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Agrigento: Citizen decrying fake pandemic on megaphone forcibly sedated by police in the street!

Italy has become China.

This is the most outrageous violation yet of Italians liberty. An Italian citizen at Agrigento, in Sicilly, for the “crime” merely driving down the street warning everyone of the fake pandemic he was stopped by the Carabinieri, who called medical doctors to forcibly sedate him. He was then taken to a mental hospital.

What will happen to him next? Will he be listed as having died from COVID-19?

According to the unconstitutional decrees it is not a crime to drive your car, nor to use a megaphone. He was no threatening anyone medically or physically.

He was attacked by the police for bucking the narrative. It is as simply as that.

Italy has become a full-blow Marxist Dictatorship.

Conte today confirmed it, by saying speaking to the nation on TV saying, “We will permit you to do this, and we will not permit you to do that”.

On National Television, Conte was derided for just this: