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The Perpetua Supplica to Our Lady Salus Populi Romani

Last night, a group of Roman Catholics gathered in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, to pray with Br. Bugnolo, the Perpetual Supplica.  Many thanks to Roberto, who transmitted the prayers live on his FaceBook page. — Please join the Catholics at Rome, each midnight, Rome Time (6 PM NYC time) praying the Supplica to obtain from Our Lady the grace to cause the church of darkness to collapse and Pope Benedict XVI to be restored.  We do not have long to wait. But more of us need to pray.

Many ask Br. Bugnolo why he no longer transmits the prayers. His answer is, “I want every one, outside of Rome, to pray at home, as Jesus taught, with the doors to their room shut, where only God sees. For those, at Rome, I want them all to come in person and show that they truly believe in God and trust in Our Lady.  Only in this way are our prayers worthy of being heard.”

Are you willing to lose your soul, for the sake of one word?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Our Lord Jesus Christ asked us, “What doth it profit a man that he gain the whole world and lose his soul thereby?”

This question has troubled the hearts of the Saints for two thousand years. It is the very question which, when asked, had led countless men and women to abandon the world and follow the Lord Jesus Christ as religious, monks, sisters, hermits. It is a most important question for every man considering to enter into Sacred Orders, if he wish to have the right intention.

But above all it is a question posed to all of Christ’s disciples, when they are confronted with a choice which regards our Holy Religion, their souls, and eternal salvation, all three of which cannot be extricated from one another in this life, or the world to come.

For the entire Catholic world, for eight years we have had a simple choice to make. We have been confronted with a challenge, which is easy for those who are like little children, but impossible for those who have embraced the world as their friend.

The challenge is to answer a simple question: Did Pope Benedict XVI resign, when in renouncing the ministry, when Canon Law requires that he renounce the munus or office, he did not do what the Canon said must be done?

But another way: Who decides who is the pope: Jesus Christ, who said, “Whatsoever you bind on earth”, i. e., for example in Canon Law regarding Papal renunciations, “shall be bound in Heaven”, or the Cardinals who say, it does not matter what Benedict renounced, nor even the worlds he used, he is definitely not the pope anymore.

Pope Benedict XVI said that he was inspired to do what he did. He even said in his biography in 2016, that the more he sees of Bergoglio, the more he is convinced he was inspired.

Our Lord is King and Master. He has the right to instruct His Vicar on earth to do as He pleases. He does put us to the test, and thus it is perfectly acceptable in Catholic theology to suppose that He could ask His Vicar on Earth to put the Catholic world to a test: to see if they worship Him, in communion with those priests in communion with Him, or whether they worship men, in communion with the priests in communion with men.

This renunciation of ministry is such a test.

Woe to those who do not take it seriously!

CREDITS: The Featured image shows Judas Iscariot kissing Our Lord, in the Garden of Gethsemane. The fresco is by Bl. Fra Angelico, O. P.. Judas, who wanted the external observances of religious and communion, while rejecting the internal obligations of faith and repentance, was rebuked by Our Lord for his sacrilegious kiss, saying, “Do you betray me with a kiss?” — To signify to the rest of us, that there is no more repulsive sin to God, than to sin right in His face, by feigning communion with Him, while really following the doctrines of men about who is and who is not the true High Priest.


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Predators and Idiots, who both forget God

Convertantur peccatores in infernum,
omnes gentes quae obliviscuntur Deum.

(Psalm 9:18 Vulgate Text)

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A YEAR IN REVIEW: March 8, 2020 to March 8, 2021

In a medieval hunt, the prince who owned the forest would send his servants kilometers ahead of himself, while servants behind built a V shaped fence, to corral the game. Then the servants ahead would beat the brush and drive the game closer and closer to the corral, until it burst forth into the open field and had no where to go but through the bottom of the V where it was captured and slaughtered.

The Scamdemic, which has been willed by Freemasons for decades and planned with art and science from the most morally corrupt men in the world, is like such a medieval hunt.

The wild game out of fear of a small threat, such as the beating of the brush, run away precisely in the direction that the small threat was intended to drive them. They continue to run from small threats which they could easily escape if they bolted past the servant beating the brush with a stick, but no, they prefer to run away from the noise and so end up trapped and killed by heading to the V where the high wall prevents any further escape.

The Scamdemic began a year ago, to this night, with small threats, the sounding of alarms. The alarms have not stopped, but they were to convince you to take refuge in the Mask, in social distancing, in social isolation, in the abandonment of your job, business, and all activity which would not be directed to supported the Globalist controlled economy.

Having masked you and corraled you at home, they then approached with the Vaccine, which 100s of millions are now taking, even though they have no idea what is in it, even though its lethality is GREATER than the alleged virus.

Being unwilling or mentally incapable of looking at the facts, spending even 4 hours in ONE ENTIRE YEAR looking at contrary information on even globalist platforms like YouTube, they have prefered to take the plunge by entrusting their health and life on being injected with an unknown alleged remedy. Some are even getting in fights to be the first.

While countless individuals are dropping dead minutes, hours, days or weeks after from the Vaxx!

The entire scenario is playing out like a theatre of Predators and Fools. All sense of morality and responsibility being thrown to the wind by doctors, politicians, judges, police etc., citizens and patients and custodians of others.

The underlying constant, however, is that all of these persons are forgetful of God. They deny that God has given them an immune system sufficient to protect them. They prefer to trust known liars to the word of God or even God’s wonderful gift of right reason. They ignore the entire moral order as a basis for human action, and simply reduce their consideration to what someone says.

All this reminds me of what is written in the Psalms, that, All the nations which are forgetful of God shall be converted unto Hell.

I know of this passage, since it featured in one of the most popular books of meditations by Friar Peter Reginaldette from the 15th century, which I translated from Latin many years ago. It is entitled, the Mirror of Retribution, and begins with a meditation on the punishments of Hell and who deserves them.

Well, I think we have arrived at the complete fulfillment of that Psalm. There is a total world wide madness and darkness which has gripped the vast majority.

A madness in which a very few hunt to destroy all, and the very many gladly submit to be hunted unto death.

I still cannot believe my eyes, as to what I have seen for a year. How nearly everyone I know has submitted to the Mask and Lockdowns, out of the fear of the most insubstantial of things.

Without God deeply and constantly remembered, man is without a compass. As a man who has dedicated himself to prayer his whole life, I find myself looking face to face at a world gone mad, precisely because it was never mindful of God:

Perfectly rational men, who spent not their reason in faith, but were satisfied in accommodating it to the service of men and the desires of their whimsical wills; seeking not the Truth in reason, nor the piety of the Faith in their prayers, they are like the beasts of the forest who, without even the sense to confront a little threat, throw themselves gladly into mortal peril.

And you cannot even argue with them, as they go round and round in circles if presented with medical or scientific facts, theological or moral arguments, or even reasons of self interest which require looking at the value of life over risk.

Truly, then, All the nations which are forgetful of God shall be converted unto Hell. Psalm 9:17.

Or as the Vulgate reads:

17 Cognoscetur Dominus judicia faciens; in operibus manuum suarum comprehensus est peccator.

18 Convertantur peccatores in infernum, omnes gentes quae obliviscuntur Deum.

Or as I render it in English:

He shall be known, the Lord the worker of judgements: for in the works of his own hands, has the sinner been taken captive.

Let sinners be converted unto Hell, all the nations which have been forgetful of God!

Friedlicher Protest in einer Diktatur – Eine Anleitung



Jeder Protest benötigt ein direktes und ehrenvolles Ziel, das ein möglichst kleiner gemeinsamer Nenner für die Unzufriedenen sein sollte, damit unter diesem Motto möglichst viele Menschen auf der Straße mobilisiert werden können. Eine möglichst hohe Anzahl an Demonstranten zu bewegen, ist wesentlich, denn die Regierung reagiert nur auf unzufriedene Menschenmassen. Zudem reißen hohe Zahlen an Demonstranten auch noch die mit, die sich aus Angst noch nicht auf die Straße trauten. Die Masse bietet dem einzelnen ein Sicherheitsgefühl.


Auch Ideale brauchen eine Organisation, damit ihnen zum Sieg verholfen werden kann. Ein Protest muß organisiert sein. Sonst besteht eher die Gefahr, daß er Projektionsfläche für die Propaganda des Regimes bietet. Zudem fällt es den Exekutivkräften des Regimes umso leichter, den Protest zu stören, je weniger der geplant und gegen fremde Einwirkungen organisiert ist. Das Regime hat logischerweise ein großes Interesse, einen Protest zu zerstreuen und unwirksam zu machen oder ihn gar zu bezichtigen, er sei gewalttätig.

Die Vorbereitung des Protests sollte allemal eine Spezialisierung der Kräfte beinhalten, die somit bestmöglich bestimmte Aufgabe erfüllen können.

Beispielsweise sollten Dokumentationsbeauftragte den Protest filmen bzw. photographieren und darin geschult sein, die Bewegung medienwirksam in Szene zu setzen. Rechtsanwälte bzw. Rechtssachverständige sollten auch vor Ort sein, um gegebenenfalls mit Regierungskräften zu verhandeln bzw. um Protestteilnehmer in ihren Rechten zu verteidigen.

Menschen mit Status und Reputation in der Bewegung sollten eine professionell gestaltete Bühne erhalten, so daß sie sich gut präsentieren können. Veteranen des Militärs oder der Polizei sollten ihre Uniformen tragen und vorbereitet sein, mit den Exekutivkräften im Dienste der Regierung zu sprechen und sie auch davon zu überzeugen, sich dem Protest anzuschließen bzw. notfalls sogar auch zu meutern. Religiöse oder spirituelle Führer sind für Ermunterung der Protestler zu Friedlichkeit und Bestimmtheit im Willen unverzichtbar.

Nicht zu vergessen ist ein Beauftragter für die interne Kommunikation und Sicherheit. So kann im Falle, daß die Regierung Störer („Agent Provocateurs“) einschleust, zielgerichtet gegengewirkt werden durch Isolation und Ausschluß dieser Leute aus der Protestbewegung.

Die gerechte Sache durch Friedfertigkeit repräsentieren

Die Menschen zeigen, daß Recht und die Gerechtigkeit auf ihrer Seite sind, wenn sie sich friedfertig verhalten. Hiermit zieht man auch andere mit, die auch auf die Seite des Rechts und der Gerechtigkeit stehen wollen. Im Gegensatz dazu werden gewaltsame Aktionen im allgemeinen mit negativen Absichten assoziiert. Außer zur Selbstverteidigung ist Gewalt niemals legitim. Bei der Auch bei der Selbstverteidigung darf Gewalt nur das letzte Mittel sein, und es muß unbedingt das Verhältnis zur drohenden Gewalt gewahrt sein.

Durch eine gezielte Vorbereitung des Protestes mit organisierten Kräften wie oben erwähnt, sind Konflikte und Mißverständnisse zwischen Protestlern und Regierungskräften deutlich leichter zu vermeiden. Und genau dieser reibungslose Ablauf ist das höchste Ziel einer inneren, gut überlegten Proteststruktur, deren friedfertige Ausstrahlung positiv auf Außenstehende einwirkt.

Gerechtigkeit heißt nicht Naivität

Daß man es selbst gut meint, heißt aber eben nicht, daß man davon ausgehen darf, daß es die Gegenseite, also auch die Regierungskräfte, es ehrlich und gut meinen und einen Konflikt vermeiden wollen. Diktaturen sind nur zu bekannt dafür, daß sie Provokateure in Protesten einschleusen, so daß es für Außenstehende scheint, der Protest sei illegitim, weil er für Gewalt stehe. Dabei ist es gerade die tyrannische Regierung, die für Unrecht und damit für Gewalt steht.

Die Notwendigkeit von Sicherheit

Insofern ist die Sicherheit eine zentrale Aufgabe, um Gewalt und Konflikte durch Infiltration und feindliche Instrumentalisierung des Protests zu vermeiden. Auch der Ehrlichste und eben auch der Protest durch die Ehrlichsten hat alles Recht bei der Organisation, interne und externe Sicherheitsvorkehrungen zur Abwehr von Böswilligkeiten der Regierungsseite zu treffen.

Die Vorbereitungstreffen sollten privat an geheimen Orten stattfinden. Kein Teilnehmer sollte elektronische Geräte mitführen, da sie durch Regierungskräfte detektiert werden könnten. In diesem Sinne sollten alle Teilnehmer auch auf Spionagegeräte durchsucht werden, beispielsweise auf Verkabelungen am Körper und andere Spuren, die darauf hinweisen, es könnte sich um einen Regierungsagenten handeln.

Das bedeutet ebenfalls, daß bei Beginn des Protests Regierungsagenten in der Menge durch die internen Sicherheitskräfte aufgespürt werden müssen, um auf sie zuzugehen, sie zu befragen und gegebenenfalls Hinweise auf Regierungsaktivität zu finden.

Meistens sind Agenten der Regierung einzeln unterwegs, ob ein Mann oder auch eine Frau. Jeder Verdächtige sollte durch die Sicherheitskräfte befragt werden, um seine Identität zu überprüfen und ihn bei Hinweisen auf eine Agententätigkeit (z.B. Verkabelungen) vom Protestzug auszuschließen. Diese Person muß allen Sicherheitsbediensteten mitgeteilt werden idealerweise mit einem Photo und der Nennung seines Aufenthaltsortes, um ihn ausschließen zu können. Die einfachste Art einen Regierungsagenten zu entlarven ist es, ihn nach seiner Arbeit zu fragen und seinen Arbeitsgeber anzurufen. Irgendein lokales Unternehmen anzurufen, um die Identität des Arbeitsgebers zu bestätigen, ist eine weitere Methode. Man kann auch das Wissen zur Arbeitsumgebung beim angeblichen Arbeiter testen, usw..

Es sollte darauf geachtet werden, daß die wichtigsten Protestanführer durch Freiwillige mit Kenntnissen in Selbstverteidigung oder auch in Militär- bzw. Polizeitaktik flankiert sind. So können die Protestführer gegen Angriffe abgeschirmt werden, bzw. sie können bei Übergriffversuchen aus der Gefahrenzone gebracht werden. Fluchtrouten und sichere Häuser in Städten der benachbarten Regionen und Nationen sollten im Vorfeld bereits ausgearbeitet sein.

Den Protest führen

Denkt daran, eine Diktatur ist darauf bedacht, jeden Protest bereits im Keim zu ersticken. Daher sollte der Protest so aufgebaut sein, daß die Ziele der Tyrannenregierung vorausgesehen und unterminiert werden können.

Zu diesem Zweck ist es besser, wenn die meisten Protestler keine Geräte mit sich tragen, die detektiert werden können. Somit wird verhindert, daß Gruppierungen online detektiert und ausgewertet werden können, was eine gezielte Polizeistrategie gegen den Protest zu vereiteln hilft.

Die Protestierenden sollten sich normal kleiden. Denn jeder normale Mensch darf sich in der Stadt bewegen und die alltäglichen Geschäfte erledigen. Da die Regierung nicht das Leben in der Stadt anhalten kann, wird es ihr so unmöglich gemacht, Ansammlungen der Protestbewegung zu verhindern.

Dabei sollte die Protestbewegung darauf bedacht sein, sich nicht in Straßen zu treffen, die leicht blockiert werden können. Der Ort sollte so gewählt sein, daß es der Regierung nicht möglich ist, alle Zugänge dorthin abzuriegeln, zudem sollte die Ankunft der Protestler örtlich und zeitlich aufeinander abgestimmt werden mit möglichst viel Variabilität. Für den Fall der Fälle einer Blockade des Versammlungsortes durch Regierungskräfte, sollte ein gut erreichbarer Ausweichplatz für den Protest bereits geplant sein.

Der Protest sollte von mehreren Kontrollpunkten in der Art einer „Steuerungscloud“ aus gleichwertig geführt werden können. Falls ein Kontrollzentrum ausfällt übernimmt das andere oder auch ein drittes, usw. Hierbei ist auch darauf zu achten, daß verschiedene Arten der Kommunikation (bspw. verschiedene Onlineplattformen, CB-Funk, etc.) eingerichtet sind, so daß die Kommunikation nicht zusammenbricht, falls es der Regierung gelingen sollte, einen Kommunikationsweg zu übernehmen.

Vermittlung der Protestbotschaft

Die Botschaft bzw. das Motto des Protests nach außen zu bringen ist so wichtig wie die Protestbewegung selbst. Es müssen geübte Sprecher auftreten, die die Botschaft auf den Punkt bringen. Charismatische Menschen, die die Massen animieren, müssen sich mit mehr strukturierten und professionell geschulten Präsentatoren abwechseln, ggf. auch im Interviewstil kommunizieren, um die Botschaft so transparent wie möglich zu machen. Die Regierung wird psychologische Methoden anwenden, um möglichst effektiv zu stören. Professionelle Redner bzw. souveräne Moderatoren behalten auch im Falle von Unruhen und Chaos die Übersicht und wirken ggf. auch beruhigend und deeskalierend auf die Massen ein.

Klarerweise sind Zeichen und Symbole im Sinne eines „Branding“ wichtig, so auch im Sinne einer Corporate Identity bzw. Marke bei Protesten. Doch inwieweit Zeichen zur Schau gestellt werden sollten bzw. überhaupt legal zulässig sind, ist vom Ausmaß der freiheitlichen oder eben suppressiven Atmosphäre in einem Land abhängig. Je unterdrückender eine Regierung ist desto weniger sollte man Zeichen und Symbole verwenden. In dem Zusammenhang muß auch festgestellt werden, daß Masken legitim sein können, um ggf. zu verhindern, das Protestler durch die Polizei während oder nach der Veranstaltung identifiziert und dadurch Opfer von Repressalien werden.


Unbedingt sollte von der Möglichkeit Gebrauch gemacht werden, Menschen an strategischen Orten wie Polizeistationen oder Kasernen zu positionieren, um die Mobilisierung von Kräften gegen den Protest zumindest zu behindern. Am besten gelingt dies, wenn man Verwandte von Polizeikräften oder Soldaten zu ihnen schickt, um auf diese Exekutivkräfte einzuwirken.

Menschen mit hohem Bildungsgrad, die von der friedlichen und gerechten Protestidee durchdrungen sind, sind die idealen Gallionsfiguren einer Protestbewegung, um diese bei Botschaften oder fremden Mächten vor Ort zu repräsentieren.

Sie können ausländischen Vertretungen dazu anhalten, sich aus Überzeugung von den friedlichen Zielen für das Stattfinden der Protestversammlung bei der Regierung stark zu machen. Diese Initiative ist auch deswegen von Vorteil, um dem vorzubeugen, daß die Tyrannenregierung ihrerseits die ausländischen Vertretungen gegen den Protest einstellen könnte.

Insbesondere diejenigen Mächte mit militärischen Stützpunkten in der Nähe sollten vor der Protestveranstaltung kontaktiert werden, daß sie sich nicht gegen den Protest instrumentalisieren lassen, sondern sich sogar ggf. auf Seiten der Protestbewegung stellen. Falls irgendeine fremde Macht die Regierung zwingen sollte, den Protest zu unterdrücken oder aber ihn im Gegenteil befürwortet, so muß das dem Protestführer sowie den Protestlern insgesamt unmittelbar mitgeteilt werden, so daß jeder weiß, wie die politischen Zeichen stehen, wer einem freundlich und wer einem feindlich gesinnt ist.


The Phariseeism of the Sedevacantist

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Sedevacantism is an ideology developed by a pedophile who was expelled from Seminary but ended up justifying his illicit ordination as a priest and bishop.

It consists in claiming that the popes since Pius XII — a known CIA and Fascist collaborator — are not true popes.

But its chief method is deploy an intellectual trick, called a shell game, to get Catholics to fall for their cult.

This trick consists in shifting the boundaries of the term, “heretic” so as to justify that anyone they accuse is a heretic.

A heretic is someone who denies a truth of faith. Precisely defined, it is a person who after baptism denies a truth which he knows God has revealed. If God has revealed this truth to him a lone, then he is a heretic before God. If God has revealed this truth to the Church then one speaks of a heretic, simply.

But to be a heretic, you need first to be baptized. In a historical sense, you could extend the term to those Jews who denied the revelation in the Old Testament, as the Saducees of old it.

Heresy, however, is any verbal expression which contradicts a revealed truth. It can be written or spoken or even thought of.

A heresy spoken, written or thought of does not a heretic make the speaker, writer or thinker.  To be a heretic there has to be the intention to deny a revealed truth. And thus there cannot be ignorance of the revealed truth nor ignorance that it is revealed.

But sedes — the popular nick name for sedevacantists — us this trick. They claim that the mere expression of heresy makes you a material heretic. And the intention to express it as true makes you a formal heretic. They omit the part about intentionally denying a truth known to be revealed by God.

So they search the writings of any superior they want to dethrone, and they find a passage which they claim is an error. They call this claimed error a heresy, and name the person who said or wrote it a material heretic. And then they claim this person, by the mere fact that he sustained this error, is a formal heretic, outside of the Church, and thus they impose excommunication upon him, without any need for judgement or declaration by the Church — a thing which they do not seek to obtain, since they judge no one superior to themselves.

This is a very convenient intellectual position for those who were kicked out of seminary for pedophilia or sexual abuse and would never be allowed to be come clergy otherwise. For once you dispose of the authority and legitimacy of those who refuse you orders, you can justify getting them in some illicit manner.

To better understand the mind of a sede, using this trick, let us use an example.

There is the material drunkard, and the formal drunk.

The material drunkard keeps liquor in his house and drinks it.

The sede comes to know this and calls the inhabitants of the house material drunkards, and insists that since they kept liquor for years that they were drunkards and formally such.

Then they pronounce them to be shunned by everyone in town and say that all the legal acts they are involved in at the local court or city hall are null and void.

This is how absurd and dishonest Sedes are.

They are the new Pharisees and are quintessential puritans.

Just do not bring up with them that their ideology was cooked up by a pedophile. They get nasty if you do.

The Catholic on the other hand rebukes those in error and calls upon the Church to reprove those in error. He also recognizes that formal heretics do not hold office, but he is careful to avoid naming someone merely involved in error a heretic, especially when the person shows ignorance of many truths necessary to understand his error as an error.

CREDITS: The Featured image is Jesus in the house of the Pharisee by Tintoretto.

In the Footsteps of Christ Crucified



In the present crisis of faith, which has broken out within the Catholic Church, on account of the perfidy of those to whom the preaching of the Gospel has been entrusted,  Catholics, who seek true spiritual guidance, can look to the exhortation of Pope Leo XIII, in his Encyclical Letter, Sapientiae Christianae, of January 10, 1890, in particular, where he remonstrates with all of the faithful in such a crisis, saying:

To recoil before an enemy, or to keep silence when from all sides such clamors are raised against truth, is the part of a man either devoid of character or who entertains doubt as to the truth of what he professes to believe.

To doubt the truth of even 1 revealed doctrine taught by Our Lord, by His Apostles, in Sacred Scripture or in Sacred Tradition, is, let us be frank, a mortal sin meriting eternal damnation, because it breaks the bond of trust which a Catholic ought to have in God His Savior.  This, alas, is the sin of so many who are “Catholics” in name.

But another mortal sin, one of omission, is that of those who are “devoid of character”.  In our own age, when so many Catholics, even otherwise good or devout ones, sit nightly at the feet of the pulpit of the television, neglecting prayer and meditation and the reading of the writings of the Saints of old, nearly every Catholic is lacking in the virtues necessary to withstand the apostasy of our age, which is being promoted by clergy who long ago accommodated themselves to the toleration of the abominations of impurity and sacrilege in the Church, or who have wedded their souls to false obedience out of self-interest.

The near universal silence of the clergy against speaking against the Kasper thesis has astounded many a Catholic, because they presumed, out of the faith which has come to us from the Apostles, that the clergy are men of character who would speak up:  not reading the signs of the times, which clearly indicate that the present apostasy of disbelief and of silence was prepared long ago, when the Modernists pushed for and obtained at the Second Vatican Council, documents which speak ambiguously and even erroneously about our Holy Faith, in every aspect of Her life and religion.

The darkness of our age being so profound and universal, the weak soul is easily overcome by despair.  This despair comes easily upon the souls who pray but little, and who have drunk either not at all or only in a shallow manner from the clear springs of authentic Catholic meditation, indicated so clearly by the great Saints of old, like St. Teresa of Avila, whose 500th birthday the Church recalled yesterday, March 28, 2015.

There is a Remedy for this lack of Character

And it is found in a wholesome meditation on the duties which each of us have towards Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. But not just any remembrance of Him in His Passion, but one which forces us by direct consideration to confront the lack of character, in our selves, which plagues our age, and which Pope Leo XIII laments in such strong words.

Our Lord and Savior said:  “You cannot be My disciples, if you do not renounce yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me.” (cf. Luke 14:27; Matthew 16:24) The Faith teaches us that the footsteps of Christ Crucified lead to the glory of His Resurrection.  But even with this knowledge it is difficult for us sinners, beguiled by sins and attached to this world, to have the fortitude, the courage and the hope necessary to put these words, so mysterious and decisive, into practice.

The meditations which follow, during this Holy Week of prayer are intended to be a means to heal this spiritual malady, so that we, sinners, can grow in grace and be sanctified in the following of the Crucified. We want to be with Jesus in eternity, and hence we take up our cross so as to arrive at His glory, with the help of mediation on His Passion.

Let us, therefore, dedicate this most holiest of Weeks to such meditations, and put aside, for this week, the vain preoccupation with things, websites, blogs and social communications which distract the soul from its most important duty, conforming itself to the will of God in all things, in all affections, in all thoughts, in all judgements, in all desires, in all hopes, in all beliefs, in all loves.

And to aide in that, the From Rome Blog will now begin a series of meditations, entitled:

Prayers & Meditations for the following of Christ Crucified

O Jesus, my only Savior:  Who became Man so that thou might die for me; Who fasted forty days in the desert, neither eating nor drinking, so as to give me the courage to mortify myself; Who walked the roads of the Holy Land to give me an example in the acceptance of the little sufferings of daily life; Who endured the insults, the outrages and the disdain of Thy enemies, to teach me to love my enemies; Who, at last, embraced the Cross to save mankind from the punishment of Hell, indicating thereby, too, the path necessary for my own salvation:  come to my aide!

I confess that I am a weak, vicious and vile sinner.  I know only how to lament my own sufferings, and recount the blessings others receive.

When I contemplate Thy virtue and Thy zeal to save souls, I recognize that I do not have a heart like Thine, I do not have a spirit like Thine, I do not have the vision like Thine!  O, my dear Jesus:  seeing that Thou hast said:  “He who does not take up his cross and follow Me, cannot be My disciple,” (Luke 14:27), and “If anyone would come after Me, let him renounce himself, take up his cross and follow Me,” (Matthew 16:24), and seeing that I believe that Thou would never command the impossible, I trust that Thou will give me the grace to put these words into practice, if I ask Thee.

O my good Jesus! I want so much to follow Thee!  Hence, I beg Thee, o Most Merciful Lord, to grant me the grace, the light and the heart to be Thy true disciple, to carry my cross and follow Thee, today and for the rest of my life.

We adore Thee, o Christ, and we bless Thee,
because by means of Thy Holy Cross,
Thou hast redeemed the world, with Mary!

To follow Jesus, you need to believe in Jesus!

O Jesus, when the crowd of Jews asked Thee:  “Who is this ‘Son of Man’?”, Thou replied:  “The Light is still with you for a little while; walk while you have the light, so that you might not be overcome by the darkness, because he who walks in darkness, knows not where he goes.  While you have the light, believe in the Light, so that you might  become sons of the Light.” (John 12:31-36)

With these words Thou taught us that it is absolutely necessary that we have faith in Thee, and not only a trust that Thou will be kind towards us.  If we accept Thee simply as a good preacher, listening but not changing our life, our mind and our heart, it shall be in vain that we have listened to Thee.

Thy words are light for us in this world of darkness.  If we harken unto them and put them into practice, we will become sons of the Light; if we do not put them in practice, we shall lose the Light which Thou are.  Hence, to begin to follow Thee is not a devotion for the perfect, it is the sole road to my salvation and for the salvation of all.

O Jesus, my Divine and True Teacher, guide me to Thy Kingdom of Light; lead me on high, far from the shadows of this world!  Be my Companion along my own road to Calvary, which is the only escape for me from my sins and vices, which threaten so to swallow me up!  Save me, O Savior of the World! and grant me to desire as much to be saved, as Thou desire to save me!

O Lord, by the sign of Thy Cross,
deliver us from our enemies!

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CREDITS: Photo of the Relics of the True Cross in the Basilica of the Holy Cross of Jerusalmen, here at Rome, copyright by FromRome.Info.

It is a mortal sin to allow the innocent to be victimized

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As Christians we are obliged to love God and to love our neighbor. This is the teaching of God:  Thou shalt love the Lord Thy God …. and thy neighbor as thyself.

God is infinitely Good, so He is perfectly loveable in Himself. And He has done everything for us, from creating us to saving us and sanctifying us and caring for us. So we really do not need a commandment to love Him, though in the Old Testament these truths were no so clear to the Jewish people, and for that reason, they were given a commandment.

But we all need the commandment to love our neighbor, because we are inclined to love ourselves alone. Indeed, much of the proper instruction that parents should give to children is to teach them to love others, their brothers and sisters, parents, friends etc..

But as adults, we are more obliged to love and justice, because we have a better grasp of the truth of things and are more capable of taking action.

Indeed, the nobility of a person’s soul is revealed precisely in this, that they have the compassion for others in difficulties and the promptness and zeal to take action to help them.

And this nobility is not lessened by the willingness to suffer wrong or to suffer for our own sins.

Yet, our willingness to personally suffer should never be an excuse to allow others to suffer.

And in this Scamdemic most of all, we are put to this test.  We are all being lied to, manipulated, oppressed, persecuted, and enslaved.

And all of this is personally intolerable. But it is even more precisely intolerable that we allow others to be so oppressed.

For 12 months now we have all sinned a great sin, because we have stood and watched everyone be oppressed and victimized and only a few of us have personally resisted to have our own personal freedom.

But very few have actually done anything to stop the oppression and victimization of others.

And this zeal and compassion for the suffering of the innocent, alas, has often been dulled or extinguished by the consideration that they are willing accepting to be manipulated.

But if we allow such considerations to dent our zeal, then we must ask ourselves if we are any better than the Germans who saw Jews being hauled off into trucks and did nothing other than complain?

And now that tens of millions are being manipulated into being vaccinated with a product which neutralizes their Type 2 White blood cells (Source: here), causing their deaths in the next year or so, can we stand and merely watch genocide in progress?

In this year of Our Lord 2021, we Christians must distinguish ourselves by fighting back against the Great Reset with all of our talents, abilities, time, wealth and action.

We must realize we are in war, and that we have not declared this war. But our war is just and therefore, we must crusade for the liberation of all who are being victimized.

I believe, thus, that it is not for nothing, that St. John the Evangelist in the Book of the Apocalypse spoke of the final battle.  The end of the world will not come in peace or come about in peace.

We must stop ignoring the reality in which we are living.

For war is upon us and we must now give battle!


For a guide to how to fight against the Great Reset, the solution is simple, and it is explained in this article.


Why submitting to the Scamdemic is contrary to faith in Christ

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The so called “Pandemic” has caught Christians off guard. And many do not know how to react to it, or even what to think.

It has caught many off guard, because most Christians are entirely ignorant of what the obligations and consequences of believing in Christ are.

Most Christians do not know how to react to it, because they are confused by very poor instruction on the question of when and when not to obey the State.

Many Christians do not even know what to think about it, because many Christians were never taught that Faith in Christ requires that you think and discern about everything which makes demands upon you.

The “Pandemic” has also caught Christians off guard, because it has not only challenged them on the question of whether to obey the State or the police, but also on the question of whom one should believe and what one should believe.

It has also challenged Christians, many of whom do not understand the most basic doctrines regarding life and health and the purpose of each.

For all these reasons, it is necessary that Christians, as Christians, confront the problems presented by the “Pandemic” with the truths of our holy Faith.

And we should begin with the basic truths.

First, that there is a God, and He is good. As Christ Jesus teaches us, “Call no man good, because God alone is good” (Mark 10:18) — God is the very definition of Goodness. He is everything that ultimately and completely satisfies every spiritual and rational being, angel or man.

Second, that this good God is the Creator of all things.  And thus all things are good, as Genesis 1:31 declares.

The conclusion a Christian should draw from these 2 truths, is that we should not be afraid as if nature itself were our enemy. God cares for all and we are in His Hands.  Therefore we should not give into the preachers of irrational unlimited fear.

The third truth is that God is the Creator of man. He is the Creator of our genome, our immune system and all that we are. He is also the Creator of all viruses and germs. And He does not intend to destroy the world by them. — So if anyone claims that a species of virus, like corona virus, which for decades has been known as non-lethal and incapable of being a plague, is now a plague, he is simply blaspheming God with a lie.

Here a Christian needs to stop and ask himself whom he ought to believe. We must believe God, because God is truthful (John 3:33) and God is the truth, (John 14:6). But as for men, King St. David says, “All men are liars” (Psalm 116:11), which does not mean that all men lie 24/7, but that all men are capable of lying.

Discernment is not uncharitable, but rather a necessity of Christian living. Because we must put things and men to the test to see if they are true, so as not to be led away from Christ into error or sin.

Fourth, since there is only One God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, we must not give the State the authority of God, nor regard Politicians or Journalists as infallible sources of truth. For some men are so proud that they would set their mouths in the Heavens and dictate their “truth” to mankind (Psalm 73:9).

Indeed, it is a sign that the spirit of the Antichrist has entered into a man when he dares declare as truth those things which are blatant lies and impugn the Majesty  or Goodness or Sovereignty of God.

And this is what the Scamdemic does, because it claims that infection and disease is everywhere, and that we can only acquire true immunity through man made artifices, as if the good God, our Creator, has not given us all that which is necessary, to defend against the common cold, in the immune system He has created in our own flesh.

Take note: since Sars Cov 19 has never been isolated, there is no scientific confirmation that what people do die from is a common non-lethal corona virus, or a variety genetically engineered in a biowarfare laboratory.  The story about the Wuhan biowarfare lab was a necessary Narrative Device to get everyone to fear Covid 19, because otherwise, there is no reason to fear a coronavirus, as all medical journals for 40 years have declared, since they are either highly transmissible and not lethal, or lethal but no highly transmissible. — That the virus has not been isolated therefore proves that the Narrative would fall apart if it were.

Also, Christians need to inform themselves about real science. Before the Pandemic was declared all medical journals affirms that plagues and pandemics burn themselves out as the general population acquires immunity withing 6-12 weeks of exposure. This happens because most of us are infected with very small doses of the pathogen and thus our immune system overcomes the invaders easily.  To claim therefore that after 12 months there is no acquired immunity by anyone is simply a FAT OUT RIGHT LIE.

And if you watched the news closely, when this “Pandemic” was declared there were numerous reports of blood tests in different parts of the world all of which confirmed that herd immunity was had in most countries by February through May of last year. Thus there never was a reason to continue a Covid Response. But these reports now have been forgotten, since they want us to fixate on the “Vaccine.”

But many Christians have been fooled, because they judge what is true or false not on the basis of fact, but on the basis of human testimony. And thus the promoters of the Scamdemic by getting doctors to tell family that their loved one died of Covid, even when they did not, has caused some Christians to become apostles of the virus narrative, even though they never asked for any proof that their loved one had Covid 19.

To maintain the lie, too, there has been employed swab or PCR tests, the inventors of which all declare they are unreliable. And some are such fools to not only take the test but believe its results.

At the same time, as the 24/7 terror campaign on Television, Radio and in the Newspapers, there has been the legal obligation to submit to the lies by wearing external badges — diapers on the face — and observing Pharasaical laws on hygene — such as wearing the diaper in the bathroom but not at a restaurant table while seated, or keeping 1 or 2 meters distant from every human being.

A Christians is obliged to discern. And a Christian who sees a lie, but ignores that it is a lie, is failing in his faith and has fallen away from Christ.

For if the State simply threatened us to wear the mask and observe distancing laws, without reason, it would only be cowardice to obey. But when the reason is a lie, then it becomes the public profession of a lie to obey. And thus by wearing the mask, we affirm for others that there is a pandemic and that they need to believe in it.

And that is how the Scamdemic is diabolic. Because all those who profess a lie, who believe a lie and who tolerate a lie will be cast in to the pit of fire with Satan and his devils on the last day.

As Christians let us be true prophets and preach by word and deed against this international conspiracy of liars and cowards. Let us not take part with the False Prophets and Antichrist who have cropped up like the morning flowers of the field, and who shall soon wither in the passing day.


Bishop Schneider & Dr. Taylor Marshall, 2 proven dishonest Liars


Note that it has been a year, and neither has answered these 5 questions!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Over at Catholic Monitor, Fred Martinez has cut through all the deception and lying of Bishop Schneider and Dr. Taylor Marshall in their recent YouTube Video, and has proposed to them 5 yes or no Questions, and asked them publicly to respond.

His article is entitled, Do Marshall and Schneider think they are greater theologians than Doctors of the Church, Sts. Robert Bellarmine and Francis de Sales?

This article follows upon Martinez’ rebuttal of their arguments in several articles:

  1. Why did Taylor Marshall Chicken Out in Questioning Bp. Schneider on the Bellarmine teaching on Heretical Popes Ceasing to be Pope?
  2. Is Bp. Schneider a “Flying Monkey” or another Type of Enabler?
  3. Why is Bp. Schneider spreading the Doubtful Propaganda of a possible Leftist British Operative?
  4. Schneider’s Opinion has next to Zero Merit when standing next to the Teaching of Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales
  5. Is Bishop Schneider a Pelagianist?
  6. Schneider’s Opinion vs. Cdl. Burke: ‘If a Pope would Formally Profess Heresy he would Cease, by that act, to be the Pope. It’s Automatic.”
  7. Doubtful Schneider vs. St. Bellarmine & Bp. Gracida: “A Doubtful Pope is no Pope”
  8. Bp. Schneider vs. Pope Innocent III, Trent & the Ancient Fathers

5 Questions for Bishop Schneider and Dr. Taylor Marshall

I urge all Catholics to confront these men on social media and in email and in person. Also share these questions with all who claim to find their false arguments to be convincing. The faith is in danger by the errors spread by these two men.

Fred Martinez writes:

To make it really easy for them it has been formatted so that they only have to answer: yes or no.

1. Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales said “The Pope… when he is explicitly a heretic… the Church must either deprive him or as some say declare him deprived of his Apostolic See.” Was St. Francis de Sales a Sedevacantist or a schismatic? Answer: yes or no.

2. “Universal Acceptance” theologian John of St. Thomas said “This man in particular lawfully elected and accepted by the Church is the supreme pontiff.” Was John of St. Thomas for saying “the supreme pontiff” must be BOTH “lawfully elected and accepted by the Church” a Sedevacantist or a schismatic? Answer: yes or no.

3. Do you think that a “supreme pontiff” if “universally accepted” is still Pope if, to quote papal validity expert Arnaldo Xavier de Silveira on “dubious election[s]”, that he is “a woman… a child… a demented person… a heretic… a apostate… [which] would [thus] be invalid[ed] by divine law”? Answer: yes or no.

4. Renowned Catholic historian Warren Carroll agreed with Bishop René Gracida on the determining factor for discerning a valid conclave for a valid papal election besides divine law. Carroll pronounced:

“But each Pope, having unlimited sovereign power as head of the Church, can prescribe any method for the election of his successor(s) that he chooses… A papal claimant not following these methods is also an Antipope.”

Are renowned historian Carroll and Bishop Gracida for saying this Sedevacantists or schismatics? Answer: yes or no.

5. Is Bishop Gracida really a Sedevacantist and schismatic for convincingly demonstrating that there is valid evidence that Pope John Paul II’s conclave constitution “Universi Dominici Gregis” which “prescribe[d].. [the] method for the election of his successor(s)” was violated and must be investigated by Cardinals? Answer: yes or no.

Answer or show you are a fraud!

Fred Martinez is an excellent master of rhetoric. He knows how to posit a question, the answer to which will expose the one to whom it is addressed either as a liar or force him to admit that he was lying and take back his lie. It’s inescapable debating style.

Consequently, short of an act of public repentance, I think that neither the Bishop nor the Doctor will respond to Fred’s 5 Questions. And that means, that neither should you follow the Bishop or Doctor anymore, because by their silence they show themselves to be dishonest liars. For an honest liar should admit at least in public that he is lying.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the Video by Dr. Taylor Marshall interviewing Bishop Schneider. The text in quotes is taken from The Catholic Monitor Blog, by the intrepid Fred Martinez.

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Faith in the Most Blessed Sacrament leads to recognition of Benedict XVI as the Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you have the Catholic Faith, then you have the key to solving many of the most obscure controversies.

And if you have faith in the real, true, and substantial presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, body, soul and Divinity in the Most Blessed Sacrament, then you have the key to know who is the true pope and who is a fraud an imposter.

And here is the key:

Just as the Host would not be consecrated if the priest said,

This is My athletic activity…

Rather than

This is My Body…

So, Pope Benedict XVI does not give up the papacy if he says,

I renounce my doing of the papacy,

Rather than,

I renounce the office of the papacy.

For on February 11, 2013, Pope Bendict in Latin said,

declaro me ministerio … renuntiare (I declare that I renounce the work of serving)

Instead of what Canon Law in canon 332 §2 says he has to signify,

muneri meo renuntio (I declare that I renounce the charge to serve which Christ gave me)

Now, some persons who think they are so bright that they can ignore this simply and irrefutable argument want you to fundamentally alter your religion, by denying that words have proper meanings. After 7 years you can see with your own eyes at Mass, if you still have the Mass, where that has led to.

Therefore, I exhort you: return to the rule contained in your faith in the Eucharist. Words do have meaning. And nothing happens if the wrong ones are used.

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