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Top Vaticanista: Opposition to Bergoglio in the Roman Curia is at 100%

Rome: January 14, 2020: While Catholics round the world stand in total shock at the apparent eclipse of the Catholic Church on account of the outrageous heresies, blasphemies and political shenanigans of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a word of great consolation was reported to The From Rome Blog, this Sunday:

Opposition to Bergoglio in the Roman Curia is at 100%. They want him out!

This comes from one of the top Vaticanistas of Rome who has served in the Eternal City for decades. He has deep and widespread network of informants through the Vatican and Curial Departments. He hears the same thing from all of them. No one wants the Argentine. They are counting the days!

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Reuters admits existence of Catholics who want Benedict as the Pope

The Official Trademark of the News Agency. Used here merely to illustrate their own report.

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

*This is NOT a Reuters Report, this is a Blog Post about a Report by Reuters*

You know the truth is winning the informational war, when one of the biggest enemies of the truth, Reuters News International, admits the truth. Even they cannot ignore the fact. It is even more devastating for the enemies of the truth, when Reuters suggests to its news distribution network that they admit the existence of the truth!

You can read all about it at

This is the pertinent quote, which Reuters suggests as a leader on their article by Pullela on the new book by Cardinal Sarah and Pope Benedict on Priestly Celibacy:

Some anti-Francis conservatives still see Benedict as their pope

The leading sites of the “Benedict is still the Pope Movement”, also known as the PPBXVI movement, because Benedict still signs as, Benedictus XVI P.P., are as follows: – banner site for the Movement – Joan of Arc of the Movement — Official Site of the Movement at Rome — International Association opposing Kasperite Heretics — Producers of the multilingual Benedict is still the Pope Video — Investigations and news from Rome — Cogent analsysis and polemics


Benedict’s End Game is to save the Church from Freemasonry

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Or, what Sherlock Holmes would say about the case of the Incongruous Renunciation

I have always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes, the fictional private detective in late Victorian England, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to popularize the new method of forensic investigation among the public police forces of his day.

As Sir Arthur writes in his Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important”.

This maxim is actually something the great Scholastic Theologians of the Catholic Church would readily agree too, because they held that every individual effect is marked by its causes.  Thus, every small detail about everything, says something about the causes of that detail. We have only to study the details to find the clues.

Here at the From Rome blog I have applied this method to the controversies over the vote rigging at the Conclave of 2013, which I have extensively examined. (You can see all the articles at The Chronology of Reports about “Team Bergoglio”), and to those about Benedict’s Renunciation (See the topical Index to Benedict’s Renunciation).

In this post, I want to share a lingering doubt I have about Benedict’s renunciation which I cannot shake, because it is seemingly confirmed by a host of details which have been overlooked by everyone, but which all point to the same conclusion, namely Benedict’s disgust with the College of Cardinals, not just as men, but as an institution.

Anomalies, Anomalies

As as translator of not a few Papal Bulls and Latin texts, when I examined the Latin of the Declaration of Feb. 11, 2013, the first thing which struck me was the the phrase ab his quibus competit. This phrase stuck me, because in Latin, which is a Language which is eminently laconic, it is a lot easier to write ab Cardinalibus electoribus. Why say, that the new supreme pontiff is to be elected by those who are competent to do so, and not by the Cardinal electors?

This question grows with a sense of significance, when you realize that Pope Benedict, according to the testimony of Archbishop Gänswein, wrote the text himself. And even more so, when you consider he wrote this text to be read out in the presence of the Cardinals themselves! In the refined halls of power, such a statement is much more than a faux paux, it is a positive insult and reproof. It is as if he is saying that the Cardinal Electors are not competent to elect a supreme pontiff. It is even more like saying, that his successor will not be elected by Cardinals at all!

This one small detail is something over which Sherlock Holmes would have had a panic attack of brain storming, because it is so incongruous of a statement to make in such a situation as a papal resignation, that it has to have causes which are not yet so obvious but which are crucial to understanding what happened and why it happened and what it all means.

I get a lot of guff and criticism for my speculations at this blog, mostly from those who do not appreciate the forensic method or the power of observation. As a trained anthropologist I understand why they do not understand and I understand why they are wrong in being oblivious to small facts. I know from the history of Archeology that entire theories of explanation of ancient, long lost cultures, were over turned by the finding of a single artifact, or a common artifact in a bizarre position or location. So I know professionally, that the methodology of Sherlock Holmes is not a fictional fantasy, but a real life powerful method of investigation and discovery.

If you find one anomaly, look for others

A single anomaly is hard to interpret, because as the Scholastics say, the individual which is the sole member of its species cannot be understood in itself. This means that when you find one anomaly, you need to look for more evidence and try to seek its causes. Other anomalies are the most important things to find, because then they establish a network of causes which can reveal the true meaning behind each anomaly. This is because it is harder to hide something in everything, than in a single thing.

The second anomaly which I noticed as translator of the Declaratio is that the Vatican had falsified all the vernacular translations. I reported this in the Article, The Vatican has known all along that Benedict’s Renunciation was invalid as written, and here is the proof. A brief summary translation of which, can be found in Italian at

The obvious inference is that those who came into power after Benedict’s renunciation were trying to hide the evidence. But the less obvious inference is that Benedict wrote a renunciation which was obviously invalid and they were trying to hide the obviousness of it. And from that we can safely infer that there was a conflict between Benedict and whom he knew or suspected would come into power after his resignation. This final inference supports an understanding of the first anomaly, that Benedict was calling the Cardinal electors incompetent to elect a supreme pontiff.

This leads to an understanding which like a key can be used to decode the Declaratio.  Now it is clear why Benedict calls himself the Successor of Saint Peter, but calls the one to be elected the new Supreme Pontiff. “Supreme” smacks of dictatorship and thus points to a Peronist. We can be certain that Benedict knew that Bergoglio was going to be elected because Bergoglio was the leading candidate in the previous conclave, and because Benedict was elected in opposition to Bergoglio. That opposition having crumbled in the College of Cardinals, it was obvious who would prevail. Benedict also as Pope had the resources of the Vatican spy network so he probably always knew what Bergoglio was up to prior to the conclave to suborn others and expand his power networks.  The recent history of the European Bishops’ Conference, written by the the Bishop of St Gallen, shows that Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger knew well of the existence of the St Gallen Group even before 1992. So we can be sure that Ratzinger maintained a dossier on them and kept his eye on them.  We know now, that as Pope, most of his Pontificate was in preaching against the very errors, heresies and deviations which Bergoglio is now promoting. We know this by comparing what he was teaching with what Bergoglio is teaching, and it is a direct contradiction of it.

From all this, then, we can say decisively and with great certitude that the Declaratio was written to oppose the St Gallen Mafia and to lay down a maneuver against them. It was not a surrender, but it was made to look like a surrender. I explained my theory about this in the Article entitled, How Benedict has defeated “Francis”.

And because this was its primary motivation, for it to be successful Benedict had to decide from the beginning to be extremely discrete and divulge his intention with no one, not even Gänswein. I have long thought that this inference was improbable, but I recently obtained proof that Pope Benedict does not tell his private secretary everything, in the video prepared by Bavarian State TV, entitled, Ein Besuch bei Papst Benedikt XVI. em. Klein Bayern im Vatikan, which aired on January 3 in Germany. For in that video, Benedict reveals that there are things in his office of which he never told the Archbishop. And the Archbishop expresses both surprise and dismay.

The Crown of all Anomalies

It was only, however, when I took it upon myself to examine the Latin text with the eye of a Latin teacher correcting the homework of a student, that I found the crown of all anomalies. Yes, I found more than 40 grammatical, syntactical and stylistic errors. So many that it seemed to me impossible a pope could write such a thing. Either he was handed it to be signed, or he wrote it in haste, or he intentionally made it sloppy Latin to conceal something from obvious view.  For, if you have ever watched British TV, and were a fan of Doctor Who, then you know, that the best place to hide a key is on a wall designed to hang dozens of keys, for there you can not only hide it in plain view, but hide it in such a way that it cannot be found or stolen.

And thus I was led to infer that Benedict was hiding something in the text, something more than just an invalid resignation of ministerium instead of munus. So I re-read the text and looked for anomalies, and now I wish to speak openly of what I found, of which I did not speak openly before in my Articles entitled, Clamorous Errors in the Latin Text of the Renunciation and A Nonsensical Act: What the Latin of the Renunciation really says.

And Benedict hid this anomaly right up front, in the place you would least expect to hide anything. I refer to the very first sentence of the Declaratio:

Non solum propter tres canonizationes ad hoc Consistorium vos convocavi, sed etiam ut vobis decisionem magni momenti pro Ecclesiae vita communicem.

As I said before, I have always thought it significant that Pope Benedict was promoting the study of Saint Bonaventure’s Scholastic Theology more and more during the later years of his Pontificate. That Doctor of the Church is an expert on the interpretation of textual statements. But that Doctor of the Church has his own way of using Latin. So being the translator of his Commentarii in Quatuor Libros Sententiarum, I just happened to have a great familiarity with the Latin of Bonaventure. And that made me see something of which I think no other has taken notice.

It is the word decisionem.

Latinists were focusing on the word immediately prior to this, vobis, because the Latin verb communicem takes an object with the preposition cum and thus requires vobiscum not vobis.

They then proceeded to simply fault Benedict for his poor choice of words, in writing decisionem instead of consilium. And in my critique I reported their opinions of this matter.

But what I did not report is my shock at the seeing the word decisionem, because in the writings of Bonaventure this word always means a “cutting off”, and has the sense of an amputation or pruning, as is done to a vine. Recall that in Scripture, Our Lord Himself says that He has to occasionally prune His people to take away dead branches and promote regrowth and fruitfulness. If you know anything about Joseph Ratzinger, then you know that as a theologian he likes to weave discourses around the meanings of Biblical images and words. Thus, one is led to the conclusion that he chose decisionem for reasons more significant than apparent.

If you combine that meaning with vobis and ignore the presumption that the latter was intended as vobiscum, the entire meaning of the sentence changes to something so radically unexpected, that only one having unraveled the chain of inferences and made a study of the anomalies in the text could possibly be prepared to accept that Benedict might indeed have meant that which the Latin actually says. Which is as follows:

Not only for the sake of three acts of canonizations, have I called you to this Consistory, but also for the sake of the life of the Church to communicate something of great importance: your being cut off.

As I just said, this reading seems incredible, but it explains all the anomalies which I have heretofore found in the text and in the history of the Renunciation. The purpose of the Declaratio was NOT to renounce the papal office, it was to Uproot the College of Cardinals as an institution from the Church, so as to save the Catholic Church from the complete Masonic infiltration of that institution.

We know now, seven years on, that the College of Cardinals has shown perfect compliance with the Freemasonic regime of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and even its most conservative Cardinals have pledged unswerving loyalty to that regime. We also know that it has been a century long project of Freemasonry to infiltrate the College so as to take over the Catholic Church from the top down. We also know that Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI were well informed by Saints and private revelations of the coming battle with the Anti-Church and False Prophet. Finally, we know that both collaborated decisively to renew the canonical penalties of excommunication against Freemasons in the Church (Declaration on Masonic Associations, Nov. 26 1983.) in forma specifica, that is, in the most solemn and authoritative manner of an express Papal approbation of a notice given the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, headed by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

It makes sense, then, if you know a key fort containing the greatest treasure of your kingdom is going to fall to the enemy, because of a complete treachery and rebellion of the military commanders holding it for you, the wisest council is to allow it to fall, without advising those commanders, while secretly removing the treasure, so that they are deceived in thinking they have triumphed and so that your removal of the treasure can be conducted in safety and during the confusion of their gleeful and exuberant seizing of the fort.

And this is what it seems Benedict did and intended to do. It also explains why Benedict acts the way he does and refuses to clarify his situation. Why he does not even take the Archbishop into his confidence. It also explains a lot of other things, which did not seem entirely anomalous before. For example, in his final year of pontificate, he made both Muller and Ganswein Archbishops, but not Cardinals, as if for his closest of friends he somehow did not want them to be members of that College.

If all these observations and inferences are correct, then one can with great probity conclude that it is the intention of Pope Benedict that after his earthly demise, that the Church of Rome, and not the College of Cardinals, who are held fast in a solidarity of dissent with Bergoglio, elect his successor: a thing about which I speculated about in my Article, Whether with all the Cardinal electors defecting, the Roman Church has the right to elect the Pope? And a thing of which even Pope John Paul II alludes in a most cryptic manner in the papal law on conclaves in his introduction, where he says, that it is a well established fact that a conclave of Cardinals is not necessary for a valid election of a Roman Pontiff (Universi Dominici Gregis, Introduction, paragraph 9).

Indeed, a study of the history of papal renunciations and the canons of the Church shows, that it was Pope John Paul II, in 1983, who by adding munus as the canonically required object of the verb “renounce” in canon 332 §2, actually created the canonical possibility of an invalid renunciation in the case of a pope who renounced something other than the petrine munus! A very small alteration, but one which not only prevented the office from being shared, according to the loony and heretical speculations of German theologians, but allowed a Roman Pontiff to give the appearance of a valid resignation, so as to deceive the forces of Freemasonry in the Church.

Now all this seems absurdly immoral, but in truth it is neither illegal nor illicit. For since the man who is the pope has the canonical right to renounce the petrine munus, it follows ex maiore that he has the moral right to renounce anything less than the munus. In cases of grave threat, he also has the moral right to dissimulate. Thus by renouncing the ministerium, not the munus, Pope Benedict posited an act which power hungry men without respect for the law or for the truth or for the person of the pope, would overlook during their rush to convene an invalid conclave. And thus their own fault and sin and haste would result in their canonical separation from the Church through an act of schism and usurpation. Yet, by renouncing the ministerium and not the munus, as required by Canon Law, Pope Benedict left sufficient evidence for all the Catholic faithful in the world to discover the truth, a thing of which he was confident they could do, because the quasi soul of the true Church is the Holy Ghost, the Lord and Inspirer of all truth, Who guides His faithful always to and in the truth.

In this way, both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have acted with great foresight and angelic prudence over the last 4 decades to enable that the Office of Saint Peter pass, not through the hands of men who have betrayed Christ en masse, but through the hands of the faithful of the Church of Rome, who precisely on account of their fidelity to the Roman Pontiff according to the norm of law, recognize what he has done and why he has done it.

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Appeal to Catholics everywhere

Dear Catholics in every nation on earth,

Which do NOT speak

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese
  7. Russian

Brian Murphy, who is producing the Videos, Benedict is still the Pope, is looking for translators who can translate the English original text of the video into all other languages on Earth, which are spoken by Catholics.

In particular, he is looking for translators for

  1. Polish
  2. Arabic
  3. Hindi
  4. Vietnamese
  5. Korean
  6. Tagalog
  7. Swahili
  8. Hungarian
  9. Romanian
  10. Lithuanian
  11. Ukrainian
  12. Croatian
  13. Dutch
  14. Quechua
  15. Aymara

If you can help, please leave your contact information in the comments below, and it will be shared only with Brian Murphy, it will not be published.

Thank you, for all that you are doing for the cause of Pope Benedict!

Here is a link to all the Videos by Brian Murphy

BREAKING: At Christmas, Gänswein recognizes Benedict as holding the Petrine Munus

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The devout and humble desire of a Catholic blogger to wish Pope Benedict “Merry Christmas” has resulted in another significant proof that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope and that the Prefect of the Pontifical Household recognizes him as the pope.

You can see the evidence yourself at A.J. Baalman’s, Christmas Wishes from Pope Benedict XVI, over at Ordo Militaris Radio Blog.

The blogger sent his Christmas Wishes at the beginning of Advent, and received a reply via the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington, D.C., USA, yesterday in an envelope mailed on January 2, containing the official stationary of Archbishop Gänswein in the form of a two-sided Christmas Card with the foto of a Christmas Creche on one side and these words in Italian on the other:

Un buon Natale e un buon Anno Nuovo 2020 ricco di benedizioni celesti. Georg Ganswein Segretario Particolare di Sua Santita Benedetto XVI, Papa emerito

Which in English is:

Whising you a good Christmas and a good New Year of 2020, rich in heavenly blessings.

George Gänswein, Special Secretary to His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope emeritus


As anyone knows who writes to the Roman Curia or the Holy Father, a response, if received at all, is sent through official channels, by diplomatic courier to the Apostolic Nuncio in their own country, and then by regular mail to their address. This is the practice outside of Italy, at least, in the USA.

Private individuals do not receive mail through the Apostolic Nuncio. For example, I have on occasion written both Cardinals Sarah and Burke. Their response was NOT mailed to me via the Apostolic Nuncio, since it was private correspondence and not in virtue of their office in the Curia.

To receive a Christmas Greeting in response to one sent to Pope Benedict through the Apostolic Nuncio means that the Vatican has recognized that Benedict is still a member of the Roman Curia in the very least. I have it from the receiver that he did NOT write to Archbishop Gänswein, but to Pope Benedict, as pope.

The words of Archbishop Gänswein are also proof of the failed resignation. Because after a Roman Pontiff resigns, He can no longer be addressed as “Your Holiness”, because that title indicates that the person addressed is still the Pope, the holiness of which is derived from retaining the PETRINE MUNUS, which is first of all a gift of grace and then a vocation and special source of graces.

Why is this important? Because in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, which governs the Roman Church, the papal office is termed a munus in Canons 331, 332 §2, 333 and 749. And in Canon 145 §1, the Code calls an ecclesiastical office a munus. Thus if Benedict is still “His Holiness”, and that unique holiness comes from the unique munus, that means the Benedict still holds the unique office of the Pope. And thus, no one else does, according to the divine institution of the papacy, which no one, not even a pope, can alter.

The statement of the Archbishop also shows the invalidity of the resignation on account of the confusion of substantial error, in that, despite addressing Benedict with the salutation “His Holiness”, the Archbishop nevertheless calls him “Pope emeritus”, which no “Holiness” can be.

Finally, one can safely presume that the Christmas Card received by the American correspondent was not printed up solely for him, but was produced in quantity. This means that Gänswein is sending the same message to all who wrote Pope Benedict. It is nothing short of a universal declaration. The fact that the Apostolic Nuncio is mailing such Christmas Cards out, means that the Nuncio also recognizes Benedict has holding the Petrine Munus, the Papal dignity, still.

There is no other Traditional Catholic explanation of these events. You can only explain it away by jettisoning the meaning of words Catholics have used for centuries. But that would be Modernism to even contemplate!

POST SCRIPT: If any other of the readers of the From Rome blog have written to Pope Benedict and received a reply, please let me know, if you would like to share what you received in reply. This will help the entire Catholic world understand better how the Pope is doing.

There is always a background story

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is always a background story to every news report, and it has to do with the personal background of the reporter. This post is to encourage you to do a background check on the news sources your read, before believing what they say and following them in what they won’t say. I will not mention names, to protect the reputations of those involved, but I will cite real examples.

I have published this post, using what I have learned as President of Ordo Militaris Inc., a private security and defense corporation, in the fulfillment of which duties I had to work with several private eyes to do background checks on potential recruits. Security of information is also important to the defense of Christendom, and so I think what I say here needs to be said, for the defense of the Church.

There are 4 leading Catholic personalities who are insisting Bergoglio is the pope and refusing to publish any information from Church Documents which might put that in doubt. Why they are doing this seems a mystery, because before Feb. 11, 2013 they were extremely rational Catholics and all known for their fidelity to the Faith.

So maybe their personal story explains their present practice of non-think?  Non-think is the practice of not allowing yourself to think about certain questions or problems, so that by avoiding the truth, you can present yourself as a member of the ruling clique to which you want to belong. Non-think only happens when the ruling clique is not interested in truth.

There are 4 such famous personalities in the Church right now, and if I named them you would know who they are or at least recognize their news sites on the web. But I will describe them in another way, and let you ask the question: Does their personal history have anything to do with why they may want to practice non-think and teach others to do the same?

The Professional

The professional did not begin as someone known for reporting reliably about the Church. The professional began as a private secretary to a leading  political figure in the country from which the Professional comes. This leading political figure was a notorious socialist, and was so left wing that he only left the leading left-wing party of his country, when that party endorsed abortion. The Professional continues to praise this mentor and employer and thinks that he is a fine Catholic, even though he has never disavowed radical socialism and social engineering.

With such a highly credentialed background, you might see why the Professional is recognized by everyone as a leading authority on what happens at Rome. But given the background of the Professional, you might understand better why anything reported  on by the Professional might have nothing to do with exposing why Bergoglio never was the pope, because that truth would put an end to the Marxist revolution in the Church. I won’t mention that the Professional is not from a family native to the land in which the Professional was born, but is from a town in France famous for its Synagogues and Money Lenders, a thing which the surname of the Professional indicates if you do some research, because I think that such an observation is not germane to the discussion.

The Shining Light

The Shining Light is someone whom is highly trusted to report just what some in the Roman Curia want reported and to not publish writings which show that the Roman Curia can make mistakes. The Shining Light had very good intellectual formation in an institute praised by one of the leading members of Team Bergoglio, the St. Gallen Mafia. The Shining Light is very conscious of this, so that anything the Shining Light reports does not make the institution where the Shining Light studied look bad.

The New Agent on the Block

The New Agent on the Block has made a reputation as a leading authority on all things Catholic, or should I say, on all things which YOU should think about the Church. The New Agent on the block is a masterful fundraiser, and receives substantial financial support for the rather good articles published at the website of the New Agent. Where the money comes from is not known. I also think it is not germane to the discussion that the New Agent on the Block has a surname which is Jewish. I call the New Agent on the Block, “new” because no one heard of the New Agent on the Block during the reign of Pope Benedict. But now everyone thinks that Benedict cannot be the true pope until the New Agent on the Block says so, that is how much power and influence the New Agent on the Block has acquired over the minds of Catholics.

The International

The International is known for being very well informed and does detailed investigations and has contributed much to the knowledge of Catholics regarding the corruption in the Church. But, like the others, will not tolerate in the least any discussion of Pope Benedict’s being the true Pope. What most do not know is that the spouse of the International was a leading intelligence officer of a government which most likely assisted in putting Bergoglio into power by bribing the Cardinals. Maybe that has something to do with the information and narrative control that the International pushes in everything the International writes.


I think you should pay attention to the back-ground of everyone whom you read, because as human beings the back-ground is important. All these 4 individuals whom I have described have a fame and expertise to control the narrative such that 10s of thousands of Catholics have been convinced by them to practice non-think in regard to the canonical facts on the Renunciation of Pope Benedict. None of them are liberals. They are all conservatives and otherwise doctrinally sound persons. But perhaps it is time you start to ask yourself if the non-think they practice and teach has anything to do with their personal histories. They all know of those who doubt the validity of the Resignation, but consider quoting them as more dangerous than quoting Bergoglio. That is the laughable reality which they have adopted as a habit of mind.

+ + +

For transparency, my own back ground is as follows: Though I am a dual citizen of the USA and Italy, I was born in the USA and never belonged to any political party. All my ancestors are Italian Catholics and I have no Jewish blood in my lineage. I receive no financial support from anyone but my relatives. I have raised 15 euros in donations at Rome in last 3 months of working for the cause of Pope Benedict. For more information about me, see the About Page, here at The From Rome Blog.


Nota Bene: Any comment on this post which attempts in any manner to identify or seek the identity of any one of these five or speculate as to whom they are, whether the speculation is germane or not, or accurate or not, will be sent to the trash bin of blog-dom. Think for yourself, investigate on your own. I am not the source of truth or reality.

Samuele Colombo: i Bergogliani colpiscano i veri Cattolici

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Colombo is one of the most eloquent Italian You Tube personalities who exposes the heresies, dishonesties and marxism of Bergoglio and his supporters. I highly recommend his channel, having seen only a few of his videos, which feature a single argument but contained a detailed and theologically correct analysis of the Crisis of the Church in the present hour.

Frank Walker: January 7, 2020: A lawless Marxist Collective of lies and chaos


Editor’s Note: I urge all Catholic bloggers to embed the daily videos by Frank Walker,, in their posts, to grow viewership. There is no single daily news commentary in the English speaking world which does more to accurately expose the Marxist infiltration of the Hierarchy and explain where Catholics’ true obedience lies, with Jesus Christ and in saving His Church. From Rome Blog will do this regularly during 2020.

Extraordinary graces Received — League of Prayer for Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The League of Prayer for Pope Benedict was founded on Dec. 19, 2019, at Rome, and already a good number of blogs have joined and hundreds of Catholics are praying daily for Pope Benedict XVI, from Italy, the English speaking world, the French speaking world, and the Spanish speaking world.

As I have remarked before, the true Pope is the quasi mystical neck of the Mystical Body of Christ, because it is through him to those who are in communion with him, that Christ bestows the graces of indefectibility, sanctification and inspiration to His Church on Earth.

It follows then, that those who in these dark times are actively participating in this League by making the offerings listed in the opening Invitation (see link above) are and should be receiving great graces for perseverance in the Lord.

For this reason, it does not surprise, that I have received a report of such graces, and from time to time will publish news about others, to encourage us all to pray more ardently and abundantly for Pope Benedict and for one another, because we could all use more grace in the challenges ahead!

Grace Received

Saint Thomas Aquinas lists the conversion of a soul as a miracle of grace. So I classify this report as an extraordinary grace:

Dear Br. Bugnolo, I want you to know that I received the grace of tears and the grace to make the first honest confession in my life, in the last 25 years. I had been fooling myself into thinking there was nothing wrong with lust, and all my confessions and communions for all these years had been sacrilegious. Now I have resolved to sin no more. I am a member of the League of Prayer for Pope Benedict and I believe that becoming a member was the grace I needed to repent. Please pray for me.




We are praying for you, Gregory! Keep the Faith!


CREDITS: The photo of Pope Benedict is © Gregorio Borgia (dpa) and cannot be used on commercial sites nor in fund raising for non profits, without express permission of its owner. It is a fine image, and if you are thinking of using it on such a site, please contact for licensing rights. This endorsement was neither solicited or recompensed, but is a free advertisement of the work by Gregorio Borgia.


1 year and 10 months to Lepanto 450°

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo
President of Ordo Militaris Inc.

In 10 months and 1 year, Christendom will celebrate the 450th Anniversary of the Victory of Catholic Forces over the forces of the Ottoman Turks, at the Battle of Lepanto: one of the most stupendous military victories in all of Christian history, and perhaps the most significant for the preservation of Christianity in Europe.

Statue of Don Juan of Austria: Messina, as seen on January 2, 2020.

This Anniversary is very significant for our contemporaries, because Europe once again is existentially threatened by invasion and must confront similar questions about its future, as the Catholic Europe of the 16th century did.

The Ottoman Empire is no more. It was not only defeated at Lepanto by inferior Christian naval forces armed from above by the power of Our Lady’s Rosary, but it collapsed out of its own weight of internal corruption, becoming a thing hateful to the Turkish people itself.

But the idea of demographically exterminating Christians by mass invasion has not died out. It is now the agenda of agencies not only in the Islamic world but in the political sphere of Socialists who run most of Western Europe.

October 7, 2021 will be a historic day

Lepanto Flag of the Papal Fleet, sold by

The Catholic Armada of 1571 was composed of 3 main groups: the Fleets of the Kingdom of Espana, under the leadership of Don Juan of Austria, which set sail from Barcelona; the Fleets of Pope St Pius V, under the command Marcantonio Colonna, which set sail from the Papal States, and the Fleet of the Doge of Venice, under the command of Sebastiano Venera, which set sail from Venice.

These Fleets joined together at Messina, in Sicily, and set sail from there to Lepanto and to victory.

It is only fitting, then, that the 450th anniversary be celebrated in a special way both at Messina and at Lepanto.

Messina is leading the way

Messina has never forgotten the battle of Lepanto. Indeed, each summer they celebrate the Disembarking of Don Juan of Austria, during his stay at Messina, prior to heading out to Lepanto. This is not only because Messina is a devout Catholic City, but also because Sicily — the Island upon which one of its three corners, it dominates the straits of Calabria — was long ruled by the Spanish. Indeed, on the streets of Messina you can see many a youth who looks like a spitting image of the man from La Mancha or any red blooded Conquistador. And, near the Cathedral, one can still see the historic statue of Don Juan, facing in the direction of Lepanto (see image above).

Messina’s new Mayor, assisted on ship by Vincenzo Caruso.

But the City of Messina is leading in another way, since the newly elected mayor has appointed Prof. Vinenzo Coruso, artistic director of the Associazione Aurora, which organizes the annual festival, as the City’s new Assesore del Turismo, to organize the festivities for 2021.

I had occasion to make a brief visit to his offices at Messina, on January, 2, 2020, and am very much encouraged by the strong desire Messina has to celebrate the 450th anniversary. I pledged the support of Ordo Militaris Inc, and I invite the support of all the Members of the Ordo Militaris Catholicus to his holy work.

As you may know, the Order raises funds to help persecuted Christians and is organized through Ordo Militaris Inc. to sell stock to organize for their military defense. The corporation sells a historical reproduction of the Ensign of Marcantonio Colonna, the flag which was raised at noon, on October 7, 1521 to signal the opening of hostilities against the Turkish Fleet.

To get an idea of how important Messina holds the remembrance of Lepanto, watch these 2 videos in Italian.

Here is a video of the Celebrations at Messina this past year:

Here is another video produced by the Associazione Aurora, in 2016:

If you would like to work with Ordo Militaris, Inc. to organize a trip to Messina or a Cruise to Lepanto from Messina in October 2021, please leave a message in the comments below and I will contact you.

(I think the best Cruise possible would be to recruit a dozen or so experts on the Battle of Lepanto and make the trip a sort of Academic Convention as well as Religious Commemoration in honor of the fallen and of all the Catholic seamen and soldiers who fought there.)






Pachamama is the fulfillment of Apocalypse 12:4

The above image is the ridiculous and idolatrous Christmas Card art used by Franciscans International* for their Christmas greeting. They put Pachamama in place of Saint Elizabeth and implied that Our Lady was visiting the demon goddess, pregnant with her spawn.

In doing so, Franciscans International I believe was inspired to reveal the true meaning of the text in Saint John’s Apocalypse, Chapter 12, verse 4, which reads in the Douay Rheims translation of the Vulgate:

3 And there was seen another sign in heaven. And behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and on his heads seven diadems. 4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered: that, when she should be delivered, he might devour her son.

Pachamama is an Andean goddess, who is depicted in two forms, as a pregnant woman, and as a Serpent which rules the underworld. The adhesion to her demonic cult by increasing numbers of the clergy appears to be the apocalyptic fulfillment of the Apostasy of the third of the stars of Heaven.

Now either the Franciscans at Franciscan International were thinking of something else, or they were secretly signing to the other Satanists in the clergy, the true significance of Pachamama so that all of these wicked persons might more quickly adopt her cult.

The Darkness will spread in 2020

To do so at Christmas is clearly an act of devotion to the Anti-Christ, because who is the offspring of Pachamama? And why was a little boy statue included in the Vatican idolatrous act? — And is Bergoglio trying to conceive or conjure the Antichrist? —  These are questions which the Catholic world can no longer avoid asking.

Together with the warnings given by Our Lady of the Pine, that the imposter pope would change the “dramatic words” of the Mass, and the public denunciation by a leading member of ICEL against Pachamama worship, I fear that what is in the works is a New Ritual to replace the Mass, where Pachamama will be on the Altar during the consecration and the Host once consecrated will be fed to her in a sort of Satanic Black Mass ritual of sacrifice of God to the demon dragon, in fulfillment of Rev. 12:4.

My educated guesses …

This new Satanic Mass I infer is being drawn up as we speak by the Congregation for Divine Worship headed by Cardinal Sarah. — Satanists are very spiritual people, and they know to whom they must be loyal. — Don’t be fooled by the appearances of Catholicism. We must start judging according to truth, if we are to save our souls and the Church.

The substitution of the demonic cup of earth in place of the Statue of Pachamama, in the final “mass” at the Amazon Synod is clearly where the Bergoglian Anti-Church is going, and will become the archetype of all Black Masses in his New Religion. This substitution shows that the Satanists in Bergoglio’s curia have an excellent sense of liturgy.  The desecration of the Host at these Masses will not only fulfill all the desire of godless men — pagans, Jews and Muslims: for hatred of Christ is their religion and their devotion — but serve to be the most powerful conjuring of the spirit of the Antichrist, if he is not already on Earth, as Giuseppe was told by Our Lady of the Pine, born as a bastard of a Bishop and a nun, in Egypt in 1970. We know from the Fathers of the Church that the nun will be by race a Jew, and from the Saints of the Franciscan Order, that he will take the habit as a Franciscan before he reveals himself to the world. (Maybe he works for Franciscans International?)

Wishing one and all a Most Blessed Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord! May we all resolve, as did Saint Joseph, to defend the Crib (Church) of the Child Jesus with our lives, for this year of Our Lord 2020 will see even more diabolical things happen. Bergoglio will start excommunicating everyone who disagrees with him. A Diabolic Liturgy will be enacted. Prayers to Demons will be made obligatory.


*Hat tip off to TFP and Eponymous Flower for organizing a protest to the Franciscans International for this outrageous Christmas Card. See for more information how to sign a petition denouncing it.

Hay un complot para destronar al Papa Benedicto XVI


por El Editor, hno. Alexis Bugnolo

Y no, no estoy hablando de los eventos previos al 11 de febrero de 2013.

El Complot

Me refiero al plan que se está llevando a cabo ahora mismo en secciones de la Curia Romana para “resolver” el problema de un “Papa emérito”. Tengo esto en la palabra de un miembro muy respetado de la Curia Romana quien me habló de ello.

Los enemigos de Cristo se dan cuenta de que este título prueba que la renuncia nunca fue completa y por lo tanto que el Papa Benedicto nunca renunció al oficio papal en absoluto, y sigue siendo el Papa. Eso significa que todo el reino de terror de Bergoglio fue no-canónico, un fraude, sin valor, sin obligación legal para la Iglesia en nada.

No pueden tolerar eso. Así que ahora se sienten confiados en eliminar “la evidencia del problema”.

Me pregunto si hay diferentes puntos de vista aquí. ¿Algunos quieren que Benedicto deje de llamarse a sí mismo “Papa”, firmando como el “Pastor de Pastores, el Papa Benedicto XVI” (Benedictus XVI P.P.)*, usando la sotana blanca y el solideo papal? ¿Otros llegan a querer que se vaya del Vaticano y que ya no lo cuide el jefe de la casa pontificia? ¿Otros quieren una solución “canónica” que pretenda o mantenga la pretensión de una renuncia válida?

Creo que la disensión en este asunto es visceral, en este momento, en el Vaticano. El jefe de la policía vaticana parece haber sido un partidario del grupo que sostiene que Bergoglio no tiene ninguna pretensión válida, ya que, cuando presentó su renuncia este otoño, Bergoglio le exigió que mencionara, en su carta de renuncia, que reconocía al “Papa Francisco como el Sucesor de San Pedro”, una afirmación textual que no tiene nada que ver con una carta de renuncia per se, pero que prueba que Bergoglio va por el camino de la guerra para castigar a cualquiera que piense lo contrario. (¿Tuvo el despido de Sodano algo que ver con esto? – No lo sé, pero ciertamente sabe de la controversia, ya que no hay nada en el Vaticano que no conozca a través de sus muchos clientes allí).

Y no lo dude. Toda la Curia Romana sabe que Benedicto sigue siendo el Papa y que en su prisa se equivocaron al presumir que renunció al cargo de San Pedro en febrero de 2013. Hago esta afirmación en base a las reacciones humanas que recibo cuando discuto esto con doctos partidarios del régimen Bergogliano. Es un tema con el que están muy familiarizados y saben exactamente qué decir y no decir para fingir lo contrario. También emplean su ira más enérgica contra los hechos y puntos de aplicación que abordan directamente el problema. Es una papa tan caliente, que pocos están dispuestos a hablar sobre el asunto. Y algunos incluso huyen cuando te ven venir, si has solicitado hablar con ellos sobre este tema.

Su esperanza es que la mayoría de los laicos sean drogadictos y sigan comiéndose la propaganda que sus manejadores en la prensa y en los medios de comunicación social siguen publicando: ¡Cállate! No lo pienses! No importa! Usted está viendo cosas! Eres un hereje y un cismático si dices lo contrario!** La Revolución, en las mentes del partido Bergogliano, debe seguir adelante. Deben tener la aprobación de todo lo que es malo y la destrucción total de la Iglesia que dice ser fundada por el verdadero Mesías Judío. Ese es el fin del juego.

La batalla del 2020

El Papa Benedicto XVI, por su parte, ha dejado muy claro que su “sí” a aceptar el oficio papal es un “sí para siempre”. Por lo tanto, va a haber una batalla, que estallará en el 2020.  Los católicos que aman y permanecen en comunión con el Papa Benedicto necesitan ir por el camino de la guerra.

Necesitamos identificar y contactar a los 40 a 70 cardenales, a quienes el Vaticanista, Edward Pentin, dijo en 2017,*** se inclinaban a llamar a un concilio imperfecto para remover a Bergoglio en base a que su reclamo al papado estaba viciado por algún problema canónico, ya sea herejía, cisma o invalidez.

Necesitamos movilizar a los católicos para que apoyen financieramente cualquier esfuerzo que sea necesario para defender la persona del Romano Pontífice, el Papa Benedicto.

Necesitamos mantener el calor sobre los partidarios del error: esos individuos diabólicamente audaces que mienten en público y están dispuestos a decir cualquier cosa para evitar que se den cuenta de

  1. que en el Derecho Canónico la palabra latina munus NUNCA ha significado MINISTERIO,
  2. que el Papa Benedicto NUNCA DIJO QUE RENUNCIABA el munus petrino
  3. que el Papa Benedicto NUNCA AFIRMÓ QUE TENÍA LA INTENCIÓN de renunciar al munus petrino.
  4. que los cardenales y los periodistas no son infalibles, cuando dicen lo contrario de nn. 1, 2, o 3.
  5. que los Cardenales, periodistas y Obispos NO TIENEN AUTORIDAD ALGUNA para interpretar el acto de renuncia del 11 de febrero de 2013 como un acto de renuncia a cualquier otra cosa que no sea el ministerio.

Los que están diciendo estas mentiras están recibiendo grandes salarios de alguien. Los que están llamando a los mentirosos no reciben salarios de nadie. Eso debería decirles cuál es el lado de Dios y cuál el de Mammon. Como mentirosos y estafadores públicos, no tienen derecho a ser vistos por lo que no son: hombres honestos que son intelectualmente respetables o confiables. Durante más de seis años y medio no han reunido ningún argumento contra la invalidez canónica. Y sin embargo insisten en que se les escuche!

Operación Portugal

Necesitamos organizar a los católicos en Portugal para preparar un lugar o lugares de refugio para el Papa, en caso de que éste decidiera huir de Roma, ya que, como la Virgen insinuó en LETRAS GORDAS durante las apariciones allí, “En Portugal se conservará el dogma de la Fe”. Y todos los que conocen bien su teología católica, saben que eso implica que Portugal permanecerá al menos en comunión con el verdadero Papa, si no es un lugar de refugio para él y sus válidos sucesores, si es necesario.

Que los Santos de los Caballeros Templarios**** en Portugal y sus devotos en nuestro tiempo se movilicen.

Que todos cumplamos con nuestro deber ahora en la batalla más importante, en la Iglesia, en los próximos 2000 años.


* Lo que indica claramente que nunca ha renunciado en su propia mente o ha tenido la intención de renunciar a la dignidad papal, a pesar de lo que algunos cardenales están conjeturando.

** Este complot para destronar a Benedicto es una evidencia de que su propaganda ha sido justamente eso. Ha servido para ocultar la evidencia de la vista pública, nunca fue una negación honesta.

*** Ver el oportuno informe de Fred Martínez en

**** Menciono esta Orden porque se refugió de una injusta supresión en Portugal y fue refundada allí en el siglo XIV. Hay muchos fieles católicos dedicados a su memoria, en Portugal, y rezo para que se conviertan en la red de ayuda al Papa Benedicto.