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Project Veritas: “Pizza” is the code word pedophiles use to talk about victims

USA: Globalist Judge gives Pro-Abort 100 days of community service for Shooting Profiler

Editor’s Note: This is deliberate incitement to murder, since the man admitted to intent to grave bodily injury, his carlessness was wonton and must be presumed deliberate. But this case gave the judge the perfect opportunity to send a loud message: hunting season for those who oppose Globalist agenda points is now in season. — Today 100 days for “accidentally shooting” someone you hate for being against abortion, and tomorrow it will be 100 days for actually murdering them, because, you know, pro-aborts are serving “Mother Earth”.

Ukraine and Russia to evaluate the Vatican offer of Peace Mediation between them

Editor’s Note: In a very surprising turn of events, both the representatives of Ukraine and the Russian Federation have agreed to evaluate the Vatican offer to mediate a peace amongst them. This mission was launched by Pope Francis following his consultation with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine, who, according to reports, had said he needed no mediators with Russia. The mission has been entrusted to Cardinal Zuppi, as the article, here below, details. The Russian government has issued a polite criticism of Pope Francis, in that, they have remarked that the Vatican has not yet taken any practical step to organize a trip to Moscow, though an invitation has been offered. — The Pope’s poor health and the costs, are probably the current reasons, as the Vatican is in a deep fiscal crisis due to the fall off of pilgrims during the present pontificate.

VATICAN issues condemnation of Green Activists attacks on Art

The pro-President of the Pontifical Commission for Evangelization and Culture, Msgr. Fischella, said, “Nell’attenzione alle opere d’arte, che da secoli sono patrimonio dell’umanità e che diventano meta di turisti del mondo intero, è utile ribadire che la loro protezione è responsabilità di tutti e per questo si deve condannare con convinzione ogni forma di violenza che attenta alla loro conservazione”, which in English would be: “In the matter of the works of art, which have been part of the patrimony of humanity for ages, and which are becoming the focal point of tourists world-wise, it is useful to repeat that their protection is the responsibility of all, and for this reason, one must condemn with conviction every form of violence which attacks their conservation.”

This statement seems to have been issued just as the trial of 2 eco-terrorists began at the Vatican on May 24, 2023:

VATICAN: Pope Francis has a fever, very tired: has cancelled all appointments

Editor’s Note: The Pope’s health has been in decline every since he took the “Vaccine”. First it was problems with the knee, then the colon, then he gradually stopped walking. This spring it was a chest infection, and now he has the fever. He is so sick that he is not even receiving anyone in his private apartments. The world shall know whether he has recovered or not, on Monday, May 29th, when he is scheduled to receive in audience the President of Italy, Sergio Matarella, and consign the Paul VI awards for this year. If he does not make that appointment, then it is a very serious matter.

USA: Illinois AG alleges 450+ Catholic Priests & Religious abused 1997 children

Editor’s Note:  There is no excusing abuse, and we all know that clergy involved in this disagree mightily with Catholic Teaching on morality. But as an Anthropologist with a little knowledge of the State of Illinois, I will go out on a limb and put out there this observation: perhaps the reason why so many were allow to abuse so many so long in Illinois is that the abusers were registered Democrat voters? Illinois is a notorious bastion of that party and that party is pushing the legalization of pedophilia nationwide. In fact, one of their political candidates founded 5 websites for pedophiles.

You see the AG might think he is finally cleaning up the State, but he is only pointing the finger at the worst enemy of the Masonic Lodge. How about others? And the enemies of the Church will see this as a victory, but it really points back to 70 years of corruption in which the Police did nothing and protected the perps. The same thing has gone on for a long time in Catholic countries, but for different reasons.

True respect for and faith in Christ and His priests, means that this barbarous sin should not be tolerated and that it should be punished with burning at the stake. Everything must be done to discourage these persons from joining and remaining in the priesthood.