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Konrad Stachnio interviews Br. Bugnolo: This is Armageddon

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Br. Bugnolo interviews Frank Walker of

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Frank Walker is the Editor and publisher of, the most popular Catholic News aggregation site for those who want to know what is really going on in the Church in all its grizzly detail. It is an invaluable source to see the problems in the Church for what they are and to cut through fake news and fake propaganda of corrupt — very corrupt — ecclesiastical institutions and Catholic media organizations.

So that the readers of FromRome.Info have the opportunity to know Mr. Walker better, whose news commentary video’s are featured regularly here, I asked Mr. Walker if he would agree to be interviewed by email. Here are my questions, and Mr Walker’s responses:

Q. As I wrote in my recent article, There is always a background story, I am convinced the personal history of each person explains a great deal of why they do what they do and how they do it.  Since you are famous among Catholics for your news aggregation site,, can you tell the readers of FromRome.Info something about yoruself, your life, your spiritual pilgrimage, your professional work and how you came to start

Thanks, Brother. — My family was a typical Catholic family.  We were liberals. Sister Mary Lynn would play us Jesus Christ Superstar in religion class.  In high school they gave us ‘I am lovable and capable’ stickers to wear and sent us through the ‘Encounter’ retreat weekend where they played George Harrison songs and we wrote each other ‘palanka’ letters and hugged. I went to college to please my folks when I really just wanted to be play music in the clubs.  So I did both. When I added trying to make a future for my girlfriend and I, there were a lot of things not really working out and I ended up getting depressed, waitering and sleeping and wishing that I could die. I felt like I was floating out in space among the stars.

I had stopped going to Mass, and I’d soaked up all the lies a ‘liberal arts’ education will give you today.

One day I found an old book lying around by Bishop Sheen called ‘Go to Heaven.’  I had no idea who he was, but I felt like his words went all the way out in space and reached me.  They taught me somehow that life was a battle between good and evil, and the battleground was our souls.  After a few months I found a box of things my ex-girlfriend had abandoned in the attic. Among them was an old ceramic sculpture of Mary and baby Jesus that she’d made as a girl, and a rosary. I remembered the beads where the Our Fathers and Hail Marys went, so I started praying that.  Soon I realized that the whole crazy idea about God becoming a man who belonged to a family, and all the medieval spires and devotions were actually the way God was.

During the prior six months or so I’d learned that God loves me no matter who I am, or how successful.  I also learned how to discern between a worthless negative thought and a positive one. Thank you, Jesus.

Two weeks later my ex-girlfriend called me out of the blue.  We got back together and figured out where we went wrong. We realized that we shouldn’t live together until we’re married, and we should go to Mass on Sundays from now on.  I gave up playing music and got a responsible teaching job. That was 33 years ago.

One day, and three baby girls later, I saw Mother Angelica’s show.  I got such a kick out of her! You never, ever saw someone like that on television.  She was so brave. From there, along with countless other people, I began to learn all the things I’d never been taught about the Faith.  From Mother, and also from Rush Limbaugh, I learned that it’s never good to be a liberal.

After our first child, I left teaching and studied to be a corporate training designer.  After a few years, when I started working independently, I asked God to help me and began going to early morning Mass every day as sort of a deal.  Years after that, we decided to say the rosary with our kids every day. My work was going well, but I didn’t feel like I was being very helpful. I started reading and re-educating myself on faith, history, the saints.  I subscribed to the best Catholic magazines I could find. (Many of them I saw advertised in the back of National Review). I learned that there was sort of a breach between the ancient Church and what we have these days, that I had been robbed of the catechesis other generations had, and with terrible results.

One day I made the St. Louis de Montfort Consecration, where you offer all your good works and their merits to Our Lady, and from there my life started to get more difficult.  No more travelling or business meetings, and humble grueling work, but we always had what we needed. One day I stumbled onto a Catholic news aggregator I could help. That was eleven years ago.

Looking back on everything I can see God’s miraculous mercy and the power of grace through the sacraments and devotions of the Church and her faithful teachers.

Q. The rise of alternate Catholic media has followed closely upon revelations of extreme characters of the aberrant behavior of members of the clergy and Sacred Hierarchy. I remember my youth, when one presumed the priest was as holy as things in the Sanctuary, where no one was every allowed to enter but the altar boys and the Priest. How do you see the need of Catholics to be informed has changed, is changing, and will change in our lifetimes?

When we were young, there was no alternate media.  It was only liberal. The true Catholic faith was almost entirely suppressed.  Mother Angelica broke through, but her work has been mostly undone. Now with Francis, almost the entire hierarchy has been corrupted.  So has the media – even the traditional faithful media. The visible Church is sort of a stunt-church these days. It’s a trick that the rich and powerful have handed us.  So every tiny bit of truth we can spread is needed more than ever. Like Belloc said, “the truth has a life of its own.” It doesn’t matter the how big or small.

Now that Francis is there, I see no reason for restraint in reporting negative information about the hierarchy.  If Francis were a Catholic pope, it might be different. But as it is, the entire structure is now a target. Shine the light so the roaches run.  Fumigate. I don’t think it’s right to withhold contempt for evil, contemptible acts and actors. It’s misleading. So I try to describe them in the most accurate terms.  The fact that the subjects are popes, bishops or priests makes the acts even worse. It would be a sin to show false respect in such cases.

Q. Readers of cannot help but notice that you are very well informed about politics, especially of the tricks and dangers of Marxists and Marxism. How did you come to be so well informed, and how important do you think is this kind of counter-critique of the prevalent Marxism in society and in the Church, necessary for Catholics today?

Faithful Catholics continue to be politically neutralized by the Catholic press.  There’s nothing good or Catholic about liberalism, but you’d never know that from reading our leading ‘lights.’  That’s why they need to be constantly reminded that lending support to leftists, either directly or by discouraging more conservative efforts, means you’re siding with the enemies of Christ. But the most important thing to the Catholic media is that Catholics remain politically powerless and unable to stand.

Marxism is the satanic flowering of Luther’s Reformation.  It’s so ubiquitous today that we don’t even see it. It’s founded upon evil:  jealousy, lies, thievery, depravity, hatred of God, and murder. It’s the anti-religion.  Its enemy is Christ’s Church and all that’s good. And it’s the true religion of the world’s elites, of Francis, and almost all the ‘bishops’

So I think the counter-message is very important.  If you are going to be ‘militant’ as any Catholic should, you have to know how to find the front.  You have to know the enemy and their goals and strategies.

If I’m more conscious of these techniques, maybe it’s because I’m tired of the people I love being tricked and ruined and sent off to Hell.  Rush Limbaugh, who’s very sick and not a Catholic, is nevertheless militant and practiced in undoing Marxist strategies. I check his show for a few minutes every day, and I read many terrific polemicists.  I’m a big fan of George Neumayr, for example.

Once you’ve identified the Marxist players, you have to make a critical analysis of what they do and say.  Their techniques are very studied and tested, and they repeat patterns and trends that have worked over the years.  They exploit people’s sins, weaknesses, and ignorance. Hundreds of years of scheming and a lot of money and support go into making a Francis or an Obama.

Q. There are a lot of different kinds of Catholic journalism today, to use the word, “Catholic” merely as indicative of which religion they profess to practice, and not in a manner referring to whether they are faithful or not. Can you give the readers of FromRome.Info your thoughts on the kinds of Catholic journalism available and why not all of them are worthy reading or not?

Journalism, as it exists today, is more of an effort to hide and twist than to inform.  It’s very important to the powers that be that we sheep remain ignorant and able to be misdirected.  The Prince of this World rules a kingdom of lies and Christ’s truth is always like a pearl.

I don’t read all the different types of journalism.  I only look at things I may be able to link at If a news outlet has any money to do actual travel or reporting, then they’ll probably be liberals like the writers at Crux or National Catholic Reporter.  Those are good sources because they reveal some newsy facts and they spin them according to the goals of their backers. If you know that they’re unreliable and biased, then you’ll see where to start looking for the truth.

More and more outlets like the Catholic Herald, National Catholic Register, CNA and the other EWTN vehicles are growing similar to Aleteia and Patheos.  They support Francis and his regime, and almost all the bishops, yet find room for some criticism. They implement the Marxist cultural program of environmentalism and anti-capitalism which Francis is trying to sell as Catholic doctrine.  They are in the business of softening scandal and protecting the status quo.

The independent bloggers like “From Rome” are absolutely essential, because they’re the only place to get honest and accurate analysis, as well as news, polemics, and expertise.  Many still fall short and some are skewed by their ties and other constraints, but you can still learn from them. If they are speakers, pushing books, or occasionally featured at a main outlet (people like Patheos’ Dave Armstrong for example) they’ll typically be poor sources.

The “Where Peter Is” blog is a new kind of globalist-backed effort dedicated to defending Francis from actual Catholic critics while feigning strong faith by adhering closely to the dubious Francis’s false teachings.

The faithful Catholic press such as the Remnant, the terrific LifeSite news, and One Peter Five are growing more restrictive in their content in an effort to square the circle of an anti-Catholic pope who must be honored and tolerated yet ‘resisted’ somehow.  I wonder if this isn’t ultimately a funding issue. There do not appear to be any true Catholic funding sources in the world these days. Even the German billionaire Gloria Von Thurn seems to have gone south.  On top of that, non-canonical excommunications are flying around, and that would seriously impact such sources.

GloriaTV is a fantastic site.  Also there are some great faithful Italian writers who understand the Vatican very well. The legalistic analyses of people like Chris Ferrara and Brian McCall are indispensable, if not entirely reliable in these days of a tyrannical Church machine

Finally, Twitter has become a terrific source of top stories and analysis, even with a few words. I try to limit who I follow so that I can get a good picture of the breaking news.

I’m sure there are many videos and podcasts, Taylor Marshall and Raymond Arroyo for example, who can be good sources.  But they and many others are reliable only within certain Francis-defending boundaries. I typically don’t follow them just because of time, but they are growing.

There are very few news sources that can’t be labeled as either generally unreliable or as a part of a ‘false resistance,’ which gives a pretense of defending the Faith, but often stumbles when it comes to actionable truth.

Q. What do you see is the future of What do you want to achieve with it? How would you describe what you see as your own particular mode of journalistic practice?


I think this work is similar to what an editor of a newspaper would do.  I feel like it’s my job to give an accurate picture of what is happening right now, and that is a very polemical thing. I don’t see how much I can do beyond that right now.  My headlines are often much different from the point of the articles they link. That’s because the truth has been buried. So I feel that I’m planting little sorely needed seeds of truth.  I care about my readers. I want them to have information they need to do the things God has in mind for each of them.

Q. What do you think really happened in February 2013, at the Vatican?



I can only guess, but it looked like an Obama coup at the time. I was not surprised at all to see a nasty Francis on the balcony a month later. In 2013 the American pro-Catholic political party, feeble as it was, had been so neutered that the modern power support for the Church was crushed.  It was a perfect opportunity to steal the Church, and the fulfillment of a very old plan.

Q. What do yout think the St Gallen Mafia really are, what are their objectives, who is backing them, how dangerous are they?


I saw your piece on the origins of those schemers. — Society seems to have been driven by enemies of Christ for a few hundred years. The banks, the Masons – you can only speculate.  But a rival entity has taken the Church’s leadership place in the world for some time, and the St. Gallen infiltrators were just doing what they were told.  The powerful elusive men who seem to guide the planet (I don’t think the world is evolving or drifting) have, in the end, a Satanic, post-Christian goal for mankind.

Q. How are Catholics to cope with the near universal mindless acceptance by the clergy of Bergoglians as their superiors, even though they show themselves to have less faith than Lutheran or Anglican ministers? And sometimes less morals than even Muslim Imams?

I think the solution to this mess is to regain a legal, functional Church.  It’s not the size of the Church that matters, it’s whether it’s functioning properly, because that organic reality of a true Catholic body will only grow.  Until the Church is pure and functional, it won’t attract anyone. MonsterBishops and an anti-Catholic pope can’t realistically be called the Church. But how can we make a legal and true home for the Church today?  We need to have a legal, Catholic pope first, who’s uncompromising, as a true Catholic would be.

Q. Finally, do you think Benedict is still the Pope, and that Bergoglio never was the Successor of Saint Peter? And if so, in each case, why?


I don’t know if Benedict is still pope, but I would not be surprised if he were, for a few reasons:

  • Some, like you, Brother, point to canonical violations in the way he abdicated.  He could have purposely undermined his abdication for various reasons. One being that, if you rule out the various Vatican press manipulations, he seems to think he’s in some way Pope
  • He could have been pressured.  There is history and evidence
  • The rarity of a papal abdications makes them by nature highly suspicious, something which should be investigated before making assumptions.  This does not appear to have been done
  • There is a climate of heresy, lies, dirty money, intrigue, crime, and real fear in the Vatican.
  • Francis, in a historic first, does not formally hold the Catholic faith.  Despite protests that he is a periodic occurrence, which cite very minor papal discrepancies from the past, Francis doesn’t possess the ‘charism’ that popes have always had

If Francis is indeed false, it’s probably because:

  • Benedict may still be pope for various investigate-able reasons above
  • Francis is a manifest formal heretic and evidence shows he probably always was
  • He clearly and closely serves the goals and strategies of the world’s powerful elites, who oppose and attack the Church
  • His pre-planned conclave election appears to have violated Canon law

If all the men acting as priests, bishops, or pope were required to be Catholic, then the vast majority would be eliminated. I think that should happen. Then the Church visible would be the same as the Church Militant as it exists in God’s eyes.  I’m sick of pretending that faithless men are part of the Church. They just aren’t. They’ve abandoned their offices.

Thank you Mr. Walker for consenting to be interviewed by FromRome:info. My gratitude and that of all my readers….


You’re welcome, Brother.  God bless you and thank you for your powerful work for the Church.



+ + +

Marco Tosatti speaks with FromRome.Info


An Interview with Marco Tosatti, one of the leading Vaticanista of Italy, who has covered the Vatican for nearly 40 years. He explains his career, how it has changed, what the Crisis of Bergoglio is doing to Catholics and Clergy and what they in turn are revealing to him.

Many thanks to Marco Tosatti for consenting to be interviewed
by Br. Alexis Bugnolo, of FromRome.Info

Brother Alexis Bugnolo

First, let me thank you, Mr. Tosatti, for granting me the opportunity to interview you. I consider it a great favor. — First of all, since there is so little biographical information about you, available in English, I would ask you to relate for my readers something about yourself, your professional career as a Vaticanista, and what you saw as your more memorable moments of the life of the Church in the last nearly 40 years.

I was born into a family of journalists. My father was a journalist, and I was a year and a half old when he passed away, in a tragedy which is well known in Italy (Editor’s Note: The Superga Plane crash of May 4, 1949). He was on the plane with the Grande Torino Soccer Team, on a return trip from an exposition match with the team from Lisbon. My older brother, Giorgio, was one of the most noted sports journalists of Italy. I myself never thought of doing anything else but being a journalist: I was taught from my youth that it was a needed and noble profession.

Before I covered religious news, I worked more than 10 years in other sectors: daily news — I was the first journalist on the scene of where the cadaver of Aldo Moro was dumped, having arrived together with the Police), labor news, political news, and news regarding public education.  I only became a vaticanista by chance, when my predecessor retired:  I was far from the Church at that time, and for the many years of my life I have been a vaticanista.

Brother Alexis Bugnolo

I myself can remember as a child, a communion rail, receiving the Sacrament on the tongue, and priests who always dressed as priests. A great deal, however, has changed in the Church since then. For yourself, on the other hand, I read that it was your work as a Vaticanista which was the occasion of your conversion to the Faith. Can you share with my readers how that came about, if this is not too personal of a question?

I believe that it was a gradual process for me; and I also believe that John Paul II had a great role in this. I was struck by how a person who was so extraordinarily intelligent prayed, with the abandonment of a child. It presented me with a problem, which in Zen Buddhism could be called a Koan: to be incredibly intelligent and have total faith in something which the mind cannot reach.  So I began to pray myself.

Brother Alexis BugnoloBack when you began your career as a Vaticanista, there was no internet, and anything the world knew about the Vatican or the Pope was something you heard of only in Church publications for the most part, there was so little interest in particularly Catholic news. How did the job of reporting about the Vatican for a secular newspaper change during the many years of your career? Was there always the same interest in the same kind of news, or did the interest of your editors and your readers change also with the passing of time?

I began in December, 1981, and it was just then that occurred the downfall of Jaruzelski in Poland. There was a lot of interest in the story, but it was always or nearly always only of a political nature. The Vatican was very different back then. I joke: Vaticanisti were compared with journalists from Moscow, because the closure to the world of Mass Media was similar in both capitals … then, everything changed, as wee have seen: the prelates began to speak, give interviews and thus it went. With John Paul II it was certainly easy to get a story; also because Joaquin Navarro Walls was outstanding in finding news stories to feature. Nevertheless, I would say, as is today, it was mostly superficial news. But I believe that such is inevitable, in the genre of Mass Media.

Brother Alexis BugnoloMuch of what is happening in the Church right now is profoundly shocking Catholics on a daily basis. We are finding it difficult to understand what is going on, and so there is, on the one hand, a very avid interest for news, and on another, after nearly 7 years of scandals, a strong desire that the bad news itself just go away. What have you noticed about how the faithful are reacting to the news of the Bergoglian regime and how their interest in it has changed in these last 7 years?

From the time when Social Media took on the role which it has today, it is much simpler for journalists to understand what the public wants. At my blog, Stilum Curiae, I do a lot of interaction with my readers. I am present on Twitter, have two profiles and a page on  Facebook, have a channel on Telegram and on VK.  What I perceive in regard to the latter, is the problem many Catholics have, to confront ambiguous, contradictory messages which clearly break with the doctrine and praxis of the Church as they have known and lived it up until a few years ago. Persons who were timid five or six years ago, in their protest against what is going on in the Church have become more and more explicit and are protesting openly. I am sure that for their part, they are much more interested in the real content of the message than in the images of propaganda they find on social media.

Brother Alexis Bugnolo

For anyone who has studied how the Communists have taken down governments and overthrown entire societies from within, the events of the last 7 years in the Church are deeply troubling. The growing consensus is that Marxism has replaced Catholicism, and that the great world powers along with George Soros are behind this coup d’etat. Do you sense from your contacts among the clergy here in Italy a similar growing awareness of the root of the problem?

Not a few persons, priests and no, they are more and more convinced that the Church of the ages is undergoing an unrelenting attack on the part of anti-Christian ideological, political and financial forces; a battle which has not let down in recent centuries, and which probably is now aiming directly at the internals of the Church.  Certainly, this kind of problem did not seem to exist, when I began to serve as a vaticanista; and it grew to extreme proportions from the moment in which Benedict XVI renounced.

Brother Alexis Bugnolo

The resignation of Pope Benedict was for believing Catholics a true occasion of psychological shock. Even one European Bishop said, upon hearing the news, that he thought it was a Mardis Gras day joke. On that account, it is not surprising that Catholics have made the events of February 2013 the subject of intense discussions and investigations. — Since you are a professional Vaticanista, I ask if you can relate both personally and professionally how you reacted to the events of Feb. 11, 2013 and what followed up to Feb. 28 of that month.

I was taken by surprise. Even now I do not have a clear and unequivocal answer for that deed.  And, according to me, it should never have been done.  And the actual situation in the Church, the confusion, the divisions and all of that in which we are living, had its origin precisely in that deed.  But I do not, yet, know how to explain to myself and to others what Benedict XVI did.  I hope that when — many years from now — Benedict XVI leaves us, some elements of clarity are able to emerge.  At the moment, I am not excluding any hypothesis.

Brother Alexis Bugnolo

From what you know and whom you know among the clergy and workers at the Vatican, what can you reveal about the discontent there? An eminent Vaticanista, whom I quoted anonymously last week, said opposition to Bergoglio is already at 100%. But I wonder what kind of opposition it is or could be, if no one is willing to go on record with public questions as to the legitimacy or orthodoxy of what is going on.

There is no doubt, that inside the Vatican, there reigns great fear and uncertainty.  And it is from that, there comes to my ears how insufferable this regime is, its stunts, its ambiguities and the confusion it is creating is very great. It was not by chance that during the Amazon Synod even Cardinals and prelates close to Bergoglio took a position in the small circles against the suggestion of ordaining viri probati (Editor’s note: married laymen).  But, as Manzoni used to say, if one does not have courage, he cannot inspire it . . . Luckily there are some Cardinals and Bishops who do not fear to speak.

Brother Alexis Bugnolo

As you may know, FromRome.Info is the only news site for the PPBXVI Movement: what I call those Catholics who accepting the terms and obligations of Canon Law, hold that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope because his resignation was not in conformity with the requirements of Canon 332 §2 and that the response of the Cardinals to it violated both Canons 40 and 41. I heard from a lot of my sources that there are great numbers of Canonists and Clergy who also have grave doubts as to the validity of the renunciation or believe there should be an investigation. What are you hearing from your sources about these matters and this controversy?

I admit that I do not know much about this; I never studied Law nor Canon Law.  What I can say is this. Even Cardinals contrary to Bergoglio, and who probably did not vote for him in the Conclave, admit that, alas, his election is legitimate. Second: the problem with Benedict XVI, whether he renounced legitimately or not, is that he has renounced being pope, and does not want to do the job. If we have a possible “claimant” who is not claiming, rather, who does not want to make a claim on the position, what can we do about it?

Brother Alexis Bugnolo

The crisis of having a man whom you think is the pope be a man whom you recognize is a raving heretic and Marxist, is a crisis which is shaking to the core those Catholics who are not members of the PPBXVI movement, as I have defined it. Many have left the Catholic Church, many more have left the practice of their faith. Many are holding on to the hope that Bergoglio is going to have a change of heart or that the Cardinals will do something about him. But the years pass and nothing is done. If anything the Cardinals declare themselves for the regime after the manner of TV testimonies of the Soviet or Maoist era. According to what you are hearing, how are Italian Catholic responding psychologically and intellectually to this seeming contradiction between what a pope should be and what the man they hold to be the pope is not.

The uneasiness is there, no doubt. Some people close their eyes and say: right or wrong, my pope. Others look and see; and think that the Church has certainly seen popes of all kinds in its long history, and whether it be true what we have been told: non praevalebunt. We must suffer it and pray

Brother Alexis BugnoloFinally, I express my surprise that you have consented to this interview. I surmised that just a few years ago you would not even want to talk with someone who considered Benedict the true Pope and Bergoglio an Anti-pope. Was your decision based on recent events, such as the slapping or the book controversy, or have you personally decided that the gravity of the present situation in the Church requires you as a Vaticanista to start considering all possibilities?

No, why not? I’m always willing to talk to anyone who wants to. We may have, we probably do, different ideas on some points about the situation, but that doesn’t prevent anything. What has changed is my position. If a few years ago you could have placed me among the “center moderates”, now I find myself among the opponents of this Church government. But the problem is that I remained what I was: it’s not me who moved…

Brother Alexis Bugnolo

Thank you, Mr. Tosatti, for granting me this interview, and for the permissions to republish in English some of your posts at  I am sure the readers of FromRome.Info are also grateful. Praised be Jesus Christ!

This interview was conducted by email in both English and Italian. FromRome.Info publishes here its English translation of Tosatti’s responses.

Marco Tosatti publishes his writings and reflections at

The republication of this Interview is forbidden
without express permission of the publisher,
who however grants permission for citation of an individual response with a link to the original whole, here at FromRome.Info, for those sites
which want to publicize it

POSTSCRIPT: A pope is pope, not because he claims to be pope or because others claim he is pope, but because he accepted his valid election as the pope and has not yet renounced the petrine munus according to the norm of Canon 332 §2. This concept of being is something unique to those holding offices in Christ’s Church on account of their supernatural origin in the Divine Will, Which has promised to bind Itself to the decrees of the Successors of Saint Peter in Canon Law, and without the consent of Which no office in the Church is validly conferred. It is on this basis, the basis of Canon Law, that the Catholic Faithful alone have the duty to obey those who hold office in the Church, for otherwise, obedience would be divorced from Faith, and the hierarchical structure of the visible Church would be in schism with the theological virtue and its obligations, and the institutions of the Church would not be approved of by the Divine Will, which all Christians must obey and prefer to the will of mortal men.

+ + +

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An Interview with David Domet, the Vox Cantoris blogger who stood up to Fr. Rosica

Fr. Thomas Rosica meets Pope Francis, during the recent Extra-Ordinary Synod on the Family
Fr. Thomas Rosica meets Pope Francis, during the recent Extra-Ordinary Synod on the Family

French Translation | Italian Translation

Q. The Catholic world is gladdened to hear today that Fr. Rosica has decided not to take legal action against you, for your public criticism of his positions at your now famous blog, Vox Cantoris. As one of those who would like to know more about this sad episode, I am honored that you have consented to be interviewed by the From Rome blog.

Let us begin, therefore, with the facts of the case. When and how did you receive the threat of legal action, what Fr. Rosica now calls, the cease and desist letter?

Mr. Domet:  Well, it clearly did not seem to me as a “cease and desist letter” which could have been written by him without the aid of one of Toronto’s most expensive law firms (though he does state the work was “pro bono; the fees to my Solicitor are certainly not, I’ve already paid her a retainer, as is just). The letter was quite clear on its demands and what was more astounding was the continued threat of a lawsuit even had I complied with their demands which I was not prepared to do. I was at lunch on Tuesday, February 17, the day before Ash Wednesday with a colleague and it came across my smartphone. Suffice to say, after reading it, lunch was over. The letter is available on line at my blog, people can read it and draw their own conclusions.

Q. What was your and your wife’s reaction at receiving such a communication from a man of God? and this at the beginning of Lent?

Mr. Domet:  I was astounded and shocked, and my wife was extremely hurt and upset; and frankly, afraid as I was of what this meant for us and our home and my son; this has been very hard on her, especially coming from a priest. We know so many and work with so many priests organizing and assisting, consulting and training for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite and chanting the Mass. She herself has a beautiful voice and assists me every week in the traditional rite. I also sing weekly in the Ordinary Form so my work with priests is well known and my love and respect for these good priests with whom I work is without doubt. The affects upon us have been physical, too, with more than a few chiropractic adjustments for neck and shoulder pain and stress. As for Lent, well; since we married nearly two years ago, life’s been pretty soft. Our Lent began with a very heavy cross much more so than the usual we might try to put upon ourselves. We have both been sustained by prayers from so many people around the world and we have many times offered up this trial to God our Father united with the Cross of Christ. We are happy that we can now regroup over the next few days and rest and then get on with a more structured Lenten focus.

Q. Who is Jesus Christ and what does the Catholic Faith mean to you? And how did this magnify your dismay at what had happened?

Mr. Domet:  He is my LORD and saviour and King of all; if I try to do anything without him I fail – I’ve proven that more than once and “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me” was what I remembered in this matter. Nothing is more important than the Catholic Faith as given to us by Our Blessed Lord; He and It are the rock on which life makes sense and truth is anchored.

As for my dismay, what else can we expect? Look around at the world and at the Church. The Church for many reasons is weak so faith is weak; when faith is weak, Catholics are weak and the world is inflamed with evil and terror. I am dismayed that there are so few Catholics, whether priest, prelate or laity, prepared to stand up for Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. In Canada, we have over 40% baptized as Catholics, in the United States of America maybe 30% ; if every one of us went to the Sacraments and Mass on Sunday and lived our faith we would change our nations overnight! If that is the situation here, how much more for Europe where the percentages are even higher? My dismay is your dismay—the failings of Catholics to be Catholic and stand up for Our Lord.

Q. What did you do first, seek advice or contact the Law Firm in question?

Mr. Domet:  I sought advice from a very small group of close advisors. I did not contact the law firm directly – I needed to secure the right Solicitor and found her, a Catholic with some other background knowledge which I cannot reveal but which aided our strategy. Our first contact back to the law firm apparently engaged “pro bono” by Father Rosica was by mail with the response to their first letter and contact was only made by my Solicitor.

Q. What was the advice given, or response from the Firm, as the case may be….?

Mr. Domet:  As I indicated this on my own blog, Vox Cantoris; we responded to the deadline in the first letter to prevent an injunction on their part, though not meeting their demands, of course. We stated our position and suggested other options for discussion within the Church which were rejected.

Other items were then put on the table, making demands on me that were impossible to accept. It became apparent to me that we needed to communicate with clarity what we were not prepared to do,  and what we were prepared to do, which was to defend ourselves and engage a crowd-funding campaign to sustain it.

Q. Out of respect for your contact in the Secretariat of State, I won’t ask you to divulge his name. And, assuming the advice he gave you was not his own, but that which he was counseled to give, can you tell us what advice did he give you? And did you ask him to explain why he gave such unexpected advice?

Mr. Domet:  As I stated on my blog, I first “took it to the Church” as we are commanded to do in Holy Scripture. Frankly, it was easier to go to my contact in Rome than my own Chancery in Toronto. I can only assume that the information coming back to me was his personal advice and nobody else’s and I have no reason to believe otherwise. However, I was asked to state my “intention” and I did not respond to it and was then asked the next morning again and that maybe it would be better to “seek humility” and “apologise.” I did not and was advised not to respond to either. The fact is, intervention could have happened on the first or second day.

Q.  Personally, I have seen time and time again, members of the clergy use spiritual counsels to convince the laity to assume a posture of excessive respect toward the clergy which seems to be would only enable further abusive behavior by members of the clergy, the same or otherwise. Was this any part of your own reaction to the advice given you through your contact in the Secretariate of State? And how does that reflect on the state of affairs in the Vatican, under Pope Francis, in your opinion?

Mr. Domet:  I don’t think that I am qualified to give an opinion on the Secretariat of State and its operation under Pope Francis. However, let me state this; I’ve heard a lot of clergy do exactly as you stated and I myself have seen it directly, I have experienced it directly. It is the height of clericalism and it is detestable.

It is particularly detestable to attempt to do it to informed laity, which is in direct contravention of our rights and duties under Canon 212 §3 and the precepts of Vatican II, which they preach when it suits them.

Look, our parents and grandparents were victims of a clericalism that destroyed the liturgy and the faith for millions of souls. The same clericalism abused and sodomised and destroyed lives. This same clericalist attitude demanded that we “pay, pray and obey” while they “preyed!” Some of them say that we who wish to live by the Law and desire proper liturgy are Pharisaical and pelagian and desire clericalism. Nonsense! It is they that are the Pharisees, they are the clericalists –I’ve seen it; I’ve lived it and I’ve had direct experience with all of it and in some ways that I would rather not discuss at this time.

Q. What should catholics, and especially catholic bloggers who are faithful to the teaching of Christ, do, when confronted with such a letter?

Mr. Domet:  Pray. Ask for spiritual warriors to pray especially Carmelite Nuns (thank you to them!!!). Assemble a small team of advisors and a practicing Catholic lawyer including a Canon Lawyer; but something tells me this won’t be happening again anytime soon.

Q.  And how do you think your case gives good example of what should be done in the future, regarding attempts by an ever increasing number of clergy and religious to urge and push the Church to abandon Christ’s teaching about faith and penance, marriage, chastity, and the traditional Eucharistic Discipline?

Mr. Domet:  The example is quite clear; the Catholic blogosphere lit up with what happened; we need to see the power in that and take up the cause for the faith the family and the Holy Eucharist which seems to me to be at the heart of the matter.

How can those of us now unite to form an army of devoted and believing Catholics that blog to prevent an attempt to overturn doctrine at the Synod?

What vehicle can we use to coordinate our work, not control it, but to coordinate and disseminate and educate and catechise beyond just our few hundred readers?

Well, that’s what it was, I dare say now it is in the thousands! This situation since Ash Wednesday also shows the Church the power of blogs and how we will not be silent anymore in the face of heterodoxy. I can still remember as a child how my late mother particularly lamented what was done in the 1960’s. They had no way to stop it, no tools to fight back, we do and there is no excuse anymore not to use it to the advantage of the Church with “clarity and charity” as my own Archbishop will often state.

Q. Do you believe the proposals of Cardinal Kasper are, as Cardinals Muller and Sarah describe them, heretical, inasmuch as they propose to divorce Catholic Faith from Traditional discipline regarding the Sacraments?

Mr. Domet:  Yes, 100% without reservation. Let me say this too. I married my lovely Frankie nearly two years ago; we courted for nearly two before that. I was married previously in the Church but was granted a “Decree of Nullity” many years ago. Let these prelates stop with the distortion of the facts. The annulment process, at least I can speak of here in Toronto, is rigorous and thorough as it must be, but it was not “painful.” It took time because I was lazy with my documents. My recollection is the cost was a suggested donation of $900 Canadian for which I received a tax receipt — so we can get off that carousel that it is not possible to obtain one.

One cannot divorce the Catholic Faith from Traditional discipline regarding the Sacraments and still remain Catholic.

Q. What do you think Catholic Cardinals and Bishops should be doing now to avert a disaster in October at the Synod for the Family?

Mr. Domet:  Our own Cardinal Archbishop Thomas Collins has addressed the matter publicly and upholds the doctrine. He has asked for input from the faithful and I have certainly provided my own. What the Catholic faithful need to see are more examples of prelates such as Cardinal Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Cardinal Sarah, Archbishop Cordileone, the Polish bishops and many of those in Africa. Why are they not all speaking out? What are they afraid of? I’ve had enough of bishops in Belgium and the United States and here in Canada musing about blessing and accepting of alternative lifestyles. Yes, they have said this; I don’t need to name them here. I’ve heard enough of this “mercy” it is a false mercy – there is nothing merciful about someone being left in a place that will jeopardise their eternal salvation.

Q. If the Pope and those who prefer loyalty to him to loyalty to Christ Jesus, should push or declare any deviation from the Faith or traditional discipline of the Sacraments in the October Synod, will you stand with the Pope or with Jesus Christ?

Mr. Domet:  I stand with Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Let us not, as Catholics, give an exaggerated status to any pope along the lines of what our protestant friends think – an infallibility without respect for the Gospel, which he does not possess. The First Vatican Council defined it very clearly.

Q. How high do you think the stakes are in this battle?

Mr. Domet:  As high as they can be; schism, heresy and the loss of souls and as our beloved Benedict XVI said, “the very future of the world is at stake”; God will not be mocked.