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TOLEDO: The Museum of Catholic Military Orders

Editor’s Note: The shops of Toledo are full of historical reproductions of armor and swords. Here is one shop advertising that they sell it all:

And here is the manequin of a Templar, in another:

However, one must take care, because upon close inspection, the majority of these shops are selling swords and armor for Freemasonic ceremonies.

Oh, and if you are interested, I found a museum of Witchcraft, on the Street of the Synagogue. But I said a prayer of exorcism as I pass. I do not recommend anyone risk diabolic possession or infestation by entering it. Sometimes, however, geography tells more truth than books.

A visit to The Cathedral of Segni, Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When FromRome.Info began, it was my intention to include images and videos from various Churches and historical places in and around Rome.  With the Plandemic this became very difficult, but as I get a chance, I share here some of the beautiful things I discover, when I am able to make a trip outside of Rome.

Today, when visiting the ancient city of Segni, home of the Conti dei Segni, a noble family in the SE of the province of Rome, I had the opportunity to visit the Cathedral.  Segni has given the Church 5 Popes: Saint Vitaliano (657-672), Innocent III, Gregory IX, Alexander IV, and Innocent XIII, not to mention St. Bruno, Bishop of Segni (1079-1123), who refuted the heretic Berengarius of Tours, at the Second Lateran Council, for having denied the real presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

Segni is a city of great importance in the history of the Crusades, since St. Bruno, its Bishop was one of the few Catholic Bishops of Italy who supported the true Pope, Urban II, and who attended the Council of Clermont with him, 926 years ago this week, where, on Nov. 28, 1095, the First Crusade was called.

By the Divine Providence, the choir was rehearsing an Oratorio as I entered, so I shot this music video. Enjoy!