NCR embraces heresy of Female Ordination, scolds Pope Francis for opposing it

Critique by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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In a shocking break from their editorial policy, the National Catholic Reporter — a Catholic newspaper formerly owned by the Legionaries of Christ, but now by EWTN, the TV channel founded by the saintly Mother Angelica — has run an article praising the ordination of the first woman deacon by Archbishop Seraphim, a bishop of the Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria (an ecclesiastical entity of the Greek Orthodox Church).

The Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria has been criticized repeatedly by other Orthodox Churches since 2016, when it announced its intention “to restore” the deaconate for women. That they took 8 years to actually “ordain” a woman shows how strong the opposition was. But even among the Orthodox, the theologians agree with the Catholic Church that women cannot be ordained members of the clergy, despite whatever words be used in the ceremony to make it appear otherwise.

The St. Pheobe Center for Deaconesses is clearly — cited in the article above as the source of its news — from their own language involved in a Marxist re-write of the Orthodox Church’s theology on ordination, for they say they want something that will cause confusion, but do not want to affirm that woman are really being ordained deacons, since that is theologically impossible. This is the exact same logic as the modernist change-theology-through-chainging-practice.

The reasons woman cannot be ordained in the Catholic Church are profound and touch upon the very essence of the Christian religion, as the one true religion revealed by God and established by the Eternal Son of the Eternal Father: the ministerial service of the Deaconate and Priesthood are sacramental manifestations (impressed upon the souls of the clergy by supernatural characters) of the Divine Dignity and Mission of the only-begotten Eternal Son of the Eternal Father, by which when serving in their sacred functions, whether during liturgy or outside of liturgy, all their actions which accord with the Great Mandate given by Our Lord on the first Ascension Thursday are accepted by the Eternal Father for their imprecatory value, since in them He sees His own Son’s perfect and most acceptable service in fulfillment of the Mission He entrusted to Him in His Incarnation as Man. Thus, there is no possibility of manufacturing any sort of sacramental mark or status by which a woman could be raised to the level of being seen by the Eternal Father as representing His Eternal Son, as the discord of female with male would require the Eternal Father to disregard the masculinity of His Eternal Son as part of that identity.

Thus the implication of ordaining a woman to any clerical status in the Catholic Church, whether in minor orders or major orders, is the most horrible sacrilege and offense to the Eternal Father, and makes Him the target and victim of a Marxist agenda to deny human sexuality as essential to the individual human nature. This is the worse sacrilege, blasphemy, and abuse possible of the Divine Father and His Most Sacred Majesty.

Moreover, God’s eternal decision to establish men alone as His ministers on Earth participates in the sacred and apocalyptic (“end times”) mystery of scandal to the world, by which “the first are made last and the last first”, to show that the ways of God are as high as the heavens from the ways of man, since in the natural order God created the women last, and thus made them participate more intimately in the procreation of human persons than any other creature, including men; hence, in the New Creation of mankind in Christ’s Resurrection and Paschal Mystery, the man is made first, in the order of recreation, so that now by the sacred action of individual men, in the clerical orders, we might be born again to new life, fed, nurtured, forgiven and blessed, without any intervention of a woman.

That is why the Catholic Church automatically excommunicates any woman who claims to be ordained to anything, since such an action automatically by its very nature signifies and communicates that the clergy who participate and the woman who step forward, as well as all who attend the ceremony and consent to it, have completely apostatized from the Christian religion and are involved in a Satanic mockery of the same.

USA: FDA is preparing to launch “Bird Flu” “Pandemic”

Editor’s Note: They are ramping up final preparations for the next Scamdemic. Don’t say you were not warned. Share this with everyone. The goal is first of all to disrupt the presidential election in the USA. Then, secondly to destroy economies world wide. And third, to force injections of deadly things to sterilize and kill as many human beings as possible, especially in those nations which most oppose the Globalist agenda because of their cultural values of faith in Christ and human dignity.

USA: 21 State Attorney Generals say WHO Pandemic Treaty is a One-World-Govt power grab

Editor’s Note: This is great news for the 21 states, as it indicates the likelyhood that as many as 21 of them will pass legislation to overturn any effect of this agreement within their states.

Because the Biden regime intends to sign on the WHO 2024 Pandemic Treaty without seeking the 2/3rds approval (which he cannot muster) in the U. S. Senate required by the U. S. Constitution to make international treaties binding in the U.S.A., the treaty even if signed will have effect only in those states which agree to enforce it.

However, even if you do not live in the U. S. A. or the U. K., you should make known to your national legislators or parliamentarians, that they should not agree to this “Treaty” if the U. K. and the U. S. A. are opting out of it, because that is a bad sign as to its authenticity as a medical instrument of law.

This means, that as soon a the WHO declares a “Pandemic” the USA will effectively “split” into two separate nations: one where as many as 21 sovereign states resist, and the other ruled by the marxist terrorist Tedros, President of the WHO.

Read the Letter to President Biden, here below:

Pope Benedict XVI’s Letter to Seewald, October 28, 2022 A. D.. – Why I had to resign the ministry.

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Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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On May 5 of this year, Andrea Cionci published the text of the alleged letter of Pope Benedict XVI to Peter Seewald, his appointed biographer, regarding his motives for resigning the Petrine ministry. The letter lacks the final page with the signature and final salutation, so by no means is this letter to be taken as authentic. That it is authentic is based solely on the claim of Peter Seewald, as far as I know.

The letter, written as if from Pope Benedict XVI, says basically that since he fell and hit his head, during his trip to Cuba, in 2012, his doctors advised him to resign from the papacy, since they knew no other cure for the constant insomnia which he had suffered since his election.

The patent absurdity of such a letter is obvious.

First, because chronic insomnia, though constant, is no necessary reason to resign the ministry or renounce the papacy, as there exists in Canon Law the concept of delegated authority. Thus, a pope who can only manage a few hours of activity each day, can assign to others to act in his name during the other hours. He can also set his own schedule and decide to attend or not attend this or that event, or go on this or that trip.

Thus there is no possibility of a legal necessity or moral necessity to resign or abdicate.

However, if the letter is authentic many questions arise. Some of which are as follows:

First, what was contained on the last page? Why was this page not published?

Second, if the elderly Roman Pontiff has such a long-standing medical problem, why is it that none of his staff has intervened to convince him to find some scheduling solution, or find such medical experts world-wide capable of some remedy, from natural cures, such as Turkey Stew & Cabbage, to any sort of remedy based on expert medical observation and examinations and tests?

Third, even if the Holy Father did write this letter, in which he says once again, like at all other times, that he intended to renounce the ministry because he could no longer exercise the office, it only confirms that his intention to resign was not an intention to abdicate, and that, therefore, he remained the Roman Pontiff to full effect until Dec. 31, 2022.

Finally, the dating of this letter, just two months before his death, which death occurred just 2 weeks after the Vatican and the City of Rome pushed a 4th booster DeathVaxx campaign for elderly people in the environs of the Vatican, certainly causes one to suspect that this text was produced or extracted as some sort of part of a plot to silence him forever, just at the moment in history when belief in his remaining the pope was becoming wildly popular in Italy.

AUSTRALIAN Bishops push for approval of mass with nude male dancing

Editor’s Note: As a Cultural Anthropologist who is Catholic, I understand well that any aboriginal tradition of greeting has no place in the Roman Rite or in any Rite of the Mass, since Catholics do not have to greet one another at the beginning of the Mass, on this account, we are not entering the house of another, nor meeting strangers. To have a greeting at a Mass implies that we are not brothers in Christ or that our Church is not one everywhere.

But I do understand that a hierarchy totally infiltrated by men who are sexually and psychologically addicted to the worst moral depravities with other men, might want a liturgy with nude male dancing at the beginning, because it reminds them of the orgies which are at the center of the only religion they know, the Synagogue of Lust.

If I were a parent in Australia, I think this approval would be the last straw. I would never take my sons or daughters to Mass with these Bishops again.

WHO pushing hard to get “One World Govt.” Treaty Approved by May 10th


Background on the recent opposition to the Treaty:

Editor’s note: From these reports, it looks like the WHO Treaty WILL BE PASSED, since the negotiations are wholly centered about giving more fake information and deadly remedies to more people in the name of ‘fairness’ and ‘equity’.

The WHO is headed by a marxist terrorist from Ethiopia. He wants a treaty whereby when he says there is a pandemic — regardless of any true evidence of one — he can declare a Pandemic and by means of this treaty become the one-man ruler of the entire world, taking over the sovereignty of all nations. The “Pandemic” Treaty is in truth a pandemonium agreement, whereby a one world Bolshevik State is about to be imposed on us, without the consent of anyone, and by force of arms by our own police and armed forces in each nation.

UPDATE: Dr. Jane Ruby agrees with this assessment …

Mexican Senator: There are bishops who represent God and the devil, we no longer know who they represent

Editor’s Note: Here is a Catholic Bishop who was ideologically victimized and abused by Fiducia supplicans and Amoris Laetitia, and evidently on his own consent. He was found drugged and unconscious in a hotel room, which he rented with another man and then was surreptitiously moved to a hospital by unknown persons or person. The Diocese claimed he disappeared. There is speculation he was kidnapped. But the facts make it appear he gave into a very evil temptation.

Read sarcastically, Fiducia supplicans, in Latin, means “With trust bending over”, and Amoris Laetitia means, “The joy of sex”.

PORTUGAL: Zuckerberg bans Chega Party from FaceBook for 10 years

Editor’s Note: The Chega Party, lead by a former Catholic Seminarian, Andre’ Ventura, won a stunning victory in the snap elections in Portugal in March, gaining 50 seats in Parliament. But Mark Zuckerberg, the far left Ashkenazi owner of Facebook has declared open war against this new party, and is striving to do anything he can to eliminate it from public life in Portugal. – The crime? “Disrespecting” Face Book’s “community standards!!

If you are a Catholic you might want to make a decision based on your social media usage, on account on Facebooks glaring and vicious bigotry against Catholics in politics in their own native lands.

“Community Standards” for FB evidently has no place for Catholics and those who want their native Christian homelands preserved.

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