that case, and my pro bono attorney did not want to continue the action. The police stole my US SSN card and made me sit on the cold floor for about 2 hours, calling me a pig. They took me to their station against my will and against the norms of Italian administrative and criminal code. — I am waiting to denounce all 8+ policemen in Santiago de Compostella, but I have a year to do that.  I denounce police for enforcing the scamdemic rules, because this is the only way to create a legal precedent to keep it from happening again.

CREDITS: The featured image is of Santa Maria Maggiore during the daytime.

Br. Bugnolo’s October Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For those who may not know, I am a Franciscan Brother, living like a hermit, who keeps private vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience according to the Rule of Saint Francis of Assisi (Regula Bullata). My immediate superior is Pope Benedict XVI. I am president of Ordo Militaris Inc., Helena, Montana, Cross Azure, of Kyiv, Ukraine, and L’Italia per gli Italiani, of Rome, Italy. All apostolates I do for the protection of Christians who are persecuted.

I am now back in Italy, at the hermitage. I want to thank the donors who continue to support me and the apostolates I undertake, despite the economic problems which are spreading round the world.

Here is how you can help my apostolates:

Keep the Hermitage, aka Latin Mass Center / B16 Refuge for vocations open another year:

Support FromRome.Info:

Or even….

Help me and the US Veterans working with me, save lives in Ukraine by distributing IV Fluid to the wounded:

Photo Credits: The Featured image is a photo of Br. Bugnolo standing in the chapel of the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, Rome, Italy. Behind him is an icon of Saints Anthony and Theodore, Hermits, who founded the principal monasteries of Kyiv Ukraine, when the Church in the Ukraine was still in communion with Rome.

A Nightmare unfolds at Compostela: I ask you to write my Ambassadors at Madrid

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is Part II of my recounting of the Ordeal which I suffered at Saintiago de Compostela, Spain, (Part I here) the legal consequences of which false accusations, in which I now find myself. I ask you to write my US and Italian Ambassadors at Madrid and express your personal protest at the violation of all norms of Spanish Law as regards this case

One might get the impression that my ordeal came to an end on Aug. 18, 2022, when I was at last released from illegal detention by the National Police, San Clemente Commisariate.

But no. That is only where it began.

Because the real ordeal was not that I was viciously and without cause assaulted in the Basilica by three security guards, but that the National Police conspired with one of them to begin a legal persecution of which I am now and will be the victim for some time to come.

Evidently, the amount of revenue passing through hands at the Basilica of Saintiago de Compostela is so great as to make the protection of the corrupt racket of persecuting Catholics such a requirement, that no questioning of it can be made by anyone. And if any pilgrim dares put that at risk, he must be hounded to the ends of the earth to keep him from speaking out. My insistence on my rights as a Catholic in Spanish Law, to worship God and venerate the Apostle without a mask, consequently, has woken a sleeping dragon, who was quite content on his absolute control of the Basilica.

Contrary to Spanish Law, the police compiled an accusation against me the day after I was released from detention. I was supposed to receive it with my attorney when I was released. That was impossible, because I HAD NOT BEEN ACCUSED BY ANYONE, so the Police could not accuse me of anything, other than grave disobedience to themselves: which was an invented excuse, since there are numerous witnesses, including the Municipal Police, that I complied with ever reasonable request.

So, according to what I was told, the next morning, after my release, someone solicited the female security guard to come to the police station and state that she “had suffered a strong pull in her arm”. Accusing me of being the perpetrator. I never touched her, let alone pulled her arm. No further claim was made about this accusation, so I cannot describe or explain it further.

Then the National Police wrote up the accusation with 2 criminal charges: one, for grave physical assault, another for grave disobedience to a public official, namely, the National Police, in refusing to identify myself.

According to my attorney, grave physical assault can only be charged if there is physical damage, verified by a hospital, which lasts more than 6 weeks (I am not sure on the exact length). The accuser however never went to the hospital. And clearly, after 24 hours, could not make such an allegation.

However, it is not she who made the allegation. It is the National Police who reinterpreted her testimony as such an accusation.

You see how corrupt this system is?

If found guilty for grave physical injury, the maximum sentence, barring no permanent physical damage, is 6 months of incarceration. It is a criminal offense.

The second charge is laughable: because I did show my passport. Twice. Once to the Municipal Police officers, and again to the National Police. Both groups of police are witnesses to the second exhibition of my U. S. Passport.

So on the following Tuesday, the Court of Inquest was held.

The Court had no intention of doing an inquest, however. It presumed I was guilty. It intended to frame me for the charges by intentionally omitting to SUMMON the witnesses against me or even ask THE MUNICIPAL POLICE if the accusations were true.

Moreover, the female guard on the morning of the inquest HAD ALREADY CONTACTED THE COURT OF INQUEST and DENIED the charge of grave assault!

But the Court REFUSED to accept her testimony!

I knew I was already condemned as soon as I entered the court room, because, as soon as the Judge saw me, she formed a most sour expression of disgust on her face, seeing a Franciscan Friar in habit enter her court, and lowered her face to hide her expression.

Then, contrary to practice, the Judge refused me the opportunity to explain what happened. The Judge rather began to interrogate me wanting to know what happened.

Her first question was an outrage, because it showed her total prejudice: “Did you enter the Cathedral without wearing a mask?”

My defense attorney in due course remarked that there is presently no law of Spain requiring the wearing of the mask in the Cathedral or any public place of worship.

Next the Judge asked me if I had touched the guard. I answered no, specifying that only the guard touched me as she brushed past me to withdraw into the Cathedral. As I tried to mention that the Guard also attempted to smash my leg with the interior door, the judge cut me off and omitted it from the record.

The Judge, then, said I could explain what happened, and at about 15-30 seconds into my explanation cut me off and told me she had heard enough. She had not in fact heard anything! — Thus denying me the right to defend myself.

In Spanish Law you also have no right to be accused face-to-face by your accusers. The police did not come to the court, nor were they summonded.

The Judge told me that she did not want to hear what I did and why I did it, only what I did. I responded, “I am a rational creature, everything, I do is for a reason. If you do not want to know the reasons why I did what I did, then I will not answer any more of your questions.”

About this time, the prosecutor entered the court room. She did not enter by the main door, which would have caused her to have to pass near me within a meter’s distance or so. She, rather, lurked in the rear, at the Judge’s private door, until the Judge recognized her as present and granted her permission to enter there. Then the entire prejudice of the court was shown, when instead of going to her place at the left side of the bench by passing infront of the Judge, the Prosecutor (a woman wearing a black silk-like medical mask and long drooping skirt), pushed the chair of the sitting judge away from the back wall to make room for herself to pass! And the Judge endured it.

And with that, all the while knowing that the female guard had withdraw her accusation, the Judge entered into the record that I had assaulted the woman and set a date for my trial as Sept. 21st!

How can an court of inquest set a date for a trial when the accuser removed her charge and when witnesses are not heard for both sides? It was a joke. Not justice.

The Prosecutor then offered me a plea-bargin: 33% reduction on sentence. So that instead of being found guilty by the court (she was super confident) and sentenced to 6 months in prison and fined 3 months salary, the Prosecutor offered me, then and there, 4 months in prison and garnishment of 2 months salary.

I was very shocked at the presumption of the prosecutor since she had not seen any of the evidence and should have known by reading the accusation by the police that a strong-pull on the arm does not constitute grave assault in Spanish Law.

Moreover, I later learned that the Prosecutor was so prejudiced against me, that in her own version of the charges against me, she added another 3rd charge: grave lack of respect for the National Police officers who illegally detained and tortured me for 11 hours.

You see. The fundamental character of the Spanish legal system is cruelty. And if you do not take it like slave, you are committing a crime! …  The look on the Prosecutor’s face as the plea deal was offered me, was memorable: she was absolutely delighted to see me squirm and be in a position where I could not defend myself.

Little did I know that was already in the works.

I most strongly denied agreement with the plea deal.

The Judge in setting the date of the trial then said I did not have to attend the trial, that I could be tried in abstentia. And in saying this she smiled strangely.

It was then I understood that they had no intention of ever hearing my testimony. That I was already guilty in their eyes.

After the hearing, my attorney was given the transcript and I was given the opportunity to correct it. There were several errors, the most egregious of which was, that the transcriptionist — also a woman — had written, “The accused said, that the female guard never made a move to touch him.” or something nearly meaning that, when I in fact had said, “I never made a move to touch the female guard.”

And if you know anything about the Law, you understand now what was going on,

Weeks later, I understood why the Judge smiled strangely at that moment when she said, “tried in absentia”.

Because, weeks later I was informed that the Spainish Legal system is like that of the United Kingdom. Your lawyer cannot appear in court, only your barrister can. But mine was in the court of inquest!

But to have a barrister, you need to appoint a barrister. And to appoint a barrister you need to sign a power of attorney before a Notary of the Spanish State.

So I rushed to the nearest notary, asking for expedited consideration so as to meet the deadline. The secretary of the notary explained that I would be given prompt attention. Then after contacting someone in Court or Government, the Notary refused to allow me to sign a power of attorney, giving this excuse:

That a United States Passport and Driver’s License are insufficient forms of identification!

This is an absolute lie and contrary to all treaty agreements between Spain and the USA regarding the mutual acceptance of passports! My legal team also tells me that they have never heard such an outrageous claim made in law.

Not being able to sign a power of attorney, I cannot appoint a Barrister. But without a barrister, I must either appear in court in person, or be found guilty on all charges out of contempt of court without any opportunity being given to my attorney to defend me.

If I appear in person, I will be apprehended, because it is obvious that I have already been found guilty.

This is the totally corrupt, grossly immoral, barbarous banana-republic system of justice in the formerly Catholic Kingdom of Spain.

Please I beg you to write the US and Italian ambassadors at Madrid, Spain, (here and here, respectively) and make the loudest and most poignent complaint possible, demanding that the Spanish Government at the highest levels intervene in this case, to prevent a citizen of the United States of America, and of the Italian Republic, from being so clearly railroaded and framed by a group of very corrupt public officials at Compostela.

I have written all of the above out of the grave necessity of self-defense, and it is not my intention to touch the reputations of the innocent, only to expose what is actually happening to me. I fully expect, however, considering the level of corruption, to be additionally charged with defamation by the corrupt officials I have mentioned in my testimony. Such is the joke, which is called, “modern Spain”.

A Nightmare unfolds at Compostela: I urge you to write the Spanish Ambassador

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

What I write here, in part I, I write as a citizen journalist, and I claim all the rights of free-speech in journalistic endeavors, to publish the following facts and observations at my own electronic journal,, in the United States of America. I alone hold copyright for all images, video and text contained herein. Part II can be found here.

I will now recount the horrific ordeal which burst upon me on August 18, 2022 A. D., when I went the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostella, in Galicia, Spain, to thank the Apostle Saint James for the vocation he inspired me to undertake, 37 some years ago, when as a young man, I made my first pilgrimage to this Great Apostle of Christ, who brought the Catholic Faith in the Resurrection to Iberia, and when I vowed to God in my heart to become a consecrated religious of Jesus Christ.

I was in this endeavor doing what innumerable Catholics from all over the world have done fore more than a 1000 years, in devotion to this great Witness of Christ’s Power, Divinity and Resurrection.

And I urge each of my readers, to share this story far and wide, and to write letters of complaint to every Ambassador of Spain in the world, castigating them for having such a totally corrupt legal system, where innocents are assaulted in the House of the Apostle, falsely accused, kidnapped, and tortured all day long, only to be hauled into court on false charges afterwards so as to protect the guilty parties who perpetrated these crimes against the Catholic Faith and human rights. Mixed into this criminal mess is one of the most prominent U. S. based security firms, which, on account of the central role of one of the employees of their wholly owned subsidiarity in Europe, is complicit in the conspiracy against a U. S. Citizen to deprive him of his human and civil rights.

This story will read like a nightmare, but it is truly hellish, because it is not fiction, but fact. I will attempt to recount it in chronological order as best I can remember. I will omit names and badge numbers, so that the villains who turned on me like a pack of rabid dogs, might not perpetrate further villainy by claiming I have damaged their reputations.

To the Tomb of Saint James, the Greater

One of the greatest Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ, was James the brother of John. Known as the greater, he was one of the Three Our Lord took with him to Mt. Tabor, to see Him in His Transfiguration, and he was so devoted to Our Lady, that the first time She ever appeared, it was to him, as he was preaching in distant Iberia. On his return trip to Jerusalem, he preached Christ Jesus so zealously, that the pharisees in wild rage dragged him to the parapet of the Temple and cast him off, saying, if Jesus was God, He would save him. Hated unto this very day by the crew of Satan’s servant for bringing the Catholic Faith to Iberia and interceding on several occasions to aid Spanish forces in the liberation of their lands from the godless moors, his tomb at Compostella, which is still one of the chief destinations for pilgrimage in all of Europe, is still especially despised by the enemies of God, the Freemasons.

And so I came to the Tomb of the Apostle, Saint James the Greater, on the morning of August 18, 2022, an occasion of such grace, that I decided to make a documentary. Thus, I have in video, the complete legal record of the first assaults made against my person by the 3 employees of Securitas SRL, a wholly owned subsidiarity of Pinkerton, the Masonic Founded, U. S. Security company with a long history of malfeasance, including assassinations, property theft and false accusations of their enemies.

A Documentary of a Nightmare unleashed

These videos would of themselves qualify as top-rated for viewership if they were just the whole of the misadventure which was about to unfold. Yet they are only the first minutes of an 11 hour ordeal, which I will now recount.

Video 1: My arrival at the Cathedral of Santiago

Here, I begin my documentary,  at about 9:38 A. M., on the morning of Aug 18, 2022, unaware of the horror which is about to break out against me. I was thrilled to have come at last to Compostella after a pilgrimage of more than 2000 miles, from Kyiv in the Ukraine, where I had just completed the foundation of CO Cross Azure, a Ukrainian, registered non-profit volunteer organization assisting the victims of Russian Aggression.

So I turned on my cellphone camera and began filming an impromptu Documentary, which begins thus:

Video 2: The Main Doors are ominously closed

After waiting for some minutes, I learned that the Main Doors of the Basilica are never opened, except for a visit by the King of Spain:

Video 3: Concerned, I make a point to film the future crime scene, yet unawares

Here, I providentially film the back entrance of the Church, before entering:

Video 4: The First Assault, when the female guard attempted to crush my left leg

As I did not want to record the female volunteer at the door, as part of my documentary, I placed my cellphone back to back with my cellphone power supply in my left hand. And then I approached the door.

As I was about to enter the main external door, the woman, standing in the only open pedestrian entrance blocked my passage. She was wearing a yellow-orange vest, of the kind worn during a road accident, alongside the road. I thought it strange that anyone would dress like that in the Basilica.

She said to me something which I understood in my poor comprehension of Spanish, which seemed to mean: To enter the Cathedral you must wear a medical mask. I said that I do not wear a medical mask. She insisted. I insisted politely. She shouted at me to wear a mask and said I would not enter the Cathedral without one. I said that as a Catholic pilgrim I have a right to visit the Apostle without a mask, as a sign of my faith in the Resurrection, which he preached in Spain.

She then claimed to be a public official.

This claim surprised me, because clearly she was not dressed as a public official. I took her to mean that she was a police woman. So I explained that in Spanish Law there is no longer a legal obligation to wear a mask inside a Church.

She continued to insist.

Then she did something I would never expect, though I was already flabergasted by her lack of poise, manners, and the excessive emotion with which she spoke. Compostella is a pilgrimage center for pilgrims from all over the world. This woman did not know a word of English or Italian and did not attempt to explain anything about her request. She just shouted louder and louder like someone unhinged. And at the peak of her shouting, she pushed me, and ran away into the Basilica.

I really did not know what to make of her behavior. I was trying to read body language since we could not communicate verbally with clarity.

The Basilica like nearly all ancient churches in Europe has two sets of doors. The exterior, exposed to the elements, and an interior, to block the inrush of cold or hot air, as the seasons change.

She ran inside the second door, which she left open.

I naturally presumed she had conceded that she had no legal right to insist about the mask.

I began to enter the second door, by placing my left leg through it to stand inside. She then grabbed the handle of the door by reaching in front of me to my right, and then began to slam the door on my left leg. I reacted to prevent grave injury to my person, by placing my right hand on the outside handle of the interior door, which handle was now exposed to me, in an attempt to slow the force by which she was slamming the door. I began to reproach her, attempting to convince here that such a violent assault was a crime so great that it was not the proper response to whatever necessity she felt.

At that point, the cellphone in my left hand providentially turned on, though the lens was blocked and only our voices can be heard.

Always wanting to avoid conflict, violence and personal contact, I thought quickly on my feet and bowed my head, so as to pass into the Basilica under her arm. I then put about 10 meters of distance between me and the door and looked about to see if I was in any other grave danger.

I never saw her again. She made no further personal effort to approach me. Though I heard her scream for assistance from other guards.

Video 5: The Second Assault, when 2 Security Guards risked sacrilege against the Basilica by violently assaulting me

Here is my video recording for legal record of how I reacted to the first assault,  at this very point in the drama, and which providentially recorded the second assault by 2 other Security Guards of the same company.

As can be seen, I was trying everything I knew to avoid conflict. I was attempting to speak in Spanish, warning them that I did not agree to being touched and that any contact on their part would be considered a criminal assault, by saying, “Non toccarmi” (Don’t touch me) in Italian.

Then, fearing that they would do me grave violence and cause me to be wounded and lose blood, which in the Catholic Religion would have desecrated the Basilica — requiring a lengthy and costly reconsecration — I shouted, “Sacrilegio!” repeatedly, to warn them against this.

I also shouted, “Diritto a la religion”, a mix of Italian and Spanish, for “I have the right to freedom of religion”. I do not think they understood me. I also tried to say, You are godless in the house of God! (Usted son sin dios en la casa di Dios).

Mind you, morning mass was about to begin. The Church was full of Catholic faithful waiting in the pews. I was standing to the right of the Chancel Grail which surrounds the main Sanctuary, as you look to the main alter from the main doors. There were hundreds of witnesses to this assault.

Being quick on my feet I succeeded avoiding the grasp of this first man, who came at me with wild rage demanding that I leave the Basilica. He never made an attempt to explain himself. He proved to me that he was acting criminally because the first thing he did was to attempt to grab my cellphone to prevent me recording the crime. No professional security guard properly trained to respect human rights or the sacredness of the place would have acted thus. No clergy seemed to be present. No one came to my help. It seemed as if the faithful were used to being thus abused in the house of God and the Apostle.

Then a second taller guard came and they succeeded in grabbing me under the arms. Whereupon they dragged me across the marble floor using my habit as a mop, and pulled me through the gift shop  and ejected me outside near where I had previously entered. In the fray, I lost my glasses and cellphone. In the video you can see a woman find them and give them back to one of the guards.

Here are some photographs of the two male security guards who assaulted me inside the Basilica during Mass!

Video 6: Wherein there is identified the Security Guard who hatched the conspiracy to have my civil and human rights denied me for an entire day

Here is a video of the security guard who assaulted me and who then called the National Police and sicked them on me:

After that my ordeal of 11 hours began, in which I was repeatedly insulted, assaulted, suffered battery on numerous occasions, being kidnapped, held against my will for 10+ hours, repeatedly lied to, and had nearly all the civil rights guarantees detained prisoners in Spanish Law intentionally denied me, with utter contempt.

I was also raped.

Let me strive to recount it all in chronological order.

A False Accusation intentionally launched to deprive me of my rights

Filled with zeal for the house of God and outraged by the violent assaults I had suffered, I immediately raised my voice and called for the police. I took photos of the two guards who assaulted me, and made a video. I also reproached the one shorter guard by using Google Translate App, in the Spanish language, to inform him that I considered what he did to me a crime and that I would most certainly file a criminal complaint.

Being a Franciscan Brother, I am much too naive. I never expected that there is such vileness among men, that upon being so reproached any man would respond by calling the police and accusing me of something so horrendous that I would be kidnapped, tortured and denied nearly all my rights under Spanish Law for the next 11 hours. But that is exactly what happened.

The result of this infamous calumny is grave, as can be seen from what now follows. I am quite angry that a Securitas SRL employee engaged in such a conspiracy against me, and will seek legal means to file a criminal and civil proceeding against them at their owners, the Pinkertons, a Masonic Security company which should not even be allowed to touch the Basilica of the Apostle, let alone determine which kind of Catholic should enter: one which believes in Christ Risen from the Dead, or one which buckles under despotism of the worst kinds.

The Municipal Police Arrive

The city police arrived. There were two of them, a man and a woman. They were very polite, and we tried to talk to one another, but they did not speak English, and I can barely say a word in Spanish. But they an explained to me that the persons whom I identified as my assailants were NOT police men and that I was correct, there was NO law of Spain that requires the medical mask to be worn in the Basilica anymore.  He specifically said, “It is a rule of the Church, not of the State.” (Es regla de la Iglesia, no del estado).

This encouraged me to press charges, and so I began with identifying the assailants to the officers.

The officers in turn asked me to identify myself.

I inquired why: asked what law required that I do so. The policemen could not answer my questions. Neither of them knew by which law a person would be required to identify themselves, when they were not the perpetrators of a crime. As the policeman had been polite with me, I showed and gave him my U. S. Passport.

Then, the security guard said that he would file a criminal charge against me. He never did. But he did call the National Police. For the present, I did not even know that there were two police forces in Spain. I presumed these others were also of the same department. And when they came then never identified themselves to me as the National Police.

Kidnapped, Assaulted and repeatedly lied to by the Spanish National Police, San Clemente Commissariat, Compostella

These national police men, first two, then four, then six, came and asked me what had happened in a very broken English. The first two knew only a word or two of English. Of the next too, the man who was heavy set, knew some simple English. I explained the assault, then he asked me to identify myself.

Since I already had identified myself, I said I had already done so to the two other officers, who were still present. He said that that did not count, as I has to identify myself to him. I asked why; I asked by what law.

He said that it was not his duty to explain the law. I remarked, “Whose duty is it to know the law? I challenged them, saying that if they could not cite a law, it was because it did not exist, because certainly if they asked me under the color of the law, they knew which law it was. We discussed this for some minutes. They honestly could not cite the law. I was most surprised.

As the heavy officer appeared to be getting more enraged, I showed him by U. S. Passport, but I did not give it to him. He insisted that I hand it over. I asked by what law he made his request — there is no such law — and he grew enraged, though he did read my passport and had a cellphone to photograph it if he wanted to.

Little did I know that the National Police had already decided to arrest me on the false accusation. I had made photos and videos of my encounters with both police. At the end of the day, these alone were found to be absent from my cellphone, after it had been in the custody of the National Police for some 10 hours. My lawyers tell me that this is a grave violation of the law.

The guile of the National Police

The National Police first insisted that I not leave. I asked why, “Was I under arrest?” They said no.

Then, they asked if I wanted to file a criminal complaint against my assailants. I said I did. They offered to take me in their own car, leading me to the center of the plaza where it was parked.

I asked if I was under arrest. They said no.

So I explained that since I was not under arrest, I had the right to chose my transport, and that I would walk to the Police Station (Commissariate) to file my complaint. I invited them to accompany me.

The heavy officer asked, why I would not enter the back seat of his car.

I said that if I did so, I feared that I would be assaulted or kidnapped by him and his men, since I was not under arrest, clearly there was no legitimate reason to insist that I get into their car.

Then as I looked at the other officers, the heavy set officer assaulted me, grabbing my cellphone from my hands.

Then, in the space of a second, afterwards, the other 3 national police assaulted me. One attempting to grab my right arm, the other my right, and the third one of my legs. They raised me into the air for a moment, but since I weigh nearly 90 kg (200 lbs), they could not hold me there. I went limp which made it impossible for them to sustain me and they dropped me to the cobblestone ground.

I immediately asked if I was under arrest. They again said no. So I concluded they were involved in some sort of criminal conspiracy against me.

I then informed them I would be practicing passive resistance, because they were acting illegally. I made this clear by saying, “Resistencia passiva!” several times.

This enraged them all the more, but with all of them they did succeed putting me in the back seat of the car, with some difficulty, and in doing so risked me permanent grave spinal injury by tossing me partly on the floor partly on the seat. The car being insufficient in width to accommodation my height, they repeatedly slammed the door on my feet.

I was taken to who-knows-where, because I could not see out of the car with my head being on the floor on the left side of the back seat. We arrived after a few minutes at a door on a downward sloping street, into which the car had descended to arrive there at. More police officers grabbed me and lifted me out of the car, but being unable to raise my weight, they threw me on the threshold to their facility. It appeared to be a prison facility. They left me face down on the floor while they discussed out to move me. They pleaded with me to cooperate. I asked if I was arrested. They said no. So I said I would not cooperate. I would practice passive resistance.

More officers picked me up a short ways and then dropped me on the floor at what seemed the entrance to the interrogation or prison facility. Then a younger officer, who had some training succeeded in dragging me to the interrogation room, with the others helping.

These officers knew who I was, because they had already taken from me my passport and wallet. But after a short while they stripped me of my capuche and Franciscan Cord. — They said this was for my own protection. I feared they would do me further harm, as they repeatedly hit me, pinched me, and assaulted me before, during or after the encounters I ha with them during the next 10 hours, held in this unknown facility.

Nearly none of the officers was wearing a uniform. Their uniforms do not indicate names. I asked for names and the refused to give them. I felt that I was in the hands of KKK members on a priest-hunting escapade, but I learned during the day that these were Republicans, that is the Spanish name for the anti-clerical marxists of Spain, known for their brutal persecution of the Church. They were delighted to have a friar in their hands.

They never addressed me as Padre or Fraile. They never treated me as a consecrated person. They never spontaneously offered me anything such as food or water.

I asked for my Rosary, but when they saw that in praying it, I was consoled and became stronger in spirit, the officer who had some training in moving me, snatched it from my hand. I was outraged at the violation of my religious liberty, and reproached them for this.

There are 8 rights which Spanish Law guarantees each detained prisoner in Spain. Five of the 8 were denied me, intentionally and with malice of aforethought.

The first, is that I have a right to legal representation. When I asked for this at about 10:30 A. M., I was told that there were no public defenders available. I asked repeatedly.

The public defender who came to help me at about 7 P.M., told me days later, that at 10:30 A. M., she was sitting in the main waiting hall immediately above my detention cell, waiting to be appointed a case, and every time she requested if there were any who needed a public defender, was told there was no one. This game was played upon her till about 6:30 P. M., according to my recollection of what she told me.

The second, is that I have access to food and water. When I first asked for water a policeman went to get some, but immediately another took him aside and with a malicious grin on his face made some sort of suggestion. I feared that the water would be laced with something or contaminated or contain spit or urine, so when I was brought to me in an open paper cup, I asked instead for a sealed bottle of water. I was refused. No one again offered me water, for the next 10 hours. I asked for food at about noon, and no one brought me any. Later when I was about to be released in the evening, I was offered food, but since I am pre-diabetic I could not eat it. I offered to pay to have food that I can eat brought, I was refused. Going without food or water for 10+ hours was a torture for me, since my metabolism began eating my own flesh, and I could feel a fire come over my skin from head to toe. To endure it, I had to crunch on my cell bed and remain motionless for hours, between each session of interrogation. I eventually became very cold.

The third right I was denied, was the right to know what I was being held for.  I asked 3 times, and 3 times I got different answers. I even asked at 1 PM or thereabouts, if I was under arrest. One officers said I was. This surprised me, because the others had denied it. A disagreement broke out among the policemen, and I attempted to end it by asking if they could show me a document verifying that I had been arrested, and for what. They said there was no such document. I concluded that I was not under arrest, but illegally detained, and so I told them I would in no manner cooperate with them further. I refused to give my finger prints and to sign any papers.

I asked again at about 4 PM and I was handed about an hour or two later, a list of the rights of an arrested person. I pointed out that this list of rights in now was says that I have been arrested and why.

I was accused by diverse officers of 3 different crimes: assault of public officials, refusing to obey public officials, refusing to obey the police. I was released at about 8 P. M., without being charged. But the next day the Police did charge me, with assault of the female guard (I never touched her, it was she who attempted to break my leg) and refusing to show my passport to the Police (I had done so, and 6 policemen and numerous bystanders saw me do so.

The fourth right denied me was the right not to be tortured or abused. I was repeatedly pushed, grabbed, pinched viciously and grabbed with violence. I had bruises on my skin for about a week, which convinces me that someone is an expert pincher and grabber, because the thickness of the woolen habit which I wear makes it quite difficult to cause a lesion on the skin through it.

The fifth right denied me was the right to have a translator assist me to understand what was going on and to communicate clearly with the police when they questioned me or made any request of me. This was denied me the entire time I was with them, though at the very end, I was given a phone and someone speaking English partially summarized the 8 rights of detained prisoners. This seemed to be but a cruel joke intended to paste a fig leaf of compliance over an entirely bare nude conspiracy to deny me all of my rights.

How I was raped by one officer, while 3 others held me bound

When I was forcibly taken back to my cell — they chose the cell with blood-stain like spots on the ceiling, at the end of the corridor on the right, with a request-button that seemingly did not work — I was dragged on the floor. It was during this transfer that the most horrendous crime was committed against me, for which I bear to this day and will bear for the rest of my life such a deep sense of personal violation that I will never be able to forget.

One of the younger officers, who had looked at me lasciviously during the day, took the opportunity he saw when the other offers were dragging me on by behind to life my habit, exposing my athletic shorts which I wear in lieu of under-ware, as the Rule of St. Francis requires.  It was then he pulled down my pants to expose my private parts, at which he gloatedly stared for some moments. I shouted loudly when I understood what he was about to do, and against him when he was doing it, afterwards remonstrated all the policemen for this rape of a consecrated person.

Never since my private doctor, when I was 12 years old, has any living or now dead human being, seen me utterly naked like that. As a consecrated virgin who has never touched another person or been touched by another person, I cannot get over the sense of shame I feel for what happened to me. I am utterly devastated that I was subjected to such an infamy.

Later, the police would excuse this to my defense attorney, on the grounds that they had to be sure I was not carrying a knife!

Yeah, sure!

In response to my objection to being thus raped, the officers turned me over on my face and dragged me on my left knee causing a gash under the kneecap which, filled with shock, I only noticed afterwards, and the sign of which I still bear.

I have used the word, “rape”, here, as meaning “despoiled or stripped naked with sexual intentions of violation”.

The bizarre sentiments of a National Policeman

This same officer, at another occasion in the day, asked me why I was not being cooperative. I responded that since a very famous American Tech Company inventor was found dead in his cell in Galicia the year before, that I had my reservations about prisons in Galicia, where I was presently being held. As I mentioned an American who was likely murdered in prison by police, this policeman gave me a smile of the most devilish exaltation, as if it turned him on: the idea of killing a prisoner in such wise as to be immune from prosecution. He made no attempt then or thereafter to defend the reputation of the National Police from such a suspicion. His reaction was so strange, that it may be think such occurrences might be usually.

How I escaped imprisonment

At about 4 P.M., I became convinced that I was being held by policemen without any conscience or respect for law, and that if I remained totally passive only worse atrocities and injustices would be perpetrated.

I succeeded in extricating myself by asking a new officer on duty, who came to my cell to ask if I needed the bathroom (who was not involved in my kidnapping) to speak with his superior.

About an hour later, a man, without any uniform, who claimed to be the head of this group of police, began the process for my release. Another policeman, from the Justice Department also came, and seemed somewhat interested to getting me released. The police cannot hold you without charges for more than 72 hours, unless the suspicion was for a grave offense. But as I was charged with nothing of this kind — in fact, I was not yet even charged — they could not hold me for more than 6 hours and by 4 P. M., it was already 30 minutes at least over that limit. And so they were getting anxious about detaining me further.

I was eventually released at about 8 P. M.. At my release I was not charged. The charges were written up by the police the next day. This was because no one came to the station even to accuse me the day I was held and tortured.

But the next day the police accused me of not showing them my passport and refusing to identify myself. And they also claimed that the female security guard came and claimed that I “strongly pulled her arm”. She made no claim to injury. According to Spanish law, such an accusation is not felonious, but the police charged me with grave assault, which has a penalty of a maximum of 6 months, if the accuser can show hospital records proving injury and the need for long term recovery. Both charges were totally false, as I never touched the woman at all, except when she pushed me while running inside the Basilica.

The Second Installment will follow in a few days….

But this horror show did not end there. Next came the court of inquest on the following Tuesday, and all the things which are leading to my imprisonment for 6 months and fine of 3 months salary, if the false accusations made against me are received by a judge. I have also been denied means to defend myself in court, so it looks like I will be found guilty. I am writing my story so that the world may know.

I will pen the second installment in a day or so. (Now available here)

PLEASE SAVE ME by raising your voices!

Since for a charge of 6 months, Spain does not regularly ask for the extradition of persons from other nations, my lawyers say not to fear. But since any nation can comply as a favor, there is a real possibility of my imprisonment, during which I could suffer any more innumerable horrors, even murder.

In the meantime, I ask you to complain to the Spanish Ambassador in the capital of your nation, and bring to his attention the outrageous level of criminality at Compostela. Demand an official investigation by the highest authorities in Madrid. I think that is the only chance I have, because, as my lawyers tell me, the word of these police men against me will be accepted by the court, as I have no witnesses in my favor.

You can also write the Ambassadors of the United States and of the Italian Republic at Madrid and ask them to raise this issue with the Minister of Justice in the Spanish Government.

The case was to be heard today, on Sept. 21, but it has been prorogued to Nov. 21, 2022.

I am not asking any funds to defend myself. I am asking only that voices arise in my defense to the highest authorities in Spain. Please help save me from this nightmare.

Ukrainian Medics thank Cross Azure for life saving supplies

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is a joy and consolation for me each day knowing that the organization I founded is helping save hundreds of lives on the Ukrainian Front, because of the generous volunteer work of a small band of modern day American Veterans and friends who travel the country distributing medical supplies, in part purchased by Cross Azure.

Here is a video which was shot in Ukraine last month, from a small group of medics who received the supplies we purchased.

This was made possible by all the readers of FromRome.Info who supported me since February, when I hitchhiked to Poland to help the victims of the war, and in particular of all the benefactors of the fund raiser for Ukrainian War Victims.

Those funds are now all spent, and no more good work can be done without new funds.

If you want to save a life or atone for your sins against the Lord Jesus, consider a generous donation today! I will personally see to it, in my capacity as president of Cross Azure, that your donations go to save lives.

Click here to make a donation via PayPal or via Bankwire in any one of 5 currencies:


Br. Bugnolo’s September Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For those who may not know, I am a Franciscan Brother, living like a hermit, who keeps private vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience according to the Rule of Saint Francis of Assisi (Regula Bullata). My immediate superior is Pope Benedict XVI. I am president of Ordo Militaris Inc., Helena, Montana, Cross Azure, of Kyiv, Ukraine, and L’Italia per gli Italiani, of Rome, Italy. All apostolates I do for the protection of Christians who are persecuted.

My mission in Spain sowed seeds, which I hope will sprout in future years. Catholic there are sorely oppressed and have little hope breaking free from the 2030 Agenda. I explained to the leadership of Communion y Tradicion that Pope Benedict XVI is the true pope. As they were lawyers, the argument was not difficult for them to grasp.

I am now back in Italy, at the hermitage. I want to thank the donors who gave, last month,about half of what it costs to live here each month. I ask if you can, if you can help me meet the expenses for September.

Here is how you can help my apostolates:

Keep the Hermitage, aka Latin Mass Center / B16 Refuge for vocations open another year:

Support FromRome.Info:

You cannot support L’Italia per gli Italiani (Italy for Italians), because it is a political party, and in Italy, the law prevents foreign support. But also, if you are in Italy, you cannot support us, because all the Banks have refused us a bank account. Which shows that we are the true hope of Italy.

Help me and the US Veterans working with me, save lives in Ukraine by distributing IV Fluid to the wounded:

Photo Credits: The Featured image is by Communion y Tradición, and shows us all gathered in front of the Spanish Parliament, praying the Rosary at Noon, on August 27, 2022. This rosary is held every noon on the last Saturday of the Month.

Treasures found in Santiago

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is very rare today to find ancient liturgical books in perfect condition, and for sale. But following an inspiration from my guardian angel I entered a book shop and found these.

The first is a Spanish language Sunday Missal from 1943. The book store gave this to me as a gift.

The 4 breviares are from 1911, during the reign of Pope St. Pius X: they cost 150 euros total.

The Missal Ronanum is from 1893, during the reign of Pope Leo XIII: it costs 450 euros.

If you would like to help me purchase them, so as to put them back in use for the honor and glory of God, consider a donation below:

Br. Bugnolo’s August Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Tomorrow, I set out for Spain, to give conferences about how Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope, how Catholics can and must oppose Globalism and the Great Reset, and to found a non-profit for the formation of Catholic men.

If you live in Spain or Portugal, please leave me your contact information, if you would like to meet me.

I have now the use of a Fiat Uno, which is property of the Ukrainian Charity I founded. I hope in Spain to find supporters for the humanitarian work we are doing in Ukraine under the aegis of Cross Azure ( But while this means travel is easier, it also means another 50 euro a day for gasoline, on long drives (It gets 40 miles to the gallon, but in Europe, gasoline is about $7 per gallon).

Of course, I am also hoping to found a chapter of Ordo Militaris Catholics in Spain, and have already found eager interest.

I won’t be eating in restaurants, so as to save money: I will shop in supermarkets and buy stuff for sandwiches.

I want to thank the benefactors last month who donated sufficient monies to support the rent of the Latin Mass Center, in the province of Rome, Italy, till December. I have told the owner, that I will renew the contract for another year: hoping as I do that you will all continue to help me in that apostolate too.

I ask you prayers for a priest and a monk who are considering declaring for Pope Benedict XVI.

In Italy, Andrea Cionci’s book, about the Ratzinger Code is now 2nd best seller. I helped him extensively in its preparation, but he took the leads I had found and ran with it much further. I see that work of mine in Italy, now finished, on this account.

For those who may not know, I am a Franciscan Brother, living like a hermit, who keeps private vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience according to the Rule of Saint Francis of Assisi (Regula Bullata). My immediate superior is Pope Benedict XVI. I am president of Ordo Militaris Inc., Helena, Montana, Cross Azure, of Kyiv, Ukraine, and L’Italia per gli Italiani, of Rome, Italy. All apostolates I do for the protection of Christians who are persecuted.

Here is how you can help me in my expenses in Spain:

Here is how you can help my apostolates:

Keep the Latin Mass Center / B16 Refuge for vocations open another year:

Support FromRome.Info:

You cannot support L’Italia per gli Italiani (Italy for Italians), because it is a political party, and in Italy, the law prevents foreign support. But also, if you are in Italy, you cannot support us, because all the Banks have refused us a bank account. Which shows that we are the true hope of Italy.

Help me and the US Veterans working with me, save lives in Ukraine by distributing IV Fluid to the wounded:

PHOTO CREDIT: The featured image, in which I appear, is a photo by Nuccio Rizzo, showing me and two of his grandsons walking along the tiny harbour of Santa Maria la Scala, at Acireale, Sicily, in August of 2022 A. D.. Used with permission. Nuccio is the inventor of the original Calzacalze, the device to help you put on your socks.

Br. Bugnolo: How the Russo-Ukrainian War will become World War III

Editor’s Note: This is my July, 2022, report on the Russo-Ukrainian War, where I tell you everything the MSM is not telling you and explain how this war fits in with the Globalist Agenda of the Great Reset. Just facts. No speculations.

Below, I post my English translation of Sr. Elena Aiello’s prophecy concerning World War III which foretells with great accuracy what we, as I speculate, are about to see and experience.

These are my not reasons why I will not continue to fight, but what I need to fight. But these are also also my counsel for those of you who cannot or will not, what to expect in the next 3 years.

For those who wish to assist me in defending Europe and Christendom, here are two links:


Note: the numbers in the graphic above, in yellow, are Russian Losses yesterday. Those in white are losses since the beginning of the conflict, some 137 days ago.

Blessed Sr. Elena Aiello’s Prophecy of World War III

English translation of the original Italian, published September 2019 A. D. (here, click image)

Very clear predictions about future times are attributed to Sister Elena Aiello, famous for having unsuccessfully forewarned Benito Mussolini of all the disasters that would have occurred in Italy if he entered the war alongside Hitler.

COSENZA – Sister Elena Aiello (now blessed) was a Catholic mystic who had many visions and revelations from the Lord and Our Lady. She also had the stigmata like Padre Pio, her contemporary. She was born in Montalto Uffugo in the province of Cosenza, on April 10, 1895, on a Wednesday of Holy Week. She founded the new religious institute of the Minim Sisters of the Passion and opened various hospices for old poor people and orphans. Mother Elena was frequently esteemed and consulted by Pope Pius XII, who recognized her gifts of self-denial, charity and prophecy. In January 1991, Mother Elena Aiello was declared venerable by the Church and 20 years later she was beatified.

The Mother of Jesus Christ, speaks:

“Unholy propaganda has spread many errors throughout the world, causing persecution, ruin and death everywhere. If men do not cease to offend my Son, the time will not be far off that the justice of the Father will send the due scourge on earth, and it will be the worst punishment that has ever been seen in the history of humanity. When an extraordinary sign appears in the sky, let men know that the world’s punishment will soon be!” (January 7, 1950)

“I want it to be known that the scourge is near: fire never seen before will descend on the whole earth and much of humanity will be destroyed. Those hours will be desperate for the wicked; with screams and satanic blasphemies they will invoke to be covered by the mountains and will try to take refuge in caves, but it will be in vain … Those who remain will find God’s mercy in my protection, while all those who do not want to repent of their sins will perish in a sea of fire… ” — “ Blessed are those who in those moments can be called true devotees of Mary ”.

Russia will be almost completely burned. Other nations will also disappear. Italy will be saved in part for the Pope. “(April 11, 1952)

“The world has plunged into overwhelming corruption … Those who rule have become true incarnate demons, and while they speak of peace, they prepare the most deadly weapons … to destroy peoples and nations.” (April 16, 1954)

“God’s wrath is near and the world will be tormented by great calamities, bloody revolutions, strong earthquakes, famines, epidemics and terrifying hurricanes, which will cause rivers and seas to overflow! The world will be shocked by a new terrible war! The deadliest weapons will destroy peoples and nations. The dictators of the earth, true infernal monsters, will land the Churches with the Sacred Cibori and destroy peoples and nations and the dearest things. In this sacrilegious struggle, due to the ferocious impulse and the relentless resistance, much of everything that has been done by the hand of man will be demolished. Clouds with flashes of fire will finally appear in the sky and a storm of fire will strike the whole world. The terrible scourge, never seen in the history of humanity, will last seventy hours. The wicked will be pulverized and many will be lost in the obstinacy of their sin. Then you will see the power of light over the power of darkness. “ (April 16, 1955)

From the 1959 message from Our Lady:

“There will be a true and great duel between me and Satan … Materialism advances fast in all nations and continues its march marked by blood and death! … If men do not return to God, a great war from east to west, war of terror and death, and finally the purifying fire will fall from the sky like snowflakes on all peoples and a large part of humanity will be destroyed. Russia will march on all the nations of Europe, particularly Italy and will raise its flag on the dome of St. Peter’s … The world has become like a flooded valley full of debris and mud! It will still be at the mercy of the harshest trials of divine justice, before the infernal flame blazes on all of humanity … Great calamities will come into the world, which will bring confusion, tears and pain for all. Strong earthquakes will engulf cities and towns. Epidemics and famines will bring terrible destruction, especially where the children of darkness are. Never as in these tragic hours the world needs prayers and penances, because the Pope, the Church and the priests are in danger, and if we don’t pray, Russia will march on Europe and particularly on Italy, with many ruins and massacres. … Those who rule do not understand this because they do not have the true Christian spirit and they are also blind in spirit, because they do not see the truth. Even in Italy they are like rapacious wolves dressed in lambskin, because while they call themselves Christians they open the doors to materialism, spreading the dishonesty of morals, and will bring Italy to ruin; but many of them will go into confusion … I will manifest my predilection for Italy, which will be preserved from the fire; but the sky will be covered with dense darkness and the earth will be shaken by terrifying earthquakes that will open deep abysses, and cities and provinces will be destroyed; and everyone will cry that it is the end of the world! Rome too will be punished according to justice for her many and serious sins, because the scandal has reached its climax. But the good, who suffer and the persecuted for justice and righteous souls need not fear, because they will be separated from the wicked and obstinate sinners, and will be saved! “

This is the last message of August 22, 1960:

“Humanity has distanced itself from God and, hallucinated by earthly goods, has forgotten the sky and plunged into an overwhelming corruption, which is not even matched by the times of the flood! … But the hour of God’s justice is near and it will be terrible! Tremendous scourges overhang the world and different nations will be hit by epidemics, famines, strong earthquakes, terrifying hurricanes and death! … And if men do not recognize in these scourges the calls of Divine Mercy and return to God with a truly Christian life, a another terrible war will come from East to West, and Russia with its secret weapons will fight America, overwhelm Europe and especially see Germany’s Rhine River full of corpses and blood. Italy will also be troubled by a great revolution and the Pope will have to suffer a lot. The enemy, like a roaring lion, will advance on Rome and her gall will poison peoples and nations ”.

Br. Bugnolo’s July Appeal

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Many ask what I have been doing in Ukraine. So here is an update.

First, I have been wading through all the legal paperwork to found a non-profit, open a bank account, get a visa. There is still more work to be done, perhaps 4 weeks more. — If you know anything about Europe, you know that the level of bureaucracy is incredible. If a document has so much as a typographic error it can set you back weeks or months. So to avoid this one has to hire a lawyer and spends long hours collecting documents, preparing documents and visiting government or business offices, and different places in the capital.

To give you an idea of the progress. I first visited a commercial attorney on May 15th, or there abouts. He went to work immediately. The Ukrainian non-profit, KPOCC A3YR was founded on May 30. But I still have yet to open a bank account for it, since many other documents needed to be filed and prepared and presented. Then the legal team of the bank needs to study them in a long back and forth conversation with my attorney. It’s a test in patience.

I now have a D-04 Visa in Ukraine, after many weeks of document preparation. I could not obtain this without founding the non-profit. And to found the non-profit, I had to be both founder and president. Ukrainian law does not require other members of the board of directors.

To make this non-profit useful for helping as many persons possible, I chose to found a Beneficent Organization, rather than a Foundation, so that the organization is required by law to give to the poor, rather than accumulate funds. I also had my attorney file papers so that this organization would be not-for-profit, and thus exempt from taxes and capable of receiving support from similar organizations internationally who dedicate their funds to only such organizations.

In addition, I had my attorney file papers so that this non-profit would be a Volunteer organization. This allows me as its president to enable volunteers who come from outside of Ukraine to obtain the legal paperwork to stay in Ukraine and help the victims of war. I hope to recruit and assist a small army of such volunteers, each helping directly or indirectly in the works of assisting war victims.

Preparing the legal ground work for future activity, so that volunteers can legally engage in helping war victims, is not very glamorous; but it does open the door for countless good deeds in the future.

Many groups which formed spontaneously or which came to Ukraine as pre-existsing foreign organizations, have not done this legal work and so after 90 days will not be able to stay or return to Ukraine, without another 90 day hiatus.

This means that the work of founding KPOCC A3YR is unique and capable of doubling the stay time of a whole host of foreign volunteers. And because of the nature of Ukrainian law, neither I nor the Ukrainian Beneficent Organization have to worry about liability for volunteers in Ukraine, though I do my due diligence to consider and accept only honest and trustworthy candidates.

Doing more is not easy for me, as I lack transportation, and am not a youngster. So now as the legal paper work is nearly in order, I have to concentrate on fund raising to get transportation.

In addition, from the Commandery of St. Michael the Archangel, here in Kyiv, I have been assisting the poor and foreign military veterans who seek my assistance. On social media I am also very much involved in the work of Ordo Militaris. The more glamorous work has been exposing fraudsters and possible Syrian spies and collaborating with the Ukrainian National Police and Police in the USA in that regard. I also have had to sail clear of shysters in Poland posing as traditionalists and bad commercial offers here in the Ukraine. It’s been a challenge, since I speak neither a word (other than thank you) in Polish or Ukrainian.

Regarding my other apostolates, I will keep FromRome.Info going, though I will not be able to give it as much time. I do need financial support to get more done here in Ukraine, and FromRome.Info gives me that connection to the world, since I have no long list of friends or colleagues, as I have always been content to live for God not for gathering friends.

I pray that those who are good at networking and fundraising might consider being my foreign collaborators, because so far, other than my colleage A. J. Baalman, who is home bound, I have no such collaborators that I know of.  Directly writing everyone I know or doing what I can do make the needs of this apostolate known is not going to be sufficient. And as of yet, there is no one to help in that.

So that is my appeal for July. I need to raise about $3,500 to cover these expenses this month.  There is still nearly no one to help me keep the Mass Center at Rome open, so if no one comes forward, then I will have to close it at the end of September, which means the expenses of traveling to Italy and shipping personal items to somewhere else. This really saddens me, because it was the only place in my religious life where I at last thought I had found a place to live my religious life. The owner of the place, even has offered to sell it to a benefactor of mine, if I find one. But I think that the money could be used doing much better work to help others.

Here is how you can help me:

With my personal expenses:

With the expenses for

With the expenses for the Traditional Latin Mass Center in communion with Pope Benedict XVI at Rome (a. k. a. Hermitage of the Holy Cross):

With the humanitarian needs of those I serve in Ukraine:


CREDITS: A Photograph of Br. Bugnolo, taken this morning, July 6, 2022, while sitting in front of a flag of Pope Benedict XVI, in the Commandery of St. Michael the Archangel, Kyiv.

Help me save lives in Ukraine!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As my readers may know, or may not know, I have founded a registered Ukrainian charity, known as KPOCC A3YR (Cross Azure).

Having recently assessed that one of the crucial needs in Ukraine in areas near the front is IV fluid (saline solution) and having spoken to a fellow American citizen who has a network in place to supply it, I am looking for anyone who can donate to our registered charity a truck so we can ship it into the Ukraine.

The legal reason for this need is this, that due to the war, shipping companies are unwilling to transport materials to the front in zones of conflict. Also, the transshipment of materials which can easily be stolen and sold on the black market, requires that I secure their transport with volunteers of our own organization, throughout the entire length of the supply chain from source to point of use.

I know that I have a lot of readers in Europe, so I am asking you to help me find a company, truck owner, used truck dealer, willing to donate such a vehicle for such a holy purpose, of saving lives. — If each of you ask in your own town, I am sure we can find one!

For more information see: where you can find contact information.

I have a letter in hand signed by a man who died the other day…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

War is not a joke, even though trolls and the indifferent think it be so. And the reality of the tragedy of war struck me more forcibly the other day, when news came of the death of a military commander on the Front, who had asked me personally to find benefactors to supply his men with survival equipment.

I made a video and started an appeal, with the help of A. J., who shared it on many platforms.

Well, there is still $22,200 to go in this appeal for the 4 drones, not to mention all the other equipment his men need, which would amount to over $100,0000.

The Commander is still waiting for me to find the benefactors. But I have the sadness to report that he died waiting, when he was cut into pieces by the blast of a Russian tank and close range.

I still have his letter.

Now I ask your help, out of respect for his sacrifice to defend his homeland, to help me at least finish what I began. I do not ask more than $5 from ever reader of this article. As nearly 5 thousand of you will see it, please stop by and pay this respect.

Note: You can make a contribution directly, via this link, where the commission is 3% lower, or via a bank wire, info here, where there is no commission at all.

There is a New Look at FromRome.Info, since I have gone off to war…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As you may have noticed, FromRome.Info has a new simplified look on PCs and Tablets. I have done this because after 2 1/2 years I realize that my apostolate of informing the world about Globalism is done and that God wants me to help defend individual Christians who are being persecuted to death by Globalist agents.

For this reason I followed the call of God and the inspiration of Saint Michael the Archangel and left Italy for Poland in March of this year and then in April headed out to Kyiv, Ukraine, where I founded a non-profit to offer such help. Yes, Ukraine is a war zone and Kyiv is being attacked by missiles still. And when I find someone to donate a car, I will be headed to zones closer to the front where there is now a sea of misery as well as even higher risks of injury, dismemberment and death.

In August, 2 volunteers, one of the USA and another from Brazil will join me, and 2 other potential American volunteers are discerning their call.

So for all these reasons, I have less and less time to write articles or post materials at

But I do ask all of you for your prayers for myself and the other brave Catholics who are responding to Saint Michael’s call.

I am thankful for the response to my appeal about my thoughts on closing down FromRome.Info. Strong as it is, it shows me that now those benefactors who want to support me for that reason alone has dwindled. Too many bought the Russian propaganda and now actively despise or ignore those who are helping Christians in Ukraine defend themselves or survive against the godless hordes of a Mafia State, against which Our Lady warned us at Fatima.

Please keep me and the other volunteers at Ordo Militaris Catholicus in your prayers. I will keep the readers of FromRome.Info informed of our activities from time to time, though most news about that will be published at Ordo Militaris Radio TV (see link also at top of this page).

Saint Francis of Assisi (get his writings here, in my own English translation of his works) is my example in all of this. When Pope Innocent III issued his papal bull, Quia maior, in 1213 A. D., calling the Fifth Crusade, Saint Francis was one of the first to respond. That Crusade sailed from Split in Dalmatia, and Saint Francis was so zealous in his desire to participate in this just war to defend Christians, that he stole aboard a merchantman to make it from Italy to the far shores of the Adriatic so that he could sail with those brave Catholic warriors to Egypt.  He was with them in the war zone for nearly a year and took a priest along with him so that soldiers might have the sacraments.

All I am doing is following in Saint Francis’ footsteps, though, unlike him, I am not a deacon and have no priest at my side.

So if you would like to accompany me in this crusade of compassion, please hear and share my appeals for help, like this my recent video, which I made this morning:



I made this video this morning, from Warsaw, where I am getting a visa to be able to stay another 90 days in Ukraine and head as its president.

Be assured of my prayers.

Here are all the ways you can help me in the apostolate, as I try to be a faithful son of Saint Francis:

For those who prefer Twitter to access these links:

For those who just want the links:

How to help Br. Bugnolo’s Apostolic works:

A complete list of the ways you can help me and the Order help Ukrainians:

Donate to our Humanitarian Fund for the Ukraine >>

Support our Mission to Ukraine by getting a Flag of Our Lady if Victories >>

Give a soldier defending the children of the Holy Virgin the equipment he needs to survive >>

Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus by a small monthly pledge >>

Volunteer as a Humanitarian worker >>


Shall we follow Christ, or the anti-Christ?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Christ in His parable about the good samaritan taught that we Christians are expected by Him to help the anonymous victim of violence we encounter.

Those who took pride in being priests and levites walked on the other side of the road.

The man who was the heretic, the samaritan, did the opposite. He took that injured man to an inn and left enough money for a 2 day stay complete with food.

Today we have the same test put before us.

The Antichrist says to ignore the suffering of Christians in Ukraine. To allow them to be killed, raped and genocided.

Christ demands of us that we come to the aid of these white, European, Christians.

Whose voice shall we listen to?

It’s your decision.

Many have already given themselves up to Satan. Our Lord is allowing this war to go on, because He is giving us a chance to attone for our sins.

It’s up to you.

I have chosen to put Christ’s words into practice and risk my own life in a war zone, and become an advocate for the poor and needy. Please join me in doing the works of God.

 I will point out my disappointment, that less than 1% of you are sharing this appeal, and that of the donors who have given, I do not recognize any of them as readers of FromRome.Info. — And that is why I share this appeal again. Christ will not accept any excuses from us on Judgement Day for having allowed so many in such dire circumstances to die. I know that many are helping in other ways. I hope that many also will help in this way…

Br. Bugnolo’s June Appeal — In the War Zone

On the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we recall HIS words, “Go make disciples of every creature, baptizing them..” as He sent the Apostles in communion with St. Peter to spread the Catholic Faith to every land and do the works of charity to all peoples.

Supporting the Missions has long been a great work of Catholics everywhere. This is especially true event today, and it is particularly needed in the war zone of the Ukraine.

However, today, in the Catholic Church, there are NO Missionary endeavors publicly in communion with Pope Benedict XVI except Br. Bugnolo’s Mission at Kyiv, where 99% of the population is not Catholic, but still needy.

Moreover, as in April, Br. Bugnolo again finds himself in dire need of your support, as he explains in the above video.

So please consider helping him out and spread the word to other Catholics about how they can help a unique missionary work in the War Zone of Ukraine.

How to help Br. Bugnolo:

Support Br. Bugnolo’s personal expenses:

Support FromRome.Info

How to help Br. Bugnolo’s Apostolic works:

Donate to our Humanitarian Fund for the Ukraine >>

Support our Mission to Ukraine by getting a Flag of Our Lady if Victories >>

Give a soldier defending the children of the Holy Virgin the equipment he needs to survive >>

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Help Ukrainian victims of War!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

So great in the sight of Jesus Christ is the charity offered to the poor and needy, that He declared to the Pharasees of old, that despite their horrendous hypocrisy and abysmal spiritual corruption, all would be wiped clean for them if they gave of their substance to the poor.

In His Parable on the Good Samaritan, He showed that God is mightily pleased with whomsoever does charity for those in extreme necessity, like the Jew who was robbed, beaten and left for dead on the side of the road, which went down to Jericho and Arabia. — Samaritans were heretical and schismatic Jews.  That Christ placed one in His parable shows how strongly He intended to shock the sensibilities of the Jews of His own day, who took pride in their liturgical rituals in the Temple at Jerusalem, but neglected the greatest precept of the Law: Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with thy whole heart and soul, and thy own neighbor as thyself.

Inspired by the teaching of Our Divine Master, AJ Baalman, myself and hundreds of other Catholics, Protestants and non Christians, even, have assisted the victims of terrorism during the last 5 years through the works of Ordo Militaris Catholics, by donating over $20,000 USD in direct aid to persecuted Christians, while the members of our Order have donated more than $22,000 to our Orders works to provide for needy Catholics.

Our Order’s Motto is our inspiration for all we do:  Greater love no man hath, than to lay down his life for his friends!  Which we understand has, Greater love no one has than to put his life to risk helping those in the greatest necessity, the victims of persecution and war.  We know that it is a sign of Divine Favor that our work, often in high risk areas of the world, has made our Order an its members hated all around the world by certain persons who feign Christianity or oppose it, since we serve Christ without any attachments to politics or geopolitics.

Presently, I am heading the Order’s holy work in the Ukraine, were we have established a Commandery to provide room and board to our volunteers and have begun the legal work to establish a recognized Ukrainian Charity which will be able to receive donations dedicated to helping the victims of Russian aggression, from those donors all over the world. — If you are a Catholic man interested in such a work of mercy, click here for more information.

Our Order pays no salaries and structures its finances so that 100% of your donations go to the needy. Our corporation in Montana, Ordo Militaris Inc., absorbs all the overhead and fees from its own very modest sales of collectables, so that we can offer this unique 0% overhead opportunity to helping in our works of mercy. You can see a world map of our projects in the last 5 years at the bottoms of the page at

At Kyiv, while organizing the legal and domicile basis of our future works, I have begun to assist the victims of war with the Humanitarian Funds already raised. Here is one beneficiary, who agreed to be photographed, so her story could be told:

I do not have a camera team following me around, nor would I want one, so this one story is only one of dozens of persons already assisted, as I never refuse any needy person who asks for food or clothing.

Some think I am a grifter or larcenist, and yet it is true I am trying to rob Heaven of graces for all those who assist me, by heading the call of Christ in truth to help the needy!  That makes me a devil in some peoples books, but I hope you are like me who only worry to have your names written in Christ’s Book of Eternal Life.

If you would like to join me in these works of mercy, please consider a generous donation to our CrossAzure Humanitarian Fund.  As president of Ordo Militaris Inc., I will see that 100% of your donation goes to the needy in Ukraine. As soon as our Ukrainian Charity is established, I will repost this article with the Bank Account number of that charity, but for now, for those willing to donate via credit card, debit card and PayPal, you can help by Donating through this link (click the image):

Br. Bugnolo’s May Appeal

UPDATE: In response to this video, Br. Bugnolo is receiving vile messages from persons who are glad he is having difficulties and urge him to stop supporting Christian Families. If you disagree with them, please consider a donation.

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