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An American Anthropologist goes to London

by an Objective Observer

I recently had the first opportunity in my life to visit the capital of the United Kingdom, a nation about which I have read many history books, on account of my personal fascination with the British Isles.

I sensed something awfully wrong as soon as I landed at the airport. Because, when you do this in the capital of most nations, you will immediately see that the majority of passengers are natives returning home.

But in the United Kingdom, that is not the case, as I found it difficult to discern in the crowd more than 10% of the persons as of British Descent. — As a note, to get my degree in Cultural Anthropology we had to study the forms and shapes of human beings from around the world: this is a discipline known as physical anthropology, and it was invented, in part, in the United Kingdom, so it is a native science there, in a sense.

But what I saw was an airport filled with passengers who appeared to all share heritage from the former British Empire. I felt immediately as if I was in Calcutta, Lahore, or Singapore.

The situation did not change when I arrived in the town where I was staying. The Barber shop looked in every way British, but for the sign on the wall, in the most elegant Arabic Script, announcing that there is only One God but Allah!

Even the beggar at the street corner concealed his islamic prayer beads as he sought alms from those whose skin was much whiter than himself. A strange form of racism indeed!

I had great difficulty at the Food Court in one major shopping mall, because the help at the counter tried to speak British English with an accent from anywhere from Jamaica to Lahore. They also spoke in such a broken English, that I had to ask several times what they met.

The maxim of my British professor of world History came immediately back to mind, as I sough directions to go to center city London.  A man vested as an official, whose duty it was to give directions, told me to seek the line I needed to board on the other side of the passage way. But upon arriving there and seeing no indication, I ask the man at the newstand, who repleat with white tubular hat, would not have seemed out  of place in Cairo or Baghdad.  He however told me that the the line I sought was where I came from.  But after following his advice and finding that was also wrong, I understood what my history professor had said:  Telling the truth is not a value in most of the world: what they think is important is giving you whatever answer will make you feel satisfied and go away.

The height of the amusement, which I encountered, was on the day I returned home. At the airport, wanting to obtain a few British Pounds to purchase a meal, the Money Exchange person, who was evidently hired just for his skin colour, which was definitely not African, told me I could purchase 35 Sterling for the price of 17 Euros. “Really!”, I said, “That’s would be wonderful.” — But being a Christian, I remarked, “Are you sure you are right?” He said, “Yes, sir!”. Whereupon his colleague, who was much more bright in both skin color and wit, said, to his colleague, “He wants to buy Pounds, not sell Pounds”, which was a most intelligent and charitable way of telling him to think about what he was saying.

Everywhere I was happy to seek baby carriages being pushed along the sidewalks, which is something you seen rarely anywhere in the West today. But in every case, if I the parent passed me by in suchwise that I could catch a glimpse of the face of the little one, I recognized that he future of England is not English.

As I reflected on these things, I began to notice many others which all pointed to an explanation.  Unlike most European nations, the thing you notice first about England, at least at London, is that every building incorporates at least one grotesque aspect. It is almost a rule of architecture, for newly built buildings.

There are regulations everywhere as numerous as the cameras. Yes, there are more cameras on the average street, to watch the populace, than there are at Fort Knox, in the USA. They say it is for your own protection, but where are all the criminals that we need protecting from. I saw, rather, a population which is obsessed with complying with everything.

Even when I jaywalked, people looked aghast. (Though not as much as in Australia, some 30 years ago).

Talking to one of my cabbies, I discovered a case in point, which was remarkable.  We had just passed a couple and little child, who on the grassy side of a high speed carriageway (British for “highway”), seemed to be sitting to have lunch. I remarked to my cabby, how ridiculous that they would think to take lunch in such a spot, along side their parked car, in the shoulder of the way.

But he told me that they were forced to do so, because it is a regulation in the United Kingdom, that if your car breaks down anywhere, at any time, you must exit the vehicle and await assistance.  “Really?” I said out loud with amazement. So I contested with him, if that was obligatory in the rain? He said yes. Again, I contested, if it was obligatory in the Winter’s cold? He said yes, again. And then I contested again, saying if it were obligatory if you did not have the clothing to survive the wait in the cold and rain. And he said this: “Oh, yes, sir. Because this regulation is for the good of the passengers in the car, who would be hit by another car passing by”, as happened on one occasion!

So after taking a series of trains, busses and subways, I arrived at the Parliament, to watch Big Ben stroke the hour and hear its bells. I walked further along to Westminster Abby and asked the guard where I might obtain a tourist guide so I could read about the buildings I was seeing, and he said he knew not where. While a man who looked like an academic from New Dehli and speaking a refined British English informed me that, when it opened, a bookshop down the way near the old Scotland Yard, might have one. — I was quite surprised, in this, since in many nations, there are more kiosks with travel information than restaurants. Evidently the majority of visitors of London do not give a bleep about the history of England.

It is also the only nation where, when crossing an overpass above a major highway, I saw affixed to the high wall along the pedestrian walk, a message from some group pleasing with the population not to throw themselves to their death.

I think I was beginning to understand, then, the problem with England.

England is a nation of pretense.

She pretends to be Christian, but wars against Christ’s Vicar and Kings for 400 years. She pretends to be civilized, even after emptying God out entirely from society, law and culture. She pretends to pomposity, with no more reason except self-glorification. She pretends to modernity, when really she simply wants to erase the past and forget about it.

Britain is obviously ruled by an elite which hates everything British, because either their elites — the ones truly in power — are not British, or because there is no way they could ever legitimately hold power, if they accepted British values of old as their judges.

And a pretense can only continue by inducing those duped by it into accepting further frauds, thefts and swindles, and when no voice in the society unmasks it.

It was then I understood why there were stickers on the pedestrian way over the carriage way.

Oh, and yes, it makes sense why the New Scotland Yard is now located on the Thames, opposite a Ferris Wheel.

How the Globalists are upending the world-wide resistance to the Great Reset

Editor’s Note: This is my April 29, 2023 A. D. update to my previous video of January 14, 2022 A. D., entitled, How Skull & Bones plans to co-opt world-wide resistance to the Scamdemic, which itself was a second installment on, “Beware as Skull & Bones Pivots“, by which I foretold a week beforehand how the Covid Narrative would be dumped. — I have made today’s video in suchwise that you may be able to upload it to BigTech Media platforms, so feel free to do so, as I release the intellectual rights I have over it, for such uses: though I urge you to do so under a non-paid anonymous account, because of what I say in it.

The criterion of Civilization

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Catholic Church is in an existential crisis. That is clear. Cardinals and Bishops and clergy and religious and even laymen and lay women are demanding that the Faith change and that that which we received from our Fathers be left behind.

And though this is a great error and apostasy, of the kind which in the past has been seen in different crises in history, the novelty of our own age, is that those who say that they oppose it are failing to react against it.

And in this we face the worst form of pacifism, which is the indifferencet to error.

Because if you no longer care what society regards as true or false, you no longer care what is true or false itself. And that makes it impossible to have any relationship with the living God as His subject and servant: with the God Who alone is the source of life, history, and that human prosperity, which is called civilization.

I warned about this 16 months ago, when I spoke about how Skull and Bones was pivoting to prevent a reaction against the Scamdemic. I told you all that they would insist on supporting those who did not want anything done in retribution to the massive crime they perpetrated upon humanity. That they would work to prevent such a reaction.

And so it has happened.

Those who loudly proclaimed their opposition to the scam just 16 months ago, as they woke up into the reality of what had been perpetrated, have all gone silent, nearly. Many very sound solutions proposed have never been put into practice. The opposition has become harder to hear and more divided among themselves. And those who had their lives saved, because they found the truth from outlying voices, have forgotten even to remember who their true friends are.

The criterion of civilization therefore is also at an existential risk. For if we do nothing, we are pretending that nothing has happened. Which is the worse way to condone the worse collective of abusers on the planet, the globalists.

The loan voices who have spoke up, now need their listeners to speak up. A tidal wave of calumny and libel has been launched against us all, and the global big tech platforms are repositioning themselves to utterly silence them forever.

Take for example Twitter 2.0 and Instagram. By changing their platforms so that no one is heard without paying a monthly fee, they can not only instantly censor a voice but find out who they are and shut down their credit card, bank account, and get them fired from their jobs, cutting off all means of support and all means of reaching out for help.

The next Scamdemic will be perfect, therefore, because those who escaped the past scamdemic have ignored the criterion of civilization: that the good and honest must cooperate to build structures of support and communication which will survive the barbarian assaults to come.

I for my part thank God that years beforehand He inspired me and AJ to begin Ordo Militaris Catholicus, which has consistently and constantly proposed solutions to the threats launched against Catholics and Christians. Our warnings may have gone unheard and certainly nearly all have gone unfunded. But we always pointed in the right direction. It remains to be seen if those who did hear us, were worthy of the truth, though.

I say this not out of a sense of superiority, but like the man who out of pure love for his fellow man, stood by the side of the road, at the last crossroad, where one could turn aside from the highway leading to the fallen bridge, while he watched no one get off the road and all go to their doom, while some passed by and said thank you, but others put up signs on the previous crossroads saying, “Beware of the grifter and fake, at the next intersection”.

The Solution

The solution requires that we change the way we live and that we do so on the basis of trusting in the Truth who is incarnate, which is not just a matter of practicing our Catholic Faith in the numbed down version — yes, I said numbed, not dumbed — which consists in only exterior or interior practices of devotions, but that we strike out of the normal way of life and begin to rebuild Catholic civilization, in which one is not persecuted, fired from one’s job, arrested or sued for saying the truth, that the Great Reset is a satanic fraud, and that the Catholic Faith must continue as it was before the council, if mankind is to survive. Those of you who have read FromRome for some years know of the solutions I have recommended or proposed (CrossAzure.Net, The Crusader Option, Ordo Militaris Catholicus). We are in perhaps the last year in which that may be possible. Now that social media and search engines are shutting down our ability to speak the truth and find the truth, I do not think it will be possible to network effectively afterwards.

The Christian Passover is nigh

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you ate a delicious pizza at a pizza restaurant, and then said: “this is the kind of pizza an Italian would make,” all would understand it as praise and no one would take offense.

But among cultural marxists, if you ate a bagel an a store run by another ethnicity, and said something similar, you would be attacked for being a anti-semite.  For some this kind of attack is merely a silly annoyance, and for others it causes a complete mental breakdown requiring a total reversion of thought back into categories of a primitive mind, where one abandons all freedom of speech and follows the directives of the regressive primitive Marxist.

That is why one of the most radically true and liberating things any human being can do is to celebrate the Christian Passover. (And no, I am not speaking of a seder supper)

When one thinks of Passover, one naturally things of the Hebrews of old and how Moses was instructed by God to lead them out of the slavery of Egypt. So calling Passover Christian is something culturally radical, even if it has less meaning today than it did in the first centuries of Christendom.

If one were to object that Christians are trying to expropriate a Hebrew holy day, one could respond that other modern day groups do the same to Christmas, and are praised for it. But this is not as well known.

I have, however, always wondered by radio plays Christmas songs which say nothing about the birth of Jesus Christ. I mean, is not the birth of Jesus the reason for Christmas? Even the name, “Christmas” shouts the Roman Catholic faith, because we, among all Christians, call the Eucharistic celebration on Dec. 25, the Mass of Christ.

So you might be surprised to find information like this on the internet in regard to Christmas:

Now some, at the sight of this graphic might start frothing at the mouth, but remember, true antisemitism is manifested by those who get angry at the publication of the historical truth of the cultural achievements of those semitic peoples alive today.

Cultural Marxists play this game, because in their hearts, they actually think that a certain group of people are so criminal that to name them is a crime.

This is why, though in a different manner, the same culture warriors might get enraged that we are about to celebrate the Christian Passover, or better yet, the Passover of Jesus Christ, the true and only Messiah promised by God through Moses.

But since by Baptism and Faith we have passed from darkness to light, and from error to truth, let us glory in this, that we Christians alone have inherited all the promises of old, and that what God intended of old is now perfectly fulfilled in the New.

This does not mean that we are better, but it does mean that mere genetic descent from the Patriarchs was never intended by God as the guarantee of salvation, just as there mere fact of Baptism does not guarantee Christians Heaven.

What matters is that we walk humbly with God, and accept that He alone determines the truth of religion: which is consummated only in the Catholic Church and Faith.

A Meditation for Holy Week: On Friendship and Reparation

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We all value friendship. In good times, friends make the joy greater, as one celebrates together with them the pleasant things of life. In times of doubt and darkness, friends are the source of counsel and the light to guide us through trials. And in times when we are abandoned by all, the friends who remain are the gold and fire that keeps us from despair.

But imagine what it would be like, to have a friend who was a friend in good times and bad, in times of darkness and in abandonment, but who nevertheless without warning stuck a knife into your back, without so much as a thought or regret, but repented of it shortly afterwards.

How would we humans regard such a friend?

I think we would agree to avoid him whenever possible, because we would always be fearing the next knife attack.

But when we consider that God has blessed us with everything under heaven which is good for us, and has forgiven us of all our sins, after having redeemed us on the Cross, and YET is still willing to take us back, after we stab Him in the back, we can begin to understand IN A SMALL DROP OF A WAY, the vast immense ocean of God’s Mercy and forbearance.

And if you recognized that you are a habitual sinner, then this consideration should be made at length, in quite, alone, until tears burst out of both eyes.

And if we are to find this grace, it is this Holy Week, most of all, that we should seek it. For it is in this way that we can truly sanctify this  time.

And this is the time to make reparation for all our treacheries to Jesus Christ, especially by worthily receiving the Most Blessed Sacrament as an act of reparation for our own sins throughout life.

Indeed, only when we make this attitude our perpetual state of mind, can we be reckoned among the elect of God. The rest shall be reckoned with the Iscariot.


Make this Lent the event that will change your life forever…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The season of Lent is something so regular in its advent that it is easy to lose the proper sense of what we should be doing differently, and why this season is so important for our lives as Catholics.

Indeed, so scheduled and habitual are the events of modern life, that it is easy to let the season of Lent go by without ever making those changes necessary in our daily schedule, without which it is impossible to gather and taste the spiritual fruits of the season.

Lent is a Season for Good Works

First, let’s enumerates many good works that can be done during Lent, which though salutary each in a different manner, do not comprise the essential act that we should be engaged in, frequently, during this season.

Thus, first, there is the lenten resolution, which, even when I was a child, was still quite commonly practiced among Catholics — a sort of Catholic version of the New Years resolution, but us much more Christian.

While, yes, it is a good thing to resolve at the start of lent, to undertake some work of charity or devotion, to sanctify this holy season.  That is not the essence of Lent.

Thus, it is a good and holy thing to resolve to go to Daily Mass, receive the Sacraments more frequently, give alms to the poor in the third world, purchase a book about spiritual things, and read some of it, or attend devotional exercises such as the Stations of the Cross, while not neglecting to keep Friday’s meatless, these things while they should never be omitted, are not precisely what Lent is about.

Preparation for Holy Week and Easter is only the Secondary purpose of Lent

Now frequently we hear that the purpose of Lent is to prepare us to celebrate worthily the Sacred Feasts of Holy Week and Easter.  This too, while true, is only a secondary purpose behind Lent.

True, Lent is a liturgical season, which originated to prepare converts to the Faith, for Baptism on Easter, in the early centuries of the Church.

But Lent, as a liturgical season, is not directed principally to preparing the individual or the local Catholic Community to celebrate liturgical ceremonies worthily.  Rather, it has a higher purpose, just as the ceremonies do not exists for themselves, but for a higher purpose.

There is a certain sort of error, which has quietly creeped into the Catholic world in the last century, which conceives Catholic life to consist essentially in liturgical celebrations.  So widespread is this error, that you find Catholic laity reading out loud the entire rite of the Mass in Latin or in the vernacular, when the priest is absent, going so far as to say the priest’s parts; while thinking that on Sundays when there is no Mass in their area, that it would be a sin or fault or imperfection to omit the similitude of the liturgical celebration, so essential they believe that is to Catholic life.

Without a doubt the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is essential to the life of every Catholic and to the entire church.  But the liturgical ritual’s enactment is not the center of life.  Its what that ceremony represents, which is the center of our life:  the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, through which, and without which, we cannot be saved and receive grace.

And hence the scope or role of the liturgical functions is not to be an end in themselves, but to be instruments and occasions for us to do those acts which are essential to Christian life:  the practice of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity; the contemplation of God and of Heavenly things, and the consideration of the present state of our souls in the light of God.

The Primary Purpose of Lent

Lent, essentially, is for this:  to be an occasion in which we consider profoundly and anew, the state of our souls in the light of God, and in considering this, weighing the immense travesty of our sins against the dire and extreme eternal punishment, which we most certainly merited for them.

This most sober of considerations is what Lent is about.  Without that consideration and that done frequently in this holy Season, we miss the whole importance of Lent.

Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell:  these are the 4 Last Things, and these should be the objects of our frequent consideration, in Church, and out of Church.

The Saints made the consideration of the state of their soul in the light of God their habitual, daily reflection and habit of mind.  It was for this reason that the Saints did so many things which startle the mind and stir the soul of whomsoever hears or reads of them.

Essential Practices for Lent

We will soon enter into the season of Lent.  It will therefore, be very useful for us, now to consider its essential practice, ordering all the other customary practices of Lent towards this one essential thing:  our own repentance.

The mere consideration that we have sinned, is necessary, but this is not the only step we need to take.

We need to examine the causes of our sinfulness:  in which things or places are have we most sinned:  with whom, about what things, during which activities.

A wise Catholic who actually wants to save his soul, does not take likely the consideration of such things.  This is so, because he is a prudent Christian who realizes that unless he corrects a minor spiritual problem, it can easily grow into a greater one.

A humble Catholic too, realizes that, in the reconsideration of ones past sins, one can often find that one’s past confessions were much too superficial, and that in failing to remove one’s self from the occasions of those sins, that the vice which bore their deadly fruit has grown deeper still in one’s soul.

Let’s consider, therefore, the motives we should have in examining our conscience during Lent.  I do not mean “examining one’s conscience” in the perfunctory and quick manner in which we are accustomed, rightly, to do prior to receiving the Sacrament of Penance.

I mean this in the sense of the habit of meditation we should have to do this, whenever we do this, but especially throughout every day of the season of Lent.

Just as one’s house will soon be filthy as a pig-sty, if one does not regularly clean every corner of it; so the soul gathers moral filth through very tiny and unnoticed daily sins.

These grow the vices in our soul; and when these vices are strong enough they give birth to the evil fruit of mortal sin.  And since one mortal sin, unrepented of, is sufficient to lose eternal life, and merit the everlasting and unimaginably excruciating fires of Hell, the prudent Catholic will not take lightly the importance of cleaning the house of his soul.

The first difficulty in this work that we find is that venial sins, each of them, reduce quite unnoticeably the ability of our souls to recognize sin and its effects.

Thus, unless we have a strong habit of examining our soul, when it comes time to think of our sinfulness, we cannot find anything to convict ourselves of!

If this is the case, with yourself; then you have found the first thing to confess and the first thing you must investigate with prayer and meditation:  the fact that you do not recognize yourself to have sinned.

As the Psalms say, even the holiest of men sins seven times a day.  If you are not a Saint, you surely sin more than 7 times a day; if you are a Saint you will already be convinced that you sin much more than this.

However, to counter super-scrupulosity, which is the spiritual disease of those who are convinced that certain things are sins, and that they have committed these quite frequently, even though their real sins are much greater, and by this too anxious of self-accusations they omit the consideration of their vices of pride or despair in the power of God’s grace to forgive them in the Sacrament of Penance; nevertheless for the majority of us, we have not this fault, we just don’t see our sins; we do not suffer from a preoccupation of believing we have sinned when we have not; we suffer from the opposite spiritual fault, of considering we have not sinned, when we have!

One rule of thumb is, that if you do not consider you have committed any sins in the last year, you probably have the habit of committing many mortal sins:  its just that since the effect of sin is the darkening of the mind, you have been so blinded by your sins that you can’t see it.

Lent is a prosperous spiritual time to seek the cure of such a blindness.  And one must seek it, to escape from the dire punishment of Hell which would surely engulf such a blinded soul!

Practical Remedies to Cure one’s own Impenitence

There are some practical remedies to obtain this cure, which need to be mentioned, because they are never preached.

The first is that for most of us, a direct attack upon this blindness does not convince of anything.  Even a very moving sermon, has little or no effect beyond recognizing that it was such.

The actual change of heart, which is the goal of repentance evades the sinner.

A direct attack upon this spiritual insensitivity to sin does not work, because one can only recognize sin, inasmuch as one opens one’s mind to the ability to see it and fear it.

Spiritual blindness is accompanied by a lack of fear of sin; a certain habit of easily excusing major sins, as if they were light faults; and venial sins and imperfections.  There is a certain distortion of judgment in the soul, which has resulted by ignoring the immortality of sin for so long.  And it is, admittedly, a very evil consequence of sin, to free one’s self from.

And to be absolutely frank, its is very rare that a single confession will be sufficient.  Just as those with cancer are not cured by taking just one pill, but often have to endure very painful procedures and months and years of treatment; so this kind of insensitivity to sin requires a long and protracted treatment.

The key to progressing against this awful spiritual disability, is to take tiny steps towards weakening and conquering this disability.

Regaining one’s ability to see one’s own sins, is not some mysterious spiritual practice.  It begins with the recognition of one sin which our conscience still can see is a sin.  Perhaps, however, we only think it is an imperfection or venial sin; but if we consider its causes or nature or occasion, it certain, in a soul which does not consider itself to be a great sinner, that he has overlooked something which conceals the fact that he is in reality a great sinner.

I won’t speak about the fact that it is already a mortal sin of pride to consider that you are not a sinner: because such a declaration for such a soul is usually too much to understand.  Pride is a very spiritual sin, and one who has lost the sense of morality, has lost the sense of what is spiritual.

However, at the start it is always useful to consider and recognize intellectually that this is true; even if affectively and effectively we do not understand how this can be the case, because of our blindness.

How to dispose one’s self to the great Grace of Repentance

So, uprooting spiritual blindness begins with considering the one thing we can still see as a sin or imperfection.  This is the first step, because the very nature of spiritual progress is an re-capacitation of the power of the mind to consider spiritual things.  And like dominoes which when aligned properly, cause the next one to fall, when they themselves are toppled, so sins, when recognized and repented of, are the occasion to open our minds to the recognition of other sins.

In each step of the process, the recognition of one sin is the work of the conscience in its present state.  But this recognition cannot enable us to make the second step, which is repenting of the sin, because this second step is the work of prayer, devout and persistent to obtain the grace to repent of it.  And this can only be obtained by humble supplication.

All kinds of fasts, prayers, liturgies, meditations, pilgrimages, spiritual readings, alms, etc., are not going to assist your soul, if you do not use them as accompaniments to the work of earnestly begging for the grace of repentance, and disposing yourself to it by acts of self humiliation before God, in private, in the recesses of your heart and mind, wherein you declare, decide and resolve, that God is God, and that you are just a poor sinner, who in no manner deserves anything but judgment and damnation!

Humility is the key here:  how often a sinner might struggle to overcome one vice all his life, but fail to do so, simply because he never got down on his knees in private, and admitted to God and to himself that he was incapable of virtue by himself, and that he could only be virtuous and good, by the gift of God, earnestly begging Him for it on such an occasion!

This humble prayer and devout, secret supplication for grace, is the key step and the essential prerequisite for repentance, though, it can in fact be done in the secret of one’s heart, even in public places, while driving, or traveling, or even during other occupations, when the soul is properly disposed and God in His Mercy bestows the actual grace for it to occur.

During this essential step of humble recognition, a sorrow is engendered in the soul, along with a fear and realization of the danger of damnation, that the heart and mind turns vivaciously towards God and stirs it to ardently appeal for grace.

During such times it sometimes happens that this movement is responsive to grace sufficiently to receive the gift of tears, and during such a gracious movement, the dispositions of the soul can be cleansed and purged from years and years of distorted affections; leaving the heart with a new and healthy sense of sin and its gravity, and a new and healthy vivacity for things spiritual and heavenly.

The Proper Place and Role of Self-mortification

Essential to preparing the soul for such a humble recognition is the practice of mortification.

Mortification consists corporally with fasting from beverages and food, abstaining from meat and rich foods; use of cold showers, and the endurance of sensations which are painful or sacrificial.

Mortification of the body does not work, when such activities are undertaken by a spirit of self-sufficiency, a kind of presumption that without God one can work his own repentance, or that in doing such things, one proves that he is not a sinner or is some sort of spiritual giant or athlete.

Such a spirit makes such corporal mortifications sinful!

Rather such practices should be undertaken only with the motivation to humble oneself, detach oneself from such a spirit of self sufficiency, and open the door of the spiritual world to the virtue of humility.

This desire to seek spiritual enlightenment, to leave aside one’s pride, to change one’s life at its root, to gain a sense of spiritual things and to loose one’s carnal view of things, should be the motivation of spiritual mortifications, which are very helpful to dispose our souls to the grace of repentance:  such as all those customary acts of Lent, which were mentioned at the beginning of this essay, a snot being the principal purpose of Lent.

Repentance is the principal purpose of Lent, and all other things must be ordered to that.  But repentance has as its goal the reuniting of the soul with God and the resumption of the path toward perfection in the pursuit of eternal salvation. Lent thus finds it glory, not in preparing us for liturgical celebrations in time, but in being an occasion to return to the quest for eternal salvation in eternity.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is Giovanni Bellini’s, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, which correctly depicts the fortitude of Christ in spiritual warfare, unlike so many more recent paintings which show Him collapsing under the sight of the sufferings He as about to endure. The image is used here in accord with a GNU Free license, though the work of art is in the public domain.


Liturgical Atheism and Liturgical Idolatry: the Gog and Magog of the Post-Conciliar era

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

To anyone who has read Attorney David Wemhoff’s historic exposé of the U. S. Government program to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church from within, there can be no doubt at all that Vatican II and each and every one of its documents and reforms are to be rejected in principle and a priori, on account that they were not inspired by God but were the product of active interference by agents of the Masonic Lodges.

His book, entitled, “John Courtney Murray, Time/Life and the American Proposition”, was the topic of discussion in a series of videos at Ordo Militaris Radio TV (see here), and so if you would like more detailed information, you can watch those to get it, even though I strongly recommend every Catholic in the world get a copy of his book.

But rather that summarize his book or that series, I want to reflect on the implications of this distortion of Catholic Doctrine which are the consequences of the work of the Enemy of souls and his servants in the U.S. Government and their agents.

This program, which was conducted by the Skull and Bonesmen, has been conducted in their standard style of operation for a psyop, namely, to promote two errors, the thesis and the antithesis, to form a dialectical opposition designed to encapture the minds of all Catholics so that it does not ever dawn on any one of them that they are being manipulated by lies.

These two opposing errors are Liturgical Atheism and Liturgical Idolatry.

Liturgical Atheism

As Evelyn Waugh had one of his characters in one of his novels remark: Modernism is the atheism of the unbelieving cleric.  And indeed, Modernism in theology is a most clever form of atheism, because it enjoys cloaking itself in the culture of Christianity and even in the liturgy of Christian churches so that it can feign being a friend and ally, even though in its heart it hates the very nature of the Christian religion.

Unlike all other religions, Christianity is founded upon faith. Faith, here, is not the assembly of doctrines, but the inspired act of the intellect to assent to the truths revealed by God and certified by miracles. Against this unique character of Christian Religion, Modernism proposes a new form of religious adherence which is based upon sentimentality. For the Modernist, he is a true Catholic because he feels strong emotions when he thinks of or encounters Catholic symbols, art, music etc..

Thus, a Modernist can as equally enjoy a Charismatic Revival as well as a Tridentine High Solemn sung Mass. The key is not faith, nor dogma, but experience and enjoyment.  The Modernist leaves a Sunday service and says, “That was enjoyable”, or “I did not get anything out of it.”

However, since Modernism is relativist, and approves of any religious experience whatsoever, it is in truth not attached to any religious tradition. So when modernism infects the Catholic Clergy, they become in principle open to liturgical innovation, even if at first they cloak it under the name of liturgical restoration.

The false apostles of many ages have always claimed that the Church needs to be restored, because such a claim presupposes that the Holy Spirit has failed, and that the Church needs the false apostle to guide it into all truth.  This heresy is implicit even when the restoration is aimed solely at the liturgy, because obviously, since the Holy Spirit does lead Catholics to all truth, He also guides us and has guided us infallible and constantly through 2000 years in true religion and worship of the Most Holy Trinity. Indeed, it is impossible for Him to do otherwise.

So for Modernists, there is no authentic liturgical form of any kind, because obviously, for them, it is not truth but experience which is the goal of public or private worship.  And hence the Modernist is the liturgist in the modern sense of the word: the person who invents liturgy at every moment to produce an experience, just like a street huckster changes his presentation with every person so as to sell his snake oil.

Thus, the Modernist is a Liturgical Atheist, because for him there is no fixed meaning to any sign or symbol used in liturgy. Everything is up for grabs, so long as it grabs you and produces an effect.

This is the spirit and error implicit in Sacrosanctum Concilium, the very first document of the Second Vatican Council. And thus this error and spirit is found in the entire liturigical aggiornamento “authorized” by this non-dogmatic, non-disciplinary “pastoral” council.

Thus, for the liturgical atheist is is not necessary to have any thing fixed or traditional in liturgy. Experimentation is much more authentic worship than the recitation of prayers that are 1000 years old. And hence, the liturgy has to been renewed and adapted to what is needed today, making one’s experience memorable.

Liturgical Idolatry

The contrary error takes the opposite extreme. It holds that liturgical forms are the very object of worship and that man’s highest act of religion is the very performance of the religious rituals which have been established by men.

For the liturgical idolater, any liturgy can be the object of worship, whether it is ancient or new. What is important is that every other human value, every other moral principal, every other doctrinal or disciplinary rule bend to the preservation or performance of the liturgical ritual.

Liturgical idolaters are not found only among rabid modernists, no. They are found just as commonly among zealous Traditional Latin Mass zealots.

In the name of the liturgy they hold is the true one, they feel justified to violate every canon of canon law, every norm of ecclesiastical communion, and every virtue of a honest Christian life. Boys can be raped daily after mass, so long as the rubrics of the mass were perfectly performed, or so long as the New LIturgy was conducted in a thrilling experience. It does not matter. Morality is totally divorced from liturgy, because all religion has been reduced to a liturgical performance.

This error of liturgical idolatry is proposed by the agents of the U.S. Government so as to create irreconcilable divisions in the Church among Catholics who recognize the error of liturgical atheism and want to oppose it, but do not know how.

Yet, while this error of liturgical idolatry is contrary to the error of liturgical atheism, it can coexist in the same mind and soul.

By these two errors, the Masonic Lodges have seized the control of hundreds of millions of Catholics’ minds and hearts, and have presented an unsolvable problem, the consequences of which lead to the dissolution of the Church PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY DISTANCE THE CATHOLIC FROM THE WORSHIP OF THE TRUE GOD AND TURN HIM INTO EITHER AN ATHEIST OR AN IDOLATER, which are the two greatest sins against the First Commandment.

If we want to repair the damage in the Church, we must, thus and therefore, oppose both of these errors and return to the truly Catholic position which recognizes that there is an objective meaning to the signs and symbols which have been handed down by Christ to the Apostles and through the Church under the ever and constant action of the Holy Spirit, and that these form a coherent and integral part of all Church teaching and discipline regarding faith and morals, no point of which can be abandoned or innovated in the name of saving any other.

Hate, Cancer and Toilets

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Hate of itself is merely a human passion that is neither good nor evil. It becomes good or evil only when it is directed toward a proper or improper object.

The proper object of hate is evil, and an evil is the deprivation of the good which ought to be in a thing, in that thing.

But the improper object of hate is either the good, or the deprivation of a good which does not have to be in the thing, in the thing.

So, for example, it is good to hate the rot in a tomato, or to hate injustice in an institution. But it is wrong to hate honesty in an officer, or the lack of the knowledge of Latin in a carpenter.

Hate can also be immoral when it is excessive or insufficient. Thus it is wrong to hate dishonesty in a merchant so much, that you defraud him; just as it is wrong to hate so little abortion that you tolerate that your wife elect an abortion.

Thus, the worse excesses or insufficiencies of hate are the habitual states of mind, in which our perception of reality, or rather, our moral relationship with reality is skewed, altered, or substantially disconnected, so that we no longer relate to reality as reality, but to our own distorted hate, as the new reality.

This is the diagnosis for all who have been unable to rationally consider what happened on January 30, 2023, when Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected by the Assembly of Roman Catholics from the Roman Church, shortly after noon, in the Sala Michelangelo, at the Rome Marriott Hotel, Rome, Italy.

Because, if one is still acting on faith and using their reason, it is glaringly obvious, that there has been a huge moral change since that day. But for those who are in denial, their fixation remains on their hate. They have chosen to hate without end, and God forbid that the man they hate be converted by God, because then God Himself will become the enemy of their hate, which is now their true and only god.

One wise Franciscan priest once taught me, that the best way to snap people out of a bad state of mind, is to use humor. So let me try to explain what happened 6 weeks ago, with a story.

The Parable of the Palace with the clogged Toilets

Imagine a large and beautiful palace of a king, which has thousands of servants and hundreds of rooms. Guests come and go, and the King is constantly having visits from the most distinguished persons. Everything has to be arranged with perfection for such events, and the King is very particular that not a thing is out of place, or in any way wrong.

But one day, because of his Majordomo’s decision to flush something improper down the toilet in the main visitor’s bathroom, the main line of the sewer gets blocked, and slowly one by one, all the toilets in the palace stop working. The palace is so big that it takes nearly 10 days for all the toilets to stop working, but some of the more observant servants nevertheless start noticing the problem immediately.

Plus, a rank odor begins to fill the air inside and outside of the palace, and the problem soon can be denied by no one, with any honesty.

However, instead of fixing the problem, the servants begin to form factions blaming one person or another for the problem. There are those who blame the Majordomo and those who blame his under secretary. There are those who blame the servants friendly to the former and those who blame the servants of the latter.

Then as the days progress there are those who even blame the king.

Soon, then, these factions become hardened, and it becomes a quasi doctrine that the Majordomo is a demon, or the King a liar, or the undersecretary the antichrist.

But the toilets remain unusuable, because the main sewer line is blocked.

So one day, after the Majordomo dies, a gardener goes to the main room of the Palace and invites all the servants together to discuss how to unblock the main sewer line.  And the leaders of one faction do not even take interest, because they hold that the undersecretary is not at all guilty, But the followers of the Majordomo, who is now retired, tell everyone not to come, because they are now content that the sewer line is blocked, because it makes the undersecretary look bad. And none of these two factions care at all that the King’s palace is putrid and none of the bathrooms work, nor that the King’s visitors are all declining his invitations to his banquets and meetings.

So what happens. A few gardeners are the only ones who show up at the meeting, and they vote unanimously to open up the main sewer line and clear the blockage, ignoring any discussion about who is and who is not guilty for blocking it.

And the sewer begins running properly from that day onwards.

But then the palace explodes with riots of hate from the supporters of the retired Majordomo, because now they cannot blame their political rivals for the sewer being blocked.

With the sewer cleared, the block is now an academic question of little importance. Life in the Palace can now go back to normal.

But the servants who supported the outgoing Majordomo won’t forgive the gardeners who voted, and they begin to make vicious attacks on all of them, especially on the gardener who called the meeting, claiming this or that about them and about the Plumber they called in to unclog the drain.

I think that sums it up, nearly perfectly.

YORE: There has been a tectonic shift in the Church

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Elizabeth Yore had finally admitted what FromRome.Info has documented from the beginnings and from its origin: that “there has been a tectonic shift” in recent weeks in the Catholic Church.

While she does not know the cause, she notes that all of a sudden it appears that the Catholic Hierarchy have awakened and are wiling to battle heresy and dissent in the open, even to the point of using the word, “heresy”, which has not been heard since the days of the Council.

She also does not know the date upon which this shift began.

While readers of FromRome.Info even know the precise day and hour, I need to point out that the source of the article above is not entirely sincere in its reporting. In fact, we have a twofold movement going on since January 30, 2023 A. D..

One is that of the Holy Spirit who is inspiring Catholics to come alive and live the faith, in union with the Church and Peter, and to see many problems in the Church caused by the CIA program to infiltrate and destroy us ideologically from within.

The other is the CIA controlled opposition, which has been ordered into a coordinated attack against the unity of the Church, now that their handlers have discerned that Pope Francis is no longer under their control in his public acts.

This second movement, which is of Hell, is attempting to convince Catholics that they, not Christ, can alone save the Church, and to do so they must break the rules and laws of ecclesiastical communion and hierarchical subordination.

However, for the confutation and confoundation of these workers of iniquity, the Holy Spirit is at work to use even these to His purpose, which is to glorify the Father in Christ by manifesting the efficacy of the High Priestly Prayer of the Eternal Son for His true Vicar on Earth, the man who has received the petrine munus, after his juridically valid election at the end of January, by the Roman Church.

Here, it is absolutely necessary to use spiritual discernment and the weapons of righteousness, and not fall into the deceits of the flesh and the pride which would excuse the works of darkness. We must be simple as doves.

The Church cannot be saved by men, because Christ Jesus is Her only savior. Yet, the Church can be repaired by the Faithful if we ardently and zealously work with Christ as Christ wants us to.

This means first of all generous prayers and sacrifices to obtain grace for our sacred pastors, so that they cooperate with Christ’s High Priestly Prayer which promotes repentance, reconciliation, and the profession of the perennial faith of the Church in the cultivation of the ancient and immemorial rites which where handed down by Christ through the hands of the Apostles, and from them through their disciples down through the ages.

And this requires, on the part of our minds, that we reject utterly the false narratives sown in public discourse since 1953, when the U.S. Department of Defense and CIA began their ideological war against the Catholic Church, ideated the Vatican Council and plotted to undermine the Church from within.

And so we must be bold and courageous to not merely stop at the observation which Yore has made, in the effort to support half the truth, namely, that the Second Vatican Council, in declaring nothing dogmatically and deciding nothing canonically, represents in no manner whatsoever the authentic infallible magisterium of the Church, and must be rejected totally on the grounds that its first cause and purpose were suggested by the CIA not the Holy Spirit.

But we must do this spiritually, but insisting with our sacred pastors in person, that they snap out of the false presumption, that they must always do what their peers and superiors opine, rather than stick to putting in practice what they have validly and juridically enacted. They must attend very carefully to these things, recognizing that Saint Pius V’s Quo Primum remains in force, that Paul VI’s Missale Romanum is a dead letter, inasmuch as it institutes nothing, and that Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum correctly discerns that what was never abrogated cannot be forbidden.

But while this view of the liturgical or ecclesiological problem is widespread, it must be united to the canonical understanding of who is the true pope and when a man becomes and renounces such an Office, which is a thing not understood by press releases, but by the law itself, so that one can rightly discern HOW TO OBEY and WHAT TO OBEY, from when to not obey a document without authority or a superior acting ultra vires, that is, beyond his authority.

At the same time we ought to ramp up the canonical petitions and denunciations and insist that public heretics be corrected or expelled, while errors be confessed and denounced, and reprove more severely than ever, but with greater charity, our sacred pastors who follow the false gospel, which says, that “I can commit no sin, so long as I blindly follow my superior’s whims.”

Christ Jesus never taught that we should follow our superiors whims, when our superior is not God. He and His Church have always taught that when our superiors in Christ are mere men, we only follow them in their juridically valid commands. The rest we ought never respect or disrespect except on the criterion of their conformity or non conformity with the Faith.

Is a Man converted, when he is elected Pope?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I detest persons who pretend to be members of a minority, so that they can push propaganda and troll social media accounts. But even so, there are some objections which even though they are ridiculous and are uttered by such villans, touch upon important points of the Catholic Faith, and thus, need to be confuted.

While there were a few medieval theologians who were such papal maximalists that they held, that a man elected to the papacy, after his acceptance, became a living saint, the common opinion of all Catholic theologians has always rejected this absurdity. Anyone with a little knowledge of papal history knows that there have been lechers who were Pope, while they were the Pope. It would thus be blasphemy to assert such a maximalistic position.

But it would also be a grave error to believe that a man, just because he was validly and juridically elected to the papacy, and accepted explicitly before or after his election, to be the pope, had a moral conversion.

This is a grave misunderstanding. Yes, Christ does pray for Peter so that he never fail in faith and that he be converted, if he be a sinner.  But Christ’s High Priestly prayer only guarantees that every Roman Pontiff not fall into pertinacious heresy or destroy the Church by attacking the deposit of the Faith in an irreparable manner, and guarantees that he is offered the grace to repent of his sins.

This is a subtle distinction, between things necessary and things convenient, or rather, between things which pertain to the person of the pope and the person who is the pope.

Christ Jesus being man’s Creator is not going to destroy or take away the liberty of any man. And for that reason, He will pray for the conversion of Peter, but He cannot force any Pope to convert. The liberty to refuse such an awesome prayer and grace remains. And that is why St. Alphonsus dei Liguori held that those Popes who were not canonized, were damned, because of the terrible magnitude of the duties of a Roman Pontiff.

But Christ did promise that His Church will not be overcome by the gates of the netherworld, and thus to keep that promise He does exercise a regal authority over the person of His vicar on earth, preventing him from transgressing matters which pertain to His will in the governance of the Church.

This regal intervention is merely providential, it is not necessarily executed by grace alone. It can come about through other persons, obstacles, error, or even ignorance or bad weather or death. Thus it is an outcome based governance, and can be discerned only in the juridical acts or lack there of, of the Roman Pontiff as they regard the whole Church, not any part thereof. It is like the reins on a horse, which a rider uses when he rides the horse, with an adventurous desire on his part, but not a suicidal one. The horse will not harm itself or the rider, but it will be allowed to gallop hither and thither, avoiding cliffs, snakes, etc..

Thus, except for exceptional graces which regard particular persons who are not the pope, Christ will not prevent a Pope from persecuting this or that person or group of persons. Hey, some popes started wars which killed thousands of catholics! Popes have been followers of this kingdom or that, of this empire or that. They have even shamefully bowed down to this emperor or that. But they have never attacked the Faith or cancelled the ancient liturgy or traditions of the Church.

For this reason, we should pray for the Holy Father, whomsoever he be at the present moment in our life in which we find ourselves. But we should avoid that tendency to canonize him simply because he is our highest superior on earth. While it is true, that as such, we cannot judge him, we can and should affirm in private and when necessary in public, the moral law which all must keep, even the Pope.

For the record, I do not see any information which convinces me that any pope after Pius X lived heroic virtues. I do not hold that canonizations are ipso facto infallible acts of the magisterium. I leave it to God to canonize a man by working a miracle in response to his prayers. And being pope is not a miracle.

As regards the recent events surrounding Cardinal Roche, I have explained the interventions of Christ already, but that does not mean that I believe that bad will towards the ancient mass has been extinguished in certain souls or even that certain souls disagree with what they held several months ago.

The anti-Church is an alternate Church with an alternate canonical reality

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


For more than 10 years we have been fed with an alternate reality from a group of Catholics who want an alternate Church. And it has been very difficulty for many Catholics, who discern truth, not on the basis of objective criteria, but on the basis of the majority of bits of information they receive, to discern who is right and who is wrong.

It’s like a classroom in a public school run by radical cultural marxists, where, in the class on Mathematics, when the teacher writes 2+3 = ?, she does not tell the class the answer, or ask them to calculate the correct answer, but instead says, “Let’s take a poll: who thinks the answer is 4, and who thinks the answer is 6?” To determine the truth of the question.

The only problem is, in such a chaotic classroom, the true answer is not allowed to be uttered. Everyone must live in the alternate reality and follow the alternate mathematics.

This is the ultimate phase of the dictatorship of relativism condemned by Pope Benedict XVI. And you cannot claim to be a true Catholic if you refuse to avoid this error.

But to avoid the dictatorship of relativism, you have to do something truly radical, rational, and traditional: you have to return to the ancient definition of truth, “which is the conformity of the mind with reality,” not with what others want that reality to appear to be.

This is why social media, and indeed all electronic media, are very unreliable sources of information to make true decisions, simply because there is too great a capacity granted to those who control the media and the content to claim that the reality is other than it is. And this is social media’s most potent power to control you: disinformation.

A case example of the Alternate Church with its Alternate Canonical reality

To help one understand this better, let’s take a look at a real case: the claim being made by Cardinal Roche, Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments, regarding the canonical value of his personal agenda of talking points, which he is now claiming is a rescript.

Here, I will cite for your the editorial on this topic by Michael Sean Winters, in the National Catholic Reporter, one of the most left-wing publications in the United States, which voices neither national opinions, not Catholic beliefs, nor presents reporting, other than planned propagandistic talking points of Freemasonry.

What is most striking about his editorial is that on the principle points of the facts he claims exist, he is in perfect agreement with all the Traditionalist social media influencers.

How can that be?

Well apart from objective facts, that is, the claims made by Cardinal Roche, they are both reading from the same alternate Canon Law, and thus are in agreement with the notions of the alternate Church.

Let’s examine these one by one, to see on what basis this alternate Church is claimed to exist and what are its fundamental doctrines, so that we can understand why on earth it is, that Traditionalist social media influencers are on-board, when they should be doing the exact opposite.

The Pope is not whom Canon Law says is pope, but rather is he whom the MSM says is pope

We have seen this already for 10 years. It has to do with the Declaratio of Pope Benedict XVI on Feb. 11, 2013. According to the norm of Canon Law, it was an administrative decision based on the authority granted the person who is the pope in Canon 333 §2, whereby he is free to exercise the Petrine Ministry in any way he thinks best. But it was announced to the world, rather, as an act of Canon 332 §2, whereby the man who is the pope renounces the Papacy and abdicates.

This is where the true Church of Christ separates from the alternate Church. Here at FromRome.Info, we have by study, analysis and investigation shown how this error was propagated and just what it means (here and here).

As regards the present claims of Cardinal Roche, who was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to head the Congregation for Divine Worship, the true canonical reality has immediate effects. The first of which is that he was not the head of the Congregation of Divine Worship from Feb. 28, 2013, when Pope Benedict XVI renounces his ministry and effectively suspended all canonical functions of the entire Roman Curia, until January 30, 2023, when the faithful of the Church of Rome elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio as pope.  Thus, Cardinal Roche has no authority to make any reference to any meeting he had with Pope Francis prior to Jan. 30th. And since his “rescript” claims that, it is ipso facto invalid in virtue of canon 63 §2, which declares all rescripts to have no force of law if they contain a falsehood.

The same results by Cardinal Roche’s reference to Traditionis Custodes, which is a non existent document.  I say, “non-existent” in the canonical sense, since Jorge Mario Bergoglio had no authority to issue it since at that time he did not hold the petrine munus, which Pope Benedict XVI never renounced in life.

The Church must conform Herself to the Masonic Agenda, not to Tradition

Returning to the article in the NCR, it is patently absurd that the Cardinal claims that two world wars necessitated Church reform, especially of the liturgy.  This is some sort of Masonic dribble, because the Church has had the same liturgy throughout 2000 years of wars and the most tremendous cultural and economic changes, world wide. What the Cardinal seems to be saying, rather, is that the stunning success of the Pilgrim Society to destroy Christendom in Europe must now be followed up by the total eradication of the traditions of Catholic worship in the Church.

This is an alternate view of reality for an alternate Church.

Obedience must be shown to non-existent documents made more restrictive by non-existent rescripts

And thus, Winters in his editorial accuses the Bishops in the United States of arrogating the right to ignore the non-existent document of a non-pope.  Here we find ourselves in the analogous position of a mental asylum arguing with a patient who claims to be Napoleon Bonaparte, and who insists that the Napoleonic Code is not being observed by the janitor in the cleaning of the toilets with the brush in the right hand rather than in the left, as he himself decreed just last week!

I have already mentioned, here, that it is not even a question of understanding the rescript as invalid in virtue of canon 63, as I stated above, since a rescript by its very nature is a favor granted by a superior, not a juridical act whereby a non-existent law is made more restrictive by an inferior who claims his superior approved his self-signed crib-notes for the meeting.

We are in full-blow alternate reality here.

Juridical acts of the Roman Pontiff are issued only by the Roman Pontiff, in written form, signed by 2 bishop witnesses. No mere curial official can take away the canonical rights of anyone, not even by whim or fraud.

Yet the traditionalist social media influences don’t even suspect the alternate reality as alternate. For them, as well as the leftist NCR, their alternate is the only reality. And. Don’t. You. Dare. Claim. Otherwise.

They are like the other patient at the asylum, who claims to be Josephine, the wife of Napoleon, and who barks in unison with him, in all his madness.

Christ, however, by His High Priestly prayer for Pope Francis, has protected the rights of all Catholics who recognize the traditional Roman Rite as the only one inspired by God, by preventing Pope Francis as pope, from affirming in any way either the non-existent Traditionis Custodes, or the demands of Cardinal Roche, dismissing him with the embarrassing situation of having to make claims on his own authority, and sending a strong message to all true Catholics, who live in the true Church with the true Canon Law, that the Traditional Rites remain forever free and accessible to all.


Here Mr.  Lamb appears to have read FromRome.Info from the other side of the fence.

Our Soul only has one channel, use it well

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When I was but a boy, there were about 8 channels on television. I did not grow up listening to the radio, as that was turned on only if the family was in the car traveling somewhere.

When I became a teen there was maybe 15 channels on television. That was all we could receive with the antenna on the roof.

But when I moved to Florida in the start of the third year of High School, we had satellite tv, and there were so many channels and no TV guide to tell you what was on.

The internet made the number of channels and sources of information explode to the infinite. Today, on any topic whatsoever one can find more information than one has time to read, listen to or even understand.

And most people get lost in all of that.

But our mind only has one channel, and if we don’t use it well, we have lived in vain.

This one channel is the source of information and understanding that can change our life, if we use it.

First of all, this channel is superior to all the others, since this one can talk to God, the Saints and the Angels. This one can receive understanding that will change our life for the better. This one, is the only one, too, which can give us true information about ourselves.

Indeed, if we do not turn this channel on, we are living in a fog, and are not in contact with reality, as much as we might think otherwise.

The one problem with this channel, is that if we turn its attention to any of the other channels available, we are actually using it at the lowest level of its capacity. For just as if we always look at what is on the sidewalk, we might miss the most important meetings and appointments of life; or just as if we went to sea only looking at the waves, and never at the weather or the stars in heaven, we would be constant danger of being dashed in the most terrible misfortunes; so in life, if we do not direct the one channel of our soul to the highest things which it can consider, we are living dangerously and foolishly.

Unlike all these other channels on television or social media, this one channel of the soul can obtain for us the truth about life and the world to come and how to get there. And if we fail to use it, we won’t just ruin our life in this world, we will end up making the worst possible eternal choice: that of indifference, which is punished with eternal horrors.

This wondrous capacity of our souls requires, however, one thing only: that we keep the attention of our minds on the Way, the Truth and the Life, that is, on Jesus Christ, who gave us this channel of the mind, so that we could come to know and believe in Him, and follow Him out of the shipwreck of this world, to the land of abiding safety and salvation.

Finally, this is the only channel where with prayer, meditation and a good and abundant dose of repentance, we can begin to unlock and open the shutter of our soul, clean off the window, and come to understand that where Jesus and His Saints are, is the true reality, and the true only worthwhile destination.

Lent is a time for prayer, reflection, repentance and contemplation. And the best way to start is to turn off all the other channels, and begin to consider how you have wasted your entire life attending to them, and not using the full capacity of the one channel of your soul and mind, to come to know Jesus and follow after Him.

How to distinguish between authentic Traditional Catholicism, and the Fake variety

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have been on the internet since 1991, so I have seen a lot of characters, games, tricks and modus operandi. And since all the fraudsters out there are mostly johnny-come-latelies, they lash out at anyone who recognizes them for that they are.

But the longest scam I have seen so far, is that of those who claim to be Traditional Catholics but who are nothing of the kind.

I make this stark declaration, because I know what the Church has always taught and how the Saints have comported themselves, because from my youth I have read the documents of the Magisterium and the lives and writings of the Saints.

And the first rule, by which they all say, a Catholic can rightfully and accurately detect falsehood or fraud in our Holy Religion is this: novelty.

That is, if anyone is promoting a new way of living or doing or observing the Catholic Faith, it is nearly always of the Devil or of crass ignorance, and not of God.

The Traditional Movement is for the most part, of this kind. (Here I use “most part” as regards numbers)

Fake Traditionalism

This Movement is lead by false pretenders to the name, because they are all involved in grave novelties, even though they proclaim and advertise themselves as traditional.

Nearly all of these bad apples are modernists, for this reason, because they justify their novelty as the current correct interpretation of past Catholic beliefs and practices. But if you point out that Catholics of the past actually did not act as they are acting, they will insist that the past way of acting is not possible.

To understand this better it would be best to list the errors of modernism which they hold:

  1. That private judgement is a sufficient basis to claim that anything is true or right.
  2. That Catholics have the moral obligation to take as their leaders those who are most consistent in adhering to private judgement.
  3. That Catholics have no real obligation to act within the canonical order of the Church’s laws, when this conflicts with private judgement.
  4. That prayers and rituals are acceptable to God only when they are offered by those who adhere to private judgement.

These are the 4 principles that Modernists and nearly all Traditionalists live by. And that Traditionalists live by the same principles as Modernists shows that they are not really Traditional Catholics, but Modernists of a different flavor.

Traditionalism is also a heresy condemned at the First Vatican Council. Thus, anyone who would even want to take that word to name themselves, has a problem.  Traditionalism is the heresy which says all truth comes from tradition. Such a definitive error wants that no truth comes from Divine Revelation or Ecclesiastical Authority, nor from human investigation through a right use of the intellect.

Traditionalism leads to private judgement and the errors I have listed above, because since all those who are dead cannot tell us what they did or held, it is the field of private judgement to say what they would say and make it a rule for the present.

Authentic Catholicism is Traditional in another way

Authentic Catholicism is traditional by its very origin, since our Holy Faith was revealed by Jesus Christ Our God to the Apostles, and handed down by them to the whole Church. Part of this Apostolic Tradition established the Sacred Hierarchy with the authority to interpret and protect the Deposit of the Faith.

The Catholic Faith does not change, that is, does not undergo alteration. Those whose faith, which was once Catholic, but which undergoes alteration, believe things different than that which was handed down from of old.

This is why Pope Benedict XVI in Summorum Pontificum declares that what the Church once did, can never be outlawed.

But Catholics of old did not just go to Mass or receive the Sacraments. They also obeyed their superiors and reproved them privately and publicly.

The Church has canonical procedures for condemning heresy and putting back into canonical order the Church: Synods, Provincial Councils and Ecumenical Councils.

Larping on Social Media is not one of them. Claiming to be persecuted is not one of them. Auto-justifying your own private schism is not one of them.

Thus Sedevacantism and large parts of the so-called Traditional Catholic Movement, by the very fact that they jettison every intention to observe Canon Law or remain in ecclesiastical communion, by this declare themselves to be NOT traditional.

Catholics who are truly concerned with the salvation of souls do not act this way. They organize and collaborate among themselves to correct problems in the Church. And you won’t find them among the Catholic Grifter Collective, which only wants to lament and collect money for themselves, and who are incensed most of all that anyone would dare correct the problems, without which they could not continue to grift on Social Media.

True Catholics are always traditional. They do not seek to break from ecclesiastical communion, and they actually do speak with and lobby their superiors, with charity, to get problems corrected. They are persistent and work with others. And they do not do it for the sake of fame or personal enrichment, but only for the salvation of souls.

In modern times, this authentic catholic spirit is much lacking, because we live in an age with excessive centralization, such that nearly no one knows how to defend their rights or those of the entire community, in  Catholic way.

We need to relearn these things. But the Clergy need to do so especially.

Controlled Media’s Nervous Repetitious Mutterings against Pope Benedict XVI have a motive

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

En Français

You would think that with the death of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, the globalist controlled media would leave the man in peace.

But no.

Because Pope Benedict XVI was the first pope in perhaps a century — since the election of Saint Pius X — which the powers of the world, that be, DID NOT WANT.

From the first day of his election he was viciously attacked. He even remarked to his biographer, that if he so much mentioned the Church in Germany a chorus of frenzied journalists would respond with calumnies the next day.

Pope Benedict XVI may have been an extremely meek man, but those who listened to everything he said, recognize that he called a spade a spade, when push came to shove.

But no, they won’t leave him in peace.

La Repubblica, the Communist daily of Rome, is rehashing the unconfirmed allegation that on the day of Bergoglio’s uncanonical election, on March 13, 2013, that Pope Benedict XVI called him by phone. — Even though Pope Benedict XVI relates differently to his biographer.

You see, in death, the former secretaries of Pope Benedict XVI can claim anything they want, as the Pope cannot contradict them verbally any longer.

This regurgitated accusation is made by Xureb, the other less famous secretary, whom Pope Benedict XVI trusted so much, that he commanded him to serve Bergoglio after March 2013.

Esquire for its part — I will not link to the article because FromRome.Info is a family friendly site — is rehashing the dominant narrative of the last 10 years. Unlike La Repubblica, Esquire has the honestly to admit it was not as rosy as presented. They admit that Catholics doubted the validity of the Conclave of 2013, once revelations of vote canvassing were revealed. — FromRome.Info led the charge and is and remains the leading site for covering that controversy, which blew open in November of 2014, when Austen Ivereigh spilled the beans in his biography of Bergoglio, entitled, “The Great Reformer”. See my reports on Team Bergoglio.

Esquire then laments that some Catholics even doubted the validity of the Renunciation! Yes, you can hear the mockery in the tone of their report.

The whole purpose of Esquire’s report is to soothe consciences, and make it appear that the battle is over, since the problem is dead.

But I ask, at the distance of 7 weeks, why all the nervous mutterings about things long past?

I think I know why.

Because when you realize that your chief player on the field is no longer defending your goal, but that of your opponent, what can you say to your fans? That he has switched teams? Certainly not.

Wait for it.

I foresee that as Spring unfolds, the MSM will be running the story that Pope Francis is being pressured by conservatives. And the B16 Sedevacantists will jump on that to explain away their greatest fear of all: that there is a God, who actually gave the Church of Rome the authority to elect their own bishop, and direct the High Priestly Prayer of Christ to that man. — Next, when that narrative does not seem to work, they will invent some sort of psychological theory, claiming that Pope Francis is under some sort of compulsion to imitate Pope Benedict XVI in orthodoxy, like a man is induced to imitate his father after his father’s passing. — Get your popcorn ready!

Intentionally Anti-Social Media

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We were sold the idea that with technology, a whole new world of social interaction would open up. But it was a fraud.

We were sold the idea that if we all had cellphone we would be put in contact more easily with the world around us. That was a lie.

What has resulted from the high tech media revolution is more isolation, more disinformation, and more mind control than ever.

When I think of the social life my parents had in the 40s and 50s and compare it to my own, there were stark differences. Even by the 70s most institutions had deteriorated so that there were no activities for young people or families on any regular basis.

I grew up with the television and my friends in the back yard. Even in my neighborhood the boys never got together to play baseball or football.

There were no lectures to be heard at the public library, no dinners at the Parish, no concerts, except the ones I was in as saxophonist.

But today, the degredation is even worse. Young people and families have nothing to do but stay on social media all day. Their neighborhoods are dead. Their towns are lifeless.

I remember one day more than 10 years ago, when it rained continually for 40 days, and then came one day of sunshine. All the children in the neighborhood came out to play and walk. I could not believe my eyes. The streets were full of children.

Where were all these children hiding?

In front of computer screens and cellphones, where they wasted their youth.

But now, the control is nearly complete. Because while we think we are using social media, what we are really using is anti-social media, designed to put into your head and soul what the Globalists want you to think and desire, and silence and choke out anything opposed to that.

No one is listening even on platforms like Twitter where it has become a wasteland of paid promotions, bots, and the 1 or 2 humans who may see your tweet this week.

What we are allowed to see is paganism, perversion, and anything which causes us to separate from one another, hate Christ or His Church, and disbelieve in His promises.

I recently took a bitter red pill when I realized that an entire organization of priests has the express purpose to teach souls not to believe in Christ as the savior of His own Church: but to despair, hate and schism from the rest of the Church as the sole means of salvation.

We are in the days wherein the spirit of the Antichrist is commonly found. Sanity and common sense are rare indeed.

And if you have these, you will be viciously attacked.

While fools, conclude, that since you are attacked, you must be in the wrong.

The entire structure of social media is built to facilitate lewdness, attacks, liars, calumniators etc., and built with every mechanism to prevent the distribution of truth and for the defense of the truth. We are being habituated to a system out of hell, founded by the sons of witches and baby-butchers.

We gotta wake up, and make life-altering changes.

True Devotion to Our Lady

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Saint Pius X in his Encyclical on True Devotion to Our Lady, taught an important truth which is lost on all those who pride themselves on being devoted to the Mother of God, but fail to examine their consciences in faith: namely, if you do not keep the commandments of God, it is in vain you say your rosaries, and kiss your statues, and wear bracelets of consecration.**

Some are even go godless, that they set themselves up, in their own human prudence, to judge the works of God, and decide who is and who is not in the Church, who is and who is not faithful, etc..

This is the very spirit of Satan, not of the Blessed Ever-Virgin.

We should note well that Our Lady, to all who would want to truly be devoted to Her, left the entire Gospel condensed into a single word: Do whatsoever He tells you!

Notice that She did NOT address Herself to unbelievers. She did not say, “Repent and Believe!”, and did Her Son from the first moment of His public ministry.

And this is important, because it means that Our Lady does not address the godless and those without faith. She does not recognize them as Her children or servants.

Our Lady, after she was rebuked by the Child Jesus in the Temple, asking, “How did you search for Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” never said another word, than the word, I just quoted, when She uttered at Cana. That was the very summary of Her life of meditation on God.

To Our Lady, therefore, there can be no question that we must accept and believe with all our mind and hear, that Her Son, said and taught, “Simon, Simon, Satan has sought to sift all of you like wheat, but I have prayed for thee, that thy faith might not fail; and when you are converted, confirm your brethren”.

Thus, if you want to be Our Lady’s child, but doubt that the prayer of Her Son is efficacious, what can you hope for, from Her? But silence and consternation.


Because you are godless and faithless.

Again, when Her Son said and taught, saying to Peter, “Whatsoever you bind upon earth, shall be bound in Heaven; and whatsoever you loose upon earth, shall be loosed in Heaven,” She gave full faith and submission to the judgement of Her Son, and never doubted a moment that after Peter would deny Him three times, that he would repent and convert.

Indeed, according to the Fathers and Saints, after Peter’s sin, Saint John brought him to the house of Our Lady in Jerusalem (the Church of the Dormition, today), and She accepted him.

So the godless who do not accept that Saint Peter gave to the Faithful of Rome the authority to choose their bishop, upon which choice Her Son would confer the Petrine Munus, have and shall have no part in the Kingdom of Heaven with Our Lady, and Our Lady hears nothing of their prayers, because they are godless and faithless, because judging by carnal wisdom, and being entirely ignorant of canon law and ecclesiastical right, and apostolic tradition — or worse rejecting it so that they can persist in a sect, whereby they exalt themselves as better than all others — they are calling Her Son impotent in prayer or faithless to His promises.

This is a horrible sacrilege of blasphemy, since the very Name of God is Hesed, that is, FAITHFUL LOVE.

So to all the atheists who say 15 decades of the Rosary and have statues of Our Lady in their homes, and marian braclets on their wrists, know that when you deny the words of God, in your pride you will be forced to deny the works of God. And then God will wipe you from the Book of Life. And Our Lady will not intercede for you, because you have by your words and deeds entirely denied Her too.

It has been 2 weeks since Pope Francis was elected in the juridically valid manner of apostolic right, and no one in the world has found anything to convict him for heresy, or blasphemy. And since we all know the man Bergoglio after 10 years of observation, we know that for the man, that is impossible, but for God, all things are possible.

** “17. For to be right and good, worship of the Mother of God ought to spring from the heart; acts of the body have here neither utility nor value if the acts of the soul have no part in them. Now these latter can only have one object, which is that we should fully carry out what the divine Son of Mary commands. For if true love alone has the power to unite the wills of men, it is of the first necessity that we should have one will with Mary to serve Jesus our Lord. What this most prudent Virgin said to the servants at the marriage feast of Cana she addresses also to us: “Whatsoever he shall say to you, do ye” (John ii., 5). Now here is the word of Jesus Christ: “If you would enter into life, keep the commandments” (Matt. xix., 17). Let them each one fully convince himself of this, that if his piety towards the Blessed Virgin does not hinder him from sinning, or does not move his will to amend an evil life, it is a piety deceptive and Iying, wanting as it is in proper effect and its natural fruit.” (Ad Diem illum laetissimum, Feb. 2, 1904 A. D.)

Why did none who said Benedict XVI was the pope, prepare for the election of His Successor?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Alas we live in such an age of dishonestly, that the dishonest frame themselves as the honest and claim to be offended by the honest.

Though I have the greatest respect for Saint Augustine, who defended the truth with more than 240 written works, I disagree with those who take his quote, “The truth is like a lion, it has no need of being defended” out of context and advocate we should let a thousand lying mouths defame the truth.

On the contrary, I believe that we should defend the truth by every legitimate means, and that is why there are more than 6000 articles and posts at

So, as regards the present controversy, by which some are feigning madness to justify their irrational reactions, to the election of Pope Francis in the Assembly on Monday, I pose this nuclear question:

Why is it that no one among all those writers and speakers who said Pope Benedict XVI was the pope, prepared or supported the election of His Successor in the eventuality of his death?

I was the only one. I spoke of this years in advance. I formed committees to restore him to power and to elect his successor.

Notably, when I formed a committee to restore him to power, no one helped me but one friend. Neither Don Minutella nor Andrea Cionci lifted one finger. Don Minutella said it was a good effort. But no supporter of Don Minutella acted on it, except my one friend.

I was even asked by a priest follower of Don Minutella why I was even attempting a political solution?

That question revealed to me something I should have paid attention to.

That some people did not want a solution to the crisis.

And this became clear as soon as Pope Benedict XVI was called from this life by the Lord.


Except me.

I am not tooting my horn, there is no need too. All know what I did. I am pointing out the contrast between speaking about a problem and advocating a solution.

You can talk all day long about the horror of abortion. But you are not for real, unless you stand  in the cold and counsel women not to kill their children. Because that is the only solution for the individual. In the mean time you can also work to overturn the laws enabling abortion. That too is true commitment.

But if you only show images of abortion on social media, lament the problem, found an organization and raise money to keep doing the same thing over and over, but never actually organize side-walk counseling or legislation to stop the killing, how can anyone claim you are sincere?

You see, it’s the same thing in every endeavor.

If you are going to open your mouth about some problem, no one should take your seriously unless you are proposing solution and taking action.

And if in any endeavor someone actually takes action and solves the problem, then God have mercy on those who attack him for it.

Take for example, Donald Trump. My readers know that I am not a Trump supporter. But I will forever praise him for his appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States, by whom Roe vs. Wade was overturned. Catholic appointments.

I have as of today more people who hate and criticize me than support me. But all know that I am not a grifter. If I talk about a problem I do something.  That is why I founded the Scholasticum, Ordo Militaris Inc., L’Italia per gli Italiani, and Cross Azure Ukraine. I have a track record of honesty, even if I am not always as successful in each endeavor as I dreamed.

So in every controversy, we should keep in mind the bigger picture, and when anyone is criticized for anything, let us first ask, who actually solved the problem, and who only talked about it. Who actually is trying to solve the problem, and who is only riding the bull of dissent and milking the cow.

Finally, we must keep in mind, that when a problem is solved, there is a strong temptation for those who did well milking the cow, to say it has not been solved and the issue is still hot. Self interest is strong in some, and as adults we need to admit that it exists with social media influencers, who, if they do not get likes, hits and donations, will scream all the louder at someone to get attention.


L’Ammonimento solenne al Collegio dei Cardinali — Perché è stato necessario?

Per carità, diffonderlo con tutti i tuoi conoscenti, parenti ed amici nelle Diocesi di Roma, Albano, Osta, Velletri-Segni, Palestrina, Frascati, Sabina Poggio Mireto, e Porta Santa Rufina.

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video, I explain in Italian, why it was juridically wise and useful for Roman Catholics at Rome to give the College of Cardinals a solemn public rebuke for not yet taking any move convening in Conclave. For just as in every legal dispute, one first notifies the transgressing party, that one’s rights are being transgressed, to warn them of impending legal action if they fail to cease in the transgression, so in this dispute, the College of Cardinals cannot simply omit their duty in silence, but must give a juridical explanation of why they are deciding to act or not to act. This is especially true, because since March 13, 2013 A. D., when they pretended to elect Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Roman Pontiff, they have never responded as a body, nor even as individuals, with a canonical explanation of their position now that all the evidence for their fault has been published to all the world for 10 years, and especially here in Italy during the last 2 years.

Thus, the Solemn Admonishment (Text here in Italian and English translation) had to be given, just as in a disagreement among knights, one throws one’s glove down in front of the opponent to challenge him to a fight, to prove which party is in the right, so now, the College of Cardinals has been put on notice. They must respond verbally and they must take action. If they fail at both, then they have juridically conceded, that the Roman Catholic Faithful of the Church of Rome, that is, of the Dioceses of Roma, Albano, Osta, Velletri-Segni, Palestrina, Frascati, Sabina Poggio Mireto, and Porta Santa Rufina do in fact have the rights claimed in the Solemn Admonishment. Cardinal Re, Dean of the College, now has in hand 3 copies of the text.

The ball is now in his court.

He has been presented to a juridical fait accompli, as it were, he is now checkmated and failing to act, he loses the most important battle, and will concede the juridical legitimacy to us who are Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict XVI till the end.

APPENDIX:  True Devotion to Saints Peter and Paul

In burying Benedict, they think they have buried the Church …

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Now, that they have buried Benedict, they think that with him they have buried the Church.

The Church which believes that a man is a man from conception until death, and that a woman is a woman from conception until death.
The Church which believes that human sexuality is for reproduction not entertainment.
The Church which believes that it is morally unacceptable that man be enslaved by ideologies.
The Church which believes that words have meanings which men cannot change at will.
The Church which believes in property rights, for man and for God.
The Church which believes that usury and fraud and sodomy and pedophilia are crimes which shout out to God for vengeance.
The Church which believes that Catholics have the right to rule the world, and not the godless.
The Church which believes, above all that there is a God and that He is Man’s creator, redeemer, savior, and king.
The Church which believes, that Jesus was crucified, died, buried, AND who rose from the dead!
The Church which believes with Peter in all which Jesus Christ taught and did, as the Son of the Living God.

This is the Church which they believe they have buried with Benedict. And that message was clear, as the Anti-Pope sat enthroned in front of Benedict’s coffin, gloating over his apparent victory.

And now we all experience that which Our Lady and the Apostles experienced at the death of Our Lord. For when the shepherd is struck, the flock scatters. And darkness has fallen over the whole Church of Rome. Persons who were staunch and firm in the faith days before, cheering in large assemblies for Pope Benedict XVI are now silent and full of doubts and fear. And my dismay and disappointment has grown large as a sea, and as stormy as a sea in a hurricane. For the number of those who want to end this dark night has grown so few. And in just a few days, I am told to my horror, notable persons will declare that no election be undertaken.

But just as Pope Benedict XVI taught us, it is in the darkest hours that we who believe in the One who rose from the Death, must testify to the truth and stand against all the howling gales which pour forth from the Gates of the Netherworld.

Therefore, to one and all, who recognize that Pope Benedict XVI was the pope until death, never renouncing the petrine munus: to all of you, wherever you are in the world and whatever language you speak, I make a solemn promise before God, the Most Holy Trinity: that I will not go silently into the night; I will not tolerate that the Church of Rome be without a divinely approved shepherd; I will not, because I will not cease to believe in the One who has risen from the Dead, who can make water gush from rocks and the dead rise from the grave, because it is at His word that the Heavens and Earth were made.

Thus I promise that I will militate until by last breath and to every sacrifice, if necessary, that the Church of Rome elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI, no matter what other decision any other shall make. For I have it on good authority, that all the leaders in Italy will shortly announce that no election should take place. That instead, we should wait for the death of Bergoglio, the antipope.


For now, still, however, I will await that the Cardinal Deacon of the College of Cardinals, who has personally received the Solemn Admonition, make a decision. I understand that that College is compromised with invalid electors. But I recognize that if there is good will in any, to call for a Conclave, that God will offer the grace to do it right. I will therefore wait until the 20th day, when it will become obvious that the Cardinals cannot enter into Conclave by the 21st. That day will come on January 20th (calculating in the most liberal way as to give them more time). And if they do not, then I will announce a “crusade” to convoke the Faithful of the Dioceses of Rome, Albano, Ostia, Velletri-Segni, Palestrina, Sabina Poggio Mireto, Porto Santa Rufina, and Frascati, to exercise their apostolic right to elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

I tell you all these things now, because, if when that hour comes, and I am left standing alone to remedy this solemn need, I will call upon all Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict XVI world wide, to form an international coalition to assist in this endeavor: that each group out there, send its representative to Rome, to do as I have done these 3 years, to militate for this and keep those at home informed, while joining in the work and in the fundraising necessary to promote a juridically valid election of the Successor of St. Peter. This will be a massive task that will require legally notifying every member of the clergy of these 8 dioceses, AND attempting through media of all kinds, to notify the millions of faithful in these dioceses to exercise their apostolic right and convene in an assembly for an election.

Therefore, I ask you now to join with me in prayer, that the Cardinals do their duty, and that if they do not, that God might raise up a mighty army, howsoever small, of determined zealous faithful from round the world, to see this holy work done, for the salvation of souls and the glorification of Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, Who has already promised us and purchased for us, the victory in this battle. And who has given us an Immaculate Queen who is terrible as an army in battle array!

Amen. Amen. Let it be! Fiat.



CREDITS: The Featured Image is the tomb of Christ, exposed for the first time in 2016 since 1550, when it was covered with a slab of marble. You can read all about this fascinating history, at the Irish Times, here.

How Bergoglio’s permanence means the apostasy of the Flock

From Rome has been ahead of many issues way before the general public confronted them. One of these regards the problem of having a man whom you think is the Pope be a man whom you know is a heretic.

From Rome answered this in an editorial of May 12, 2016, nearly 6 and a half years ago. Back then nearly no one took notice. It was too politically incorrect. But now many, having seen the unending monstrosity of Bergoglio who is willing to publicly slap and excoriate with the most foul language a woman merely for pleading for the help of fellow Catholics who were being persecuted by his Marxist allies in China, and his total lack of insouciance at the publication of a book by Pope Benedict on Celibacy, the barriers of non-think have, are or about to fall in the minds of the general populace.

Some readers have remarked that From Rome does not speak so much about the heresies or errors of Bergoglio anymore, but this is not because he has stopped, or that this publication finds them tolerable, but because the solution to the problem of Bergoglio is simple: Restore Benedict XVI because he was robbed of the Papacy, and we were robbed of his Pontificate! And now, we say, Elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI, so we may have a true Pastor for the true sheep of Christ!

In this editorial, written when the pretensions to the Papacy of Bergoglio were still commonly held, hope was held out for his repentance. But now after nearly 4 years, that is clearly never going to come about. Those still hoping for it, are deceiving the faithful.

Nevertheless, we share with our readers now in January of 2023, what we published in May of 2016, for your edification and thought, and to share with your fellow Catholics who are still struggling to understand Bergoglio and why the clergy are obsessed with remaining in communion with him.

How Bergoglio’s Permanence means the apostasy of the Flock

Rome, May 12, 2016 A.D:  There is no greater and more radical challenge for the Christian believer than to take another as his Master.

Indeed, Christians are recognized by the fact that they regard Jesus Christ, and Him alone, as their Master, in accord with the scripture verse, in which Christ condemned the religious leaders of ancient Israel, Matthew 23:10 ff:

10 Neither be ye called masters; for one is you master, Christ. 11 He that is the greatest among you shall be your servant. 12 And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be humbled: and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

Indeed, its very tempting, in today’s world in which truth is up for grabs and violent political clashes are being waged on all sides, for the Christian to take an “I’m ok, you’re ok” view, that is, a “get along with everyone” kind of attitude, in which truth does not matter, only co-existence.

The Loadstone of Hope

The only problem is, that there is a vast difference between the man who thinks Christ is a religious teacher and the man who is loyal to Christ no matter what.  First first regards Him as one might regard a philosopher:  taking the man’s teachings here and there, according to his personal tastes and likes, but not as a rule of life.

The second regards Him as the Incarnate Son of God, apart from Whose teaching No man on Earth can escape eternal and perpetual damnation in the fires of Hell.

As St. Augustine said, “If you believe what you like in the Gospel, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself.”

Indeed, what distinguishes the Christian from all other men is Hope.

Hope is that theological virtue least spoke of today, because in modern times a proper understanding and appreciation of it has been so attacked in the minds of men, that nearly nobody appears to have it or cultivate it or use it.

Hope is that theological virtue which puts full faith and confidence in the promises of God for those who keep them.  Its the most essential and key Christian virtue, given to us in Baptism, but cultivated only with good works.  If you do not really hope that God will reward you for fidelity to Christ, then obviously you will not be faithful to Him.  Likewise, if you think that you can manage for yourself the rules by which you will get into Heaven, there is no need for you to have hope in God’s promises, you can presume for yourself — a presumption which is both your ultimate self-deceit and the absolute guarantee of your own damnation.

All of this has an ecclesiological impact, that is, all of this effects the Church, what She is and your place in or outside of Her, who alone is the ark of Salvation, the Pillar of the truth, apart from AND outside of which no man woman or child can be saved.

The Temptation of Bergoglio

The great temptation presented by the election and presence of Bergoglio on the Apostolic Throne, then, is precisely this: the offer of a Church, of a Christianity, in which Christ is no longer The master, but merely a guide post from which one can wander here or there and remain a “christian” without fidelity and without the need to practice hope.

This temptation is offered the Cardinals, the Bishops, the priests, the religious and the laity, is offered thus to the whole Church, because in Bergoglio they have, without any shadow of a doubt, a man who does not believe in Christ as his Sole Master, who does not love or tolerate the Church as Christ founded it or gave it, does not suffer the rules the Apostles, the Faithful Disciples of the Lord handed down to us, and is filled with compassion and love for the traitor who sold Christ for 30 shekels of silver.

To have a public manifest heretic on the throne of the Apostle Peter, and tolerate him, presents for every true Christian, the opportunity of pretense, to keep the name “Christian” or “Catholic” without any more obligation to Christ.  Its the ultimate game-plan of Lucifer.

Either Bergoglio must Change or the Church has changed

Finally, if one were to accept this situation and the principles which erroneously lead to it, as have been briefly described here, it would be enough to end this article with the usual lament.  Because with faith it is possible to lament these things, but with hope it is not possible to tolerate them.  Nearly every author on the Internet today, and as far as we know, all the Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church since April 8, 2016, the date on which “Amoris Laetitia” what released, do not have or are not acting faithfully to Christian Hope.

For the man with Christian hope, would declare and manifestly insist and demand that Bergoglio be canonically reprimanded, and if refusing 3x, be declared to be in open schism with Christ and His Church, and self-deposed by reason of his malice and heresy against Him and His Bride, the Church, whose first duty is to keep herself immaculate and worthy of Him.

Either Bergoglio must change or the Church has in fact changed, because if he repents, the Church is saved in Her fidelity to Christ, and Christ is glorified above all human whim, even the human whims of the Roman Pontiff. But if Bergoglio does not change AND the Church tolerates him, it is the Church which has changed, She has committed adultery with Bergoglio, accepting him rather than Jesus Christ as Her spouse, the God above all other gods…


CREDITS: The featured image is of the Medieval Manuscript depicting The False Shepherd, a detail of the illumination from the mss. Douce 266 in the Bodleian Library. As a faithful reproduction of a work of art produced more than 200 years ago, it is in the public domain.