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Dear Businessmen, grow a spine and wake up before you are checkmated!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Scamdemic could never have gone forward without the Sanitary Controls which extended the Globalists’ power base from bribed politicians and judges to the private sector, making every business a Gestapo HQ for controlling the behavior of the private citizen when he participated in economic activity.

These businessmen have to face the fact that they are a major player in the Scamdemic. And if they had not complied, it would have crumbled.

The Globalists have played the businessmen of the world by the fear of losing their business, being fined, or being closed down. But like mindless idiots, they have failed to notice that every Sanitary Control they have accepted to remain open, was designed to drive them out of business.

Let us examine these one by one:

First, the idea that your business is not essential to the economy.

That is as about an asinine statement as you can make.  The economy is not a biological organism which is maintained alive by only certain organs and not others. The economy is the whole assemblage of economic activity. To cut or turn off any part damages the whole, because it harms someone.  A free economy is the exchange of honest goods and services among the residents of every place. To hold that your business is not essential requires an entirely new conception of economics which is simply absurd.

But when you take note that the businesses controlled by the Globalists were deemed essential, and those which they did not control were deemed non-essential, you begin to understand what concept of the economy they have. So think a little and comply less.

Second, the idea that your customers have to wear masks and social distance…

Rules like this make your customer think twice about entering your store, and make him wait in lines outside when there are too many in your store.

Ask yourself why your store is such a hotbed of infection, but your national legislature, city buses, trains, etc., are not?  If there really is a virus and a dangerous one, it will spread a lot quicker in places where people come from all over the country or where they are packed shoulder to shoulder.  Your business is not like that at all. Your clients are local, regular and known to you.

So what is the real reason for these controls. To induce your client to order his products through Amazon or the mail, rather that subject himself to the hassel that he must endure if he goes into town to YOUR store.  He knows you are a Gestapo zealous rule enforcer and eventually he will go elsewhere, to the stores where these controls are not as strict or absent.

And you know what that means.

Third, the requirement that your employees be DeathVaxxed

You cannot run your business without employees. And many of you offer health insurance for them. If they take a dangerous unscientifically proven experimental injection of what scientists have now found to be a witches-brew of lethal objects and ingredients, imagine what is going to happen to YOUR workforce in the next 6 months!

That’s right. Your workforce will be wiped out. Either dead or so ill they cannot function.  Without a workforce you cannot serve your clients. So that means you cannot run your business.

Fourth, the idea that you should not allow the unvaxxed, GreenPassport rejeting clients in

That means that you are missing out on 20% or more of the potential customers. Amazon is not requiring this for home delivery. So they are taking your customers.


The Plandemic is designed to wipe out the businesses which follow the Sanitary Controls.  There is no other possible economic outcome.  You have complied and harassed your customers for the sake of staying open. But by that very act, choosing to obey irrational and illegal dictated of bribed politicians rather than defending YOUR customers, you have sealed your own doom!

Wake up!

The real honest businessman would IGNORE all the Sanitary Rules and threaten with lawsuits every official which fined or attempted to shut him down. He would organize other businessmen to do the same, and begin to to a counter boycott, say, stop all sales and services to the officials who sanction businessmen.  No cop, no mayor and no governor would be able to live 1 day if all the businessmen began to refuse to sell to him.  Thinks about it.

You have more power than those who are threatening you. Stop harassing your customers and start harassing those who harass you!

Viganò participates in Protest with Italian Secret Service Double Agent

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have been in Italy for nearly 2 years, and even I knew that the protest on October 9 would achieve nothing, because it aimed to achieve nothing.  A dictatorship which is participating in a decades old plan to genocide its own citizenry does not give a BLEEP about what you think and certainly will not surrender simple because 99% of the people don’t like them. That is not how a maniacal diabolic psychotic ruling elite works. That is not how Goldman Sachs works. That is not how the Lodge works.

So now that the protest’s main proponent and organizer, Nicola Franzoni, has publicly admitted he diverted the protest from its planned and announced objective, Parliament, to the HQ of a Union, where the State Police was ready to pounce upon them and declare them right-wing terrorists for breaking and entering — even though the State Police allowed them to enter — Archbishop Viganò needs to explain himself.

Does he actually understand less about Italian politics or popular politics than Br. Alexis Bugnolo? He who is a native Italian, who is worth over 30 million euro, and who is a graduate of the Vatican Diplomatic School? A former Ambassador to the USA for the Vatican?

Is that really possible.  I say no, it is impossible.

I can grant that the average Italian, hopeful for something to result, might have uncritically participated. Many of my friends did so. That is understandable. But I advised against it to everyone.

Therefore, the only conclusion is, that Viganò willingly participated in luring Catholics to an event that was staged to frame the no-Vaxxers as right wing terrorists, just like the Trump supporters were framed in Washington, D. C., on January 6, 2021.

Is he that naive?

Howsoever you answer the question, the conclusion you must draw is the same, if you still have the use of reason: This is not the man you want to be following; He is not worthy of your trust or your lives.

Maybe you see why he will not come out and say that Pope Benedict XVI never resigned, that the Globalists wanted him out, and that Bergoglio never was the Pope?

He could call for a Provincial Council of the Catholic Church in the Metropolitan Province of Rome. That has the authority to restore Benedict and end the dispute.  Why does he not do that, at least?  After all, he is an Archbishop of the Church of Rome, and has the right to call for one.

 For the record, here is his message to the protestors on Saturday:

Bergoglio hails the Kalergi Plan for the post Scamdemic World

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

He ordered all the Catholic Churches closed world wide in March of 2020.

He ordered all the Bishops to enforce masks and social distancing in Churches and the Blessed Sacrament dropped like a cookie into hands.

He is now ordering all seminaries and priests in the world to be DeathVaxxed.

He called the suicidal taking of the Death Vaxx and “act of love”, in some sort of diabolic comparison to an act of sodomitic rape.

And now he calls all of this a trial, which we must endure. As if he is a pedophile explaining to a boy whom he just raped, how he should act when he returns home, using our Holy Religion to condone and cover the worse crimes against humanity.

The Klaus Schwab, Skull and Bones, Nazi family, Sabbatean Jewish view of the New World Order aims at achieving a reduction of world population from the present 7 Billion to 1 Billion. Keeping 50% of Japan and China, and reducing the rest of the world to no more than 10%, and then giving/selling the real estate of the dead to the Chinese and Japanese races, thus destroying Western Civilization forever.

For more on the Kalergi Plan, see here.

Perhaps now you can recognize that this man is not the vicar of Jesus Christ, he is the vicar of the Antichrist?

If you cannot, you are probably possessed already.


CREDITS: A meme in the public domain. No image of Bergoglio angry or frustrated appears any longer in Google image searches, since Google has scrubbed its archive at request of the Argentine in the Vatican.

Now is the time to launch the Counter-Reset

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Now that teams of scientists from all over the world have examined thousands of vials of the DeathVaxx serums, we have all the evidence to charge our national leaders with crimes against humanity.

The time has come for a counter-Reset, that is a counter-Plandemic. We need to unite in a common informational war against the Globalists shouting this phrase!


We must seek capital punishment for everyone involved in the scamdemic, in the United Nations, our National Governments, in industry and finance, and in medical institutions.

We must insist that:

  1. They all be brought to trial.
  2. Their entire assets be confiscated.
  3. They be given the death sentence.
  4. Punishments be extended not only to those who knew this was a crime against humanity, but to those who looked the other way because they were promised a place in the new world order, or money or benefits etc..

The companies involved must have all their property and assets confiscated. Their major stockholders should be held liable for the crimes against humanity also.

The entire wealth of the Globalist elite must go to recompense the murders and economic losses.

If we unite together and beat this drum and chant this war chant, we will prevail and truly solve the problem. We cannot afford to let these demons live.


Bergoglio has commanded Ecclesiastical Superiors in Italy to enforce the DeathVaxx

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It does make a difference who is pope. Not only in eternity but regarding your way to eternity.

And as the latest proof of this, I will reveal, that I am receiving phone calls from distressed Catholic clergy and religious who are being commanded under obedience to take the DeathVaxx.

The orders are coming from Bergoglio in the Vatican.

Meanwhile, my sources in the Vatican say that Bergoglio’s health is declining rapidly. His temper fits are growing in violence. He he driving out of his presence all who want to help him in his final illness — the incurable degenerative condition of his colon.

It is obvious, that this man senses his end is near and by this command to impose the DeathVaxx on all clergy and religious in Italy, that he is trying to take as many to Hell with himself as he can.

Yes, Charlotte, it does make a difference which is the true pope AND which you regard as the Pope!

It also makes a difference which sources of information you listen to, those who insist Bergoglio is the Pope or those which tell you the truth, that Benedict XVI is the pope.

Those who have been insisting that Bergoglio is the Pope are now co-conspirators in the murder of Hundreds of millions of Catholics, for they have given power to the beast….

Satanists control our Governments

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Back on August 1, 2016, at about 5 AM in the morning, I went as I was wont to, into the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, at Bagnoregio, to make my morning meditation and say the Rosary. Having read the news the day before about the horrible and brutal slaying of Father Jacque Hamel — during Mass in his parish Church in northern France by two jihadi youth — I could not help but lament deeply to Our Lord about who would protect His priests and people from these madmen.

And that prayer began an apostolate which Andrew J Baalman, a physical descendant of Charlemagne, and I began just weeks later, in the USA.  Following that inspiration, I left immediately for the USA to found Ordo Militaris Inc., instead of withdrawing to a hermitage in the mountains of Italy, as I had planned on doing.

The first confirmation that this inspiration was of God came 24 hours later, more or less, when hundreds of earthquakes struck the very region of Italy I was planning to live in. And the second was when the Lord sent me as the first recruit a son of Charlemagne.

In this apostolate to help prevent the persecution of Christians, we have done as much as we could with all we had, and while we are only a small NGO, we do all for the love of Jesus and His people.

So imagine my surprise when one afternoon in the spring of 2017, I get a phone call from the FBI asking me to come down to their office and explain to them what I am doing.  In our conversation, I was asked point blank how many guns I own. Zero was my answer.

The FBI subsequently cleared me from being considered a domestic terrorist threat.

But now, 4 years later, I shake my head in DISGUST when I see the US government abandon and thus effectively donate hundreds of MILLIONS or perhaps several BILLIONS of dollars of military equipment to the Taliban, in Afghanistan, who are psychopathic mass murderers.

In the eyes of the US Government, the idea that a Franciscan brother and a few Catholics are encouraging others to defend Christians is worthy of suspicion.  But the donation of military-grade equipment and firepower to mass-murdering jihadis is O.K..

But it is not only the US Government, all the allies in Afghanistan were in on it one way or the other, since any one of them could have taken the military hardware and send its own troops.

Now, the real red pill we need to swallow today is that Our governments ares run by Satanists who actually do admire other manics like themselves and want to empower them. Even ally with them, as the above video points out!

No, the only real threat they fear is a Catholic with a gun, who admires the Crusaders and wants to defend the innocent god-fearing Christians. — If Catholics only understood the power they have in their name.

It’s the Great Apostasy, let’s stop the denial


By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The beloved disciple and faithful son of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Apostle Saint John warned us a little less than 2000 years ago: In the end, a Great Apostasy would sweep away many Christians.

Saint John tells of the Great Apostasy in the Twelfth Chapter of his Book of the Apocalypse, also known as the Book of Revelations. I will put in red text the interpretation of this chapter given by Franciscan Saints* and I will use the English text of the Douay Reims Bible for the scriptural citation:

12 And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars: (Heaven here refers to the Catholic Church, which is Heaven on Earth. The appearance of the woman refers to the Dogmatic Declarations of the Magisterium about Our Lady, as Ever Virgin, Immaculate Conception, Assumed into Heaven, Queen of Heaven and Earth. The twelve stars refer to the affirmations by the Church of Our Lady’s 12 privileges)

And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered. (This refers to the struggles in the Church among theologians and believers against the faithful Catholics who are true children of Mary and know that the most authentic and certain path to God is through Mary to Jesus.)

And there was seen another sign in heaven: and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads, and ten horns: and on his head seven diadems: (This refers to the Satanic plot of Freemasonry and other nefarious groups to establish the Mystical Body of the Antichrist in the Church and thus prepare the world for the coming of the AntiChrist)

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered; that, when she should be delivered, he might devour her son. (This refers to the Great Apostasy which will occur after Our Lady is declared Assumed body and soul into Heaven. It will entail the near total apostasy of all the Clergy, who are as the stars in the Heaven of the Church, and it indicates that they will submit to the Father of Lies and give themselves up to the most horrible vices and errors)

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with an iron rod: and her son was taken up to God, and to his throne. (This refers to the Rise of the true Church in war against the Anti-Christ. This true Church will be faithful Catholics consecrated to Our Lady and embracing the whole doctrine of God, and who by their fidelity will be raised up to form a renewed Sacred Hierarchy to replace the old which has apostatized)

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she had a place prepared by God, that there they should feed her a thousand two hundred sixty days. (This refers to the true Catholic Faith which in the end times will have to take refuge in lowly and humble places, because the wealthy and powerful will give up their souls to the rule and domination of demons)

And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels: (This refers to the war between the sons of God vs the sons of the Devil, that is, the war between the true Church and the Anti-Church. The Leaders in this war will be led on each side by men inspired and devoted to Saint Michael and Lucifer, respectively)

And they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven. (This refers to the victory of the true Church over the false AntiChurch).

And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. (This refers to the definitive excommunication of the AntiChurch and its members from the Catholic Church).

10 And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying: Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: because the accuser of our brethren is cast forth, who accused them before our God day and night. (This refers to the future pope of great virtue who will preside over the renewed Church and condemn the AntiChurch)

11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of the testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death. (This shows that the victory will be obtained by faithful Catholics who risk everything to defend the true Faith, putting their trust in the Blood of Jesus, Who already overcame the world, flesh and the devil).

12 Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you that dwell therein. Woe to the earth, and to the sea, because the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, knowing that he hath but a short time. (This refers to the joy Catholics will have in those days seeing the Church delivered from this monstrous cult of satanists, pedophiles and sodomites, but warns the world, since being cast out of the Catholic Church they will seek to rule over and weaponize the world against the Faithful).

13 And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman, who brought forth the man child: (This refers to the ensuing attacks of the godless against the true Faith until the end of time, for the whole world led by the AntiChurch will attack Our Lady who defeated them)

Obviously, the teachings of the Franciscan Saints about these matters is not binding in faith, but so far their predictions have turned out to be very accurate. The hatred of the Catholic Faith and the plot to destroy the Church, while brewing for ages, broke out in the Church after the Dogmatic Definition of the Assumption of Our Lady, body and soul into heaven. The wicked clergy could not stomach this dogma which countered their lusts, impiety and fake religious pretensions. They engineered a Council which ushered into the Church the “smoke of Satan” (as Pope Paul VI said):

The pope, concerned, writes:

“… We would say that, through some mysterious crack—no, it’s not mysterious; through some crack, the smoke of Satan has entered the Church of God. There is doubt, uncertainty, problems, unrest, dissatisfaction, confrontation.

“The Church is no longer trusted. We trust the first pagan prophet we see who speaks to us in some newspaper, and we run behind him and ask him if he has the formula for true life. I repeat, doubt has entered our conscience. And it entered through the windows that should have been open to the light: science.”

Storm clouds

The post-conciliar wounds make themselves felt:

“… It was thought that, after the Council, sunny days would come for the history of the Church. Nevertheless, what came were days of clouds, of storms, of darkness, of searching, of uncertainty … We tried to dig abysses instead of covering them …”

(Source: “What did Paul VI mean by saying the “Smoke of Satan has entered the Church”?”, citation from Aleteia article from 2018)

This Satanic Smoke has progressively blinded the eyes of the Clergy and Sacred Hierarchy, and even of many of the religious orders, into inclining more and more away from the perennial columns of Faith and Devotion, Hope and true Charity which the Church established from of old in Her Sacred Liturgies, Canons and Disciplines. It was under this Smoke that the good were persecuted and driven out, the wicked and perverse introduced into the high places. This was a necessary preparation for the Great Apostasy, because to achieve their goal the servants of the Father of Lies needed to prepare a whole generation of clergy who either loved falsehood or who had not the manliness to fight it.

This was achieved by introducing the God of the Club, which was initially proposed as merely a form of extreme clericalism but transmogrified to be a true idolatry upon the altar of which 10s of thousands of young people were sacrificed to sexual predators and only those who kept it quiet were promoted to the status of Bishops.

However, without a doubt this “striking out of heaven of a third of the stars” refers to a moment when nearly all the Clergy are separated from the Church (heaven). This, in my opinion, is adequately and perfectly described by the apostasy of the clergy from Christ’s true Vicar by following the lie of the MSM and wicked clergy that Benedict had resigned the office of the papacy, when in truth he never did anything of the kind. By no longer naming Benedict in the Canon of the Mass they show and seal their schism from Christ, from Benedict, and from the Church. They become fallen stars and are swooped up into the work of the great Dragon who is Satan.

Because, in the Greek, the word Apostasy means a falling away. It does not have the technical meaning we attribute to it in Canon Law today as a complete intellectual denial of the Catholic Faith.

As we are now in the full swing of the Dragons tail, we have to stop denying what is going on. All those Bishops who teach heresy and promote sacrilege by giving the Sacraments to public sinners, by condoning wickedness and teaching it, plus all those Bishops who do not oppose this, are all part of the Apostasy. There are even a few very wicked men, who agree with the apostasy but want to raise money by pretending to criticize it even as they insist you remain in communion with the leader of the Apostasy.

In this battle, we cannot afford to pretend any longer, nor to compromise. As Our Lady lamented at Akita, the Church in this battle will be filled with those willing to compromise, especially among clergy and religious.

The Pachamama worship was no accident. The adoration of the Andean Dragon Demon of the underworld is not a coincidence. This was not a political decision, it was an intentional act to involve everyone in the worship of Satan.

We must join the battle (See, Saving souls in the time of Apostasy) and urge the bishops and clergy to condemn the heresies of the Anti-Church and to break off communion with Bergoglio. (See the Article: Every Priest has the Right etc.) So long as the False Prophet and AntiChurch is recognized as having authority they will use it to destroy the entire Church world wide. Those who insist on recognizing their authority therefore must be presumed to be deceived by some sort of devil, because they are giving power to the Beast, who hungers to damn all souls to Hell so he can reign over and torment them for all eternity.

The wicked know what they are doing. They might try to gaslight you into not seeing what they are doing or in not doing anything to oppose them, but they know what they are doing. — I see this on a daily basis at Rome. As soon as you put a value judgement on heresy, apostasy, immorality or show canonically that the Renunciation is invalid, they lose all composure and snap at you like mad devils, a torrent of lies and abuse coming from their mouths. Their faces warp with the most nasty and biting expressions. They cannot endure your presence and run off. — Though this is not new. When I was studying at Rome 7 years ago, I found the same spirit, though confined, to certain faculties of theology in the Pontifical Institutes. But now this spirit reigns, it has captured the Vatican by guile and treachery.

Finally, I want to emphasize that, when Saint John says a third of the stars, I believe he means nearly all of them in that age, because in the night sky you can only see about a third of the visible sky on any one night.

And we have entered the night…. and it is WAR!

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do Thou, o Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Power of God, thrust down into Hell Satan, and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world, seeking the ruin of souls!

Saint Michael the Archangel, First Defender of the Kingdom of Christ, pray for us!


* I heard this explanation from an old Franciscan priest, when I became a Franciscan. I no longer remember the Saints he cited. And he has now passed from this life.

A Great Temptation or Testing has been set before us….

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We are in a great spiritual test. And it is a test of discernment.

And the trial is not a complex one.

We are being asked, without words, “What does it mean to be a Christian?”

And if think the answer is, “Obey your superiors no matter what”. Then you are a NAZI, not a Christian.

And if you cannot discern when your pastor is a Nazi or Pagan or Satanist, and think being a Christian means obeying without questioning, then you will fail this test, get vaccinated and die within the next few months or years.

But if you know and believe with all your heart and mind that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, is God, and is the Lord of your life, and as Creator holds you in His hand against the forces of the world, the flesh and Satan, you will know that discernment is essential to remaining His faithful disciple. And then you will mistrust politicians, doubt journalists, refuse dangerous medical practices, not put your hope in hospitals or doctors who are paid by the State, and decline the Vaxx, refuse the Mask and ignore the Sanitary Dictatorships ludicrous pharaseism.

Alas, the majority of the Catholic world has already failed this test. And they will most likely find no salvation, because they won’t even admit that they did anything wrong. They have practiced the same false version of Christianity they have chosen and learned to live and love.

All around the world, the Catholic hierarchy and clergy are perfecting the perfidious betrayal of Christ, begun with the refusal to celebrate Easter in 2020, with the insistence their flocks take the Death Vaxx.  They really want you to drop dead and go down to hell with themselves. Such men are not vicars of Christ, but vicars of Lucifer.

But for us who still have eyes to see, Our Lord warns us to see and hear with discernment.

Finally, it is not a sin, but a work pleasing to God, to physically and morally separate yourself from false shepherds. Now more than ever, a Christian needs to take his prayers in private directly to Jesus Christ and ask for the light of salvation, knowing that FROM HIS THRONE OF MERCY AND GRACE one can obtain help in every need and light to solve all problems, IF WE BUT ASK WITH HUMILITY AND PERSEVERANCE.

Our Lady Promised a Miracle to prove that Benedict XVI is the only true Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Our Lady came to Fatima to announce that God Himself has ordained that for all the problems of our age, there is only one means of salvation for mankind: that they turn to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and devote themselves to imitating Her faith in Jesus Christ.

As part of Her Divine diplomatic mission She indicated that She had come to save the Church from Ecclesial Freemasonry, for She chose to appear at Fatima, in the Diocese of Cardinal Cunha, from whose episcopal consecration descends the consecrations of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the principle members of the Mafia of St. Gallen, sending St. Michael the Archangel, the Angel of Peace, the year before hand to teach us of the threat which hung over humanity:

O my God, I believe, adore, await and love Thee! — And I ask pardon for THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE, DO NOT ADORE, DO NOT AWAIT AND DO NOT LOVE THEE!

She warned us of the errors of Russia, which were orchestrated and planned by the Masonic Banks of New York City and London.  She foretold the persecution of the Church by Her enemies.  She foretold an apparent Pope and a true Pope who would be contemporaries.

And as a solution to all these threats and problems, She proposed 1 solution:  THAT RUSSIA BE CONSECRATED TO HER IMMACULATE HEART BY THE POPE WITH ALL THE BISHOPS.

So, I ask all of you who doubt Benedict XVI is the true pope.  Wait for Bergoglio to die, and THEN BEFORE THERE IS ANOTHER CONCLAVE, ask Benedict XVI to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart, and ask all the Bishops to do this with him.

And Russia will convert in the twinkling of an eye to the Catholic Faith, as Padre Pio promised. And that will be a sign to all, that there is no need for another conclave: that Bergoglio was a usurper, and that Benedict XVI never resigned from the papacy.

Remember and propose this.

And those who refuse this challenge, show by this means on what side they truly stand: with the Deceiver.

For those who are Death Vaxxed, the only hope left is to recognize Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is no greater folly than to believe a liar, and no greater wisdom than to believe a truth-teller. But the greatest prudence of all is to believe a truth-teller who knows all or who has heard all truth from God.

These are the fundamental epistemological principles upon which faith in the true God is based, that we believe only those things about Him and His Will, which He Himself has revealed through Himself, His Son, His Angels and Saints and the messengers He has approved as worthy through the working of miracles.

And so true are His promises, that we should meditate on them day and night, just as it says in Scripture, that he who meditates upon them day and night is blessed (Psalm 1:2).

Against the Terrible Things to Come, God has promised salvation

And this salvation can be known in these promises of God, if we meditate upon them.

This being the case, I will expound here a great promise of mercy hidden in the promises of God, for all mankind, so that all, in particular those who are vaxxed, may be saved even from the Vaxx, if they but do what God has asked.

Salvation is not possible if you do not think you need it

Salvation is a concept which is incomprehensible to those who think they have no need of it.  No cow, rushing with the herd to a cliff edge, thinks of salvation, precisely because it does not think and simply follows the herd.

Likewise, if a man does simply what the majority of foolish men do, he will arrive at the same destruction as the fool.

This is all the more true during an event of Mass Induced Psychosis, in which we are living. And is it called the Scamdemic by those who see it for what it is.

And a lot of fools violated the first principle of faith in believing liars. But worse than this, these violated the First Commandment of the Law: thou shalt have no strange Gods before Me.  Because in mistrusting God the Creator who created them, and Who created all living things, and Who thus gave them an immune system and a genome which is most marvelous, they chose rather to trust in liars who offered the “all saving” experimental serum, and took the Vaxx which is the mark of adherence of fools to liars, and to the prince of liars, who is Satan, the Beast.

And thus all these have committed a great sin.

God has decreed that all the Vaxxed are to be put to death

And it appears that this great sin has invoked the eternal wrath of God. Because just as there is now about 33% of humanity which has committed this sin of folly and forgetfulness of God, so as Scripture curses them, saying:

« Let them be completely turned unto Hell, all the nations which are forgetful of God », Ps. 9:18.

So, God Has commanded their destruction, as St. John the Apostle foretold long ago, when he warned us of things to come, saying:

“And the sixth angel sounded the trumpet: and I heard a voice from the four horns of the great altar, which is before the eyes of God, [14] Saying to the sixth angel, who had the trumpet: Loose the four angels, who are bound in the great river Euphrates. [15] And the four angels were loosed, who were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year: for to kill the third part of men.” (Apocalypse 9:13-15)

Now, that these shall be slain because they are enemies of God, we have it from Our Lady at La Salette to Melanie:

20. … Then Jesus Christ by an act of His justice and of His great mercy for the just, will command to His angels that all His enemies be put to death. All at once the persecutors of the Church of Jesus Christ and all men devoted to sin will perish, and the earth will become like a desert.

So, since it’s sane and rational to suppose, that since God has never through his prophets or Saints foretold of two events whereby He will punish a third of humanity with death, it is reasonable to conclude that Our Lady and Saint John the Apostle are speaking about the same thing.

And since about 33% have taken the Vaxx, which is a horrible effrontery to the living God, we rightly conclude that these have by this sin and folly made themselves the enemies of God, and shall be put to death by an extraordinary intervention of God, releasing some sort of Angelic band to slay them.

But is there any hope for those who have been death Vaxxed?

For those who do not repent, there is no hope. As Scripture teaches:

“And hath forgotten the covenant of her God: for her house inclineth unto death, and her paths to hell.” (Proverbs 2:18)

And again,

“Thy pride is brought down to hell, thy carcass is fallen down: under thee shall the moth be strewed, and worms shall be thy covering” (Isaias 14:11)

But for those who do repent, there is hope, as is written:

“If that nation against which I have spoken, shall repent of their evil, I also will repent of the evil that I have thought to do to them.” (Jeremiah 18:8)

The Requirements of Repentance

Repentance is not merely an act of the lips, it must come from the heart and it must be directed against not only the sins we have committed but also the root of those sins.  If we fail in this full repentance, we have never really repented, we have only expressed regret that the root of our sin has brought us to commit sin, which is not repentance, but rather merely a vain and evil regret.

So to repent of taking the Death Vaxx requires rejecting all that lead us to commit that horrible sin against the Creator.

  1. That you trusted liars, more than God.
  2. That you did not believe Scripture which warned us of the mark of the Beast to come.
  3. That you did not refrain from accepting a serum developed from the slaughter of innocents in the womb.
  4. That you believed in the illusions of social media, rather that in the reality before your eyes.

These are the general categories of sin, but to get down to specifics, who is the liar you have believed and who is the man of God whom you have disbelieved.  Who is the man who told you to take the Death Vaxx regardless of the fact that it was made from cells and tech derived from slaughtering children, and who is the man who told you that this was never lawful?

The answer is clear, for us Catholics:  “Pope Francis” told you to take the Death Vaxx. And Pope Benedict XVI told you that it is gravely immoral to take vaccines made from aborted children.

But if you were Death Vaxxed, it is probably because you already believed liars telling you that Bergoglio is the Pope, and refused to believe truth tellers who told you that Benedict XVI is the Pope and that Bergoglio is a raving apostate and heretic, not to be listened to. (All the evidence: here)

So that you took the Death Vaxx was a consequence or result of your first sin of rejecting the true Pope, Benedict XVI, and of accepting a liar as your vicar of Christ, which is a blasphemy against the living God.

And, as a matter of fact, all the Catholics whom I know who recognize Pope Benedict XVI NEVER TOOK THE DEATH VAXX.  And who have taken the Death Vaxx recognize Bergoglio as the Pope.

This is not a mere coincidence.

I do not know of any non-Catholic who recognized that Benedict XVI is the true Roman Pontiff but who took the death vaxx. Rather, they all seem to believe that Bergoglio is the pope.

And Our Lady indicated that this was the root of their sin at Fatima

Our Lady told us many things at Fatima, which Sr. Lucia faithfully reported. And in these revelations and promises, I find confirmation of what i have just expounded.

For at Fatima, Our Lady said there is no salvation for the world in the evils which are about to befall it (after 1917 A. D.) except in Her Immaculate Heart, and as a remedy for all these evils, God wills that Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart.  And that if this is done by the true Pope, Russia will be converted to the Catholic Faith as a sign to the nations.

But what does conversion mean, but entering into full ecclesial communion with the true Roman Pontiff.  And the true Roman Pontiff is Pope Benedict XVI.

But what is the great evil which Our Lady warned us against, if Russia is not converted?

This is well known. Our Lady’s exact words, as told us by Sr. Lucia Santos are thus:

“Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer and various nations will be annihilated.”

And one of these chief errors, spread by Russia, was “evolutionism”, which convinced many to believe that God was NOT their creator and that man could make himself better by technology.

So Our Lady said the ultimate punishment from God will be the annihilation of nations. And we know that there are already many nations which are more than 66% death vaxxed.  We know also that the experts who are truth tellers say that all who are death vaxxed will be dead in 3-10 years because of its destructive effect on their immune system, on their blood circulation and on their organic integrity.

So Our Lady at Fatima was warning us of the Death Vaxx.  She also warned us about the Bishop in White in the time of a true Pope. She also warned us that the Holy Father and many Cardinals, Bishops, religious and faithful would be murdered by bullets and arrows.  Many thought these words were literal, but perhaps they are metaphors for the Death Vaxx, which, according to reports has been given to Pope Benedict XVI by Bergoglio’s henchmen and to many such persons.

The conclusion we can derive from Our Lady’s teaching at Fatima is this:  that all who convert to the true Pope will be saved through Her Immaculate Heart.  All who repent of being separated from the true Pope will find God’s Mercy in the only way He has promised it to our age.

Return to Benedict XVI if you want to be saved

We know from the infallible teaching of Pope Boniface VIII in his bull, Unam Sanctam, that for salvation it is necessary for all men to recognize the true Pope and submit in faith and ecclesial communion with him.  Thus, we can say that the teaching of Our Lady at Fatima is precisely a case study of this truth, that is, a reaffirmation of this promise of salvation.

And this means, that for the Death Vaxxed, there is hope IF:

  1. They repent of their sin against God the Creator, right reason and all men of good will who told them otherwise, of taking the Death Vaxx.
  2. That they confess this sin and its root, the rejection of the true Roman Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI.
  3. That they dedicate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of the Holy Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin, and beg Her for the miracle of God’s salvation from the death vaxx.

And to do this, they need to go to confession to a Priest in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, who alone would grant them the absolution which they need, to be loosed from the terrible sentence of destruction, which God has indicated from of old, against all His Enemies.

And they can be confident even of miracles, because if they confess their sins, thus, they will no longer be the enemies of God. And Our Lady expressly told Melanie at La Salette, that Her Son would send His Angels to slay “God’s Enemies”.  And thus, if confessed, they are no longer His enemies. And this is so certain, that Our Lord told St. Margaret Marie Aloqoque, in regard to sins which we truly repent of and confess, “I myself as God remember them no more”.  So since He does not remember them as God, He cannot as God order their punishment by His Justice. Ergo.

In this exposition, I have cited only Scripture, facts, approved apparitions and Papal teaching.  I therefore hold its conclusion to be certain.  And I do believe that if the faithful beg God for miracles of mercy, according to these truths expounded above, that even those who have taken the Death Vaxx, can, if they repent, obtain the miracle of not dying from it, if not from eternal damnation for the sin of taking it.  There is no other known hope.

Let us therefore, be Apostles of Mercy, and preach hope.

REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me! Amen.

Let us not fear the death of the body, let us fear the death of the soul

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

God has not created us for this world, but has intended us to be capable of the world to come. He has graced us beyond all graces in raising us to the dignity of His adopted sons in Baptism and in saving us from the servitude of Satan by the power and grace merited by His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, upon His Cross.

Thus, let us not fear more the death of the body, than the death of the soul.

The body is born once and it will die.

But the soul is created by God and will exist forever.

Ours is the choice of whether to have a soul which will be eternally dead and damned, burning in the inferno of Hell with Satan.

Or, to have a soul which will be eternally alive and blessed, beholding God face to face in the beatitude of Heaven, with the joyous company of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all the Angels and Saints.

If we, at the contemplation or consideration of our own mortality, can naturally incline to sadness at the only thing worthy of it in this world: losing the companionship of our loved ones in this world, we should tamp that down, with the consideration, that if we but die as God’s friends in the state of grace, we shall be taken into a much more perfect communion of the Saints, who are closer to our loved ones than we can ever be in this world.

For the faithful Catholic, physical death is not the end, nor is life in the world to come to be presumed.

We must confess all our mortal sins and repent of all our sins. We must do penance and good works and atone for our wrong doings.

But let us never fail in our hope in the God Who had descended from Heaven and died for us and called us into the wonderful Kingdom of His Love, apart from which there is no salvation: which Kingdom in this world is the Catholic Church.

After death comes only judgement, in life there is yet abundant mercy.

Let us live in such a way as to merit, not a demotion or end in death, but a promotion and ticket to the greatest party and feast in all the universe: the Empyrean Heaven.

I thank you all for praying for me, but pray more for the graces to continue or begin in such a life of hope. If God be knocking at my door, it is a knock I have been waiting for from my youth, and preparing. May God have mercy upon me, and may my Lady receive my sacrifice.

Why do you hate Benedict XVI so much that you do not want him back?

Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I think at last, we who follow Canon Law and recognize it places us under a divine obligation to follow its terms in a papal resignation, on account of the word of Christ to Pope John Paul II: Whatsoever you bind upon Earth, shall be bound in Heaven – A direct reference to all papal laws regarding the transfer of the Papal office — of which Canon 332 is the key in the present crisis — We, I say, who follow Canon Law, need to ask those who for 8 years, after countless speakers, writers, bloggers, journalists, priests, Bishops and Cardinals have talked on the matter, but still continue to refuse that he is the one and only true Pope: WHY DO YOU HATE BENEDICT SO MUCH?

Because there really has to be a strong visceral hatred of Pope Benedict XVI to prevent many Catholics who know of this controversy and have the time to read the evidence, to fail to do so and recognize him as the one and only true Pope, NOT only because the facts and the law are 100% in favor of Pope Benedict XVI still being the pope, but ALSO because returning to POPE BENEDICT XVI is the easiest, fastest, and most complete way to reject the claims and errors of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in his pretension to be pope!

Even Sedes, who want a strong argument could not find one stronger, less in need of private interpretation, more clear and effective.


Could it be one or more of these reasons?

  • You do not give a bleep who is pope, you only care that your local parish or mass center accepts you each Sunday at Mass, so you can worship yourself in peace.
  • You do not give a bleep about God being Truth and requiring us to live in the truth, obey the laws of the Church, because religion for you has nothing to do with eternal judgement according to the laws of God. You are quite happy to grasp for that salvation promised to you by men, regardless of the fact that they have no power to provide salvation apart from God’s laws?
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he restored the Ancient Roman Mass to the faithful by granting them legal rights to have it and celebrate it.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he kicked more pedos and sodomites out of the priesthood than any other pope.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he attacked the dictatorship of relativism, upon which you have based your entire character, habits, life, friendships and career.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he represents paternal authority, hierarchical order, law and justice, and you want a Christianity or prefer a Catholicism, where ritual and faith is divorced from morality and obligation, and women do not have to submit to their husbands.
  • You actually do want the religion being ushered out by Bergoglio, because you already adore some creature in your heart, like sex, money, power, esteem etc., more that God, and to have a Catholicism in which you can practice your internal idolatries out in the open — like dumping your wife and taking another — while still being able to attend the TLM or show yourself religious on Sunday at your parish, is your heartfelt deepest desire.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because the Cardinals all despise and hate him and you are such a knave that if they won’t come to his defense, then neither will you.

But if none of these is the reason why you wont recognize Benedict XVI as the pope, even though he did not renounce the petrine munus as Canon 332 literally and explicitly requires, then please admit to yourself today, that you have NO reason for your perfidy but sloth and  irrationality. And what do you think that merits you before God?

Our Lady at La Salette told Melanie that at one point the Lord would be so angered at humanity that He will send His Angels and slay all His enemies. In the Apocalypse, the Horsemen wearing crowns (coronas) will kill a third of humanity.

Maybe, just maybe, all those who rejected Benedict and continue to embrace Bergoglio, the Vaxx preacher, are going to get the punishment they deserve?

Fear God, I say. And repent.  There is little time now. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse Cometh!

The Masonic Lodge, MkUltra, Population control & the project to damn as many souls as possible

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the most demonic projects of modern times is the Masonic goal of destroying human civilization through the spread and diffusion of pornography.

Pornography is the most alluring and destructive psychological manipulation tactic that the worshipers of Satan have used, because it exploits a natural tendency of mankind and repurposes it to the destruction of self and others, the degradation of the image of God in man, and the sterilization of cultures.

The Masonic Lodge, as I have mentioned many times, is a coven of perverse psychopaths. They may very well also be the sons of witches, so great is their devotion to evil. And yet the higher and knowledgeable levels of Freemasonry keep many of the lower levels in the dark, so that just as carnal men cannot understand their betrayal of God through carnal sins or omissions, so they can lead the most men and women possible into their network of control and power, for the damnation of all of humanity.

To join any society which does not name Jesus Christ as the sole savior and require faith in the God Whom He has revealed, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is a grave sin of rebellion to God and already merits a certain sort of dark sin which opens the doors to psychopathy and diabolic possession.  And thus, it is the very existence of the Masonic Lodge which fulfills is primary purpose of existence.

But the use of pornography to attain these goals is central to the way Freemasonry recruits members and obtains control of them. They associate with non-freemasons in every social context possible, and form friendships with other men and women. Then they admit that they practice some sort of deviant sexual behavior and many even list such behaviors to discover to which one the non-mason is lured most. Then they offer access to such perversions and use that knowledge to blacklist and control the non-mason, even if afterwards he does not join the Lodge.

The legalization and diffusion of pornography is thus a key element in Masonic world domination. The upgrading of the Internet in the 90s to contain images allowed the internet to become the “web woven over all the nations” — as Isaiah calls death — to push pornography into the view of all human beings, of whatever gender or age.

The recent push by Globalists to isolate everyone and to make them dependent on the internet and cellphone with graphic abilities are thus not casual accidents but rather part and parcel of the program to enslave all souls to Satan through impurity.

Our Lady warned us against this at Fatima, when she said the majority of souls who go to Hell, go there because of sins of impurity.

God the Creator hates impurity because it repurposes the greatest natural power he has given mankind — that of participating with Him in the creation of a new human person — and redirects this to purposeless and addictive self-gratification and the destruction of family life.

In fact, if you have had the misfortune of knowing anything about pornography, none of it has anything to do with a husband and wife, and all of it is designed to make the person who looks upon it addicted to forms of venereal activity which cannot produce life, or if they could, would do so outside of the family, so that the child conceived could become more easily controlled by Masonic institutions.

Pornography is as much a mythology as it is a perversion. As a perversion, there is no right use of it, and he is a fool who thinks otherwise. It is disgusting, shameful, twisted, and created by persons who have so sense of self dignity or any grasp of morality. Its publishers are psychopaths, who aim to make money by destroying families and degrading human beings to a level lower than dogs. And Christians should lobby and vote so that the entire industry be outlawed and its publishers given capital punishment, as all barbarians and enemies of humanity deserve.

Pornography is essentially anti-human, because the intimacy of a human being is something which belongs by right to no one but that person and his or her spouse.  Thus to look upon another human being stripped bare is a violation of that person’s human dignity, even if you do not know who that person is.

Pornography is also a mythology, because nearly everything in pornography contains the promotion of things or behaviors which are highly unsound medically and biologically disordered.  The parts of the human body made for procreation belong only together and not in contact with those parts of the body used for eating or excrementation.  Any idiot can see this. And to obstruct the conception of new life is the greatest attack on one’s own dignity and the greatest robbery of benefits from the prospective father and mother.  Finally, the distortion of the venereal powers, from being directed to conception of a new human person toward pleasure for itself, is a pathological form of psychosis, which can only lead to sociopathy:  the belief that one is not obliged by the moral law in certain cases, which leads to all kinds of criminality and abuse of others and self — and to psychopathy: the belief that there is no moral law and that all things can be allowed.

Pornography also has the aims, thus, of sterilizing nations, exterminating Christian peoples, taking away the basic natural motivations for life, which consist in forming a family and enjoying the unity and benefits of family life. Man without children is a man without purpose who exists only to be enslaved by the purposes of others. He cannot work for his own benefit, since he has no benefit which is truly his own without wife and children.

Pornography is the chief cause of effeminacy. Because instead of seeking a wife and having children, so, so many men prefer simply to abuse themselves or others to have the venereal pleasure without family or children. And a man who takes such pleasure by himself is no different from a sodomite, because there is absolutely no other sexual orientation but the natural one, everything else is a lustful addiction to self abuse or to being abused sexually by others.

Pornography also makes a person cold, soul-less, selfish, vain, empty, proud, unfaithful, undisciplined, inconstant and sick in the mind, prone to exploit others for mere passing feelings.

When you realize how demonic are the forces behind pornography, perhaps then you can turn back to God and beg the grace to be liberated from the terrible vice of condoning it in any manner.  Many want to be freed from this, but because there are so many errors involved in pornography — the more principal ones which I have named above — unless you reject all these errors it is easy to fall back into this sin, because of the many breaches of error which have been forced open in the conscience by this sin and wicked practice.

Pornography is so evil that every Christian has the right to destroy porn, even if it is not his own property, whether it be printed, sculpted or in electronic form. Even in the family, every member has the right to insist that no one living under the same roof keep it.

Those keeping porn, themselves, need to recognize that by doing so they are rejecting all that which makes a man a rational, civilized, moral and family-oriented being.

As Christians we need to preach against pornography, blacklist all corporations which promote it, exclude from politics all political parties in favor of it, and seek the prosecution of all politicians and businessmen who allow it for spreading dangerous medical misinformation and for promoting the sexual abuse of minors, where pornography always leads to.

Begin today your own personal war against porn, by removing from your home all that falls under this category, destroying it by fire or breaking CDs or video cassettes which contain it. Install protecting filters on your computer if you have this addiction. And confess this sin and vice as soon as you can, while professing all the truths which it attempts to undermine:  that God our Creator gave us the greatest natural power of procreation which can only be used licitly and effectively and usefully in the procreation of children of our own with our spouse in holy matrimony and which God never intended to be used at any other time for any other purpose, on account of the great dignity of this power and the very nature of man, who is made in the image and likeness of His Creator.

Chose God and hold fast in faith to the wonderful truths and proper use of the powers he has given you. Reject Satan and his minions in the Masonic Lodges, halls of power and economics, and followers in society, and live chastely and uprightly in the sight of the living God.

Finally, we must all remember that the first Divine Command to the human race is this: “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth”.  Thus, if you do not have the vocation to be a priest or monk, you have the divine duty to marry and have children. Padre Pio advised every Catholic couple to have 8 children. Seeing how most have sterilized themselves through porn, abortion and/or other forms of selfishness, I would recommend to each couple to have 16 or 20.  In consequence, this means, that the entire Catholic community should be vigilant to help young people find their future spouse and marry well. We cannot afford to ignore this most important apostolate of promoting the Catholic Family. Catholic employers can do their part, by stop giving to secular causes, and direct all disposable funds to increasing the wages of those workers who have respected God and trusting in His Name by having more children.

On the Coming restoration of Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

July 9, 2021 A. D.: While things look darker and darker every day, the facts and events bear out an inexorable process which has manifested the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as a complete canonical fraud and his claim to the papacy not worth a shred of used toilet paper.

While seemingly irrefutable in his apparent claims to the Papacy, the doubts have ever been growing, from the indiscrete admissions of his own allies such as Cardinal Danneels and Austin Ivereigh to the persistent inquiries into the canonical invalidity of Pope Benedict XV’s Declaratio of February 2013.

The major waypoints in this process were Ann Barnhardt’s declaration of war against the substantial error implicit in the Declaratio, which she launched in June of 2016. Though many notable commentators had previously pointed out problems, Barnhardt was the first to unequivocally and notoriously call the act invalid to remove the Papal office (munus) from Pope Benedict.

When Msgr. Niccolo Bux in October 2018 publicly affirmed that it would be easier to demonstrate the Renunciation invalid that to canonical determine that Bergoglio was a heretic, a stormy and vivacious debate burst out in the English speaking world from November 2018 to February 2019.

That debate ended with a hands down victory for the party of Pope Benedict, when every possible canonical, logical, linguistic, philosophical and theological objection to the assertion of invalidity was refuted. I gathered up the arguments in my Scholastic Question, which so far has never been refuted by anyone anywhere with or without a degree in Canon Law, Theology or Philosophy.

Since February 2019, a series of objectors and journalists have rehashes these arguments in diluted form only to be slapped down again and again with facts, laws and the testimonies of public witnesses.  Here at FromRome.Info, which has documented these feeble attempts at counter-attack, readers have the near weekly occasion to read critiques of all the major interlocutors on this issue, who hold that Bergoglio is the Pope.

Following this debate, in 2020 it became publicly known, world-wide, that Archbishop Lenga and Bishop Gracida held that Benedict XVI is the pope and that Bergoglio is a manifest pertinacious heretic. Yet, neither of these Bishops were canonically censured or suspended.

Finally, in this year of Our Lord 2021, in the weeks prior to the 70th Anniversary of the Holy Father’s ordination to the priesthood, the battle here at Rome was begun in earnest, with Andrea Cionci’s numerous articles appearing at the beginning of March and going uninterrupted until the present day:  all of which have never been refuted by anyone in the Vatican or in Italy, Cardinal, Bishop, monsignor or canonist, theology or philosopher.  All of which prove without a doubt that Benedict XVI is still the pope.

The crucial fact which came to fore in these articles and investigations by Cionci are these:

  1. That Benedict XVI has always said, “There is only one pope”, but has never identified Bergoglio as that man.
  2. That Benedict XVI has denied that he has abdicated.
  3. That Benedict XVI still comports himself as the Pope and that no one in the Vatican can dissuade him or dare to stop him.
  4. Benedict XVI has undertaken a very wise, clever and discreet plan of maneuver to save the Papacy from the St. Gallen Mafia: the Plan B.

In terms of Canonical precedence, these facts and arguments being published in newspapers here at Rome and receiving no rebuttal for the space of 90 days thereafter, constitute canonical prove of the facts and conclusions and canonical tacit consent of all opponents.

At the same time, voices which are willing to be quoted in print, are increasingly found who insist Bergoglio is not the pope and that Benedict XVI never renounced the papacy.  This is a sea change. The momentum is now with the truth, not with the fake news hearsay.

Stunning were the revelations, too, that Cardinal Burke doubted the validity of the Renunciation from the first days following Feb. 11, 2013 and that he spoke openly of this to all his acquaintances at least until 2016.

Significant too was the independent film documentary, Il Messaggio nella Bottiglia, which explained in careful detail the historical fraud committed in Feb. 2013.  It has now been published with subtitles in Italian, English, Spanish and French, and is being distributed throughout the entire world to the Sacred Hierarchy and on multiple platforms.

But the final coup de grace came just the other day, when it was reported that even Archbishop Ganswein, the personal secretary of the Holy Father, cannot bring himself to publicly declare that Benedict XVI has ever identified Bergoglio as “the one and only pope”, even while he himself, calls both popes, and insists that Bergoglio is the only true pope.

The narrative which has foisted Bergoglio into the Papacy and sustained his claim is now totally destroyed. Like the waning health of the Argentine upstart, there is now nothing standing in the way of the full restoration of Pope Benedict: God’s call to Bergoglio to leave this life, will put an end to his imposture and leave a void in which there can be no rational or canonical basis not to recognize that Benedict XVI has always been the only true pope.

Why I think Paul VI and John Paul II are more likely damned, than Saints

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On July 7, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI struck down one of the biggest lies and frauds of the post-conciliar era.  A lie which stood for nearly 33 years, unopposed by Popes Paul VI and John Paul II.*

That lie was perpetrated by the Congregation for Divine Worship, on October 28, 1974, when it declared that the new Missal of Paul VI obrogated — that is legally replaced — the former Missale Romanum in force since the time of Saint Pius V in the 16th century.

And that lie, was no small lie.

It was used to persecuted millions of Catholics for 33 years, without one word or peep from the Vatican.

And that was not only a lie, it was a lie in written form to sustain a fraud, namely, that Paul VI had used papal power, and not nude force, to alter the worship of the Roman Church.

And that fraud was not only a fraud in itself, but a sacrilege against Holy Mother Church and the Faithful of Christ. Because that fraud was used to deprive them of the immemorial Mass and undermine the faith, devotion, spirituality and personal religious traditions and practices and sentiments and prayer life of 100s of millions of Catholics.

In sum, this lie, was no small sin, but one of cosmic, Satanic proportions.

And for that reason, those who knew of it, had a duty to strike it down, regardless of their political agenda.

But neither Paul VI nor John Paul II, both of whom had long enough pontificates to do this, did this.

And to tolerate injustice, when with a single word you could bring injustice to an end, is the most knavish and disgraceful behavior in any human person, more so in a man, who has the natural vocation to be a father, and even more so in a man of God who receives a solemn and divine obligation to shepherd the flock of Christ entrusted to him.

There can be no excuse for such negligence. And though we cannot judge the person of the pope, who has an office which places him above the judgement of all men, we can judge the acts of popes, when the deviate from the moral norm.

This being the case, such a negligence it totally incompatible with Sainthood, as every sane Catholic can see. Because if it is a mortal sin to rob $20 from another man, who is poor, as Saint Alphonsus dei Liguori teaches, how much more is it a sin to rob the Roman Mass from the Faithful of the Roman Catholic Church throughout all the word, and this for 33 years!

The battle against Benedict XVI, according to many commentators, began in earnest with the publication of Summorum Pontificum.  Since February 2013, those who benefited most from that decree are the most glaringly ungrateful for the Holy Father’s justice. They even go so far as to condemn him, who restored their rights.

But I believe the justice of God on the last day will totally vindicate Pope Benedict XVI for this great act of rectification.  For God is Truth and all the servants of Truth find merit before His throne.

Contrariwise, what are we to think of Paul VI and John Paul II for this sin of omission which cried out to heaven for 33 years.

I believe it is not improbable to conclude, that having never rectified it, and having had the time to do so, they could not possibly have died as friends of the God of Truth and Justice, Who is the Good Shepherd, Who gave His life for His sheep.

This consideration becomes more probable, when we reflect on the truth that the Mass comes from Christ, through the Hands of the Apostles and is protected and enriched through the working of the Holy Ghost and the Saints.  Therefore, the magnitude of pride and presumption and disdain that you have to muster in your heart to attack it and replace it with the mealy and distorted handiwork of a committee is extraordinary and monstrous, and cannot be reconciled with all that the Faith teaches us about how God regards those who attack His handiworks.

The above consideration is not invalidated by acts of canonization by someone who has no claim to the papacy himself.* Indeed, when the godless canonize anyone, we cannot be sure that they do it for honest motives, they may be merely revering the acts of other godless men.

+ + +

CREDITS: The Featured Image shows Pope Paul VI place the Cardinal’s hat upon Karol Wotyla.


*  Paul VI and John Paul II were “canonized” by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who claims to be Pope Francis, despite having no canonical argument that the renunciation of Benedict XVI was valid. (see more here)

Psyop tactics being used by the Globalists to sustain their narrative

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Since FromRome.Info is an independent website not subject to globalist control, it can publish articles which criticize their project and dismantle their narrative. And since a recent video which I produced has gotten more than 130,000 views on alone, and many more on other platforms where it has now been copied, FromRome.Info has begun to be targeted by experts in psyop warfare.

Observing their tactics and taking the proper response, which is simply to erase their comment and never reply, I want however to share what I have learned with the general public, so that you too can learn how to counter their tactics.

Globalist Assets

First, it is a known fact that the UK Government has repurposed their anti-terrorist cyber warfare unit against those who attack the Globalist narrative. This is because the UK Govt is completely controlled by the Pilgrim Society, one of the leading Globalist Masonic groups. — The UK Govt is also responsible for creating global Islamic terrorism, by supporting Al Quaeda and ISIS, so that while we were looking the other way, they could promote a surveillance state to prepare for the Plandemic, something which was hatched nearly a century ago, if we are to believe Adolf Hitler, who said his party would return as a religion in 2019. And we must assume that the US, French and German Governments, which are controlled completed by the Masonic Lodges of New York City, Parish and Berlin, are doing the same thing.

Globalist objectives

Second, the goal of the Globalists, we must remember, is what Klaus Schwab announced in this book on the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

  1. Kill all but 1 billion people, leaving alive 500 million Chinese and Japanese who are peoples used to tyranny.
  2. Do this by a Vaccination program, organized famines, and wars “which we will incite”.

How they are achieving their objective with the Vaxx

For this reason, the mad rush to vaccinate everyone is not merely a panic, it’s planned and a central component.  Numerous reports have noted that the Vaxx will sterilize men and women, contains the deadly toxic spike protein, and is 99% graphene oxide which is so toxic, it would only be added to your body to kill you. Also vaccines for coronaviruses kill their patients by antibody priming, in which your body is excessively prepared to defend against another similar infection and when infected kills you by producing to many effects, such as fever mucous, etc., which would normally help fight an infection.

Added to this is the other deadly side-effect, that a mRNA therapy designed to program your immune system to defend against one pathogen or toxin, will cause an unnatural balance in your immune system and thus make it much more difficult for your system to defend against other pathogens.  This is already being seen in Israel, where in the heat of summer, thousands are getting sick from common colds which never before manifested in summer, since the human body can so easily defend against them in that season.

Agenda for Globalist Pysop program

So for all these reasons, the Globalist psyop has a lot to do to maintain the narrative.

  • Their first target is to attack the experts who are talking.
  • Their second target is to censor all social media.
  • Their third target is to pull the plug on the most influential websites if they can.
  • Their fourth target is to attack the credibility of websites which begin to have an influential role in disseminating any of the above information or sites.

And this is the only reason, I believe, that I have seen several new kinds of trolls here at FromRome.Info in just the last 2 weeks.

And these trolls, have exhibited the following tactical methods:

  1. Feigning an email of an expert and demanding a news story be removed from this website.
  2. Claiming a news story is unreliable or false and demanding it be removed.
  3. Claiming that part of a story is false or one of the speakers is unreliable.
  4. Claiming that a speaker does not have the credentials claimed.
  5. Praising part of a news story but calumniating another part of it.
  6. Demanding that a site like FromRome.Info which republishes information, respond to technical or expert questions which rightfully should be addressed to experts.
  7. Insisting that news stories contain exaggerations or misrepresentations.
  8. Denying 2+2=4 and other similar things, in any news story and insisting that those who can think are exaggerating or jumping to conclusions.
  9. Insulting the publisher by personal attacks, designed to prick vanity and pride and incite an excessive public response. The more outrageous the attack, the more they think it will succeed.

My counsel regarding these kinds of attacks is this:

The only way to respond to these is normally only by simply erasing their emails or comments.

Some of these who practice n. 8 merit a published strong rebuke, but do not waste your time with all of them. Do not change your approach to publishing news and reposting articles. Remember, if you repost or republish, you are not obliged to know all the facts, since you are only reporting that it is newsworthy that another site has published an article or video about this topic.

I highly recommend, taking pleasure in one thing: erasing comments by those engaged in one of the above 9 tactics. Acquire this habit and it will make your day, when you have to erase more comments than usual. Maintain a high quality of comment at your site by approving only the best ones or only those by well-behaved individuals, and definitely do not set your site to publish all comments, or else the pysops will high-jack your good work and use it for their goals.

Finally, do what you do for the truth, not for any egotistic goal, and you will remain free from such manipulation.

So beware of Globalist pysopers and gas lighters. They are out there, but you will not see their comments on FromRome.Info because I do not tolerate their kind of trash.

Here, at FromRome.Info, they have joust with a student of Scholastic Theology, and they cannot hope to win in that fight.

Father Z’s Dares Righteousness but needs some major guidance

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Father John Zuhlsdorf, who is known on the Net simply as, “Father Z”, from his famous blog by the same name, did something the other day which only a handful of Catholic priests have dared to do in the last 8 years: he spoke publicly about the controversy over the “resignation” of Pope Benedict XVI.

His post is entitled, “The Question of Two Pope Bothers a lot of people. Some Thoughts” and it was published on June 29, 2021.

I know at least 4 priests who would not have the courage, even though they privately recognize Benedict XVI as the true pope.

And so, for that daring, Father Zuhlsdorft deserves praise and applause from all Catholics everywhere.

We live in a time when the clergy, alas, have fallen nearly totally silent about the truths of the Faith and about the errors and falsehoods of our day. And of the greatest of these errors is that which regards understanding what happened — or, as Ann Barnhardt rightly says in a more correct language, what did NOT happen — on Feb. 11, 2013, in the Sala Clementina, from approximately 11:30 AM local time until about 11:40 P.M..

The Vatican announced that Benedict XVI had resigned. Benedict XVI three years later, in his official biography interview by Peter Seewald, however, would explicitly deny that he had abdicated. In other words, he is still the pope, but some sort of revolution or coup d’etat has taken place at the Vatican. A thing which is undeniable by all, since there are two “Popes” at the Vatican.

But since Father Zuhlsdorf has publicly opined upon the matter, and since he has in true humility admitted, as a prologue, that he is not an expert on the controversy, I will make some comments here about what I see are the grave errors which pepper his discussion and keep anyone reading it from arriving at a certain and true conclusion regarding which is the true pope.

Where Father Hunwicke got mislead

Father Zuhlsdorf opens by citing a historical example of a case in which there were two popes, believing by such reference to obtain some light on how to explain the current situation.  So he cites another rather well known Catholic priest blogger, Father Hunwicke, a convert, who lives in the United Kingdom.

Here I follow the citation of Father Zuhlsdorf:

Over at his splendid blog, Fr. John Hunwicke had an engaging piece provoked by the whirling of your planet back to the annual Feast of St. Silverius, Pope and Martyr (+537).

Fr. H used this occasion to look into a question which vexes many a thoughtful Catholic these days: two popes at the same time.  Possible?  Fact: Francis is going around doing pope things while Benedict lives in the Vatican Gardens still looking a lot like The Pope.  It’s a head-scratcher.

NB: Some people wave away questions about “two popes” or an invalid resignation.  To my mind, it is wrong-headed to gloss over hard questions that vex people, to turn a blind eye to them and whistle a happy tune with fingers deep into one’s ears.  There are people who are really upset by this situation.  We have an obligation to tackle these questions head on in order to put people at ease about them.   Let’s do that.

Back to Fr Hunwicke’s piece.

Background first:  In 537, the Byzantine general Flavius Belisarius entered Rome and deposed Pope Silverius who had been elected the previous year.  Belisarius brought in his own guy, Vigilius, and made him Pope while Silverius was still alive (for a few months, at least).  So, who was the real Pope?

Father Zuhlsdorf’s recourse to a historical example seems a reasonable way to proceed. But I submit that it is colored by the fact that he has grown up in the United States and come to believe that the Common Law principle of precedent is a good principle to apply in a dubious legal case of two popes.

Here Father gets it completely wrong in his presumption. Because the Roman Church has always chosen Roman Law not Common Law — which by the way did not even exist for some 800 years after the faith came to Rome — as Her legal system.  In Roman law, precedent has nearly no worth. What matters is what is the statuary law at the time a dispute arises, not what happened in past cases when the laws where different.

And such is the case of the example brought up by Father Hunwicke. Thus, whatever happened in that case, simply has no bearing whatsoever in regard to a solution in the present case.  This is true because in the present case, the laws which bear on determining whether the renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI was valid or not, were promulgated in 1983 in the New Code, which expressly abrogated and obrogated all past laws. Whereas, the case cited by Father Hunwicke took place some 1400 years before when there were no canons or laws regarding papal resignations, forced or otherwise.

Dom Guéranger’s quip is worthless and misleading in this debate

Now, in a controversy over law or rights, it is important to cite authorities. No one denies that. But the value of the authority depends on whether he has said anything pertinent to the debate.

Now there is no doubt that Dom Prosper Guéranger is a man worth citing. But since he died before the canons of the Church were codified in 1917 by Pope Benedict XV, he obviously approached the problem of a papal schism differently than we do today.  He had to, because there was no law to appeal to.

So citing this very learned Benedictine, as Father Zuhlsdorf does in citing Father Hunwicke, is again simply useless, even if the argument sounds good:

Hunwicke provides something from dom Gueranger concerning Silverius and Vigilius (my emphases):

“The inevitable play of human passions, interfering in the election of the Vicar of Christ, may perchance for a while render uncertain the transmission of spiritual power. But when it is proved that the Church … acknowledges in the person of a certain pope, until then doubtful, the true Sovereign Pontiff, this her very recognition is a proof that, from that moment at least, the occupant of the Apostolic See is as such invested by God himself.”

Do you get that?   No matter how strange a path by which some fellow became the one with his “bum in the chair”, when “the Church” acknowledges him, then he is the legitimate Pope.

It is simply useless, because we cannot pretend today that there is no law determining whether Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation is valid or not or makes him no longer the pope or not!  Nearly all who claim Bergoglio is the pope do entertain such a pretense, because if you don’t then you have to recognize that the law gives you no leg to stand on.

But that is not the only error, implicit in the citation of Dom Guéranger. Because, when we cannot know the facts of a case or the moral or legal principles by which it can be solved with certitude, we are forced to resort to reflex principles which indicate a probable or more probable solution.

So Dom Guéranger was right to resort to a reflex principle in a case in which he could not have known the facts well or personally. But we are wrong to do so, since we can easily have the facts of the case with certitude and can easily find the code of canon law in Latin which sets out the principles by which we can arrive with certitude at the correct answer.

A Shameful error in reading Latin

Now if anyone sees the Latin term, which is key in this controversy, and mistranslates it as office — for wont of a better term — I as a Latinist can excuse him, because I have done the same. But since Father Zuhlsdorf is rather famous for his Latinity, I will have to say that when he renders munus as office, it is a shameful error.

Admittedly Father Zuhlsdorf claims no expertise in this debate, and so perhaps does not know that Canon 17 explains how to understand the word munus, but after all that has been written, which is not hard to find on the internet, it is simply irresponsible to cite a translation of munus as office without at least pointing out the translation is wrong or insufficient to understand this controversy.

For if munus meant office, then in canon 145 §1, the Code would not define officium as a munus, under a certain sort of specification. It would simply say they mean the same thing. But it does not, therefore, in the mind of the legislator we must understand, as Canon 17 requires us, that the words do NOT mean the same thing.

And if you want to know what munus means, you can avail yourself of the only academic paper every submitted in a Conference at Rome, which followed the norm of canon 17 to discover what it means. And you can read it here. It was delivered 21 months ago and has never been refuted by anyone, anywhere.

Father Zuhlsdorf then wanders into quacksand

At this point, the learned Father Zuhlsdorf, who evidently does not know the principles of Canon Law, wanders off into speculating that the Office of the Pope can be separated from the Office of the Bishop of Rome.

This speculation has found favor and pleasure among some who are participating in this debate. But out of respect for them, I will not mention them by name.

Suffice it to say, that the office of Peter cannot be separated from the Bishopric of Rome, when both are understood properly, that is, according to the correct understanding of their terms.  We can know this with certainty, because Vatican I infallibly declared that the Pope has no authority over the deposit of the Faith. And the Deposit of the Faith includes Apostolic Tradition. Apostolic Tradition means what the Apostles handed down, left to us, for our instruction.  And obviously the office of St. Peter was left to the Church of Rome BY THE APOSTLE PETER. Hence it cannot be alienated from it by anyone.

To say otherwise is simple heresy. For it implies that Apostolic Tradition can be overthrown, corrected or changed. Now that is the doctrine of Bergoglio (e. g., in regard to the Our Father), but it is not Catholic.

And to imply that Pope Benedict XVI intended that, is not only unsubstantiated by any explicit statement, but requires a reading of his Declaratio of Feb. 11, 2013 which is artificial and strained at the best, and totally imaginary at the worst.

You do not have to play games of theological speculation, to find out whether the renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI is valid or not.  Simply read canon 332 and the text of the Declaratio and it is clear enough, if you want to see it, and if you are not a priest who is naming Bergoglio as the pope in the canon of the mass.

In Conclusion

Father Zuhlsdorf’s exposition of the controversy does contain some accurate parts, where he lays out the basic argument for the invalidity of the Declaratio to cause Benedict XVI to no longer be pope.

But for the most part his exposition is rambling and confusing and seems inconclusive.

I object strongly at his blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, in saying that that Divine Person might rig a papal election with the intent of giving us a bad pope.  God cannot will evil. To say so, is to call God the Devil.

And I demure at the entire post by Father Zuhlsdorf, because I think that if a priest open his mouth, he should at least give clear doctrine and not muddle the waters.

But what is lacking is grave also in this, that Father seems to think, by his noticeable omission, that if a priest names someone he doubts is the pope in the Canon of the Mass that he is not gravely sinning, or that if he names someone whom God knows is not the pope, he is not gravely sinning.  This omission in the article is very shocking, because it pretends to a form of Catholicism in which the manner of the offering of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is one which is acceptable to God when it is rubrically correct, regardless of whom it is offered in communion with, a true or false pope. And that makes a mockery of the Divine Majesty.