USA: Washington Post, CIA-Outlet, attempts to spin the news that the Vaxxed have NO immunity

This article  by the WP is a desperate attempt to regain the narrative. It is the admission that the Globalists have lost control of the narrative, that reality is breaking through the Great Wall of lies, and that they are beginning to psychologically move to admitting failure. This is a great sign of victory for the resistance!

Editor’s Note: For those who do not know, Provincetown, the site of the alleged breakout, is the Sodom & Gomorrah of the Eastern United States.

The Vaxxed are now dying from common colds

DEAR SCAMDEMIC BELIEVERS: This is happening even in Italy. The Vaxx makes you die from common colds. Whereas before they claimed a common cold could kill you, so as to terrorize you into taking the Vaxx, now that you are vaxxed the false narrative is fulfilled….there will be perpetual plagues declared now…because, you, idiot that you were, believed those whom you knew were liars.

Oklahomans need to protest their Governor’s support a criminal Regime in Azerbaijan

Oklahoma, Protest The Azerbaijan Partnership

NFL now requires Yellow Wrist bans for those who refuse the Vaxx

The Segregation With Yellow Markers Return

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