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Fra’ Bugnolo responde alle critiche di Andrea Cionci

In questo video, Fra’ Bugnolo risponde alle critiche mosse di Andrea Cionci (vedi QUI) sul video allegoria publicato 2 settimane fa, di Fra’ Bugnolo:

Talking about Guardian Angels on their National Holiday: Ascension Thursday

Many don’t know, that, if one could say that the Angels of God have a national holiday, that it would be today: the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven. Why? — Hear what Br. Bugnolo says in this 40 minute catechesis on True Devotion to your Guardian Angel: what it is, and how to practice it, and what is the diabolic error many have fallen into…

How the Globalists are upending the world-wide resistance to the Great Reset

Editor’s Note: This is my April 29, 2023 A. D. update to my previous video of January 14, 2022 A. D., entitled, How Skull & Bones plans to co-opt world-wide resistance to the Scamdemic, which itself was a second installment on, “Beware as Skull & Bones Pivots“, by which I foretold a week beforehand how the Covid Narrative would be dumped. — I have made today’s video in suchwise that you may be able to upload it to BigTech Media platforms, so feel free to do so, as I release the intellectual rights I have over it, for such uses: though I urge you to do so under a non-paid anonymous account, because of what I say in it.

Why it is now crucial for Catholics to question the Dominant Narrative

In this video, Br. Bugnolo explains how avoiding the Globalist planned trap for the Catholic Church requires that we now question the dominant narrative that has been fed to us by all those who insisted we masked up, take the Vaccine, and shut our churches.

In this video, there is recommended the documentary, A Message in a Bottle, which you can find in multiple versions (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian and Arabic) here.

Br. Bugnolo’s Warning to the Catholic World

The articles mentioned in this video can be found here and here.

UPDATE: Br. Bugnolo wishes to publicly and firmly acknowledge the prudence and honesty displayed by Don Alessandro Minutella, in this video, the morning following the above video, by which he publicly corrected those who claim to be members of the Little Remnant, but who have grossly distorted and misrepresented his intentions as a priest and pastor of souls.

FROMROME.INFO – Dec. 28 Report – Pope Benedict XVI falls very sick

Pope Benedict XVI News for December, 2022 A. D. with Br. Bugnolo

With important announcement for Catholics world wide. — In addition, in this video, Br. Bugnolo explains why we must definitively dump the “Benedict’s Renunciation” Narrative and what Benedict XVI really did under the authorization of Canon 333.

UPDATE: Many thanks for the volunteers from, Virginia, Philippines, Poland, Texas and New Zealand.

A Catholic Response to the recent news about the JFK Assassination

This video is available on YouTube here, but YouTube is blocking its embedding at FromRome, not because of any setting, but because of the politically incorrect statements made, which they are trying to squelch at request of the US Intel Agencies (who apparently have flagged my Catholic views as terrorism). — Referenced website: – I give you the url, because Google has removed it from its search engine. – I strongly recommend you copy all my videos from YouTube because, in retaliation for this video, I expect my entire channel’s contents to be eliminated in the next 24 hours!

Fr. Pavone has run into the Ecclesiastical Mafia — But what is that?

 Or watch it here at FromRome.Info, where YouTube cannot ban it, and it might in the next few hours, at the request of the enemies of FromRome.Info, who are all members or allies of the Mafia.

Br. Bugnolo: My warning about the excessive use of Electronic Communications

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video, above, I give my warning to those who use the internet. After listening to my message, watch this video, below as an example, and see how these Catholics are living as God wants and avoiding all of the problems I spoke of:

For they are listening carefully to other human beings, they going out of their homes to meet real human beings, they are gathering together to pray, and they are dedicating themselves to the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in their own communities. These Catholics are neither addicted to nor enslaved by electronic communications. And that is why they are thriving.  — The song they are singing, at this gathering of the Legion of Mary, is in honor to Her work in salvation history.

Frà Bugnolo parla con Andrea Cionci sulla contraffatta lettera di Mons. Gänswein

Questo video in Italiano è anche disponibile su YouTube, Qui.

English Summary

Br. Bugnolo interviewed Andrea Cionci, author of “The Ratzinger Code” (the best-selling book in the category of religion in Italy this year) on the topic of the forged letter sent under the name of Archbishop Gänswein to Don Minutella. Br. Bugnolo asks Cionci to explain how the controversy over the two popes has arrived at this moment in history and how he recognized the letter as a forgery, from multiple characteristics. Br. Bugnolo interviewed Cionci via Zoom, while sitting at a bench on the Via della Conciliazione, just 500 meters or so from St. Peter’s Basilcia, to show that we who are in communion with the true pope are not afraid of the criminal mafia which has sidelined the true Pope. — FromRome.Info previously published photos of the letters with commentary based on the supposition that it might be authentic.

Here is the English langauge summary of the above interview:

UPDATE: FromRome.Info has previously published a photo of the signature of Mons. Ganswein, which can be compared with the images of the letters received by Don Minutella to see that two different hands are at work: