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The abortion of babies is only a consequence of the abortion of souls

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Authentic Catholics know of the horrors of abortion, of the killing of hundreds of millions of children in the womb and as they are born.

But what we scarcely consider is that this is not simply a consequence of the decision of parents to refuse children they conceive, it is the fruit of a much deeper sin.

And that sin does not really have a name, which is why it is ignored.

But here I will try to name it:  the abortion of souls.

But this name, I do not mean the wilful destruction of the souls of children in the womb, That indeed is a diabolic sin, since no child without baptism has hope of eternal salvation. For God never promised the salvation of children in the womb, only of children born.  Indeed, in Sacred Scripture the death of children in the womb is reckoned as a punishment for sin and a sentence of damnation.

That is a great sin.

But I am speaking, in this article, about something worse.

The sin by which a person decided to cut himselff off from God and other persons and set himself up as the sole point of reference.

Perhaps you can call this the sin of Satanic pride.  Since that is the only analogue for it.

This sin is not only the root of abortion, in the sense of killing a child in the womb.

This sin is the cause of all immorality which regards God or one’s neighbor. It is the consumation of all pride and the defacto cutting oneself off from all society.

It is the sin which merits directly and formally all the punishments of Hell, where there is absolutely no society.

And this is the sin of our age.

I encounter it frequently in attempting to excecute my duties as President of the Italian, Catholic political party, “L’Italia per gli Italiani” (Italy for Italians). As a party we strive to be willing to collaborate with all of good will so as to save Italy in every sense of the words.  But frequently I find that other groups only want that others serve them.  They have absolutely no formal or practical interest in saving Italy in any way whatsoever.

Such organizations suffer from the same sin of spiritual abortion. They have cut themselves off from the whole of society, and have only interest in that the society serves them, not they it.

When a nation falls into such a sin, it is easy for the malign to carve it up. Because it is already dead. Dead like a cadaver where there is no life forcde at any level to keep it whole or guard it whole.

As Catholics we must be servants of the Ressurected One, Who gives Life and raises the dead.  Only when we live entirely for Him can we serve others and work to lead them back to Him, Who is Life and overflows with life.

And this is our mission in the present time.

Let us fight to save children in the womb, and let us preach these truths to save all those around us from aborting themselves from grace, salvation and human society by this sin of pride.