EWTN interviews Archbishop Ganswein about the Charges against Pope Benedict XVI in Germany

Because a victim has filed a lawsuit against Pope Benedict, some weeks ago, it will be useful to publish this interview from 9 months ago, which explains the circumstances of the accusations brought against the Holy Father, after the biased report of the Diocesan Commission authorized by Bergoglio’s Cardinal Marx in Munich..




Editor’s Note: Ich appelliere öffentlich an die Leser von FromRome.Info, die deutsche Muttersprachler sind: In diesem Interview in der italienischen (11:15 ff.) und in der englischen Version (13:25 ff.) sagt der Erzbischof, dass Papst Benedikt verwendet für Dinge immer „den richtigen Namen“ und hält dies für eine wichtige Kommunikationsregel. Ich frage Sie daher alle, was er auf Deutsch sagt und ob es dieselbe Bedeutung hat, da dies wichtig ist, um die Meinung von Papst Benedikt XVI. darüber zu klären, warum er auf “ministerium” statt auf “munus” verzichtet hat. — Bitte kommentieren Sie dies unten.

In Memoriam of the 20 Million Christians starved to death in the Holodomor

This crime against humanity perpetrated by the Soviet Union, assisted by its collaborators in the Pilgrim Society of Oxford, England, and Skull and Bones Banks in New York City: the former of which censored the news, and the latter of which purchased the stolen grain to sell in the USA.

VATICAN: Becciu charged with running a Criminal Conspiracy to embezzle, in Sardinia

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It has become almost routine that there is daily news about corruption in the Vatican City State among Bergoglio’s proteges.

The Bergoglian “Cardinal” Becciu, among them, is now again in the news. This time for allegedly running a criminal ring in Sardinia, his homeland, in which relatives and friends falsified receipts for the delivery of bread, to justify payments received.

The above article, in regard to the criminal charges against Becciu at the Vatican, relates the activities of the Vatican prosecutor, thus:

Cardinal Angelo Becciu has been named in an investigation, along with other persons, for criminal conspiracy.  The charge has been made by the promoter of justice, Alessandro Diddi, on the occasion of the hearing in the case on the administration of funds for the Secretary of State.  Diddi has also referred the charges to trial on the basis of the accusation of the associated crime under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal of Sassari communicated to the Vatican, in their dossier compiled during their own investigation of the conduct of the Cooperativa Spes di Ozeiri, which is headed by Becciu’s brother Antonio.  During my interview of both the Cardinal and his legal defense team (among which are the attornies Fabio Viglione and Maria Concetta Marzo), I was told that they knew nothing of this additional dossier.  Even though it treats of a parallel investigation, the procurator general, Diddi, has decided to file its results as part of the current investigation, considering them, as he does, relevant to the case.

DENMARK: Watch the PM run as she is accosted with the truth of her crimes against humanity

Editor’s Note: This is what every head of state needs to be subjected to for the rest of their lives, just as the butchers of World War II were pursued to the ends of the earth.

Noble Words to commemorate the anniversary of the Holodomor

Editor’s note: Even pagans can see it, from all corners of the world. Heavy and inexorable shall be the judgement, therefore, on those of the flock of Christ who continue to deny it.

BRASIL: Biased coverage of Election dispute argues that Results are doubtful

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A truly glaring anomaly occurred in the international coverage of the election dispute in Brasil following the recent proclaimed victory of the far-Left ex-convict’s claim to victory after electronic voting machines returned statistically different results than the entire rest of the country, for a few electoral districts.

For more than 3 weeks, any search on any search engine resulted in no results whatsoever about any election dispute in Brasil. Nay, rather, all the results were of the absolute certain victory of Bolsonaro’s opponent in last minute counts.

However, yesterday, after filing a petition with the Supreme Electoral Court to annul the results of the electronic voting machines, because they lacked to file their reports with identification numbers, all the main stream media throughout the world jumped immediate to publish that the court had slapped Bolsonaro’s party, the PL, down.

Even the news, yesterday, that such a petition was filed, was scarcely found on the net or social media:

None of this proves one way or another which side is telling the truth. But seeing that both sides are Masonic parties, it is clear that we are seeing a vicious rivalry for power, one nation after another, between the three main forces in international Freemasonry: the Skull and Bones Lodge and those controlled by the Rothschilds and Pilgrim Society.

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