Altiyan Childs rennounces Freemasony and exposes the Globalists as Satanists

WIKIPEDIA: On April 15th of 2021, Altiyan released a five hour YouTube video in which he talks about the belief that there is a secret society running the world. In the video, he claims that Freemasons and in particular an inner circle within Freemasonry, have total control of the world. This inner circle is open only to the rich, powerful, and members of prestigious families, including many politicians, businessmen, musicians, actors, and other entertainers. Altiyan claims to have been part of this cult, but that his life is now in risk for posting the video in which he reveals their inner secrets

This above is that 5 hour video.

at about 3:32:00 He begins a 65 minute presentation on the New World Order.


  1. Pope Benedict XVI is not giving a masonic hand shake, though the man shaking his hand is trying.
  2. The original Knights Templars were not a secret society. But modern day Masons want you to think that and do use their name for wicked purposes.
  3. The number 666 is not revealed by Jesus Christ, but by St. John the Apostle in the Apocalypse.
  4. When Our Lord said, “Call no one your master, because one is your Master”, he was referring to Himself not vaguely to God.
  5. At 5:02:02 he says there is no pope in the bible and no verse commanding Christians to obey the clergy and that this proves the bible was not written by the Catholic Church! — Oh boy!  When there is
    • Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against Her.
    • He who hears you, hears Me.
    • It is a historical fact that the Canon of the Old and New Testament was defined by the Catholic Church, the former at the Council of Trent, the later Council of Carthage. It is also a historical fact that every new Testament Writer was a Catholic Apostle or Bishop.
    • There are a whole series of protestant errors which follow as any Catholic can comprehend, so it probably useless to name them all, so please ignore it all, since it is not endorsed by FromRome.Info.

Dr. Massimo Tessarotto: Pope Benedict XVI’s “resignation” was a sacred mission from God

By Dr. Massimo Tessarotto

Department of Mathematics and Geosciences
University of Trieste

Authorized English Translation

For original Italian, click here

After the suggestion of theories one after another as the motive for his resignation (an example being the so-called “message in a bottle” (1)), in turn related to a host of more o less plausible hypotheses, can  a final word about the resignation of Benedict XVI be given? — In other words can one advance, finally, a reasonable and plausible explanation for such a mess of conjectures which also reconciles with the notion of “pope emeritus“? (and perhaps not to be dismissed the coming day by Benedict XVI himself!)

I believe that, thinking hard about all the circumstances and detailed accounts of the events which are related to his retirement (2), one should really be able to unveil Benedict’s root motivations and actual reasons. Namely, besides the quite peculiar, if not bizarre, way he conceived and realized it (i.e., with his famous Declaratio, ridden by apparent, but perhaps only apparent, grammatical mistakes), what is of foremost importance: namely to finally uncover his deep personal motivations, reasons, method and goals. This is what we all would like to learn and understand, irrespective of the role of the heretic black cardinal who without any legitimacy sits in Saint Peter’s chair.

I do believe that it is so!

We need [to ask] the help of the Holy Ghost to reach an answer: it is Benedict XVI who offered himself to Jesus Christ as a victim of the Church! This is what Jesus himself has asked us to do! (3). No marvel then that Benedict XVI, certainly well aware of the revelation, decided to take the lead himself, i.e., electing to be the Pope victim of his Church, and paving the way for all the faithful ones!

Isn’t it deeply moving? We have to thank Jesus, the Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mary for such a beautiful inspiration! This must be the reason of his apparent resignation! Merely apparent anyhow! Because, thanks to his foresight and especially due to the Divine Providence who inspired him, he has not renounced at all to his “Munus” but only to the “Ministerium“. The reason seems clear: only keeping the Munus, and hence remaining the Vicar of Jesus Christ, his sacrifice as victim, is really perfect. It is not a cunning move (I would not use the word), but a wise and carefully studied choice inspired by God himself (the Kyrios) also to comply with the profecies.

In fact, he knew perfectly that – according to Saint Malachy prophecy (4) – he would be the “Gloria Olivae“, namely the last pope to be regularly elected by the cardinals and who “In persecutione extrema S.R.E. [Sancta Romana Ecclesia] sedebit“, namely chaired the chair of Saint Peter in a status of extreme persecution! And he is undoubtedly the one!

Latin original of prophecy attributed to St. Malachy

And beware!, his sacrifice, consists in devoting himself to the continuous prayer as a pope! Indeed that’s what he himself declared he wished to devote himself as Pope “emeritus”! Again the continuous prayer is the preferred atonement asked specifically by Jesus Christ in person to all his most devoted ordered people (5), of which the Pope is of course the #1 candidate!

All of us, together with all the faithful ones, can join him in his prayer, while listening to the Holy Spirit! It is an inexpressible but very clear emotion! We have to thank Him immediately, together with Jesus Christ, God Father Omnipotent and the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Benedict XVI is fighting with the full strength of his prayer against the sins and the evil of the Church!




(3) See the personal revelation of Jesus Christ to Maria Valtorta dated June 16, 1943 also discussed in: “COME SI FA AD OFFRIRSI (ED ESSERE) VITTIME COME CI CHIEDE GESU’ CRISTO?”

(4) “In persecutione extrema S.R.E. [Scancta Romana Ecclesia] sedebit.”, see FB post: NUOVA SENSAZIONALE INTERPRETAZIONE DELLA PROFEZIA DI SAN MALACHIA”
by Max Tex 15 settembre 2020

(5) The continuous prayer and fast (the “espiation”, namely the atonement) is what Jesus Christ asks his most devoted priests. See revelations to Sr. Maria Natalia Magdolna in “Rivelazioni profetiche di Suor Maria Natalia Magdolna mistica del XX secolo“, pag.83, Sugarco Edizioni, Milano 2019t

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