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British Liturgical Researcher discovers original of ‘Agatha Christi Indult’

Editor’s Note: While canonically one never needed an indult to continue celebrating the Ancient Roman Rite according to the Missale Romanum approved by St. Pius V, since that Papal Bull remains valid until the end of time, English Catholics in 1969 faced with the threat of Pope Paul VI’s mad design to exterminate that Mass from the Roman Church, gathered signatures on a petition to opt out of the Novus Ordo. Among those signing the petition was Agatha Christi.  Read the whole story here below. — The reason why this discovery of the original is important, is that leading modernists and Bergoglians in the United Kingdom and abroad have denied this indult was ever granted. This discovery shuts their mouths forever.

7 Things to know about Pope Benedict XVI on his Birthday

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I. Today, April 16, 2022 A. D. is the 95th Birthday of Pope Benedict XVI.

Providentially, he was born on an April 16, which was also a Holy Saturday, like today.  Pope Benedict XVI was given the name Joseph Ratzinger at baptism. April 16 is also the Feast of Bl. Benedict Joseph Labre, a poor pilgrim who wandered Europe, and who died at Rome (buried near the  Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas).

II. Pope Benedict XVI is the oldest living pope in the history of the Catholic Church.

At 95 years of age, Pope Benedict XVI surpasses the runner up, Pope Leo XIII by two years. The latter died in 1903 A. D. at the age of 93.

III, Pope Benedict XVI was threatened in multiple ways to resign

Since the winter of 2012, there was an active conspiracy to drive Pope Benedict XVI to abdicate. This began with the theft of his personal correspondence from the desk of Father George Ganswein in January. In February 11, 2012, an assassination threat was revealed by Cardinal Papalardo of Palermo: demanding that Pope Benedict XVI resign within a year or else.

During the course of 2012, the revelations of betray and the untimely death of a close friend were calculated to put the Holy Father under the maximum psychological pressure. Since 2010, demands from the heretical clergy of Austria and Germany insisted on his resignation and threaten schism if he failed to comply. Then in January 2013, the SWIFT Banking system, headed by a CEO who was a Rothschild agent, shut down all bank-wires to and from the Vatican. Deutsch Bank followed suit by shutting down all the ATM machines in Vatican City. As the Cardinals arrived in Rome, in early February of 2013, a demand was made for Pope Benedict XVI to resign.

IV. The Globalists had to get rid of Pope Benedict XVI so as to prepare for the Scamdemic and Great Reset

Pope Benedict XVI was and is an ardent opponent of relativism. He warned the faithful repeatedly of a dictatorship of relativism which was being prepared worldwide. He chided the Globalists by saying the New World Order would fail if it did not take the Child Jesus as its guide. He condemned vaccines made from aborted babies. He insisted that Catholics practice faith in Jesus even as a contradiction to the dearest and most cherished values of modernity.

It would have been impossible to launch the fraud of the Scamdemic and to push transhumanism and world enslavement with Pope Benedict XVI as the moral leader of Christendom. His elimination was a necessity.

V. Pope Benedict XVi and John Paul II prepared a secret plan to defeat Freemasonry’s attempt to take over the Papacy

In 1983, Pope John Paul II issued a new Code of Canon Law, in which he changed the requirement for a valid papal resignation. He made the canon, now 332.2 allow for an apparent resignation, in which the Pope would renounce something similar but not equal to the Papal Office. He did this with the counsel of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

VI. Pope Benedict XVI fooled the Globalits by faking a Papal abdication

Using the plan he had prepared with Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict did not abdicate when the Mafia of St. Gall and Globalists demanded that he do so. He renounced the ministerium instead of the munus, the key sign required for a papal resignation. Thus the enemies of Christ, being deceived, became so giddy with glee that they failed to examine the Latin text of his Declaratio of Feb. 11, 2013, and proceeded to elect the Globalist Puppet chosen by the CIA: Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Argentina.

Pope Benedict XVI did this in obedience to a divine inspiration given him in the previous summer. Recognizing that the entire Curia was opposing him, as Christ’s Vicar, he realized that he had to declare to the world, in a way Catholics could eventually understand, what was going on. His declaration whereby he renounced the ministerium, instead of the papacy, effectively put the entire Vatican apparatus in a position of illegality. The conclave which followed never legally existed, was illegitimate and elected an anti-pope.

VII. The World was fooled by the Fake News that Pope Benedict XVI had resigned, because no one examined exactly what Benedict did

The international press, run and controlled by the Globalists, scored its first great victory to prepare for the Great Reset by fooling nearly the entire Catholic World into thinking that Pope Benedict XVI had abdicated. An entire panoply of voices opposed to expelling pedophiles from the clergy, wanted Benedict gone and rejoiced at the thought he had resigned. They began to gaslight Catholics everywhere who raised questions about the real meaning of the Declaratio.

Overtime however Catholic Experts have discovered the fraud of the news of that day, and are remounting an international effort to restore Pope Benedict XVI, begin a Catholic Reset and overthrow Globalism. We invite you to join us, on twitter at @B16Restore.

Saint Vincent Ferrer, patron for those seeking the true Pope


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The present Crisis in the Church, of having two popes, is not new in the Church. There have been more than a dozen such instances in Church history.

While nearly all of them included rivals which were supported by diverse factions of notable size (perhaps that of Benedict IX was not the case in 1046), yet they gave occasion for God to show us the way out of such crises by the example given to us by His Saints during those crises of ages past.

One such saint is Saint Vincent Ferrer. I have to admit, that of all the Saints of the Order of Preachers, he is my favorite, because he is such a stunning example of holiness and was so determined in the teaching of what it means to be holy.

Most Catholics, however, have no idea who he was. So let me tell you something about his life, and then show you how his example should be imitated by all Catholics right now.


So remarkable, many have thought he was a legend

Saint Vincent was born 670 years ago, on January 23, in the height of the Black Death.

The Catholic world was shaken to its core: millions were dying each month. It is estimated that more 100 million died in the entire world, and perhaps as much as 30 million in Europe alone, from the onset of the Plague in 1347 to 1351. It was a virulent strain of the Bubonic plague, which had spread from infected rats in the Gobi Desert to Caravans carrying rare goods to the Genoese trading port on the Black Sea, Kaffa, and thence by Genoese ships to Sicily and Western Europe.

The demographic, sociologic, psychological and economic effects were profound. So many bodies were piling up that people fled their villages, local priests fled their parishes in fear of dying. People took refuge in the wilderness and avoided contact with anyone with a cough. The strain was so virulent that those exposed in the morning were dead before midnight. It was spread by flees on rats but then became pneumonic, that is spread through the air by coughing. It is called the Black Death, because the lymph glands of the body would swell and then turn black, with death ensuing rapidly.

Catholics universally thought it was the end of the world, a fulfillment of the Apocalypse, which spoke of the fallen star Wormwood turning the waters of a third of the world poison. As there was no medical art which could precisely understand the causes, panic spread everywhere. The pope of the time survived only by sequestering himself in his palace at Avignon and having a huge fire set in his private chamber’s fireplace which was kept burning without stop for many months.

Into this horror, was born a Saint through which God would call most of Western Europe back from despair and apostasy, Saint Vincent Ferrer. At an early age he dedicated himself to Jesus Christ, and became a son of Saint Dominic.

Saint Vincent, being an devote practitioner of the ascetical life, quickly passed every spiritual test and was endowed by the Lord with extraordinary gifts of prophesy, foreknowledge, conversion, and miracle working.

On one occasion, being in a port which was suffering famine and starvation, he preached to the people to remain calm and that the Lord would send them ships filled with grain the next day. Sure enough, the next day a fleet loaded with food arrived.

But his fame began with a deadly fever which he contracted at Avignon, while the service of the anti Pope. You see, St. Vincent was a follower of Cardinal Pedro de Luna, who was one of the Cardinals who pledged obedience to the pope at Avignon, even though the Cardinal knew that he was an antipope and lied to Saint Vincent. But I will get to that, later.

It was at Avignon, while the forces of the Charles VI besieged the City to capture the antipope — the King of France was intelligent enough to investigate the controversy between the rival claimants to the papacy, and switch his allegiance back to the Pope at Rome — that Saint Vincent nearly died. But in the midst of his mortal fever, Our Lord appeared to him, along with Saints Dominic and Francis of Assisi, and commissioned him to be the 4th Angel of the Apocalypse: to preach penance everywhere, telling men that if they did not repent God would come and destroy the world. This was in September of 1398 A.D.. A year later, convinced of his divine mission, the Antipope appointed the Saint Missionary a lateri Christi, that is, sent from Christ Himself. The Saint spent the next 20 years in a most extraordinary apostolate which single-handedly saved Christianity in Europe.

He preached from Northern France to Italy and back to Spain. Upon seeing Bernardine of Sienna in Italy, he prophesied that Bernardine would convert Italy back to the faith. The crowds came to hear Saint Vincent were so great he could not preach in Churches, but had to use Piazzas and open fields. And his mission was signed by extraordinary miracles the likes of which have never again been seen in Christendom.

When he preached, his voice has a miraculous power to be heard at great distances. Those who could not enter the towns where he preached, would climb bell towers in near by villages and hear his voice distinctly at the distance of two to three miles!

One day he led the crowds listening to him to storm a Synagogue and immediately began preaching in Hebrew to the Jews. He was so convincing in their own tongue and from their own version of scripture, that he converted the entire congregation to the Catholic Faith and they immediately consecrated the place a Catholic Church!

On another occasion, he led the crowds from the Piazza in which he was preaching, to the Castle above the town, saying that great sin must be stopped. He broke through the gates of the Castle and found the noblemen in the most evil debauchery. He cursed them for their sin and everyone of them turned to stone!  A thing witnessed by all the officials of the town to the amazement and terror of everyone. Upon hearing the pleas of the relatives, he commanded that the afflicted return to life, heard their confessions and after giving them his blessing they all dropped dead, but this time, went to eternal life.

His preaching of penance was so persuasive that huge crowds of penitents followed him everywhere, beating themselves with chains and hooks and nails to blood. The sight of these flagellants arriving was the signal that St. Vincent was on his way and this news would empty the fields and villages of the area, for all wanted to hear him preach. In whatever language they could understand, his voice was miraculously heard, even though he always spoke in his own dialect or in Latin.

He is known to have raised from the dead at least 7 persons. On one occasion, in a most extraordinary way. To a fellow Dominican who did not believe his claims to be sent by Christ to preach, he said: Do you doubt that I am one the Angels of the Apocalypse? Bring a dead man here, one who has been dead 4 days and whose body is rotting, and I will prove that I am telling the truth. Whereupon, he commanded the decaying corpse to arise and give testimony. And the man came back to life and his body was instantly restored to perfect health!

I could go on and on about the wonders and virtues of Saint Vincent. But I recommend you find a biography about him and read it. It will change your life and make you want to abandon all and become a devout religious. A thing the Church really needs in great quantity now.

The major relics of Saint Vincent Ferrer, in the Church at Vannes, France, where he died.

The Great Schism

Despite all the graces and gifts which Saint Vincent had, and despite the great wisdom and learning he possessed from years of studying — for example he memorized the entire Latin version of the Bible and spoke 5 languages: Greek, Latin, Hebrew, French and Langue d’óc  — CHRIST WITHHELD from the Saint graces to see who was and who was not the true pope. Our Lord did this, in my opinion, to give us as lesson for our own time.

The Saint was a close friend to Cardinal Pedro de Luna, who was a supporter of the Antipope.  The Schism began in 1378, when the previous pope, having been persuaded by Saint Catherine of Sienna to return to Rome, died. And the new Pope Urban VI was elected at Rome. The French Cardinals did not accept the election and immediately elected Clement VII. Cardinal Pedro knew his election was uncanonical, but concealed the facts from Saint Vincent for 38 years! In 1394, Cardinal Pedro was elected to succeed the antipope, and took the name Benedict XIII.

Saint Vincent was so deceived by Cardinal Pedro that he preached to convince the people of the Kingdom of Aragon to give allegiance to the Antipope of Avignon and to break from Rome! So troublesome was this schism to the soul of Saint Vincent that he said to others that it frequently made him ill.

The Great Western Schism had begun on a dispute where the wrong side was making claims on the basis of their allegations of being forced to vote. This kind of claim was really impossible to prove, it rested solely on the testimony of the alleged victims. No one disputed that the antipope was elected second. No one disputed the laws which govern the election.

But though he was a convinced supporter of the antipope of Avignon, Saint Vincent, nevertheless, loved the Church more than his personal friend, the Cardinal, and thus he urged Councils to end the Schism. And here is where his virtue is a lesson for us.

Because in Council of Perpignan, in the Kingdom of Aragon, in January 6, 1416, when the evidence was presented to Saint Vincent by the King of Aragon that Benedict XIII’s claim was not well founded, Benedict’s supporters could give no response and defend his claim against the charges. Saint Vincent had come to the Council a supporter of Benedict. He even preached in his defense. But when no evidence could be brought to defend the claim of the man whom he thought was the pope, St. Vincent immediately switched allegiance, for he recognized, being a master of Logic — a text book on which he had written — that when one side refuses to answer or has no argument, it means that they have no valid claim at all for their position.

In shame and penance for his having supported for so many years the wrong man, he went to France and spent the rest of his life in exile from his native land.

The “Renunciation” of Pope Benedict

The Great Western Schism began when the Cardinals elected Pope Urban VI and immediately upon his enthronement, seeing that he would curb their power, left the city, declared that they had been forced to vote for him, and elected instead Robert of Savoy as Clement VII.

We are in an analogous situation today. The Cardinals, not wanting to endure Pope Benedict XVI any longer, claimed on Feb. 11, 2013 that he had renounced the papacy. But in truth he had only announced his retirement from active ministry. They published false news to the world and through their personal contacts have suborned the entire Episcopate and Catholic Media to believe this lie. That is why they remain silent. They are the criminals of this Great Modern Schism.

Pope Benedict XVI for his part has been ignored and effectively locked up at the Vatican. But the truth of what he did on Feb. 11, 2013 has become known and now all Christendom can do what Saint Vincent did: ask the side which thinks Bergoglio is the pope for their explanation. Ann Barnhardt and hundreds of other Catholics have been doing this: she for four years, nearly, and others longer or less. But still there is no canonical explanation from the other side.

I think you can see how easy the choice is, who the real pope is. Do what Vincent did!

The Great Schism in its causes also sheds light on the principles of how to discern who today is the true pope and who is not.  As a legal case the solution of the disputed election of 1378 was a simple one: possession is 9 tenths of the law, that is, the first man elected is always presumed be the legitimate claimant, the second one elected has to prove that the laws were violated in the first election, not just claim that they were. This is especially true with those Cardinals who voted for the first claimant. Their votes are explicit consent to the validity and legality of that act. — Today, the same principal applies: Benedict must be presumed to remain the true pope, until there is a proof in canonical form that his renunciation — not anything he said before or after, or anything he did before or after — is conformable with the terms of Canon 332 §2. No proof has ever been given! So those who sustain Bergoglio is the pope, have no case!

Saint Vincent for all his supernatural gifts, erred for many years, because he put his trust in his favorite Cardinal, who was lying to him. And he never bothered to examine the case calmly according to the principles of the law. — He was not a canon lawyer, and so that failing is understandable in a man who was so humble as to never think evil of others. But it nevertheless was such a grave error in law, that God Himself did not give him the grace to see it by supernatural means. The truth came to him by the testimony of fellow men.

In November, I asked Cardinal Burke through Canon Lenhart for an audience to discuss the Renunciation. In December, I returned and asked again and was promised one in January. January has come and is now ended. Still no audience or response to my Scholastic Question, containing 39 arguments which conclude that Pope Benedict XVI is the true Pope.

In November, I shared that same Question with 700 members of the Clergy of the Diocese of Rome. But I got no canonical argument in response to refute it. In December I distributed 500 copies of the same to the students of theology and canon law in the City, at Pontifical Universities. I got no response in reply.

I say this to give you a personal testimony. I think you should now understand what it means. St. Vincent shows us the way.

POSTSCRIPT: Saint Vincent died at Vannes, France on April 5, 1419. He was canonized by Pope Calixtus III in 1455. He is buried in the Cathedral of Vannes, but you can find relics of his right arm at his Church in New York City, or in the parish Church at Castle Umberto, in the province of Messina, Sicily, where I stop by every time I am in town, to venerate them.


CREDITS: The Featured Image and Image of Saint Vincent is by Giovanni Bellini and is conserved at Venice. It is in the public domain as a work of art older than 200 years.

How Pope Benedict XVI signaled to the Roman Curia that the Conclave of 2013 was invalid

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For the Italian original, click Andrea Cionci’s Tweet above.

There are several strange things which happened on Feb. 28, 2013, which numerous authors, including myself have spoken of before. Among these are the fact that Pope Benedict XVi flew to Castel Gandolfo, and did not return to Bavaria. Another, is that he chose to speak to the crowds at 5:30 PM, even though he had announced his renunciation of ministry at 8 PM.  Then there was the bizarre statement, “After 8 PM I will not longer be the Pontiff Supreme”, which the Vatican Press concealed from the public by transcribing it as “Supreme Pontiff”,

Of this latter, Andrea Cionci, a native speaker of Italian, explained how this inverts the meaning from that signifying the papal title, to that which signifies the usurpation of power by another pretender, a subtlety only an educated Italian would notice.

But now, tipped off by a member of the Roman Curia, Cionci launches his major attack:  Pope Benedict XVI indicated clearly to members of the Roman Curia that the Conclave of March 2013 would be invalid and elect a usurper.  Was anyone listening?

Here is how Pope Benedict XVi did it, in a way only those who have spent a lifetime in the Roman Curia would have noticed:

He spoke to the crowds from the public balcony on the front facade of Castle Gandofo. You can see this in my report from Feb. 28, 2021:

I remarked that day, that the balcony was decorated above it by an ancient sun dial, which was used to tell time before modern era. In fact, as Cionci reports, it was inscribed to measure time according to the old Papal standard, where each new day begins at 6 P. M., following the liturgical calendar, where the Vigil begins the new day at sundown.

So when Pope Benedict XVI spoke at 5:30 P. M., he was speaking at 23:30 P. M. according to old Papal time.

And he indicates this, when he ended his address that evening, because he said, “Bounanotte” to the crowds below, instead of the proper Italian salute for the evening, “Buona sera”, which indicates that night has not yet fallen.

Now some authors have speculated that he did this to indicate that after him would come a spiritual darkness, but Cionci’s tipster in the Vatican says it was to indicate that he was measuring time according to the Papal standard.

So when he says, “At 8 P. M., I will not longer be the Pontiff Supreme”, seeing that 8 P. M. according to the old standard had already passed at 1 P. M. that afternoon, his statement must be referred to 1 P. M. on March 1, 2013.

And that makes his entire phrase a perfect signification: for at that hour the Dean of the College of Cardinals had announced he was to convene a conclave to elect another pope. A thing which was illegal, uncanonical and unjust, seeing that Pope Benedict XVI had not abdicated.

So Benedict XVI has, by this short phrase, “At 8 P. M., I shall no longer be the Pontiff Supreme”, followed by “Buonanotte”, has left his own personal canonical testimony that he regarded the Conclave of 2013 as illegitimate, and its elected Cardinal, an antipope.

And this confirms Cionci’s and my own interpretation of the Declaratio: that Benedict XVI in saying that a new pope will have to be elected, “by those who are competent”, expressly indicated that the Cardinal in his presence would be in schism from himself if they did not understand that he was not abdicating.

For more on this, see my article, Pope Benedict XVI: Time Lord.

UPDATE: The English translation of Cionci’s article is now availabe:

Che dice Msgr. Viganò sul Great Reset?

 Rassunto italiano di Eugenio Dangelo
Cronista assistente a Roma

L’élite globalista, fautrice del grande reset lo presenta come portatore di “nuovi equilibri sociali ed economici”. Tuttavia alla Catholic Identity Conference l’Arcivescovo Carlo Maria Viganò parla di “Greatest Reset: un Nostro “reset” Cattolico, sacro e divino riferendoci alla manifestazione dell’onnipotenza di Dio! … al dispiegamento della Sua destra!… alla sconfitta dei Suoi nemici!
Viganò:” il Greatest Reset è quel “nuovo inizio” che solo Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo, Re e Signore dei singoli e delle nazioni, può realizzare.” L’apocalisse è un rinnovamento: “Ecco, io faccio nuove tutte le cose”(Ap 21, 5).
Dobbiamo prendere atto che: che quanto ci vorrebbero imporre e a cui le masse si piegano, è esplicitamente avverso a Dio; e che con i malvagi anticristici non è ammissibile dialogo. In Cristo “tutto deve trovare la propria origine, il proprio sviluppo e il proprio compimento.”
Un poco di attenzione sarebbero sufficiente per notare che il movente dei crimini compiuti dai globalisti è “l’odio teologico nei confronti del Dio Creatore e Salvatore”; La loro meta e la disintegrazione di tutto il Creato.
“È il caos infernale opposto al cosmo divino, il disordine opposto all’ordine, il male al bene”.
Questa avversione di Satana è la conditio sine qua non del Great Reset .
“Colui che è omicida sin dal principio e che è dannato per l’eternità a causa della sua ribellione alla Maestà di Dio, si scatena per trascinare con sé all’Inferno quante più anime possibile, come gesto di sfregio e di oltraggio a quel Dio, che “ha tanto amato il mondo da dare il Figlio Unigenito, perché chiunque crede in lui non vada perduto, ma abbia la vita eterna”
(Gv 13, 16).”
Noi cristiani sappiamo che Dio debellerà il sistema consumista “con il soffio delle sue labbra”(Is 11, 4), “e che l’azione del demonio è permessa dal Signore per punire i malvagi e mettere alla prova i buoni. Non abbiamo quindi motivo di temere circa l’epilogo di questa battaglia epocale, perché Iddio non mente né può ingannarsi”
“ll Cristiano non crede in due divinità opposte, secondo la visione manichea dei seguaci del Nuovo Ordine Mondiale e della Massoneria. Non vi è un “dio” buono – Satana – che porta la luce all’uomo dopo secoli di oscurantismo e di superstizione, e non vi è un “dio” cattivo – il Dio biblico – che con crudeltà semina morte e dolore su una umanità schiava.”

Tuttavia il regno dell’Anticristo si sta instaurando con la complicità di tutte le élite mondiali.

Così Viganò denuncia enormi sofferenze anticristiane nelle famiglie di tutti i popoli provocate dall’elité:

“quante persecuzioni, quanti dolori, quante vittime cadono nello schieramento dei buoni! E quante lacrime sono versate dai genitori sulle sorti dei figli, dai figli per i genitori, dai vecchi che guardano come una liberazione la morte ormai prossima, dai giovani che affrontano con angoscia il futuro fosco e minaccioso che li attende!”
Lo stolto disse in cuor suo: Dio non esiste. Sono corrotti e diventano abominevoli nelle loro azioni; non c’è nessuno che faccia il bene, non ce n’è nemmeno uno” (Ps 14, 1)

“Nondimeno vi sono molte anime che non cedono al ricatto, che combattono la buona battaglia, il “bonum certamen” (2Tim 4, 7) di cui parla l’Apostolo proprio in riferimento ai tempi della grande apostasia:

“Verrà il giorno, infatti, in cui non si sopporterà più la sana dottrina, ma, per il prurito di udire qualcosa, gli uomini si circonderanno di maestri secondo le proprie voglie, rifiutando di dare ascolto alla verità per volgersi alle favole Tu però vigila attentamente, sappi sopportare le sofferenze, compi la tua opera di annunziatore del vangelo, adempi il tuo ministero” (ibid., 3). “

Viganò continua elencando le troppe genti cadute in errori compromessi e di cedimenti, cattolici ed eletti, tutti volti indistintamente al perseguimento di questa «tribolazione grande», apocalittica.
E i fedeli possono trovare gli inganni del Nemico.
“E prima ancora, comprendere quello che avviene, inquadrarlo in chiave soprannaturale ed escatologica, combatterlo con le armi più efficaci.”
Ci ricorda quindi che “Il nostro dovere, … è di combattere il «bonum certamen» per acquistare quei meriti dinanzi a Dio, che premiandoci ci abbrevierà il tempo della tribolazione:
«E se quei giorni non fossero abbreviati, nessun vivente si salverebbe; ma a causa degli eletti quei giorni saranno abbreviati» (Mt 24, 22). Vinceremo la guerra, ma la sua durata “dipende da noi, “a causa degli eletti“,
“Dipende dalla nostra testimonianza di Fede e di coraggiosa difesa della Verità,”indipendentemente da chiunque questa sia minacciata
Abbiamo tutti il privilegio di poterci schierare “sotto i vessilli di Cristo”: “Per il resto, attingete forza nel Signore e nel vigore della sua potenza.
Rivestitevi dell’armatura di Dio, per poter resistere alle insidie del diavolo.
La nostra battaglia infatti non è contro creature fatte di sangue e di carne,
ma contro i Principati e le Potestà, contro i dominatori di questo mondo di tenebra,contro gli spiriti del male che abitano nelle regioni celesti. Prendete perciò l’armatura di Dio, perché possiate resistere nel giorno malvagio e restare in piedi dopo aver superato tutte le prove.
State dunque ben fermi, cinti i fianchi con la verità, rivestiti con la corazza della giustizia, e avendo come calzatura ai piedi lo zelo per propagare il vangelo della pace. Tenete sempre in mano lo scudo della fede, con il quale potrete spegnere tutti i dardi infuocati del maligno;
prendete anche l’elmo della salvezza e la spada dello Spirito, cioè la parola di Dio.
Pregate inoltre incessantemente con ogni sorta di preghiere e di suppliche nello Spirito, vigilando a questo scopo con ogni perseveranza e pregando per tutti i santi,  e anche per me, perché quando apro la bocca mi sia data una parola franca, per far conoscere il mistero del vangelo, del quale sono ambasciatore in catene, e io possa annunziarlo con franchezza come è mio dovere» (Ef 6, 10-20).
San Paolo ci esorta al combattimento con un paragone militare, “ammonendoci che non si tratta di un conflitto umano, ma di una battaglia “contro i Principati e le Potestà, contro i dominatori di questo mondo di tenebra, contro gli spiriti del male che abitano nelle regioni celesti“(ibid., 12).”
Nel momento in cui ognuno di noi comprende di dover IN-TER-VE-NI-RE, inizia il Greatest Reset.
Come milizie celesti di Dio: rispondendo alla nostra vocazione di Cristiani, di “soldati di Cristo” ; otteniamo il dono Divino di partecipare all’inevitabile Gloria di Cristo.
“Sarà una vittoria a cui i disertori e gli imboscati non avranno gloria alcuna, saanno invece condannati da Dio: “Io ti vomiterò dalla mia bocca” (Ap 3, 16).”

A chi fieramente si arruolerà nelle schiere antimassoniche:

«Chi vince lo farò sedere presso di me sul mio trono, come anch’io ho vinto e mi sono seduto con il Padre mio sul suo trono» (ibid, 21).
Esortiamo quindi ad arruolarci per vincere rapidamente la battaglia, facendo realizzare il “greatest reset” nel migliore dei modi possibili. Adoperiamoci in grazia di Dio per mezzo di esercizi e di crescita spirituale.
Ci appelliamo soprattutto a coloro che hanno cariche di potere e che possono indicare tutte quante le “sconvolgenti e rivelatrici verità che ci attendono”.
Rimanendo fedeli alla Fede dei nostri Avi e dei Nostri Padri, alla fiorente civiltà dalla fede germogliata e fiorente nella nostra Patria, al mondo che costoro vorrebbero cancellare.
Tutti ci faremo “tabernacolo della Santissima Trinità e trono di Cristo Re,” portando la Chiesa e le società in cui vivremo a inchinarsi a “Nostro Signore”, Sia questo il principio del nostro Reset CATTO-LI-CO, SA-CRO e DI-VI-NO! Amen.
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In 1995, the Face of Christ bled in Benin

This video in Italian, shows the original image painted by an artist, and what happened on two occasions when it began to bleed, and a voice from heaven was heard. Subsequently a doctor who attempted to collect the blood, had the test tube fill on its own.

Here below is an article in English about this miracle, proving the Divinity of Jesus Christ and that He is the suffering servant foretold by Isaiah.

BREAKING: Why John Paul II may have canonically provided for a fake papal resignation

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

At last, one of the final pieces to the mystery of what Pope Benedict XVI did on Feb. 11, 2013 A. D., has come to light: the reason why Pope John Paul II may have enabled in the Canon Law reform of 1983, with Cardinal Ratzinger’s counsel, the ability for a Pope to fake a renunciation, so as to thwart a take over of the Vatican by the forces off ecclesiastical Freemasonry.

Prior to 1983, the Code of Canon Law reformed under Popes St. Pius X and Benedict XV stated that a pope abdicated when he renounced.

But in the Code of 1983, John Paul II changed that to allow a fake abdication. For in Canon 322 §2, for a pope to abdicate he had to renounce his munus, the charge Christ gave him when he accepted his canonical election.

If a Pope, pressured by anyone, renounced ANYTHING ELSE the renunciation would be invalid!

But why John Paul II would have done this has remained unexplained specifically until now. With the help of an investigator in the U. S. A. we have discovered a substantial explanation, which seems very probative.

In 1981, for 22 weeks, there was listed on the New York Times Best Seller list a book which spoke of a forced abdication of a pope by a plot of Cardinals.

That book was entitled, “The Clowns of God”, and its author, Morris West, a novelist, was the author of the famous novel about a future pope, entitled, “The Shoes of the Fishermen”.


Here is the cover of the paper back edition of the “Clowns of God”:

And here is the Prologue to the Book:


There are stunning details in this account which mirror the historical events of Pope Benedict XVI.

The first of which is the name of the reigning pontiff, one which breaks with the names of the Vatican II popes and takes a name of a pope of tradition.

Second, that the pope in the novel is FORCED TO ABDICATE BY THE CARDINALS.

Third, that this would happen in the 7th year of his pontificate. Benedict XVI issued his Declaratio in the final months of his 7th year.

That the pope in the novel is driven to a Monastery.  Pope Benedict XVI now lives in the Monastery of the Mother of God, at the heart of the Vatican.

That the pope who is driven out of power takes a vow of obedience to a religious of an ancient order.  In the case of Pope Benedict XVI he seems to be obeying a member of the Society of Jesus, founded 500 years ago.

John Paul II had motive

The popularity of this book in 1981 would have sent shock waves in the Vatican, which was in that year preparing the new Code of Canon Law. It seems highly probably then, that in response to the suggestion of a forced abdication, learned and widely read counselors of John Paul II might have advised him to add an object to the verb “renounce” in Canon 332 §2, so that in the future, if a pope would be constrained to abdicate, he could fake an abdication by renouncing something which seemed to be the same as munus but was not, just as Pope Benedict XVI did do on Feb. 13, 2013, when he renounced “the ministry entrusted to me through the hands of the Cardinals”.

That Pope John Paul II even in 1996, years after the new code was promulgated in 1983, still had in mind an attempt to force a papal resignation, can be seen from n. 3 of his Papal Law on Papal Elections, Universi dominici gregis:

3. I further establish that the College of Cardinals may make no dispositions whatsoever concerning the rights of the Apostolic See and of the Roman Church, much less allow any of these rights to lapse, either directly or indirectly, even though it be to resolve disputes or to prosecute actions perpetrated against these same rights after the death or valid resignation of the Pope. All the Cardinals are obliged to defend these rights.

Why mention in this paragraph, a “valid resignation”, if he did not fear a forced abdication and a tumultuous alteration of Church governance by a usurper? Just as has happened under Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who pretends to be Pope Francis.

This Book Speaks prophetically about Pope Benedict XVI!

What is perhaps more stunning, still, is that the narrative of this book fits in perfectly with what Pope Benedict XVI had been warning the world about during his pontificate, the triumph of relativism, which marks the coming of the Antichrist and the end of the world, a trial which would require the Church of Christ to separate from the Church of the Antichrist:

What would happen if members of the Roman Curia discovered that the Pope was about to publicly state that he had received a private revelation that the world was about to end – an apocalypse coming at any moment? Is he a madman, as his cardinals suspect, a mystic, or a fanatic grasping for an unholy power?

(Source: here)

Meet the Anti-Popes

Note: There are a few historical errors in this presentation. First, St. Vincent Ferrer did not advise disobedience to the man who was pope, when he thought he was the pope. Rather, a council was held at Toulouse and St. Vincent spoke in favor of the Pope of Avignon, but after hearing the testimony and vote of the Council against the pope of Avignon, he abandoned allegiance to him and accepted the decision of the Cardinals gathered at Constance to propose a reunion by asking all candidates to resign.

Second, St. Vincent Ferrer was a greats saint, but a lousy police man, researcher and inquisitor. He believed what Cardinal de Luna told him without even the slightest doubt that his good friend was an utter self serving liar. Here we do not imitate or laud St. Vincent, but we can excuse him because unlike us, he does not have the internet to access all the documents, which in our present crisis prove 100% that Benedict XVI is the pope, and all who think otherwise do no have one document or fact to argue upon, they only weave gratuitous assertions of interpretations and out right lies against the teaching of the Church or the laws of the Church.

The True History of the Second Vatican Council, Part I: Preparations by US Govt.

Watch Br. Bugnolo and A.J. Baalman discuss how the US Government took down the Catholic Church at Vatican II. This episode is the preliminary on how the doctrinal warfare program was launched and what the CIA the Bilderbergers and Life Magazine have to do with it. –  This is part of the multiple show series on the Doctrinal Warfare program begun by the US Government against the Catholic Church in 1953. Previous episodes covered the principal actors and agents of the US Government and Masonic Lodges and their Americanist allies.