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Truth 2.0: A Warning from Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is my second Truth Video.  Now that FromRome.Info is an independent media source, I can speak freely in my videos.  My famous video entitled, Truth, which was popularized with the erroneous title, “Priest from Rome warns the world”  or the similar — an went viral with more than 500k visualizations — is now been updated and revised and shortened to about 9 minutes.

Please do not link directly to this video, share this page or download the video and share on channels such as Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp, Line etc.. —  Download size is 43 MB approximately.


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Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation: The complete unrefuted documentary series

As a handy too for sharing, FromRome.Info
has embedded into this one post
the entire 7 part Documentary

First Published, Easter 2020 A. D.

On Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation

The Facts, the Laws & the Consequences

Screenshot_2020-04-14 Pope Benedict XVI's Renunciation -- the Documentary

The click the image above to go to the Playlist, where you can watch in order all 7 of the 20-30 minute episodes.

This documentary demonstrates conclusively and from all the public evidence, that Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope and that the College of Cardinals is involved in a conspiracy against him.

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Konrad Stachnio interviews Br. Bugnolo: This is Armageddon

This video is available in different platforms. This is the Rumble version:

Which you can also watch directly on Rumble. I posted the direct link, because this video is being hidden by Rumble on its search engine, since it exposes the Masonic takeover of the world.

There is also a YouTube version, which will probably be banned in a few hours:

Here is another version on

Here is another version on Brighteon, part I

And Brigteon, part II

This video is now on several platforms:

This video is being translated into Polish, and the link to the polish version will be published here as soon as it is completed.


Anti-President to turn Counter-terrorism apparatus against US Citizens

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We are in full post-“Reichstag was burnt by our enemies” narrative mode. — Now will come the use of those who are most psychologically capable of turning against their own neighbors (Counter Terrorism units) to go after all political enemies. — Next will come the concentration camps, the forcible vaccinations and the American Holocaust.  —  Too bad that American citizens who have a way to stop this legally (Letter to Governors, or Second Amendment) are not doing anything. — They are not even listening to Catholics media like FromRome.Info or Ordo-Militaris.Net which warned them months in advance. Or to a Catholic NGO like Ordo Militaris Inc, which offered to help them flee the Marxist Revolution in August. —  Let by liars and fools, and traitors in both the state and Church, they are being led to the slaughter while quibbling over how the vote tallies were falsified, whether in Germany, Switzerland or Italy. — And if they get angry about anything in this short article, it will be over the word “quibbing” not what the Anti-president is doing, because just like the Anti-Pope, they will reverence him with the title he stole and curse his name daily, but go to the slaughter refusing to admit that they are following liars (MSM, Catholic talking heads)* and cowards (Trump) and fraudsters (Bannon,** Giuliani*** etc.).


*  Who say either that there was no fraud, or that Biden is the President and Bergoglio is the pope.

** Who took over 500 thousand dollars as a salary from a charity which promised to build the wall on the Mexican boarder. He was pardoned for his theft on the last day of Trump’s first term.

*** Who claimed fraud in his press conferences but filed legal briefs in which he did not claim fraud, while asking everyone for help to stop fraud, while failing to file the most important legal challenge, which is Quo Warrento in the D.C. District Court, and concealing that his client, Trump, was going to surrender and does not want the job.

Bannon and Giuliani rail at the Usurpation

Bannon was pardoned this morning by Donald Trump, as one of his last acts of office, for having ripped off a charity which was raising money to build the Wall.  And Giuliani is the lead counsel who filed the 30+ cases in such a bad manner that they all failed and were thrown out.

But what Bannon says is correct. Trump had millions at his inauguration, and Biden had tens of thousands.  But Trump’s were human beings.  Biden had flags.

Now we know who voted for Biden. — You can see them at the Inauguration in this photo: