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As the next Plandemic is launched, a warning about AI Bots

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is being said that AI already is 30% of social media, and that the advent of AI will be the end of social media.

Readers of FromRome.Info already know from the many reports about the degrading social media experience on Twitter (now X), how I have expressed my concerns that social media is becoming totally manipulative, not only at the level of information, or social monitoring, but also on the level of impersonations and fake content and fake replies.

I have taken note that AI bots have been faking themselves as commentators at FromRome.Info too.

For this reason, I want to warn all the readers of that as the Plandemic is hatched to expect to see a new wave of highly sophisticated, unending harassment and fake engagement from an new information warrior: the AI Bot.

AI bots can be more vicious and insidious than all others. They will be relentless. Therefore, on social media platforms where you cannot block a troll or bot, you take the most prudent step by simply leaving it aside as a means for social interaction, and using it only briefly for information gathering.

As an anthropologist, who was trained to study the human phenomenon, I want to give you some rules to follow, to help you discern if the engagement on social media is for real or not.

First, never respond to any engagement from someone you do not already know. This is the best rule, because your God given memory cannot be altered, and thus, the best security is to make no new friends. Period.

Second, if you want to vet a new acquaintance, realize that during wartime — and this Plandemic will be a war — it is not at all prudent to make new friends. At all.

Third, only if you see repeated, effective opposition against the Plandemic by an individual who is against the entire narrative, without reservations, don’t even consider befriending them. And even then, if this person just became a warrior against Globalism as the Plandemic breaks out, then you can bet your money that they are a controlled opposition figure.

Fourth, if you want to certify that a social media account is fake, there are obvious signs, such as its inability to produce authentic human engagement responses, now and in the past. Most importantly, their inability to have human sentiments in rational coordination with the whole of their behavior. Their inability to coordinate in a human way the movement of their face with the sounds of the voice you hear. Their inability to show their entire body. Their inability to have human imperfections in their appearance or statements. The inconsistent, non rational, discombobulated syntax, or the ever-hyper consistent rational form: since only humans can mix-up rationality and sentiment in a human way.

In addition to defending yourself against AI bots, you need to keep in mind that they will have an effect, whether you know it or  not, upon those who allow themselves to be manipulated by them.

Thus, realize that many of your old friends or even neighbors are going to be under psychological attack, in an attempt to flip them against you, if you are opposed to the Great Reset. The Globalists have been using social media for 20+ years to map our the 6 degrees of association, between everyone and everyone else, such that, if they cannot break your own spirit or change your mind, they will go after those, whom they think can produce such an effect. Remain calm if this happens, and try to help them not to fall into anti-social behaviors, but if they break down, then separate from them before they drag you under.

These AI bots might spread rumors about you in town, on your street, even create fake posts claiming you did or said something. So if you are leaving social media, the best thing to do is tell everyone now that you are, and that you are erasing all your accounts, and not to believe anything claimed to be said by you on social media, after this date, is really you. Otherwise, monitor your social media accounts to make sure that nothing is posted there except by yourself.

In this vein, don’t confuse the importance of the internet for getting opposition information with the danger of the internet for human interaction. Everything you do here is monitored. Consider yourself in open country, where you can be seen at all times, as soon as you log on.

As I and AJ have warned you in July, you have to avoid social media isolation and being targeted on your weak spots.

Finally: don’t think you are going to get through this next War on humanity by yourself. Turn back to Jesus Christ, pray His Holy Mother and His Saints for their protection, and try with all the constancy of your mind, to maintain a faith filled attitude and consoling personal approach to help the victims of this war, who will be many.