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Carlo Negro: Cosa cambia il 4 del Maggio?


The new DCPM for May 4th, will prevent men from visiting friends, unless that friend, male or female, is someone with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationship.

This is the level of barbarity of the government of Giuseppe Conte!

However, the new DCPM allows citizens to go for personal athletic interests any distance from their own house, within their own town.

Negro denounces the intentions of the Italian government to prorogue, or delay, all parliamentary elections for years, to avoid the spread of the virus, and by that means, remain in power for an indefinite time.

The obligation of wearing a mask in public or private will no longer be necessary. But it will be obligatory in public transport and buildings which allow public access, as when one buys or sells anything in a store.

Negro concludes that Conte’s decrees are unconstitutional and have no obligation of observance. That he is a Napoleon wanna-be who speaks to the people with a royal well, a nut, a mad man. This is the worse dictatorship which has ever been in the entire history of the world!

He says those pushing the Corona Hype are a criminal band of fraudsters. Calls upon the Italian people to no longer support this kind of government, who has proven itself many times over to be liars who lie only to terrorize the people, like the criminal who puts a gun to the head of the person he wants to coerce.  We are in the hands of criminals! 96.4% of the dead died of something other than Coronavirus. We need to raise our heads in dignity and stop submitting to this criminal government.